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Spray Drying Application Guide

Increase Output in Spray Drying Applications
Improve Production and Product Quality All Year Round

Having stable dry inlet conditions means consistent quality. coffee. flavorings Pharmaceutical Antibiotics. spices. additives Industrial Paint pigments. eggs. In the summer climate. Using desiccant dehumidification can make this possible. ceramic materials. medical ingredients. tea. Munters has developed a range of special high performance dehumidifiers which enable this to happen. Consistent quality all year. Additionally. In the winter time. No more production stops in the summer due to weather conditions. cereal. Munters has continued to innovate in the fields of dehumidification and energy recovery. enabling consistent quality and increased performance from the spray drying process. T TYPICAL SPRAY DRYING APPLICATIONS Food Milk powder. Less cleaning time. pharmaceutical and industrial applications converting liquid solutions to powder or granules. he technology of spray drying systems and spray dryers are widely used in food. % lost of production 70 60 Humidity Gr/Lb -20 50 -25 40 -30 30 -35 20 -40 -45 -50 January February March April May June July August September October November December 10 0 SPRAY TOWER PROBLEMS ‡‡ Production rate varies by season ‡‡ Drying time too long ‡‡ Inconsistent quality of the powder ‡‡ Production stops ‡‡ Product scrap ‡‡ Lack of flexibility • • 2 Spray Drying Application Guide . the constantly changing moisture level of outside air during production can have a negative impact on consistent quality output. Less product sticking to the wall of the spray tower. prefer the dry winter climate to the humid summer climate for increased production and quality. maintaining the same low moisture content throughout the year is easy. it is critical that moisture is controlled By dehumidifying the incoming air. Munters dehumidifiers control precise moisture content of the incoming air. This allows for stable inlet conditions. Production is no longer affected by outside conditions. water content in the air is low which creates optimal operating conditions. which provides the following advantages to the spray drying process: • Consistent production all year.Munters is the world leader in dehumidification Munters is the largest manufacturer of dehumidifiers in the world. It is necessary during the spray drying process to stabilize all parameters of the operation to optimize production and improve efficiency. Since developing the first desiccant dehumidifier in the late 1930’s. Our long history and extensive expertise in dehumidification makes us the premier choice for your dehumidification needs. Companies utilizing spray drying technology. humid conditions have a greater impact on production quality. also eliminating the need for frequent parameter adjustments. catalyst supports Figure 1: Typical spray dryer 90 Minimum 20% of the production is lost each year 0 -5 -10 -15 80 In spray drying applications. dry time and overall production efficiency.

With 2200 lbs. which can reduce the energy required for process heating to the high temperatures that spray dryers require. of water less per hour introduced into the tower and a 55% slurry. This means the spray dryer has less work to do to achieve its temperature of the entering air into the chamber. but can be up to 120°F. a production increase equal to 29 tons of extra powder (product) can be produced in one summer day. of water are introduced per hour to the spray tower — a savings of almost 2200 lbs. With summer conditions. applications such as spray drying benefit with a reduction of moisture content while increasing the process air temperature resulting in production increases from 15–20%. All of these systems can be used to control the temperature and humidity of the process air. Installations include: ‡‡ Nestle ‡‡ Lesaffre ‡‡ Sofivo ‡‡ Aromes de Bretagne ‡‡ Lactalis Solaipa Spray Drying Application Guide 3 . heat exchangers. The GTR Rotor provides greater grain depression (lower process air moisture content) than standard desiccant wheels when exposed to outside air. As the process is exothermic. of water per hour. With Munters GTR technology. An outdoor air condition of 77°F at 61% RH (85 gr/lb) passes through the Munters system and provides process air of 50. For example an outdoor air condition of 77°F at 61% RH (85 gr/lb) and an airflow of 50. including indirect gas-fired heaters. In addition over 4. The moisture in the incoming air to the desiccant is absorbed by the desiccant rotor. the temperature difference is dependent on the amount of moisture removed. This means only 450 lbs. Munters GTR Desiccant Rotor was designed with the spray drying application in mind. Another advantage of the GTR Desiccant Rotor is the higher outlet temperature (because of the larger amount of moisture removed). Munters equipment has been successfully used in many spray drying situations worldwide.Bag Filter Fan OUTLET DUCT FINES FEED Feed Screw FRESH AIR Reactivation Air Wet Air Air Filter Fan Air Heater DRY/COOLED PRODUCT Dry Air Pre-Cooled Outside Air FRESH AIR Cool / Demist Reheat Fan GTR Desiccant Rotor Air Filter Figure 2: Munters supplies multiple products for spray drying processes. outdoor air introduces a huge quantity of water in the spray tower.000 CFM at 147°F and 14 gr/lb. Summary Munters dehumidification can improve the performance of the spray drying application by providing a low moisture level to the spray dryer all year round. This allows for the elimination of pre-cooling. The Munters GTR rotor makes the system much more efficient. desiccant air dryers.000 BTUH is saved because of the higher air temperature due to the dehumidification process.000.000 CFM. then 2600 lbs. The air coming off the dehumidifier system can be controlled to the desired moisture content. of water are introduced per hour into the spray tower.

Munters is a global leader in energy efficient air treatment AG0024-00 02/10 . Munters has net sales approaching $1 billion USD with more than 20 manufacturing facilities across the globe and sales offices in over 30 countries. Munters employs approximately 4.300 people worldwide. Munters offers a wide variety of options to meet specific climate. and/or utilize direct or indirect evaporative cooling for comfort. Munters manufactures engineered products that can economically control humidity and temperature. provide energy recovery. process and environmental protection. With permanent or temporary Munters Corporation Tel: (800) 843-5360 E-mail: dhinfo@munters.munters. For more information see www. application and budget www.