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Physics AIEEE 2009

1.A capacitor of capacitance 10F was originally charged to 10V. Now the P.D is increased to 20V. he increase in potential energy is a) 4104J 5104J b) 10104J c) 15104J d)

2.The electric field due to a positive charge at a distance of 2m is 4 !". #ts magnitude at a distance of 4m $ill be a) 2 !m b) 0.5 !" c) 1.5 !" d) !"

%.&lectric flu' in an electric field (&( through area (ds( is given b) a) !0&.ds b) &.ds!!0 c) &.ds d) & * ds

4.+inimum number of capacitors of 2F each re"uired to o#tain a capacitor of $F will #e a) % b) 4 c) 5 d) ,

5.The potential gradient at $hich the dielectric of a condenser -ust get punctured is called a) .ielectric constant .ielectric resistance d) b) .ielectric strength .ielectric number c)

,./ne ne$ton per coulomb is e0uivalent to a) 1"!1 b) 1J c) 11!m d) 1 J!m

2.The ratio of electric force bet$een t$o protons to that bet$een t$o electrons under similar conditions is of the order of a) 10%3 b) 1 c) 4ero d) 1042

3.1000 small $ater drops each of radius (r( and charge (0( coalesce to form one spherical drop. The potential of a big drop is larger than that of a smaller drop is b) a factor. a) 1000 b) 100 c) 10 d) 1

5.6 pellet carr)ing a charge of 0.5 " is accelerated through a 7.. of 2000 volts. #ts 8inetic energ) is a) 1000ergs 500Joules b) 1000Joules c) 10009:h d)

10.6 sphere carr)ing a charge ; coulomb and having a $eight (:( ne$ton falls under gravit) bet$een vertical plates< (d( meters apart. :hen potential difference of (1( volts is applied bet$een the plates the path ma8es an angle of 450$ith the vertical. The value of ; is a) :!21 b) :!1 c) 1!:d d) :d!1

11.The force bet$een t$o charges 0.0,m apart is 5 . #f each charge is moved to$ards the other b) 0.01m< the force bet$een them is
a) 2.2 b) 11.25 c) 22.5 d) 45 12.6 sphere of radius 1 cm has a potential of 30001then energ) densit) near its surface $ill be a) ,4105J!m% 2.3%J!m% b) 310%J!m% c) %2J!m% d)

1%.T$o capacitors $ith capacitance "1and "2are charged to a potentials 11and 12respectivel). :hen the) are combined in parallel< the ratio of their respective charges is a) "1!"2 b) "21!"22 11!12 c) "1"2!="1>"2) d)

14.The periodic time in a communication satellite is a) , hours b) 24 hours 12 hours c) 15 hours d)

15.The time period of a seconds pendulum in a satellite is a) 4ero b) 2 c) infinit) d) 1

1,.The radii of the circular orbits of t$o satellites around the earth are in the ratio 1?4. The ratio of their respective period of revolution is a) 1?4 b) 4?1 c) 1?3 d) 3?1

12.#f a planet consists of a satellite $hose mass and radius $ere both half that of the earth< the acceleration due to gravit) at its surface $ould be a) 4.5m!s2b) 25.4m!s2 5.3m!s2c) 15.,m!s2 d)

13.:ho among the follo$ing gave first< the e'perimental value of (@(A a) "avendish b) 6lbert &instene "opernicus c) Broo8 Te)ler d)

15.6 missile is launched $ith a velocit) less than the escape velocit) . The sum of its 8inetic and potential energ) is a) positive b) negative positive or negative depending upon the initial velocit) c) 4ero d) ma) be

20.The time period of a satellite in a circular orbit of radius C is T. The radius of the orbit in $hich time period is 3T is a) 2C b) %C c) 4C d) 5C

21.#ntensit) of gravitational field is of earth is minimum at a) ever)$here poles b) e0uator c) centers of earth d) same

22.T$o planets of radii C1andC2 are made from the same material. The ratio of the acceleration due to gravit) @1!@2at the surface of t$o planets is
a) C1!C2 b) =C2!C1)2 C2!C1 c) =C1!C2)2 d)

2%.The rotation period of an earth satellite close to the surface of the earth is 3% minutes. The satellite in an orbit at a distance of % times earth radius from its surface $ill be a) 3% minutes 245 minutes b) 3%3minutes c) ,,4 minutes d)

24.The earth revolves round the sun in one )ear< if the distance bet$een them becomes double< the ne$ period of evolution $ill be a) =1!2) )ear b) 22)ear c) 4 )ear d) 3 )ear

25.#n a satellite< if the time of resolution is T< then 9inetic energ) is proportional to a) 1T2!% b) 1T c) 1T2 d) 1T%

2,.6 bod) $eighs 22 on the surface of the earth. :hat is the gravitational force on it due to earth at a height e0ual to half the radius of the earth from the surfaceA a) 22 b) 23 c) 1, d) %2

22.#f the radius of earth is reduced to 20D< 8eeping mass constant< then $eight of the bod) on its surface a) decreases b) is more than that at pole increases c) remains same d)

23.#n a gravitational field< $or8 done in transporting mass from one point to another depends upon a) the end position b) the distance bet$een them point of motion d) velocit) of transport c) actual

25.6 satellite is revolving around the sun in a circular orbit $ith uniform velocit) 1. #f the gravitational force suddenl) disappears< the velocit) of the satellite $ill be a) 4ero b) 1 c) 21 d) %1

%0.The period of revolution of a certain planet in an orbit of radius C is (T(. The period of revolution in an orbit of radius 4C $ill be a) 2T b) 22T c) 4T d) 3T

%1.6 spaceship moves from earth to moon and bac8. The greatest energ) re0uired for the spaceship is to overcome the difficult) in a) c) surface %2.The orbital velocit) for an earth satellite near the surface of the earth is 2 8m!sec. #f the radius of the orbit is 4 times the radius of the earth< its orbital velocit) $ould be a) %.5 8m!sec 14 8m!sec b) 2 8m!sec c) 228m!sec d) entering the earth(s gravitational field ta8e off from lunar surface b) d) ta8e off form earth(s field entering in the moon(s lunar

%%.The $eight of an astronauts in an artificial satellite revolving around the earth is
a) more than that on the earth e0ual to that on the earth b) d) less than that on the earth 4ero c)

%4.@ravitational mass is proportional to gravitational a) field momentum b) force c) intensit) d)

%5.The escape velocit) of a pro-ectile from earth is appro'imatel) a) 2 8m!s b) 1.1 8m!sec 112 8m!sec c) 11.2 8m!sec d)

%,.#f the earth suddenl) shrin8s to half of its present radius< the acceleration due to gravit) $ill be a) g!2 b) 4g c) g!4 d) 2g

%2.T$o satellites are in the par8ing orbits around the earth. +ass of one is 10 times that of the other. The ratio of their periods of evolution is a) 1 b) 10 c) 10 d) 100

%3.The ratio of 9& re0uired to be given to the satellite to escape from earth to the 8inetic energ) re0uired to be given to the satellite to revolve around the earth in an orbit -ust above the earth(s surface is a) 1?1 b) 2?1 c) 2?1 d) 4?1

%5.#f a seconds pendulums is ta8en from the earth to a planet $hose radius is 4 times the radius of the earth but having the same densit)< the time period of the pendulums in the planet $ould be a) 2 Eec b) 4 Eec c) 1 Eec d) 0.5 Eec

40.:hich of the follo$ing e'pression gives the minimum 8inetic energ) $hich a bod) of mass (m( must be thro$n in order that it escapes the gravitational field of the earth. a) @+!C b) 2@+!C c) %@+!C d) @+m!C

41.The $eightlessness e'perienced $hile orbiting the earth in space ship is the result of a) acceleration centre of gravit) b) 4ero activit) c) inertia d)

42.The length of a pendulums for a given time period is (F(. #f the pendulums is ta8en to a place $here the acceleration due to gravit) is doubled then for the time period to remain the same its length should be a) 2F b) F c) F!2 d) F!4

4%.T$o satellites 6 and B go round a planet 7 in circular orbits having radii 4 C and C respectivel). #f the speed of the satellites 6 is %1< the speed of satellites B $ill be a) %1 b) 121 c) ,1 d) 4!% 1

44.#n a satellites if the time of revolution is T< then 9.& is proportional to a) 1T2% b) 1!T c) 1T2 d) 1T%

45.The period of revolution of planet 6 around the sun is 3 times that of B. The distance of 6 from the sun is ho$ man) times greater than that of B from the sunA
a) 1 b) 2 c) % d) 4

4,.#f g is the acceleration due to gravit) on earth then increase in potential energ) of a bod) of mass m upto a distance e0ual to the radius of the earth from the earth surface is a) 12mgC b) 2 mg C c) mg C d) 14mg C

42.T$o satellites are moving in orbits< C1GC2H then the velocities associated $ith them is a) 11I12 b) 11G12 c) 1112 d) 11212

43.Jo$ much energ) $ill be necessar) for ma8ing a bod) of 500 8g escape from the earthA =g5.3ms2radius of the earth K ,.4103m) a) 6bout 5.310,J b) 6bout 22.41012J 6bout ,.4103J c) 6bout %.11010J d)

45.6 satellite is moving around the earth $ith speed v in a circular orbit of radius r. #f the orbit radius is decreased b) 1D < the speed of the satellite $ill a) #ncreased b) 1D .ecreased b) 1D d) b) #ncreased b) 0.5D .ecreased b) 0.5D c)

50.T$o planets 6 and B have the same material densit). #f the radius of 6 is t$ice that of B< then the ratio of the escape velocit) is 161B a) 2 b) 2 c) 12 d) 1!2