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LGBT RESOURCE CENTRES CORK LINC Advocating for Lesbian and Bisexual Woman in Ireland Contact Details

LINC 11a White Street, Cork el! 021-4808600 """#linc#ie info$linc#ie Opening Times (Autumn/Winter) uesda% 11am to &'m, Wednesda% 11am to &'m, hursda% 11am to ('m A'out Since 1))) LINC has develo'ed to become an organi*ation rooted in communit% 'ractices and 'rinci'les "orking "ith lesbian and bisexual "oman and their families in the +e'ublic of Ireland LINC aims to im'rove the ,ualit% of life, health, and "ell-being of all "omen "ho identif% as Lesbian or Bisexual Ser(ices )*ree +,- co,*i-e,ti+./ .ealth Su''orts, /ne to /ne Su''ort, Social Activities, raining, 0eer Su''ort 1rou's, Counseling, Weekl% Ne"sletter LINC also hold regular events 2 activities see """#linc#ie for more details or sign u' to the LINC ne"sletter for more details on events and activities, sent out "eekl%# In addition, %ou can find LINC on facebook THE OTHER !LACE L0G0B0T +esource Centre and Caf3 ( South 4ain Street, Cork el 021-42 84 0 info$theother'lacecork#com """#theother'lacecork#com Opening !ours 4onda% 5 Closed, ues! 11am - 6'm, Wed! 11am - ('m, hur! 11am - 6'm, 7rida%! 11am - 6'm, Saturda%! 1'm - 6'm Sunda% 5 Closed A"out /ffers a comfortable 'lace for the Cork L1B communit% to meet and relax in the heart of the cit% centre# #er$ices Caf3 serves a range of treats! delicious freshl% ground coffee, tea, earl% gre% and herbal teas, mouth-"atering cakes and %umm% nibbles# Com'limentar% Wi-7i available to all customers 8ou can send %our email address to info$theother'lacecork#com to receive their monthl% ne"sletter b% email#

!ARENTS O$ LGBT SU!!ORT IN CORK1 Ber Nolan, ele'hone 08 %022&0 , 9mail "erna'ette(nolan)*otmail+com or contact LINC or he /ther 0lace

CORK2S TRANS GROU!1 ( South 4ain St, Cork Cit%, Website """#teni#ie ,mail trans)t*eot*erplacecor-+com or "en)teni+ie 4eets at 6#&:'m to )#&:'m on the &rd uesda% of 9ver% 4onth at he /ther 0lace LI E AND LET LI E GROU!1 AA GROU! he /ther 0lace ( South 4ain Street Cork he /ther 0lace info$theother'lace#com 9ver% 7rida% from (#::'m to )#&:'m in

SEXUAL HEALTH SER ICES SEXUALL" TRANS%ITTED IN$ECTION CLINIC, ;ictoria .os'ital, Infirmar% +d, Cork ele'hone! 021 4%66844 /ut'atients-4onda%, uesda% and hursda% from )#&:-11#<=am and Wednesda% from >#&:-<#&:'m SEXUAL HEALTH CENTRE 1? 0eters St, @near 4erc% hos'italA Cork ele'hone! 021 42 .8& !elpline 021 42 66 6 We"site ! """#sexualhealthcentre#com /ffers the 7ollo"ing confidential services

Bn'lanned 0regnanc%! 7ree 'regnanc% testing, free all o'tions counselling, free 'ost abortion counselling, free 'ost abortion medical check-u's# Su''ort! +a'id .I; esting, 7ree one to one counselling, 0s%cho Sexual Counselling, .I; su''ort grou's, com'lementar% thera'ies All services are carried out b% ,ualified counselors and 'rofessional su''ort staff# "OUTH HEALTH SER ICE, 6& Shandon Street, Cork Cit%, ele'hone 021 24404%0/1 7ree service es'eciall% for 16 to >1 %ears old# Crisis 'regnanc% counselling, famil% 'lanning su''ort, sexuall% transmitted infection clinic, drugC alcohol C counselling su''ort, dedicated %outh officer, health 'romotion and su''ort, 'rofessional training and su''orts SEXUAL IOLENCE CENTRE CORK, = Camden 'lace Cork Cit%, ele'hone 1(:: <)? <)?, ext :(6 1=&&&)& Website htt'!CC"""#sexualviolence#ieC 9mail info$sexualvi olence#ie

LGBT SOCIAL GROU!S CHORAL CON $USION Choral Con 7usion is a friendl%, inclusive choir# he choir rehearses in, and has the ongoing su''ort, both financial and 'ersonal, of CorkDs he /ther 0lace L1B Social Centre# We "elcome members from all "alks of life, of all ages, "ith an% or no musical ex'erience, and from lesbian, ga%, bisexual, transgender and straight communities# Ne" members are al"a%s "elcome, and if %ou like more info or are interested in Eoining 'lease contact info$theother'lacecork#com or htt'!CCchoralconfusion#comCcontact-usC %EET AND GREET, 1rou' of friends meet u' on the 1st uesda% of the month in he /ther 0lace, their role is to "elcome %ou and make %ou feel 'art of the communit%# OUT 3 DINNER 4eet monthl% for dinner contact LINC or he /ther 0lace for more information out<dinner$theother'lacecork#com or info$linc#ie IXENS RAINBO4

"""#meetu'#comC;ixens-+ainbo"C /nline meet u' GA" CORK CA%ERA CLUB Saturda% >-<'m in the /ther 0lace Search for F1a% Cork Camera ClubD oh 7acebook IN 3 DINNER

LGBT !UBS AND NIGHT CLUBS LOA$ERS BAR, >? Gouglas St, Cork @Around b% LINCA RUB"2S LOUNGE NIGHTCLUB, Washington St, Cork @7ormerl% kno"n as ChambersA /'ening times Wed )'m to >am, hurs# )'m to close, 7ri )'m to close, Sat )'m to >am and Sun )'m to 11#&:'m#

"OUTH U! CORK "OUTH GROU! Contact 1illian on 086 044& 4. @Wednesda% and hursda%sA 9-mail %outh"orker$other'lacecork#com 7ind B0 Cork L1B 8outh 1rou' on 7acebook FB' CorkD is a %outh 'roEect for lesbian, ga%, bisexual, transgender and ,uestioning %oung 'eo'le aged 1=->& %ears# he 'roEect 'rovides one-to-one and grou' su''ort for %oung 'eo'le to allo" them to safel% engage "ith confidence building, 'ersonal develo'ment, 'eer su''ort and making friends, it affords %oung 'eo'le a s'ace "here the% can ex'erience inclusion, acce'tance, social Eustice, fun and safet%# Gro' in service A dro' in service is available from &-?'m on hursda%s in the other 'lace# A 'rofessional %outh "orker is available to ans"er ,uestion, 'rovide information and facilitate ne" members in Eoining the grou'# A''ointment can be made for these hours# .o"ever, "e o'erate an o'en door 'olic% so %ou can also dro' in for a chat if necessar%# BeLo,G To , ele'hone H&.& 1 6 0622& Website """#belongto#org, 9mail info$belongto#org BeLon1 o "ork "ith L1B %oung 'eo'le in Ireland b% 'roviding them "ith a safe s'ace in "hich the% can meet like minded friends and see that their identities and selves are valuable and im'ortant

S!UNOUT 4440S!UNOUT0IE IrelandIs National 8outh Website# S'un/ut is a %outh-led media initiative covering all as'ects of %outh info, health, lifest%le and activism#

S!ORTS ACTI ITIES RAINBO4 RA%BLERS, S'end the first Sunda% of ever% month rambling u' a hill, taking in our beautiful countr%side and making ne" friends# 9mail rainbo"#ramblers#cork$gmail#com THE RUNNING 4A"S 4eeting at he Lee 7ields, CorkDs onl% fitness grou' to offer a beginner running 'rogram 'lus much moreJ Courses include boot cam', : 5 = km running 'rograms, = 5 1: km running 'rograms, and trail runs# /ur aim is to create non-intimidating and sociable "ork outs under 'rofessional instruction "ith achievable and noticeable results 7or 7acebook at """#facebook#comCtherunning"a%, Website """#therunning"a%#com or contact ,imear on 08. 12.1682+ BAD%INTON Nick% a call on 086 84 %0.1

"OUR RIGHTS#SU!!ORTS GARDA LIAISON O$$ICER Karl 1riffin, 1arda Liaison /fficer Bride"ell 1arda Station, Cornmarket St, Cork# ele'hone! 021 42 0681 As Liaison /fficer for CorkDs ga% communit%, 1arda 1riffin is committed to ensuring e,ualit% for all and is also sensitive to the needs of those re,uiring discretion# GLEN 1a% and Lesbian e,ualit% Net"ork, > 9xchange St# B''er, Gublin ( ele'hone &.& 1 6 286.0 Website, """#glen#ie 9mail info$glen, LGBT NOISE! Inde'endent non-'art% 'olitical grou' for L1B , ele'hone, 08 608. .6 Website """#lgbtnoise#ie 9mail info$lgbtnoise#ie, NASC, the Irish Immigrant Su''ort Centre, 7err% Lane, off Gominic St#, Cork, Ireland ele'hone! 021 4.0&462 7ax! :>1 <=6:=>& 9mail! info$nascireland#org Website! """#nascireland#org DUBLIN OUTHOUSE L1B Communit% +esource Centre, 1:= Ca'el Street, Gublin 1 ele'hone 01 8 & 4%&2/

Website """#outhouse#ie DUNDALK OUTCO%ERS1 he Coach .ouse, ( +oden 0lace, Gundalk Co# Louth ele'hone 00&.& 42 %&2%816 C %outh 2 %oung adult 00&.& 86 162.0&0 9mail info$outcomers#org Website """#outcomers#org KERR" ## CIARRI A%ACH Kerr% L1B 0roEect ele'hone 086 0 88260 Website """#ciarraiamach#org 9mail Ciarraimach$gmail#com LI%ERICK ## RAINBO4 SU!!ORT SER ICE 4id"est ele'hone 061 &10 101, .artstonge St Limerick Co# Limerick Ireland RED RIBBON !RO5ECT ele'hone 061 &14&.4 9mail info$redribbon'roEect#com htt'!CC"""#redribbon'roEect#comC """#ga%inlimerick#com 4ATER$ORD SOUTH ele'hone :(? 14 166 cCo Area Waterford 0artnershi' Westgate Business 0ark, ramore +oad, Waterford# htt'!CCsouthgrou'#"ikifoundr%#com INTO LGB TEACHER2S GROU! ele'hone 08 6%. 28&% 9mail lgbt$into#ie Website htt'!CC"""#into#ieC+/IC

COLLEGE SOCIETIES CIT LGBT 9mail lgbtcit$gmail#com CI Lesbian, 1a%, Bisexual, ransgender Societ% 4eet ever% Weds UCC LGBT 9mail lgbt$uccsocieties#ie

S!ECIAL E ENTS CORK 4O%EN2S $UN 4EEKEND """#cork"omensfun"eekend#ie A'rilC4a% 4O%EN2S CA%! Bsuall% held in Lul% Contact LINC for more Information !INK TRAINING he largest L1B training event in 9uro'e, "ith delegations of students attending from almost all BSI-affiliated colleges CORK LGBT !RIDE $ESTI AL Cork """#cork'ride#com Cork L1B 0ride 7estival takes 'lace on the first "eekend in August ever% %ear# +9B9L AWA+GS LI%ERICK LGBT6 !RIDE $ESTI AL

.a''ens in the last "eek of August to the first "eek of Se'tember Limerick htt'!CClimerick'ride#ie DUBLIN LGBT6 !RIDE $ESTI AL .a''ens in the last t"o "eeks of Lune Gublin htt'!CC"""#dublin'ride#ie GAL4A" CO%%UNIT" !RIDE 1al"a% htt'!CC"""#amachlgbt#comC the last "eekend in August NORTH4EST LGBT !RIDE .a''ens in August North"est htt'!CC"""#north"est'rideireland#comC KERR" $ESTI AL O$ !RIDE """#facebook#comCKerr%0ride7estival 4ATER$ORD htt'!CC"aterford'ride#comC

HEL!LINE IN$OR%ATION SA%ARITANS 18.0 60 %0 %0 @>< hourA Eo$samaritans#org NATIONAL LGBT HEL!LINE! 18%0 %2% .&% /'ening time 4onda%! ? - )'m, uesda%! ? - )'m, Wednesda%! ? - )'m hursda%! < - )'m, 7rida%! < - )'m, Saturda%! < - ?'m, Sunda%! < ?'m """#lgbt#ie GA" IN$OR%ATION CORK 021 42 108 1a% Information Cork is a hel'line that is o'erated b% trained volunteers# It is, for some, the first 'oint of contact for man% men of all age grou's "hether the% are or think the% are ga%, bisexual or interested in having sex "ith men# CORK LESBIAN LINE 021 4&1 8&18@Wed, ?-('mA lesbianlinecork$gmail#com Cork Lesbian Line is a volunteer hel'line for "omen of all ages# 0roviding confidential, free, information and su''ort regarding sexual orientation# Websites and Books

4440GAELICK0CO% GAELICK Is a blog for lesbians, bisexual, ga% and transgender "omen 4440NLG$0IE NATIONAL LESBIAN AND GA" $EDERATION# Working for the betterment of Lesbian, 1a%, Bisexual and ransgender @L1B A 'eo'le# 4440GAIRE0CO% /ffers forums, dating 'rofiles, classifieds, ne"s and advice for ga% 'eo'le in Ireland and abroad# 44406UEERID0CO% 1uide to "hatIs on toda% in 1a% Ireland 4440GA"CORK0CO% 1uide to ga% life in the cit% "ith features, listings and classifieds 4440!O$0CO% Gating set for ever%one set %our message inbox to onl% receive message for "oman looking for "oman# GA"DARGIRLS0CO% Gating site for lesbians and bisexual "oman# 4440A$TERELLEN0CO%# 0o' culture lesbian "ebsite#

BOOK1 %AGA&INES AND $IL%S DI A7 Lesbian maga*ine 'ublished in the BK htt'!CC"""#divamag#co#ukCdivaC also found the ne"sagents GCN7 """#gcn#ie 1a% Communit% Ne"s# Irish 'ublication# Co'ies can be found at LINC and he /ther 0lace# Books and G;Gs are available to read in LINC and he /ther 0lace ask for more info

ACCO%%ODATION E%ERSON HOUSE, > Clarence errace Summerhill North Cork, ele'hone :(? (&< :()1,

Website htt'!CC"""#emersonhousecork#comC RO%AN HOUSE & St Lohns errace, B''er Lohn St# Cork, ele'hone :(= 1=1666( 9mail rhbb$eircom#net 7acebook roman house B2B BELLATRIX7 WomenIs B2B for "omen in West Cork, ele'hone :>6 61616 Website """#bellatrixbedandbreakfastfor"omen#comC BALLINACURRA HOUSE1 KINSALE1 CO0 CORK, 9xclusive Bse 0rivate 9state, ele'hone :: &=& @:A>1 <66 ):<: ele'hone :: &=& @:A(6 >(? 6<<&, 9mail info$ballinacurra#com Website """#ballinacurra#com


SOUL S!IRIT SACRED SER ICES 4a%a +ose Gi'# .olistic 4essage +gn, 9nerg%CBod%"ork, ele'hone :(6 )6?&=:& 9mail rosema%a&&&$gmail#com !S"CHOTHERA!IST# COUNSELLOR1 REIKI HEALING Catherine Kenned% ele'hone :(6 )6)>>:& 9mail carherinakenned%$eircom#net

A,cie,t H+8+ii+, Bo-y8or9,

Lomi Lomi hera'eutic 4assage, .olistic 4assage, 0regnanc% 4assage, +eflexolog%, +eiki 9lixxchel :(? &&= :(:1 !INA S!IRITUAL HEALER1 Gervish Lotus, 0ina is a s'irit medium for healing "ho encourages the release of grief, shock, fears, emotional and 'h%sical 'ain and other trauma# ele'hone :>1 <>6(><& HOLISTIC BUSINESS %ENTOR AND ENERG" TEACHER Clare +oche 9mail clare$abundant'ractitoner#com A!HRODITE2S GARDENS Mualified 1ardener, 0runing, "eeding, strimming, grass 2 hedge cutting, garden clean-u's, advice, sourcing of 'lants and materials, gardening tuition# Available all %ear, flexible hours# 9ast Cork and Cork Cit%# Susanne +aven :(?->1& >: &= """#grendill#comCraven 0a%ment acce'ted in 9uro cash or che,ues or L9 S credits

GER%AN GRINDS +eading, 1rammar, Writing, Listening, S'eaking, 0re'aration for oralCaural exams# LuniorCLeaving Cert, /rdinar%C.igher Level, hird Level# Native 1erman S'eaker, excellent communication and coaching skills# Also ex'erienced in "orking "ith adults "ith autism# Available all %ear, flexible hours# 9ast Cork and Cork Cit%# Susanne +aven :(? >1& >: &= """#communit%cork#com 0a%ment acce'ted in 9uro cash or che,ues or L9 S credits TAROT READINGS $OR 4O%EN arot is a 'la%ful "a% to access %our intuition and brings %our alread% existing subconscious kno"ledge closer to the surface# A reading can give %ou clarit% or dee'er understanding or ne" direction or solace or encouragement, or even all of the above# Length of session! <:?:min#Available all %ear, flexible hours# 9ast Cork and Cork Cit%# Susanne +aven :(? >1& >: &= 0a%ment acce'ted in 9uro cash or che,ues or L9 S credits

HEATING AND !LU%BING CONTRACTORN Industrial and Gomestic, 1reg Go%le, == Clonlea 4ount /val Gouglas Cork ele'hone :(6 )=6>&:& 7ax :>1 <():?6( HAND%ADE CROCHET, 4ade in Cork, Aoife / Gonovan ele'hone :(= 61==?(: 9mail aoifeodonovan$hotmail#com

0ersonal ax +efunds, No axback then no fee# =O Charge on taxback# Business Accountanc% 2 ax Bookkee'ing, financial 0lanning, 0a%roll, 0A89, Budgeting, Both 0ersonal 2 Business 7inances catered for# Welfare ,ueries 2 financial management# Available to "ork both onsite 2 offsite# 9mail financefair%$hotmail#com or call :(=-(&6)=?6