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ZONA DYNAMIC and VINCENT CHOMAZ, call for performative interventions to be realized within the frame of the Month of Performance Art Berlin 2014.


We are looking for proposals that accentuate experimental performative interventions resulting in accidental interactions with an audience, focusing on the public as the, or a, performer in connection with the underlying idea of a possible audience as a canvas.
We are mostly interested in the processes and mechanisms that lead, or provoke collective behaviors when confronted to unexpected situations. For the purpose of this open call, all proposals have to be limited inside a closed structure, a white cube (see following section, Voyeurs).

INFORMATION Location: Berlin, Germany Deadline: January 15, 2014 Time frame: May 2014 Eligibility: emerging international artists or group of artists Cost & support: participation is free of charge. We will provide the cube, but are unfortunately not able to support you with travel, living, and material costs.

Please send your proposals (including a short bio and the completed application form) to If any, include some visuals to your proposal (sketches, photocollage, etc.). You can also contact us with any questions you may have regarding the project. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you!

VOYEURS www.vincentchomaz/curations/voyeurs

DESCRIPTION In Voyeurs, performers dont act directly in front of the public. They are entrapped within the exhibiting apparatus, a closed white cube of 8m (2m by 2m by 2m) from which spectators are excluded. Voyeurs revolves around a voyeuristic contraption, he spectators can peek only at what peers through the fabric of the cube. If they are not in it, they are forced outside of it. They can surround it, move around it, sit next to it, stand far from it, look at it, come closer and peep in it or do none of the above. It is their choice.

MORPHOLOGY Size: 2m by 2m by 2m Structure: 4 panels covered with fabric, attached to a wooden structure Materials: wood, fabric, screws, staples, bolts and nuts Fabric: light, white, translucent

MODALITIES Duration: no restriction - however we do encourage long lasting performances or interventions. Location: anywhere in the public space (park, street, forest, subway station, parking lot, etc.) - to the artist(s) discretion, location will be discussed on individual case basis.

Medium: no restriction - processual, interactive and experimental approaches are most welcome. The usage of the cube is not restricted to performative practices but can include installation, live reading, mediaart as long as it create or can create a response from passersby, the unintended audience. There will be 2 to 3 cubes available, if requested.


The Month of Performance Art-Berlin (MPA-B) is a 31 day, city-wide and artist-run platform for independent performance art practices, running annually in May, that connects and brings together hundreds of artists, spaces, networks and initiatives who collectively contribute to a unique and radical month-long programme, featuring: indoor and outdoor performances, site-specific interventions, talks, workshops, screenings, public encounters and interactions, dinners, durational and days-long actions and other formats and projects which do not have, or reject, any definition. As a non-profit, non-funded and artist-run platform and with its jointly assembled programme, MPAB represents - and strives to continue to work towards - new models and strategies of self-administration, self-efficacy and survival against a backdrop of commercial, state funded and exclusive cultural and artistic projects in the city. Each participant contributing to the MPAB programme is individually responsible for curating and organizing their own performance art project, determined by their interests, curatorial enquiries, networks, special requirements, and budget capabilities. This diversity of approaches sets MPAB as a platform apart from most festivals and makes it a unique project reflecting the individuality, experiences and creative force of the citys independent performance art community.


ZONA DYNAMIC supports international emerging artists through initiation of collaborative artistic operations. We intervene in temporary spaces as a background for intercultural exchange; a tool to inspire generative processes, as well as produce conceptual and context-reflective artworks. Taking a critical view of established norms, combined with an openness to sensory experiences, we dynamically initiate and intervene in temporary spaces in an effort to transform existing structures and belief systems. Drawing on imaginary, virtual and physical ideas of space in order to question mental and physical boundaries, we perform inside, outside, inbetween. Each pre-happening, happening and art-intervention is thematically interconnected and dedicated to a particular conceptual theme. We collaboratively form basic reflective approaches to creative processes, which in turn create new art-identities. The phenomenology of existence is central to our discourse, as are questions of our time, existence, society, and culture. These are projected from diverse media and conceptual perspectives. Following the Zeitgeist, the relevance of our artistic endeavors is generated through its genesis and through its very existence. There are no limitations regarding the use of different media: it is interdisciplinary and open to any art form. ZONA DYNAMIC is an independent project with no commercial interests. It is an attempt to dynamically unfold the relation between enjoyment and criticism of both art and the world. Ultimately, we are a platform for collaboration, experiment and adventure.


VINCENT CHOMAZ is a multidisciplinary artist, and a curator. In 2012, at the same time that he developed Voyeurs, he co-founded EXPO with fellow visual artist and performer, Sabine Jamme. EXPO was created as a space for interdisciplinary experiments, with a strong focus on interactive practices and the performative. Like for Voyeurs, there is in EXPO a will to put back the audience at the centre of the exhibiting apparatus, to give it a role in a tentative to break the public away from its passivity of viewer; to aim for an art that can be experienced rather than passively consumed.


VOYEURS Concept: Vincent Chomaz Art Directors: Edgar Khandzratyan, Elisa Schnherr, Vincent Chomaz