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B. Tech.



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(i) AllcmjJl all the five qllestions. (ii) All qllestions can)' equal marks. steam tables and mollier charts IS (iii) Use permitted. (h) AsslIme missing data slIi/ably, (f any



Attempt any four of the following: (a) What are the mathematical conditions differentials? (b) Show that

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used as property of the system. State the Zeroth Law of thermodynamics. How is mercury in thermometer able to find the temperature of a body using the zeroth law of thermodynamics? Derive lvIa.xwell's equations and give its application. What do you understand by inversion curve ') Define Joule's coefI How these can be used for refrigeration ? Derive the expression for Clausius inequality for a power cycle. It must be supported by logics for any statement you would like to give.



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4069] 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 • ~ 0 6 9 / 6 9 t'> 0 • 2 [Contd .7096 2971.t Enthalphy.3 250 7. The properties of fluid are given below : 3478.2 500 (kJ/kg) (Oc) Temperatllre. (1) What do you understand by the degree of superheat and degree of subcooling. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Artificial over Natural Draught? Discuss the different methods to express the boilder performance. and irreversibility of the process..h Entropy.S Pressure. the fluid is taken in from lObar and 500°C to 2 bar and 250 °C while 220 kJ/kg of useful work is realised.p (kJ/kg-OK) If the ambient atmospheric conditions are 1. 5x4 Attempt any four of the following: (a) (b) Sketch and explain the construction and working of a water tube boiler.. With neat sketches explain their working. determine : (i) (ii) 2 degree of effectiveness of the process. Write down the values of critical pressure. (ii) (c) (d) (e) Name two mountings of a water tube boiler plant. .(1) In a certain flow process. critical temperature and sp-volume at critical point for water.013 bar and 20°C.7627 7.

For a steam flow rate of 10 kg/see. 0 6 I 6 9 {.2 bar... 225 kg of coal of a calorific value' of 30 100 kJ/kg is fired per hour. work ratio Rankine efficiency. If 10% of coal remains unburnt. find the thermal efficiency of the boiler. . Define diagram factor. 0 ~ 3 [Contd . (b) (c) 4 Attempt any two of the fonowing : (a) 10X2 (I)' Why modified Rankine cycle is not used in steam turbines ? ~ 11111111111111111111111111111 4069] 111111""1111111111111111 " . 10 x2 3 Attempt any two of the fonowing : (a) Define the term indicator diagram and explain why actual indicator diagram differs from hypothetical one. turbine shaft work power required to drive the pump. determine for a theoretical cycle : (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) quality of steam at end of expansion. pressure at throat and constant as isentropic index of expansion.(t) A boiler produces 2000 kg of dry and saturated steam per hour at 10 bar and feed water is heated by an economiser from 20°C to a temperature of 110°e. Find out the condition for maximum rate of discharge for the flow of steam through a nozzle in terms of intake pressure. A steam turbine working on Rankine cycle is supplied with drysatuated steam at 25 bar and the exhaust takes place at 0.

lli = lls x R. Derive the expressions for specific thrust. For six-stage turbine find out the reheat factor with the help of H-S plot and prove that 1nternal efficiency = Stage etIlciency x Reheat factor of the turbine (i. reheating and regeneration an"angements.F. propulsive efficiency for a jet plane. thermal efficiency. Explain the terms 'State Point Locus' and 'Reheat Factor'.) 5 You are required to attempt only two parts of lOx2 the following: (a) Draw schematic and T-S diagrams of an open cycle gas turbine plant which has been provided with perfect intercooling.(ii) (b) (c) What is bleeding and how does it affect the cycle et1iciency ? Draw the layout of a steam power plant operating on Rankine cycle with three bleed heaters and one reheater reheating the steam to boiler temperature. 4069] 1111111 11111 IIIIIIIIIIIIIII!IIIIIIIIIIIII '~Q~~:t~~O' 11111 11111111 4 [ 6960 ] . (b) Prove that optimum pressure ratio for maximum specific out for a gas turbine plant is given by y Y p = [lltllrbine X llcompressor x 13 Tl ]2(Y-l) (c) With the help of Enthalpy-entropy and schematic diagrams explain the difference between the working of a propeller turbine and a jet turbine.e. Reheater being used between 11 and 111stage of the turbine whereas reheaters are used with each and every stage.