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Employee Motivation



Every business enterprise has multiple objectives including maintenance of a contended workforce and creation of a public image. The basic job of management of any business is the effective utilization of available human resources, technological, financial and physical resources for the achievement of the business objectives.

This project entitled as “Employee motivation” was done to find out the factors which will motivate the employees. The study undertakes various efforts to analyze all of them in great details. From the study, I was able to find some of the important factors which motivate the employees. Factors like financial incentives and non financial inventive, performance appraisal system, good relationship with co-workers, promotional opportunities in the present job, are very much effect the level employee motivation. It is also clear from the study that the company is so eager in motivating their employees and their present effort for it so far effective.

The human resources can play an important role in the realization of the objectives. Employees work in the organization for the satisfaction of their needs. If the human resources are not properly motivated, the management will not be able to accomplish the desired results. Therefore, human resources should be managed with utmost care to inspire, encourage and force them to contribute their maximum for the achievement of the business objectives.

carrying out the following activities: . it coordinates and supports the work of the CARE national Members and Country Offices. registered under Swiss law. They worked in 84 countries. and communications activities in support of CARE‟s relief and development programmes worldwide. Asia and Australia carry out a range of project-related. and governed by the CARE International Board of Directors. The CI Secretariat is an international foundation. Switzerland. advocacy. each being an autonomous non-governmental organization in its own right. Under the leadership of CI Secretary General. fundraising. 1. CI Members in North America.051 poverty-fighting projects to reach more than 122 million people in 2011. Europe. Robert Glasser. with representation offices in New York and in Brussels to liaise with the United Nations and the European institutions respectively. supporting 1. To know more about CARE‟s advocacy work.Employee Motivation 2 CHAPTER-1 Company Profile CARE International (CI) is a group composed of twelve national Members.1 CARE International Secretariat The CI Secretariat is based in Geneva.

which provides a quick-reaction capability in situations in which an emergency is likely to overwhelm normal CARE programmes or when a disaster strike in a place where CARE has no presence. a document that comprises policies and guidelines by which Members agree to conduct their domestic and overseas activities. . and to interact with one another  ensuring effective representation on behalf of the Members and Country Offices with multilateral institutions and other international bodies   coordinating CI's response to humanitarian disasters coordinating CI's policy and advocacy response to humanitarian and development issues prioritized by the membership    supporting the organizational development of CI's Members establishing and overseeing standards and criteria that pertain to membership of CI overseeing CI's organizational evolution The CI Secretariat is the home of the CARE Emergency Group.Employee Motivation    3 providing support to the CI Board of Directors implementing policy decisions made by the Board of Directors promulgating and ensuring Member and Country Office compliance with the CI Code.

The management of each CARE Member is conducted under the leadership of the National Director.Employee Motivation 4 1.2 CARE International Members Each CARE Member is registered as a non-profit charitable organization according to the laws of its own country. all programmes and projects are implemented through a single integrated operational presence. financing. Governance oversight is provided by a board of directors. termed the Country Office. under the leadership of the CARE Country Director. In all cases. who serve as trustees. and is regulated by these laws and its statutes. and his/her senior management team.3 CARE International's Country Offices For every country in which CARE operates. 1. human resources or other kinds of support to the Country Office. and through their subsequent provision of technical assistance. CARE Members participate in country programmes by becoming involved in project identification and design. who is the chief executive. . participation occurs within the context of the Country Office strategic plan and its programme and programme support structures.

report them and practice preventive measures. to empower smallholders to detect cases. CARE is also implementing an avian and epidemic influenza project in North-West Frontier Province. addressing the underlying causes of poverty. such as earthquakes.4 Care International In Pakistan CARE works in some of the most remote and logistically challenging areas of Pakistan. Education When disasters. working with local partners to strengthen existing health facilities and health worker skills. We focus on women. establish mobile health camps and improve health education.Employee Motivation 5 1. CARE works in close cooperation with government authorities. . children and marginalized people. Health CARE provides health care to thousands of people in remote villages. strike CARE works to help children resume their studies as quickly and safely as possible. improve community participation. communities and parents – especially mothers – to improve education for girls. CARE works to improve maternal and child health. ensuring that reproductive health needs of poor people living in under-served areas are met.

tolerance and social justice where poverty has been overcome. OUR VISION "A world of hope.Employee Motivation 6 Water and Sanitation CARE works closely with communities to provide water supplies to ensure access to safe drinking water.000 individuals. CARE meets with villagers to determine the location for latrines. Its goal is to encourage Pakistani companies to invest in their staff.. and to help increase incomes and productivity. in highly skilled jobs.. half of them women. jobs and business opportunities for youth. and then provides building materials and training for how to construct and maintain the facilities. improve access to trainings."(1) . Better employment CARE‟s five-year Pakistan Jobs Project focuses on placing at least 100.

the strong needs in a direction that is satisfying to the latent needs in employees and harness them in a manner that would be functional for the organization. to engage in action by ensuring that a channel to satisfy those needs and aspirations becomes available to the person.Employee Motivation 7 Chapter-02 Study On Employee Motivation 2. Management‟s basic job is the effective utilization of human resources for achievements of organizational objectives.1 Introduction The project work entitled a STUDY ON EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION with special reference to CARE INTERNATIONAL (CI) is mainly conducted to identify the factors which will motivate the employees and the organizational functions in CARE INTERNATIONAL (CI). say an employee. Motivation implies that one person. in organization context a manager. It is the major task of every manager to motivate his subordinates or to create the „will to work‟ among the . Employee motivation is one of the major issues faced by every organization. In addition to this. includes another. The personnel management is concerned with organizing human resources in such a way to get maximum output to the enterprise and to develop the talent of people at work to the fullest satisfaction.

nothing can be achieved if he is not willing to work. Career development opportunities etc. Quality of the working conditions. some of these factors include 1. There are a variety of factors that can influence a person‟s level of motivation. 5. The perceived fairness of promotion system within a company. The research problem is formulated as follows: “What are the factors which help to motivate the employees? . Leadership and social relationships. Motivated employees are a great asset to any organisation. It should also be remembered that a worker may be immensely capable of doing some work. A manager has to make appropriate use of motivation to enthuse the employees to follow them. 3. 2.Employee Motivation 8 subordinates. Hence this studies also focusing on the employee motivation among the employees of CARE INTERNATIONAL (CI). It is because the motivation and Job satisfaction is clearly linked. The level of pay and benefits. The data needed for the study has been collected from the employees through direct interviews. Job security 7. Employee recognition 6. Hence this study is focusing on the employee motivation in the organisation. 4.

the organizations can achieve the efficiency also to develop a good organizational culture. This means innovation and creativity. the more successful they will be. Proliferating and nurturing the number of “true believers” is the challenge for future and present HR managers. productivity. absenteeism and turnover. A good motivational program procedure is essential to achieve goal of the organization.2 Significance Of The Study The study is intended to evaluate motivation of employees in the organization. This study examines types and levels of employee motivational programmes and also discusses management ideas that can be utilized to innovate employee motivation. It also means a change in the gear for HR policies and practices.Employee Motivation 9 2. Motivation has variety of effects. The faster the organizations care for their employees. The challenge before HR managers today is to delight their employees and care for their creativity to keep them a bloom. Employee delight has to be managed in more than one way. This study helps me to realize the importance of effective employee motivation. These effects may be seen in the context of an individual‟s physical and mental health. This helps in retaining and nurturing the true believers “who can deliver value to the organization. If efficient motivational programmes of employees are made not only in this particular organization but also any other organization. .

1. . To learn the employee‟s satisfaction on the interpersonal relationship exists in the organization.3 Objectives Of The Study 2. To study the effect of job promotions on employees.2 Secondary Objective. 2. 2.3. To study the effect of monetary and non-monetary benefits provided by the organization on the employee‟s performance. To study the important factors which are needed to motivate the employees. 3.3.Employee Motivation 10 2.1 Primary objective 1.

researching on internet and class notes like response about the support from the HR department. As mentioned above the primary and secondary objectives of my project.1 Interview I visited the organization to collect the information about employee motivation with personal reference with Director Of Health of Sindh of Care International (CI). . He helped me a lot in organizing a formal meeting with 20 employees. some were like financial incentives. mostly liked both but all of them were not very much satisfied but satisfied with their current incentives scheme. 19 employees were strongly agree with this question which is usually have not seen in Pakistani organizations.Employee Motivation 11 CHAPTER-3 VISIT TO COMPANY 3. I have asked number of question from them accordingly which I have made by studying books. nearly 14 employees out of them are satisfied with the HR department remaining were neural they did not know what should they reply? During conversation I have put a question about management that is management interested in motivating you? I have astonished with the reply. some non financial incentives. I was intended to ask about a question about incentives. a employee himself said that you have not asked question about incentives? I asked and they replied it very differently.

During interview I have noticed that they are very cooperative to one another when I asked question they takes collective decision and then replied me.” Employees were too happy with this policy. this showed me that they have good relations among them. . CI focus on: “CARE International affirms that the safety and security of every staff member is a primary concern. Another question I have asked about job security and only two employees were afraid of job security others were quite sure that their job is secured. CI have mentioned in its policies about security. To my part CI really cares. CI gives insurance to their employees. In that policy book about safety and security CI has mentioned each and every condition of security which was nice attempt by an organization for motivating their employees.Employee Motivation 12 After that I have asked about increment in salary. they really care for their employees when I asked about safety measures of organization for employees they replied instantly that visit our organization‟s website you can get your answer I was surprised when I read that policies CI has predefined rules and regulation for everyone who is the part of the organization whether he is in headquarter or in field everyone has to follow the rules and regulation of organization. their reply quit positive to this question that periodically they get increment.

I was unfortunate to have meeting with upper management but still I spent my whole day with the director and was asking number of question and was notifying his behavior in regard of motivation to lower employees. one said that holiday and two said that motivational talks by upper management. This was very tough task to get information from them but fortunately the information I have collected through interview. . Director himself was very happy with upper management. by spending nearly five or six hours with director much beneficial for my project report. I asked a question about promotion from director. how he behaves in dealing with employees. he told me that our upper management regularly talks with lower management and if everything is going perfectly they praise their work. upper management gives them praise by announcing employee of the month. Last question which I have asked that does management involve you in decision making regarding your department? Sixteen of them replied: no they have not involvement in decision making.Employee Motivation 13 Another question that I have asked that which factor motivates you most? Fifteen of them replied salary. he replied that on the best performance in project or assigned work they get promotion and quite impressively his boss who recently promoted to work in Geneva in headquarters. two of them replied promotion.

From the study it is clear that most of employees agrees to the fact that performance appraisal activities and support from the coworkers in helpful to get motivated. Lower management has not participation in decision making regarding their departments. There is a pleasant relationship is exist in the organization between employees and management.1 Findings The findings of the study are follows   The CARE INTERNATIONAL (CI) has a well defined organization structure. The employees are satisfied with the present incentive plan of the company. The company is providing best safety measures for ensuring the employees safety.  Most of the workers agreed that the company is eager in recognizing and acknowledging their work. The incentives and other benefits will influence the performance of the employees. The study reveals that there is a good relationship exists among employees. . Majority of the employees agreed that there job security to their present job. The study reveals that increase in the salary will motivates the employees more.Employee Motivation 14 CHAPTER-4 FINDINGS & RECOMMENDATIONS 4.          The employees are really motivated by the management.

.  Skills of the employees should be appreciated. it can improve the productivity level of the employees. so that they can enhance their experience in addition.  Non financial incentive plans should also be implemented.  Better carrier development opportunities should be given to the employees for their improvement. 4. so that they can improve their performance. so the company should try to improve performance appraisal system.Employee Motivation  15 CI offers training opportunities are provided to employees. they can get professional grooming.2 Suggestions The suggestions for the findings from the study are follows  Most of the employees agree that the performance appraisal activities are helpful to get motivated.

 Since the organization has strict control.3 Limitations Of The Study The limitations of the study are the following  The data was collected through interview. The responds from the respondents may not be accurate.Employee Motivation 16 4. .  Another difficulty was very limited time-span of the project. it acts as another barrier for getting data.  The interview taken from only 20 employees and the results drawn may not be accurate.

Steps should be taken to improve the motivational programs procedure in the future. The performance appraisal activities really play a major role in motivating the employees of the organization.4 Conclusion The study concludes that. The study was conducted among 20 employees and collected information through interview. .they work well and only if they work well the organization is going to benefit out it. the motivational program procedure in CARE INTERNATIONAL (CI) is found effective but not highly effective. Only if the employees are properly motivated. The study helped to findings which were related with employee motivational programs which are provided in the organization. The study on employee motivation highlighted so many factors which will help to motivate the employees. The organization can still concentrate on specific areas which are evolved from this study in order to make the motivational programs more effective. It is a major factor that makes an employee feels good in his work and results in his satisfaction too.Employee Motivation 17 4.

Employee Motivation 18 Bibliography (1) ( .care-international.