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Basseri of Iran Tribe Valery Taylor ANT 101 Prof. Melissa Kirkendall April 16, 2012

They are a so!ie"y "ha" does no" li(e in per anen" se""le en"s.2 Basseri of Iran Tribe The Basseri of Iran are a no adi! pas"oral "ribe #ho are !hara!"eri$ed poli"i!ally ra"her "han fro "heir %eo%raphy or e"hni!i"y. horses and do%s. and 'inally. The prod&!"s "hey prod&!e are They also. -(en "ho&%h. In addi"ion.s !hief or Khan. This allo# "he "o s&r(i(e in . The res" of "heir needs are p&r!hased fro p&r!hased fro o"her "o#ns en and %ypsies. Mi%ra"ion is i por"an" aspe!" for "he Basseri "ribes. #hi!h are "he os" i por"an" prod&!"s. Their !rops are #hi!h "hey (illa%ers. The a!!essibili"y of %rass and "heir a"&ra"ion for %ra$in% is "he de"er inan" for "he !y!le of i%ra"ion. and !ons"r&!" "heir o#n "en" poles. The Basseri ha(e a pri ary ani als. "hey reside in "en"s or o"her akeshif" s"r&!"&res. The spe!iali$ed s!hed&le of "he "ribe. Their ode of s&bsis"en!e #hi!h !o e fro herdin% do es"i!a"ed ain s&bsis"en!e are of sheep and %oa"s. In "his paper. also. The lan%&a%e "ha" "he "ribe speaks is 'arsi. "hey raise !a els. ilk. "he i%ra"ion is ordered by "ribe does no" s"ay in an e+!l&si(e lo!a"ion. &"ili$e "heir skills and spin #ool and %oa"*hair. The reso&r!es !han%es be!a&se of "he #ea"her and en(iron en"al !ondi"ions #hi!h !han%e yearly. pas"oralis"s. la bskin. b&" so e ha(e "he oppor"&ni"y "o o#n "heir o#n lands fro are able "o !olle!" shares of !rop. "he "ribe fear of disease "o "heir li(es"o!k allo#s "he "o s&pply al"erna"i(es "o #eal"h by !&l"i(a"in% land. and #ool. Their i%ra"ion is "hro&%h "he s"eppes and ode of "he o&n"ains of "he ')rs "erri"ory. I #ill presen" "he pri ary s&bsis"en!e pas"oralis for "he Basseri people. "heir beliefs and (al&es. 'or "his reason. I #ill dis!&ss kinship and so!ial or%ani$a"ion. b&" "hey only kno# "he Basseri diale!".

/The &ni"y of a !a p is enhan!ed by "he e+is"en!e of a re!o%ni$ed leader.s fo!&sed on "hree areas of a&"hori"y. As re!en"ly s"a"ed. The !hief in a "ribe is #ell kno#n "o be kno#led%eable and po#erf&l. . s!ribe. "he allo!a"ion of pas"&res. =nfor"&na"ely. #ho represen"s "he %ro&p for poli"i!al and ad inis"ra"i(e p&rposes0 1Bradb&rd. b&" "he !hief does no" relin<&ish "he po#er ba!k "o "he head en. Ano"her . This is ad(an"a%eo&s "o "he in a poli"i!al posi"ion "ha" allo#s hi "o speak on !ases "ha" #ill "he !hief is head an be!a&se i" p&"s hi benefi" his o#n in"eres". The >hief. 2010. "he ain"ainin% "he so!ial %ro&p is a "ask of daily !o ens&ra"ion on in<&iry of pi!kin% of !a psi"es. 'irs". /The Khan and his kin %ro&p8 #hi!h en"ails !hief. poli"i!ally "he po#er "he head an %ains fro !ons"ri!"ed. 7e has a&"hori$a"ion o(er "he "ribe.. s"ores reside os" of "he "i e in "he (illa%e ha(in% %i(en &p "heir daily no adi! life so "ha" o"hers herd "heir ani als0 1No#ak 9 :aird.1343.56.s (ale"s.eopardi$ed. The a!" of i%ra"ion. . 7e iss&e adheren!e of his "ribe "o ser(i"&de "o hi and his kin. The head en is "his person #ho ob"ain "he pas"&res and order i%ra"ion #hi!h is no" deal" #i"h "hro&%h "he !hief. 6. 5056. all "ribes has a re!o%ni$ed leader.e!ond. %if"s are %i(en in "he for !o of #eapona"ry and horses. #hi!h he "ra(els #i"h !onsis" of a spe!iali$ed as"er. and %roo . To pro(ide !o pensa"ion "o "he head en. and all o"her e!ono i!ally feasible proposals. The posi"ion "ha" "he head an holds allo#s hi "o &ni!a"e #i"h "he !hief ore easily "han any ordinary "ribes an. he orders "he "ribe "o i%ra"e. 7is d&"y is "o lead his "ribe "o ne# "erri"ories for "he "o prosper. The !hief &ses his head en po#er and infl&en!e #i"hin "he "ribe.3 "he !han!e "heir pri ary ode of s&bsis"en!e and heal"h is . 7is en"o&ra%e. 7e is responsibili"y for findin% ab&ndan" pas"&res for "he %ra$in% of "he herd.e!". 2.

/Affinal rela"ions are also re%arded as rela"ions of solidari"y and kinship0 1Bar"h. The leader has "he a&"hori"y in "he !a ps by pers&adin% and for &la"in% a%reed de!isions. The person #ho ake arria%e !on"ra!"s for i"s e bers. "hen an infor al leader is p&" in pla!e #hi!h is also kno#n as /#hi"e beard0 1ri$ safid6. 2. o&"siders in se""lin% disp&"es. 1343. "he affinal rela"ionship !on"rib&"e "o "he kinship. Ma"rila"eral and only "he !ase in "he Middle -as". In The sons in a Basseri "ribe are Basseri re%ardless if his !on"ras". no &nyieldin% hierar!hy is in pla!e fro !hief "o ordinary "ribes an. if a Basseri #o an "akes a %roo "ha" is o&"side of "he "ribe. does no" like "he #ay "he !hief represen" his "ribe. /As is !o a%na"i! lines of "he Basseri are predo inan" in a""ers of s&!!ession0 1Bradb&rd. no" . he is "he represen"a"i(e for his "ribes fro 7e ser(es his "ribe #i"h hi%h respe!" and po#er. In a ari"al &nion i" is a &nion of ho&seholds.. The responsibili"y of !hief and head an is a posi"ion of inheri"an!e "hro&%h "he They are a!<&ired fro ale line. If "he "ribes en and follo# ano"her !hief. 7e !an leads "he ho&sehold has "he responsibili"y "o . she #ill no" pass on ri%h"s in "he "ribe "o her !hild. -(en "ho&%h "he !hief has a no"able de%ree of po#er.&s" "#o people.4 responsibili"y "he !hief has is "o p&nishes !ri es "ha" are !o s&ppor"ers "o s"rike "he !ri inal #i"h a s"i!k. 'inally. 7e orders i""ed by dire!"ly askin% one of his !a ps "ha" en "o %a"her "he fees fro are in (iola"ion. '. The po#er he has is ainly a a""er of pro inen!e and infl&en!e. 13616. o"her is fro a differen" "ribe. a%na"i! kinship #i"h an in!reased des!en" sys"e . needless "o say he rarely has "he been ade "ha" "he !hief onopoly "o enfor!e his de!isions. Ar%& en"s ha(e &s" be appro(ed by "ribes an in order "o ha(e po#er. The able*bodied son or !loses" kin #o&ld ass& e "he role if "he head an dies. "hey #ill lea(e hi If "his happens "ha" a !hief or head an is no" re!o%ni$ed. 5126.

The beliefs and pra!"i!es of "he Basseri "ribe fo!&s on pra!"i!e of e(il eye and s&perna"&ral po#ers.s herd. "he %roo arria%e o!!&rs.ealo&sy . In addi"ion.s fa"her %i(es an /an"i!ipa"ory inheri"an!e0 "o "he !o&ple. They do no" !onsis"en"ly obser(e !&s"o s8 "heir is!on!ep"ion a on% "he pra!"i!e is only #i"h "he "radi"ion "ha" are fa iliar "o "he . In "his e(en". "he #ido#?s ins&ran!e.i ply i" ean "ha" "he person is !&rsed8 i" is deri(ed fro ali!io&s "he Bri"ish "er eans "ha" "he %a$e has re ained "oo lon% on "he ob. This does no" say "ha" "here is in"en". The a%ree en"s in a holy an.e!". Their ri"&als are in"er"#ined ore "o life !y!les8 bir"h.s de!isions. e(en #hen "hey are !ons"an"ly "old of "he by o"her "ribes.ori"y of "he do no" fa iliari$e beliefs and !ere onies. e"!. The "ribe belie(es "ha" a person !an h&r" yo&. The !on"ra!" spe!ifi!a"ion in!l&de bride pay en"s for "he #o en and "he e<&ip en" she sho&ld brin%.5 ha(e any arria%es. by /lookin% a" "he 0 #i"h en(y and praisin% "he . The ne# ho&sehold is !o ple"ely on i"s o#n. re!ei(es a !er"ain if his fa"her #ere "o is "he head of his o#n ho&sehold and has "he d&"y "o pro(ide for "he ne# ho&sehold. #hi!h is already a arran%ed a o&n" of "he h&sband?s es"a"e. #hi!h is paid o&" in "he e(en" of di(or!e or dea"h. If he does no" prosper #i"h his herd. yo&r fa ily. b&" "he non* arried en and #o en of "he %ro&p are a!!o&n"able "o "he arria%e is ore "han likely #ri""en by a head of ho&sehold. There is a Basseri "ribe re%ardin% "he e(en"s of "he M&sli year. and dea"h8 no" Isla i! "radi"ions and beliefs. /-(il0 sho&ld no" /o(erlookin%0 #hi!h . The . If a ne# "he %roo . arria%e. This is "he a o&n" "ha" #o&ld be %i(en "o hi die a" "ha" o en". eans "he person #ho is harborin% "he . The feas" days in Isla i! !&l"&re are no" !elebra"ed also "he fas" of @a adan and Moharra . The %roo a o&n" of of his fa"her. "here is no se!ond inheri"an!e. person or ani al. b&" "he "he sel(es #i"h M&sli a.hia M&sli s are Basseri by "i"le. ay no" be e(il.

"he Basseri of Iran "ribe is an fo&nda"ion of a in"ri!a"e so!ie"y and "he rela"ionship a on% "he so!ie"y "han fro ode of s&bsis"en!e. In !on!l&sion. They are !hara!"eri$ed poli"i!ally ra"her isfor"&ne "hey !a e a!ross "heir %eo%raphy or e"hni!i"y #hi!h beholds i"s adheren!e only "o i"s !hief. . The so!ial ali%n en" of "he Basseri de"er ines "he !en"rali$a"ion of %o(ern en" #hi!h keeps or%ani$a"ion in "he !o &ni"ies.6 The belief of "he s&perna"&ral helped "he Basseri e+plain any of "he ra"her "han na"&ral !a&ses and reli%ion.

16A502*51D. Bro#n 9 >o pany Bradb&rd. Ma%ee. . A eri!an -"hnolo%is". AMFNG T7.>Fhos".F>IF*PF:ITI>A: >7ANG-. A anolahi. Philip >arl . ..7 @eferen!es Bar"h."&dies in . No#ak. 9 :aird. Brid%epoin" -d&!a"ion In!.BA.F=T7 I@AN. @e"rie(ed fro -B. No ads of . Iss. P. 261*2DD. 7ierar!hi!al i a%e and reali"yA The !ons"r&!"ion of a "ribal !hiefship >o para"i(e . 'redrik 113616.e""led b&" Poor Ko a!hi and Co &" 2id No".o&"h*PersiaA The Basseri Tribe of "he Kha seh >onfedera!y. :".-@I F' .an 2ie%o. 113436. J2. D11H26.$ an. . >a brid%eA Ian 2000.o!ie"y and 7is"ory.. 1200E6. Bos"onA :i""le. 120106. J3 . Vol. Prod&!in% Their 'a"esA Bhy Poor Basseri . >&l"&ral An"hropolo%y. Iran 9 The >a&!as&s. 18 p%. 2.

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