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Creating a Formal Word 2010 Document

Cover Page Page Numbers Headers & Footers Document Inspector Section Break Table of Contents Importing Excel Spreadsheets Inserting Images and Clip Art

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The Ribbon organizes all of Word’s primary commands. Using the picture below. (Example . Ribbon – a wide toolbar like band that runs across the entire Word window. Tabs Ribbon Creating a Cover Page 1.Home tab) B. Copyright 2011 Professional Development. Tabs – Each set of primary commands is identified by tabs. McHenry County College .2 Word Window 1. 2. Launch Microsoft Word 2010. select New and choose Blank document. A. Click on the File tab. Start with a blank presentation. find the following elements on the Word Window.

Click on the Insert tab and click on Cover Page. 3. Click on areas in the cover page where text can be inserted and type desired text.3 2. Copyright 2011 Professional Development. Look at the selections and choose an appropriate cover page. Type Text in Cover Page 1. McHenry County College .

4 Page Numbers Page numbers are set up in the header or footer of the document’s pages and automatically adjust as the number of pages increase or decrease. McHenry County College . letters or Roman numerals are available. To add page numbers click on the Insert tab and select where the page numbers should appear. Copyright 2011 Professional Development. 1. The style of the page numbering system can be changed by clicking on Format Page Numbers. 2. Numbers.

Select one. double click in the nonheader (anywhere but the header or footer) area of the document. text and graphics can be added to the header. To add a header to a document click on the Insert and click on the Header icon. The header will appear at the top of the document and it will be in Header Edit mode. To exit. 2. While in this mode. McHenry County College .5 Create Headers and Footers 1. A drop down menu will display multiple header styles. Copyright 2011 Professional Development.

text and graphics can be added to the footer. 6. The footer will appear at the bottom of the document and it will be in Footer Edit mode. it would be wise to select the style of footer that matches the header. click on the Insert tab and choose Header/Footer then select Remove Header/Footer. While in this mode. 4. Copyright 2011 Professional Development.6 3. double click in the nonfooter (anywhere but the footer or header) area of the document. To exit. click on the Insert tab and choose Footer. To keep the document consistent and professional looking. To remove a header/footer. McHenry County College . To create a footer. 5.

This can be verified by inspecting the document. 2. Copyright 2011 Professional Development. click on Check for Issues and select Inspect Document. This can be accomplished by using section breaks. Click on the File tab and under Info. it may be necessary to have the page numbers begin after those pages.7 Document Inspector 1. McHenry County College . a dialog box will display the results and any unwanted material can be removed. Older documents may contain information in the header or footer that can’t be seen. Section Breaks 1. After running the inspection. If the document is using a cover page or a table of contents.

5. Double click on the header or footer (whichever has the page numbers) and there will be a tab on the dotted line of the header that says Same as Previous. This means the sections are linked and the numbering system will continue even though there is a page break. Go to the bottom of the page just before the page numbering should begin. While in header/footer edit mode click on the Header & Footer Tools Design tab. Copyright 2011 Professional Development. New page numbering can begin from the page break until the end of the document or the next page break. Please refer to the page numbering section to start new page numbers. McHenry County College . Click on the Page Layout tab and select Breaks. 4. 3. This link needs to be broken.8 2. Click on Next Page on the dropdown menu. Click on Link to Previous to break the link between the sections.

) 3. the table of contents needs to be updated. One is called Contents two is called Table of Contents. While in the Home tab. Any time new headings are added to the document. The document will need to be prepped before it can be activated. The table of contents will be created and automatically populated with all of the heading information and page numbers.) Click here for table of contents selections Either automatic table can be selected 4. Click on the References tab and select Table of Contents and choose Automatic Table in the dropdown menu. Then Select Heading 1 or 2 Highlight Heading 2. McHenry County College . click on either Heading 1 or Heading 2 depending upon what level or sub-level is appropriate for that heading. Word offers an automatic table of contents feature.9 Table of Contents 1. Scroll through the document and highlight headings that should be featured in the table of contents. (Select either Table 1 or Table 2. Click on Update Table in the References tab. (Preferably after the cover page and before the body of the document. create a blank page. Once the document has been gone through and the headings have been designated appropriately. Copyright 2011 Professional Development.

595. Select Microsoft Office Excel Worksheet Object and then click OK. Choose Paste Special in the drop down menu.00 $5.00 $4.484. Then choose Copy by right clicking or using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl C.00 $5.879.846. Now go back to the Word document and locate where the Excel spreadsheet should be displayed.00 Total $0.958.858.00 $8. 3. An Excel spreadsheet can be inserted into a word document.00 Copyright 2011 Professional Development. Click on the Paste icon in the Home tab.00 $4.00 $8.858.00 $3.432. McHenry County College .00 $9. McHenry County College Enrollment Dollars By Processor Name Joe Shabadoo Harry Paris Mister Sunny Emp # 16 25 29 Qtr1 Qtr2 Qtr3 Qtr4 Total $6.00 $3.859. 2.555.284. The Excel spreadsheet will have the same appearance in Word as it did in Excel.00 $5.10 Importing a Table from Excel 1. Open an Excel spreadsheet and highlight all information.354.00 $4. A Paste Special window will appear.

A menu will open on the left side of the document. A series of clip art examples will be displayed below the search box. McHenry County College . Click on Clip Art Search box Photo Click to add clip art Clip Art Copyright 2011 Professional Development. Click on the Insert tab. A file browser window will open. Find a photograph and click Insert. (Example: “sunset”) 4.11 Inserting an Image or Clip Art 1. 2. Type in the search box the type of clip art needed. 3. Click on the Picture icon. Click on Clip Art. Click on any of the selections and it will be added to the document.