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Brand occupies space in the perception of the consumer, and is what results from the totality of what the

consumer takes into consideration before making a purchase decision (Pickton and Broderick 2001).

So branding is a strategy, and brand is what has meaning to the consumer. There are some other terms used in branding. Brand Equity is the addition of the brand's attributes including reputation, symbols, associations and names. Then the financial expression of the elements of brand equity is called Brand Value. There are a number of interpretations of the term brand (De Chernatony 2003). They are summarized as follows:
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A brand is simply a logo e.g. McDonald's Golden Arches. A brand is a legal instrument, existing in a similar way to a patent or copyright. A brand is a company e.g. Coca-Cola. A brand is shorthand - not as straightforward. Here a brand that is perceived as having benefits in the mind of the consumer is recognised and acts as a shortcut to circumvent large chunks of information. So when searching for a product or service in less familiar surroundings you will conduct an information search. A recognised brand will help you reach a decision more conveniently. A brand is a risk reducer. The brand reassures you when in unfamiliar territory. A brand is positioning. It is situated in relation to other brands in the mind of the consumer as better, worse, quicker, slower, etc. A brand is a personality, beyond function e.g. Apple's iPod versus just any MP3 player. A brand is a cluster of values e.g. Google is reliable, ethical, invaluable, innovative and so on. A brand is a vision. Here managers aspire to see a brand with a cluster of values. In this context vision is similar to goal or mission. A brand is added value, where the consumer sees value in a brand over and above its competition e.g. Audi over Volkswagen, and Volkswagen over Skoda - despite similarities. A brand is an identity that includes all sorts of components; depending on the brand e.g. Body Shop International encapsulates ethics, environmentalism and political beliefs. A brand is an image where the consumer perceives a brand as representing a particular reality e.g. Stella Artois Reassuring Expensive. A brand is a relationship where the consumer reflects upon him or herself through the experience of consuming a product or service.

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A Branding Strategy Based upon Brand Franchise Extension (Tauber 1981)
A marcoms tool that a marketer can employ for branding decision-making is the Four Banding Alternatives (Tauber 1981). Four Branding Alternatives is a strategic marketing communications technique.

Examples would include car manufacturers. clients and analysts.Sony enters the market for innovative environmentally friendly small cars that run on solar power.     New Product . Line Extension . Corporate communications are targeted toward the stakeholders of an organization. large IT companies. You get the idea.a new product is developed with a series of new brand ideas and meanings to the consumer. Flanker Brand . Line Extension . such as media. Firstly let's recall that Four Branding Alternatives is a strategic tool. Marketing communication is sending messages to your intended receiver (your ideal client . typically creating an incentive for customers to act.Sony introduces the Sony Vaio laptops (as it indeed has). Communications Differences How to Differentiate Between an Organization's Communication Objectives & Its Marketing Objectives Scholarships for Women Over 40 in Marketing Communications The main difference between corporate and marketing communications is the target audience. The two variables for this matrix are Product Category (Existing or New) and Band Category (Existing or New). so you need to base it upon a very large organisation which is likely to own a number of brands.Sony enters the market for music downloads under a new sub-branding idea and concept. Sony Inc is as follows:         New Product . investors. It is used when an organization considers adding a product to its portfolio and its associated brand name. Difference Between Differentiated Marketing Strategy & Concentrated Marketing Strategy Marketing vs. Marketing communications are targeted to consumers of goods and services Promotion and marketing communications are closely related.a new brand is introduced into a category where the organization already has established products. and conglomerates.It is a fun and creative approach that can add value to any class that likes to discuss brands and how they could be innovatively developed.a familiar brand is taken to a product category where it is unknown. Franchise Extension . Franchise Extension .a current brand name is introduced into a category where the organization already has established products. Here's an example. An example for the Japanese company. A promotion is a tactic used to develop your business or increase sales.Sony enter the market for digital HD TV's (as it has). Flanker Brand .

functional-marketing. speak.html#ixzz2l1nEldKJ Under Creative Commons License: Attribution What is Corporate Identity? .com/promotion-and-marketingcommunications..See original page: http://www.<br />     Advertisement Sales promotions Public Relations Personal Selling These four elements need to be propelled in a manner as to send one convincing message to target audience. which we express through how we behave. The IMC Profile has nine (9) DIMENSIONS<br />          Promotional Mix Integration Promotional Mix with Marketing Mix Integration Creative Integration Intra-organizational Integration Inter-organizational Integration Information and Database Systems Integration Target Audience Integration Corporate and Unitised Integration Geographical Integration IMC DIMENSION (1) Promotional Mix Integration<br />Successful IMC requires integration of all relevant marketing communications and promotional elements..and Why is it Important? The concept of corporate identity is akin to what we refer to when we talk about our own identity. the specifics that differentiate us from others. It is our personality and character that maintains our individuality. as the nature of products offered makes it more or less the most effective tool to use. In Vanguard. and even what we wear. personal selling is a major promotional tool used. Sales executive usually have adequate information and knowledge with respect to the product before encountering actual . The four promotional elements which are.

lobbying and event management are other key areas of public relations in Vanguard. At lorry stations and such places. on the radio and on the internet about the products Vanguard Assurance Company Limited offers the market. One can make mention of their presence in the newspapers.<br />Public Relations in the form of publicity are done in the graphics and newspapers. Most corporate insurance businesses require specialist and assets evaluation experts to come up with the premium payable. On the television we see vanguard appearing in news lines and less-than-fifteenminutes programs on vanguard sponsorships given to students and how it has helped them. Goods in Transit.<br /> IMC DIMENSION (2) Promotional Mix with Marketing Mix Integration<br />Successful IMC requires integration of the promotional mix with the rest of the marketing mix to ensure consistency. The promotion mentioned earlier for instance. This dimension defines how well the promotional mix explained above comes into perfect coexistence with the four Ps. In Vanguard television advertisements are sometimes made of scenes from the promotions they may be running. price. There are countless numbers of paid non-personal presentations done for Vanguard Assurance Company Limited.<br />     Product Price Promotion Place The Marketing Mix is made to elicit a consistent message as the promotional tools only when they are managed together in an effective manner.<br />Finally Vanguard Assurance Company Limited promotions are done especially with respect to specific products. General Employee Insurance and many . In Vanguard the products.or potential customers. Personal Selling is used in the market centres to roll market women on board Vanguard Policies. The company is most often promoted as well.<br />The first dimension of the Quality of Integration Profile examines the extent to which all of these promotional tools are integrated effectively.<br />-304800-333375Sales promotions are used in Vanguard as well. As one can figure out from the diagram. One can make mention of the on-going promotion which is awarding any customer who buys a comprehensive insurance policy for more than five hundred Ghana Cedis the chance to win a Toyota Fortuner.<br />Personal Selling in Vanguard is not only done to make sales but also to promote sales.<br />Advertisements are made on the television. write them off discounts and renew their policies for them as soon as they expire. This shows how the various elements interact to create excellent integration. All aspects of the marketing mix have communications implications. Sponsorships. One can mention the paintings on the taxis Vanguard issued to the hardworking drivers as another form of advertisement embedded in a sponsorship package.<br />Talk of place. Money in Transit. <br />The Promotional Mix Integration<br />19050-3810<br />Effective integration is done when all the promotional tools are made to complement one another. The four Ps are. on the billboards and on the television as well. one can find Vanguard anywhere there is business. and place have strong links with the promotional mix. direct marketing is used to monitor the expiring date of its vehicle insurance policies. is very price sensitive by awarding the Toyota Fortuner to a customer who buys a comprehensive insurance policy which exceeds five hundred Ghana Cedis and comes up as a lucky winner in a final draw. items do not fall strictly into its generic promotional category but you find them falling over the boarders as well.

<br /> .<br /> IMC DIMENSION (3) Creative Integration<br />Successful IMC requires integration of the creative treatments and messages across media and approaches.<br /> IMC DIMENSION (4) Intra-organisation Integration<br />Successful IMC requires integration of the different parts within the organisation involved with planning and producing marketing communications. printers.<br />Not to mention the research and development department liaising with the marketing department and other department of the company to test products and ideas on the market. at any price consumers will have to purchase it because it is made compulsory by the government. exhibition specialists. This can be associated with the reason why they are one of the best. In the course of doing this. Receipts. even the receptionist in Vanguard can make a sale if a prospect passes by. and many others. shareholders communication and many aspects of the organization are integrated to enforce and complement the motto “WE ALWAYS STAND BY YOU”. from the top management the lowest operational level employee. As heard from the CEO. designers. For example. that is .<br / >IMC DIMENSION (5) Inter-organisation Integration<br />Successful IMC requires integration of the agencies and individuals who are external to the organisation but who are involved in producing marketing communications. The Vehicle Insurance make up the masses of their businesses and due to its inelastic demand.<br />Also. Telephonists and experienced customer service points are set aside for each department to answer any question on any of their traditional products or a product they may be pilot testing. PR consultancies. it contributes to a significant and sturdy portion of the income that comes into the company annually. the company image.<br />Taking a good look at the IMC Mix Model above. the premium administration department. to sales staff. exhibition specialists make the blue and white colours of the company a part of the occasion Vanguard is present.others are all other products of Vanguard which contribute to a greater percentage of their profits. and other affected departments are correlated in a manner as to arrive at the desired results.<br />The versatile and changing consumer tastes is complemented by the high nature of research and development. to different departments within the organization.<br />Every employee in Vanguard has a target number of customers to bring in by the end of the month.<br />As insurance is defined as the pooling together of risks. the customer relations. the large customer base is manipulated in a creative way to charge less premiums but honour claims and pay other financial obligations as well. <br />The challenging nature of the Insurance industry has morphed Vanguard to devote so much to research and development. accounts department. there are clearly creative means through which Vanguard tries to entice their customers to create profitable relationships in the exchange transactions. irrespective of whether the employee is a marketing personnel or no. Vanguard is known on the market as the first to come up with new policies or products before the other insurance companies imitate them. customer service. policy documents and other materials are ordered in quantities not to run out and yet a sharp change in the policy details be easily implemented. Creative Integration done in Vanguard can be traced from the innovative means of cutting operations cost to offering products to customers at affordable prices. Vanguard always keeps stocks at economic order quantity in other not to waste resources. This essential as it is typical that many individuals carry out marketing communications activities from telephonists. <br />Finally. advertising agencies. call centre and reception staff. or a line or functional employee.

Systems vary from the simple to the sophisticated. They can be very sophisticated.<br />The database is well kept and managed as the Information and Database Systems Integration is a key means through which vanguard maintain its market share and adds on new ones. For this reason.<br />Vanguard keeps a detail record of its customers. Vanguard sends a very strict message across enforcing the slogan “we always stand by you”. regions and countries.IMC DIMENSION (6) Information and Database Systems Integration<br />Successful IMC requires integration of information and database systems. Good presentation and communication skills. This is particularly evident in international marketing contexts. They are known for quick claims payments and good sales personnel. these nine .<br /> IMC DIMENSION (9) Geographical Integration<br />Successful IMC requires integration of marketing communications in different areas.<br />Online claims delivery is an integral aspect of Vanguard’s insurance services delivery and at Vanguard Assurance they pride themselves with excellent claims response and settlement which would otherwise not be the case without their customers. media. Messages and media need to be integrated for successful IMC. Across the country.<br />Advertisements are done on the internet. <br />IMC “Quality of Integration” Profile<br />To construct the IMC “Quality of Integration” Profile. Integration involves knowing when things need to be kept apart and having mechanisms to do this. Messages intended for one audience need not be identical to another.<br /> IMC DIMENSION (8) Corporate and Utilised Integration<br />Successful IMC requires integration of corporate. Some argue that they are life blood of any marketing oriented company. <br />The concept of target audience integration involves not just targeting the consumers or customers but also the publics.<br / >IMC DIMENSION (7) Target Audience Integration<br />It is be clear that IMC involves a variety of audiences. relatives and other decision making units who are all part of the total audiences and play a very important role in the consumer purchase decision making behaviour. <br />Sales executives in Vanguard are known for their ability to display perfect presentations of the various products they have. Good examples are Richard Branson for Virgin or the way leaders of political parties are promoted as key personalities. smart and neat looks and perfectly organized staff are key elements vanguard is known for. These are critical in today’s organisational operations. This is to help approach the customers with a renewal policy as the existing one is about expiring.<br />The Assistant Chief Executive Officer of Vanguard Life Assurance Company Limited.<br />“We always stand by you” is an image which all the promotional tools and internal organs of Vanguard seek to position in the mind of its customers or target audience a very strong corporate image. They do this by calling them on their cell phones or posting a reminder letter into the mail box. This does not mean that everything needs to be the same. Vanguard has its branches in all the ten regions of Ghana but refuses to go international. Mr Gedion Amenyedor is known for what his company does. At lorry stations Vanguard is always there to remind them of an insurance Policy renewal. <br />Vanguard has its agent at any place one can assume there may be prospects. Decisions may involve ensuring complete consistency/standardisation or adapting the marketing communications approaches for different countries. In the Market places you find Vanguard right among them. IMC may also involve communications about individuals in the company. on the web pages and also customers are given the opportunity to interact with the business online. company communications as well as individual brand communications.

0 CONCLUSION<br />In summary. however. This can again be attributed to the reason why they have a competitive edge over their competitors. No one is able to achieve perfection and Vanguard is no exception.different dimensions are used to form the vertical axis of the Profile. Today companies cannot exist without adopting the concepts of IMC.<br />4. put simply. your emails. Basically that's the big difference. defines your business and yourself. The models in used above however. raising questions about why that is so and what can be done about it. <br />Other practical examples of Brand vs. These and other things are what constitute your branding.<br />Integrated Marketing Communications is done in many companies all over the world. come together to represent a clear state of how IMC is done in Vanguard. They are a well known organization that comes out with innovative products and policies and all this can be linked to how they incorporate IMC in their daily and strategic moves. is who you are and what you represent.<br /> <br />Putting the dimensions and the scale together we have the IMC “Quality of Integration” Profile. creative integration has been assessed as having very strong synergy which means that creative treatments and messages have been integrated well. Both your brand and your branding. Your marketing materials. Why? . Branding Your brand. your business cards. yet the extent to which this is done differs from place to place. your website. Your brand gives you an image that people think about when they meet you or encounters your business. It is about the things that you create. Your branding is the series of or collection of activities that you do to establish your brand. Vanguard Assurance has a good marketing program. You are your brand.<br />By reviewing the profile it is possible to highlight areas that need most work. Geographical integration has been assessed as having strong dysfunction. your blog. your QR codes. It is a continuum from very strong dysfunction (that is the way in which marketing communications work against each other in a negative way). The scale is a measure of the synergy (positive or negative) that has been achieved. The horizontal axis is a scale against which each dimension is assessed. but your branding sends the message out to people. The easiest way to use it is in the assessment of individual campaigns at brand and corporate levels<br />A completed profile<br />According to the chart.

Whether it is on a personal or corporate level. brands and branding can help define the person or business. remember and recommend you. different from every other product in the same product family or from the same But more importantly.html#ixzz2l1zVxyt4 Corporate branding is the practice of using a company's name as a product brand name. Definition of individual branding: Marketing policy under which each product has its own brand. your business and what you do. both can influence the way people recall. ← Branding News Roundup – 11/29/05 10 Branding Insights and Opportunities → 6 Components of Branding .It is because it both tells a story about you. different from every other product in the same product family individual branding Definition Marketing policy under which each product has its own brand. niche and credibility. Read more: http://www. So both your brand and your branding are the best way to establish your authority.

It incorporates many components that work together to form the destination brand concept. Brand image is related to how the brand is currently perceived by consumers. personality. how it is perceived in terms of integrity. emotional or self expressive benefits. It is a set of unique brand associations that represent what the brand stands for.· 3 Comments · 16. Brand image is a key component in the formation of a clear and recognizable brand identity in the market. This is also related with the promise of the brand to deliver the experience associated with its name. socioeconomic class. The value of the brand is described by the term brand equity. . essence or soul. Brand culture is about the system of values that surround a brand much like the cultural aspects of a people or a country. age. It includes such characteristics as gender. In other words what is the reputation of the brand in the marketplace. These associations imply a promise to customers from organization members. Brand character is related to its internal constitution. Brand identity is how brand strategists want the brand to be perceived. image. Their management is part of the brand strategy. Brand personality is the set of human characteristics that are associated with the brand. trustworthiness and honesty.279 views · Tags: Branding is not just a logo or trademark. Brand identity should help establish a relationship between the brand and the customer by generating a value proposition involving functional. as well as human personality traits such as warmth and sentimentality. Brand positioning and leveraging are branding management approaches. The identity. character and culture are the brand components.

Brand essence (brand soul) represents the emotional elements and values of the brand. Essence should be part of a long term positioning that does not change with every communication .