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Connecting Rogowski coils in Series

Assume all the Rogowski coils are same. Take Z1=Z2=Z3 Z is the load connected










 

For same input signal variation of output voltage with load impedance is plotted in the following graph. Different curves represent different number of Rogowski coils in series.

140 120 100

Output voltage


60 40 20 0 0 2000 4000 6000 8000 10000 Load Impeadance (Ohm) 12000 14000

voltage can be either 2 values. It will never be less than R. Impedance of that branch will be either R or infinity. number of coils needed can be selected directly from observing the graph. Resistor value should be selected such that it gives adequate amount of current to drive the load (LED) when minimum needed voltage is applied. If we think LED as ON-OFF switch. it can be connected to the series Rogowski coils as shown in figure x. . then.   Since we need to Drive an LED. If there is a desired voltage when the diode is on. LED Zenner diodes for Protection Resistor ON OFF Resistor Resistor Now we can see for certain number of coils connected in series.

of coils – Nc Get wire gauge – Wg Take Z a=0.9b L=pi(a+b) Calculate no of turns – N Calculate R. M Draw V-Z characteristic curves for different number of coils Graph 1 Determine minimum needed voltage and current needed to drive the load(LED) no Determine How many coils are needed Is number of coils greater than Maximum number of coils no done yes Increase b Is b greater than b max yes Can number of turns increased further no Cannot find Rogowski coils under given parameters yes Decrease gauge of the wire Calculate new number of turns and new R . L. C.General procedure when selecting parameters and number of Rogowski coils are given below Get max – b Get – b Get max no.