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Hand Seals Guide

Hand Seals Guide

Jutsu, or sk ills/te chnique s, are the m ystical arts a ninja will utilize in battle . To pe rform a jutsu, the ninja will m anipulate the ir chak ra and m ay use som e form of hand se al. Som e te chnique s lik e Taijutsu do not re quire hand se als, howe ve r the ninja m ay use the m to focus the ir chak ra to ce rtain are as of the ir body. Also som e Ninjutsu lik e R ase ngan and various we apon utilizations do not re quire any hand se al use . By form ing hand se als, the ninja is able to m old the ir chak ra and m anife st the de sire d jutsu. Be cause of the e x te nsive num be r of hand se als and diffe re nt com binations, the re are thousands of pote ntial jutsu to be discove re d and use d. The hand se als the m se lve s com e from the twe lve signs of the C hine se Zodiac. The appe arance of the se als ste m from Hindu and Buddhist iconography, and are called "Mudra" meaning "seal" or "sign" in Sanskrit. The se hand ge sture s he lpe d ide ntify the nature and function of the de ity who use d the m . O ve r tim e the positions and traditions change d as the y we re adopte d and m ove d from country to country. In addition to the se hand se als, ce rtain jutsu have the ir own unique hand and finge r positions, such as the ge sture s use d in Kage Bunshin, Shinte nshin, e tc.. Eve ry ninja in the se rie s save for one has use d both hands to form se als. Hak u use d one -hande d se als in his Hyouton bloodline lim it te chnique s. It is unk nown if this was a sk ill unique to the whole of the bloodline or m e re ly Hak u him se lf. Note this is diffe re nt than the one hande d chak ra focusing ge sture one se e s a lot of ninja use .

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Ne - Rat Ne is the First sign of the Chinese zodiac, the Rat. It is associated with North and the month of November. Note: Rat is used in the Nara clan's shadow manipulation.

Ushi - Ox/Cow Ushi is the Second sign of the Chinese zodiac, the Ox. It is associated with North-Northeast and the month of December.

Tora - Tiger Tora is the Third sign of the Chinese zodiac, the Tiger. It is associated with East-Northeast and the month of January. Note: Tiger has been associated with Fire Element manipulation.


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Hand Seals Guide

U - Rabbit/Hare U is the Fourth sign of the Chinese zodiac, the Rabbit. It is associated with East and the month of February.

Tatsu - Dragon Tatsu is the Fifth sign of the Chinese zodiac, the Dragon. It is associated with East-Southeast and the month of March.

Mi - Snake/Serpent Mi is the Sixth sign of the Chinese zodiac, the Snake. It is associated with South-Southeast and the month of April. Note: Snake has been associated with Earth Element manipulation.

Uma - Horse Uma is the Seventh sign of the Chinese zodiac, the Horse. It is associated with South and the month of May.

Hitsuji - Ram Hitsuji is the Eigth sign of the Chinese zodiac, the Sheep. It is associated with South-Southwest and the month of June. Note: Ram has been officially depicted in the manga as having either the right thumb or index finger extended upwards.

Saru - Monkey Saru is the Ninth sign of the Chinese zodiac, the Monkey. It is associated with West-Southwest and the month of July. 2/3


Hand Seals Guide

Tori - Bird Tori is the Tenth sign of the Chinese zodiac, the Rooster. It is associated with West and the month of August.

Inu - Dog Inu is the Eleventh sign of the Chinese zodiac, the Dog. It is associated with West-Northwest and the month of September.

I - Boar/Hog I is the Twelfth sign of the Chinese zodiac, the Pig. It is associated with North-Northwest and the month of October.

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