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About Us History and Services Waste Solutions has its origins in the New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture. We have a thirty five year history of researching. commissioning assistance and automation design. engineering and design. supply and installation of components and plants as well as for turnkey projects. Experience spans the range from “natural” treatment technologies for small-flows to combined physico-chemical and biological treatment for sophisticated waste to energy plants. a number of scientists and engineers commenced exploring alternative energy sources. Waste Solutions achieved accreditation to the international quality standards ISO 9001 in February 1998. engineers. where. research. Our skill base and experience is very wide and in the 70’s we developed techniques which saw us running a small fleet of New Zealand government vehicles on biogas . Total Construction Ltd.0 Billion (2008). developing and implementing innovative treatment technologies for wastes. for consultancy. sewage treatment and biological processes.a fuel source which is finally becoming widely available in several European countries. Waste Solutions installation in South East Asia © Copyright Waste Solutions 2008 Page 2 . for construction. construction support. We have a comprehensive portfolio of successful projects and a number of patented solutions all of which places Waste Solutions in the very front edge of environmental innovation. testing. The group is now owned by Downer EDI. as a direct consequence of the oil crisis in the 1970’s. laboratory and instrumentation technicians. biotechnologists. We have in-depth experience of waste to energy process design and treatment plant design over a broad range of industrial wastes. The team at Waste Solutions includes scientists. Environmental Operations Ltd. an Australasian-based engineering infrastructure company with a turnover in excess of USD 5. for the contract operation of treatment plants. laboratory. Waste Solutions also provide professional project management. The Waste Solutions Biotechnology Group comprises: • • • Waste Solutions Ltd. process engineers and project managers. When oil prices were low we have also expanded our expertise into areas of more traditional wastewater treatment and we pride ourselves on being able to solve problems with difficult wastes where others have failed.

Energy and Environmental consulting and engineering services including: Professional Advice Waste Auditing and Analysis Pre-project Planning (Engineering and Economic perspectives) Laboratory Services . We provide comprehensive Waste. Waste Solutions biogas piped to nearby factory in Thailand © Copyright Waste Solutions 2008 Page 3 . agricultural and food industry wastewater treatment and a number of innovative waste to energy solutions.State-of-the-Art Scientific Facilities Technology Development and Research Pilot Plants Process Design Civil Engineering Design Mechanical Engineering Design Electrical Engineering Design Process Control and Automation Peer Reviews Consent Processes Project Management Project Procurement Site Supervision Construction (including turn-key plants) Commissioning Plant Operational Services Operations Monitoring and Support • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Flexibility Waste Solutions provide vertical integrated solutions and we have the skills required for industrial. We pride ourselves on being able to customise our systems and products and we adapt our solutions to meet site specific enviromental. financial and physical circumstances and to meet the needs of our clients.Experience Counts Biotechnology Waste Solutions Limited has been developing innovative technologies to produce energy from waste and reduce greenhouse gas emissions for over 35 years.

driving the generation of heat and electricity as well as reducing odour. Waste Solutions treatment facility in Thailand © Copyright Waste Solutions 2008 Page 4 . tank based systems. Systems can range from very simple covered pond designs. South East Asia. North America. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Odour Reduction / Elimination Power Generation Boiler Fuel Carbon Credit Offset Heating Cooling Waste Solutions is part of the Downer EDI group of companies and we have designed facilities on all six continents. An energy-rich biogas is produced and captured. Low Cost Systems Waste Solutions has over 35 years experience in designing and installing anaerobic treatment facilities with a special focus on inexpensive and highly efficient systems. Our designs have been successfully marketed internationally and we have completed highly innovative projects in Europe. to advanced in-ground digester systems or above ground.Piggery Digester Systems Turn your Waste into Energy Anaerobic Digestion Waste Solutions are specialists in applied anaerobic digestion processes which offer low-cost. the environment and the budget available. Australia. Our wide range of experience allows site-specific recommendations taking into account the requirements of our clients. energy efficient treatment options for animal wastes. Each of our waste treatment facilities produce biogas which can then be used in a number of ways for revenue or operational cost reductions. Fiji and New Zealand. All of our systems have not only the environment in mind but also your pocket.

A simple solution such as the covered pond option results in the reduction or total elimination of odour problems. and reduced costs in the form of fuel equivalents or electrical heating costs. The higher efficiency treatment offered by Cigar and tank-based options results in a slightly improved effluent quality. Examples of differences which affect reactor design are manure collection technique (dry scrape vs. Whilst production of electricity is the most capital intensive option. Manure Handling Anaerobic digestion options are affected by site specific variations such as manure handling. frequency. followed by flaring or combustion in a boiler or genset results in the destruction of malodorous compounds. it does have the benefit of offering reduced costs in offset electricity purchase. inclusion of bedding materials and proportion of manure collected. and this potent-smelling gas is one of the main causes of the many public complaints about odour. But electricity generation is the most versatile use of biogas. it provides hot water. Flaring results in odour destruction and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Used as a boiler fuel. Capturing of the biogas generated. volume of water used. flush systems).000 ppm hydrogen sulphide. and therefore potential carbon credits. © Copyright Waste Solutions 2008 Page 5 . Therefore a site visit is required to develop the most suitable option for each situation. animal bedding and housing configuration. and the electricity generated can be used for any purpose. used directly as a boiler fuel or cleaned and used for electricity production via a generator.Piggery Digester Systems Turn your Waste into Energy Odour Control A major consideration in animal farming practices is odour control. use of biogas as boiler fuel offers the greatest financial return. Due to the current low cost of electricity and high cost of fuel. and is a more attractive option in larger systems due to economy of scale. Green Energy Production The three treatment options allow the biogas generated to be captured. Ponds treating pig effluent can produce up to 5. further reducing odour concerns with effluent discharge. The gas can then be flared.

Under the Kyoto Protocol. breaking down organic matter in the manure and producing a reduced strength effluent. We call this solution a Power Pond ™. The Nitrogen content is 40% higher and the Nitrogen / Phosphate ratio is increased. This system generates the potent greenhouse gases methane and carbon dioxide. Ammonium. methane is converted into carbon dioxide. the main components of biogas. Nitrogen is also present in the more bio-available form. offering additional advantages to anaerobic digestion systems. are both greenhouse gases. A low cost option for manure treatment in this situation is the improvement of pond hydraulics increasing the efficiency of anaerobic digestion. 3. producing a gas stream which is 21−fold less hazardous to the environment than allowing unmanaged biogas to be vented from open ponds. and a recycle stream is used to dilute solids in dry scrape systems to reduce water requirements.Piggery Digester Systems Turn your Waste into Energy Additional Benefits 1. Treatment by anaerobic digestion improves the nutrient value. 2. preventing the emission of carbon into the atmosphere can be financially beneficial. It has the double benefit of capturing and reducing carbon and odour emissions to the benefit of the environment. biogas flaring is a viable alternative allowing the potential to earn capital through carbon credits. as well as providing a source of energy for the farm in the form of a high energy content biogas which can be used directly in boilers for the production of hot water. Power Ponds™ Many farms already use ponds to capture and treat manure flushed from barns. resulting in digested effluent being a more valuable end product than untreated manure. Open ponds function as a facultative anaerobic treatment system. In small scale situations where the biogas generated is too little to be economically used for boiler fuel or electricity generation. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Moderately Efficient in Producing Biogas Low Maintenance Odour Reduction or Elimination Robust Moderate Level of Waste treatment © Copyright Waste Solutions 2008 Page 6 . The treated effluent (Green Water) generated by one of the three different reactor system below can be re-used as flush water in housing or yards. and covering of the pond to capture the biogas produced. Methane and carbon dioxide. When burnt in a flare. which are released into the atmosphere. or in generator engines for the production of electricity.

Tank systems optimize mixing. this design offers a low capital cost option with high efficiency waste treatment and energy recovery. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Highly Efficient in Producing Biogas Odour Reduction or Elimination Biologically Flexible and Robust Moderate Capital Cost High Level of Waste treatment Tank Systems Waste Solutions also design tank based options in wood or stainless steel for situations where a small footprint is critical. These systems are flexible and highly robust. however. ~ ~ ~ ~ Highly Efficient in Producing Biogas Higher Capital Cost Odour Reduction and Elimination High Level of Waste treatment © Copyright Waste Solutions 2008 Page 7 . allowing similar treatment efficiency and slightly higher biogas yields to be obtained in a smaller reactor volume in comparison to a Cigar®. Ideal in situations where space is not limited.Piggery Digester Systems Turn your Waste into Energy Cigar® Cigar® is Waste Solutions trademarked Covered In−Ground Anaerobic Reactor design developed over two decades of working with agricultural wastes. we offer a unique timber tank structure that offers significant cost reductions over similar steel−based options. for smaller scale operations. improving the amount of energy that can be generated in relation to a covered pond. Tank−based design is more costly than in−ground options. the biogas is captured and can be used for heat and/or electricity production. The design optimizes biogas production and capture. As with the two previous options. providing a long term sustainable solution.

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