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Certified Mail Article Number: Common-Law Trust Consumer and Consumer Protection Laws Defined Public Notice Public

Record CONSUM R PROT CT!ON LA"S defined: #ederal and state statutes $o%ernin$ sales and credit &ractices in%ol%in$ consumer $oods' Suc( statutes &ro(ibit and re$ulate dece&ti%e or unconscionable ad%ertisin$ and sales &ractices) &roduct *ualit+) credit financin$ and re&ortin$) debt collection) leases) and ot(er as&ects of consumer transactions' #or e,am&les of suc( statutes) see Consumer Credit Protection ActConsumer Product Safet+ Commission- Dece&ti%e sales &ractices- *ual Credit O&&ortunit+ Act- #air Debt Collection Practices Act- #air Credit .illin$ Act- #air Credit Re&ortin$ Acts- Ma$nuson-Moss "arrant+ Act- Trut(-in Lendin$ Act- Uniform Commercial Code- Uniform Consumer Credit Code' At t(e federal le%el) t(e ma/or re$ulator+ law is t(e #ederal Trade Commission Act' More t(an (alf t(e states (a%e in turn enacted 0mini-#TC0 laws) w(ic() li1e t(e federal) &ro(ibit 0unfair or dece&ti%e acts or &ractices'0 .lac12s Law Dictionar+ Si,t( dition 3&a$e 4567 COMSUM R defined: One w(o consumes' !ndi%iduals) w(o &urc(ase) use) maintain) and dis&ose of &roducts and ser%ices' Users of t(e final &roduct' A member of t(at broad class of &eo&le w(o are affected b+ &ricin$ &olicies) financin$ &ractices) *ualit+ of $oods and ser%ices) credit re&ortin$) debt collection) and ot(er trade &ractices for w(ic( state and federal consumer &rotection laws are enacted' Consumers are to be distin$uis(ed from manufacturers 3w(o &roduce $oods7) and w(olesalers or retailers 3w(o sell $oods7' See also Purc(aser' A bu+er 3ot(er t(an for &ur&oses of resale7 of an+ consumer &roduct) an+ &erson to w(om suc( &roduct is transferred durin$ t(e duration of an im&lied or written warrant+ 3or ser%ice contract7 a&&licable to t(e &roduct) and an+ ot(er &erson w(o is entitled b+ t(e terms of suc( warrant+ 3or ser%ice contract7 or under a&&licable State law to enforce a$ainst t(e warrantor 3or ser%ice contractor7 t(e obli$ations of t(e warrant+ 3or ser%ice contract7' 58 U'S'C'A' 9 :4;l' .lac12s Law Dictionar+ Si,t( dition 3&a$e 4567 CONSUM R CR D!T defined: S(ort term loans to indi%iduals for &urc(ase of consumer $oods and ser%ices' .lac12s Law Dictionar+ Si,t( dition 3&a$e 4567 CONSUM R CR D!T COD defined: A uniform law) ado&ted b+ se%eral states) wit( intent and &ur&ose similar to t(at of t(e federal Consumer Credit Protection Act 3*' %'7' .lac12s Law Dictionar+ Si,t( dition 3&a$e 4567 CONSUM R CR D!T PROT CT!ON ACT defined: #ederal and state acts 3commonl+ referred to as Trut(-in-Lendin$ Acts7 enacted to safe$uard t(e consumer in connection wit( t(e utili<ation of credit b+ re*uirin$ full disclosure of t(e terms and conditions of finance c(ar$es in credit transactions or in offers to e,tend credit) b+ restrictin$ t(e $arnis(ment of wa$es) and b+ re$ulatin$ t(e use of credit cards' 58 U'S'C'A' 9 56;5 et se*' !n addition to federal and state Trut(-in-Lendin$ Acts) se%eral states also re*uire b+ statute t(at consumer-loan a$reements be written in &lain) sim&lified lan$ua$e' See also Annual &ercenta$e rate- *ual Credit O&&ortunit+ Act- #air Credit .illin$ Act- #air Credit Re&ortin$ Acts- #air Debt Collection Practices Act- Trut(-in-Lendin$ Act- Uniform Consumer Credit Code' .lac12s Law Dictionar+ Si,t( dition 3&a$e 4567 CONSUM R CR D!T SAL defined: An+ sale wit( res&ect to w(ic( consumer credit is e,tended or arran$ed b+ t(e seller' T(e term includes an+ contract in t(e form of a bailment or lease if t(e bailee or lessee contracts to &a+ as com&ensation for use a sum substantiall+ e*ui%alent to or in e,cess of t(e a$$re$ate %alue of t(e &ro&ert+ and ser%ices in%ol%ed and it is a$reed t(at t(e bailee or lessee will become) or for no ot(er or for a nominal consideration (as t(e o&tion to become) t(e owner of t(e &ro&ert+ u&on full com&liance wit( (is obli$ations un der t(e contract' .lac12s Law Dictionar+ Si,t( dition 3&a$e 456) 45=7 CONSUM R CR D!T TRANSACT!ON defined: Credit offered or e,tended to a natural &erson) in w(ic( t(e mone+) &ro&ert+ or ser%ice w(ic( is t(e sub/ect of t(e transaction is &rimaril+ for &ersonal) famil+) (ouse(old or a$ricultural &ur&oses and for w(ic( eit(er a finance c(ar$e is or ma+ be im&osed or w(ic() &ursuant to an a$reement) is or ma+ be &a+able in more t(an four installments' 0Consumer loan0 is one t+&e of 0consumer credit'0 .lac12s Law Dictionar+ Si,t( dition 3&a$e 45=7

Certified Mail Article Number: CONSUM R D .T defined: Debt incurred b+ an indi%idual &rimaril+ for a &ersonal) famil+) or (ouse(old &ur&ose' .an1ru&tc+ Code 9 5;5' .lac12s Law Dictionar+ Si,t( dition 3&a$e 45=7 CONSUM R >OODS defined: >oods w(ic( are used or bou$(t for use &rimaril+ for &ersonal) famil+ or (ouse(old &ur&oses' U'C'C' 9 ?-5;?357' Suc( $oods are not intended for resale or furt(er use in t(e &roduction of ot(er &roducts' Contrasted wit( ca&ital $oods' See also Consumer &roduct' .lac12s Law Dictionar+ Si,t( dition 3&a$e 45=7 CONSUM R L AS defined: Lease of consumer $oods- also ma+ be a&&lied to lease of dwellin$ as contrasted wit( commercial lease' Article :A of t(e U'C'C' is concerned wit( t(e formation) construction) effect) and enforcement of t(e consumer lease contracts) as well as t(e ri$(ts and remedies of bot( lessor and lessee on default' As defined b+ U'C'C' 9 :A-!;4 is 0a lease t(at a lessor re$ularl+ en$a$ed in t(e business of leasin$ or sellin$ ma1es to a lessee) e,ce&t an or$ani<ation) w(o ta1es under t(e lease &rimaril+ for a &ersonal) famil+) or (ouse(old &ur&ose'0 Disclosure of terms in certain t+&es of consumer leases is $o%erned b+ #ederal Consumer Leasin$ Act 3w(ic( is full+ inte$rated into t(e #ederal Trut( in Lendin$ Act7' 58 U'S'C'A' 9 566= et se*' .lac12s Law Dictionar+ Si,t( dition 3&a$e 45=7 @OUS @OLD defined: ad/' .elon$in$ to t(e (ouse and famil+- domestic' .lac12s Law Dictionar+ Si,t( dition 3&a$e =A;7 "(ereb+ t(is act defined &ursuant to and in accordance wit( t(e followin$ U'S' Su&reme Court Annotated Statute- @ale %' @en1el) :;5 U'S' A4 at A= 35?;87: 0T(e indi%idual ma+ stand u&on (is constitutional ri$(ts as a citi<en' @e is entitled to carr+ on (is &ri%ate business in (is own wa+' @is &ower to contract is unlimited' @e owes no suc( dut+ Bto submit (is boo1s and &a&ers for an e,aminationC to t(e State) since (e recei%es not(in$ t(erefrom) be+ond t(e &rotection of (is life and &ro&ert+' @is ri$(ts are suc( as e,isted b+ t(e law of t(e land BCommon LawC lon$ antecedent to t(e or$ani<ation of t(e State) and can onl+ be ta1en from (im b+ due &rocess of law) and in accordance wit( t(e Constitution' Amon$ (is ri$(ts are a refusal to incriminate (imself) and t(e immunit+ of (imself and (is &ro&ert+ from arrest or sei<ure e,ce&t under a warrant of t(e law' @e owes not(in$ to t(e &ublic so lon$ as (e does not tres&ass u&on t(eir ri$(ts'0 @ale %' @en1el) :;5 U'S' A4 at A= 35?;87' PR!DAT defined: Affectin$ or belon$in$ to &ri%ate indi%iduals) as distinct from t(e &ublic $enerall+' Not official- not clot(ed wit( office' Peo&le %' Powell) :E; Mic(' 6??) :=A N'"' 4=:) 4=4' .lac12s Law Dictionar+ Si,t( dition 3&a$e 55?87' Sui Furis) 1nown as: Fo(n) of t(e $enealo$+ of Doe freeborn s&iritual bein$ on t(e land state t(e facts contained (erein are true) correct) com&lete) and not misleadin$) to t(e best of m+ &ersonal first (and 1nowled$e and belief' .ein$ of sound mind) com&etent) o%er t(e a$e of 5E' T(is m+ free will) %oluntar+ act and deed to ma1e) e,ecute) seal) ac1nowled$e and deli%er under m+ (and and seal wit( e,&licit reser%ation of all m+ unalienable ri$(ts and m+ s&ecific common law ri$(t not to be bound b+ an+ contract or obli$ation w(ic( ! (a%e not entered into 1nowin$l+) willin$l+) %oluntaril+) and wit(out misre&resentation) duress) or coercion) w(ereb+ ! did not si$n nor consent' ! am not now nor (a%e e%er been a U'S' Citi<en or a #ourteent( Amendment #ederal Citi<en or m&lo+ee) ! am not bound b+ sworn oat( or oat( of office' "(ereas ! (ereb+ disclaim Clauses One and Two of Section One to t(e #ourteent( Amendment) to$et(er wit( Article #our Section T(ree Clause Two' G"it(out t(e U'S'H S(ould t(is not be true t(en let t(e record be corrected or it will stand as trut(' Time is of t(e essence' Deracit+- !n m+ Pri%ate Ca&acit+ as >eneral Administrator of said account Droit) Droit) T(is ser%es Notice t(at +our offer (as been Acce&ted as Daluable Consideration and Returned for Dalue' T(is &ro&ert+ is ,em&t from Le%+' Please Ad/ust t(is Account for t(e Proceeds) Products) Accounts and #i,tures and Release T(e Order3s7 of T(e Court to Me !mmediatel+' Ma1e ad/ustment and close t(is account immediatel+) wit( &re/udice' ! acce&t +our Oat() Oat( of Office Securit+ A$reement) Constitutions as b+laws) and Malfeasance .ond and &lace +ou in t(e Pri%ate commencin$ t(is self-e,ecutin$ bindin$ contract between +ou and !' #urt(er) ! a&&oint +ou trustee G#ull+ Personall+ Liable NowH on +our (onor and solemn Oat( to &erform +our obli$ations and duties to Protect M+ un-a-lien-able Ri$(ts in +our #iduciar+ Ca&acit+ a$ainst an+ and all claims) le$al actions) orders) warrants) /ud$ments) demands) liabilities) losses)

Certified Mail Article Number: foreclosure) de&ositions) summonses) lawsuits) costs) fines) liens) le%ies) &enalties) ta,es) dama$es) interests) and e,&enses w(atsoe%er) bot( absolute and contin$ent) as are due and as mi$(t become due) now e,istin$ and as mi$(t (ereafter arise) and as mi$(t be suffered b+) im&osed on) and incurred b+ Debtor for an+ and e%er+ reason) &ur&ose) and cause w(atsoe%er' Please (onor Obli$ation of >ood #ait( in Performance of +our Duties' Iuid Pro Iuos) an e*ual e,c(an$e or substitution' Ma,im of Common Law Iuod &er recordum &robatum) non debet esse ne$atum' "(at is &ro%ed b+ t(e record) ou$(t not to be denied' Ma,im of Common Law Salus &o&uli est su&rema le,' T(e safet+ of t(e &eo&le is t(e su&reme law' .aconJs Ma,' in Re$' 5:- .roomJs Ma,' 5' T(is m+ free will) %oluntar+ act and deed true and lawful attorne+-in-fact to ma1e) e,ecute) seal) ac1nowled$e and deli%er under m+ (and and seal) e,&licitl+ reser%in$ all ri$(ts wit(out &re/udice.+:KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK Sui Furis 1nown as- Fo(n of t(e $enealo$+ of Doe .ailor for FO@N DO .ailee KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK Ran) Roe T(ird Part+ "itness 0Sealed and deli%ered in t(e &resence of us'0 KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK Fames) Roe T(ird Part+ "itness 0Sealed and deli%ered in t(e &resence of us'0 STAT O# !LL!NO!S 7 7 SS: COUNTL O# COOM 7 C RT!#!CAT O# ACMNO"L D>M NT On t(is date t(e indi%idual named abo%e) in (isN(er stated ca&acit+) &ersonall+ a&&eared before me to e,ecute t(is ac1nowled$ement t(at t(is instrument was si$ned) sealed) and deli%ered as t(eir free will) %oluntar+ act and deed to ma1e) e,ecute) seal) ac1nowled$e and deli%er under t(eir (and and seal %erified and aut(enticated for t(e uses and &ur&oses t(erein mentioned' ACTA PU.L!CA' KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK DAT A##!O NOTARL S AL !# R IU!R D KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK Si$nature of NOTARL PU.L!C Date Commission ,&ires KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

NOT!C : Public acts defined: are t(ose w(ic( (a%e a &ublic aut(orit+) and w(ic( (a%e been made before &ublic officers) are aut(ori<ed b+ a &ublic seal) (a%e been made &ublic b+ t(e aut(orit+ of a ma$istrate) or w(ic( (a%e been e,tracted and been &ro&erl+ aut(enticated from &ublic records' .lac12s Law Dictionar+ Si,t( dition 3&a$e :67 e-Consumer-C