WORD STUDY USE OF A DICTIONARY How to locate a word in the dictionary Get the correct meanings of words Know the part of speech (noun, verb or adjective)

ob-ject (ob•jekt’) v. 1. To offer arguments or opposition; dissent. 2. To feel or state disapproval or dissent

ob-ject (ob’jikt, -jekt) n. 1. Anything that can be sensed; any material thing. 2. Something to which a feeling or action is directed: an object of affection 3. A purpose or goal; aim.

Label the parts. Write the letter of the answer. A. B. C. D. E. F. entry word syllabication pronunciation guid parts-of-speech label definitions homographs

Using the letters above, write the letter of the part being described in each sentence. ________ 1. Words which two or more entries in a dictionary. These words may have the same spelling but may differ in origin, meaning and sometimes, pronunciation. shows how the word is pronounced the different meanings of the word shows the correct syllabication of the word the word being defined tells whether the word is a noun (n), verb (vb), adjective (adj) or adverb (adv)

________ ________ ________ ________ ________

2. 3. 4. 5. 6.


B. PARTS OF A BOOK Match Column A with Column B. Write the letters on the blank. Column A _______ 1. COVER Column B Contains the publisher of the book and the year it was published. It indicates the exclusive legal rights to reproduce, publish and sell the matter and form of a book. Contains a list of topics, chapters or units and their pages in order of appearance in the book for ready reference. Contains the main part of the book The central feature of the book, its main support or source of strength. It holds the pages together. Additional material at the end of a book An alphabetical list of names, topics or subjects with their page number. It is usually found at the back pages of the book. It contains messages from the author to his readers, an invitation to read the book. An alphabetical list of terms relating to a specific subject or text The covering of a book. A page at the beginning of the book, usually contains the title, author/s, illustrator and publisher.

_______ 2. SPINE

_______ 3. TITLE PAGE _______ 4. COPYRIGHT PAGE

_______ 5. PREFACE _______ 6. TABLE OF CONTENTS

_______ 7. BODY OF THE BOOK

_______ 8. APPENDIX

_______ 9. GLOSSARY _______ 10. INDEX


3 Read the story “SAMMY’S WISH”. A. Number the events 1 – 5 in sequential order. _________ Sammy became an emerald tree boa. _________ One boring morning, Sammy wished that he could be a snake. _________ Sammy was walking home from the bus stop when he heard a hissing sound. _________ The snake became an ugly old witch. _________ The snake asked Sammy to scratch his back three times. B. Write the letter of the best answer. __________ 1. times? A. B. C. D. Why did the snake ask Sammy to scratch its back three

It felt itchy. The story did not say. It was playing a joke on Sammy. It wanted Sammy to break the spell. Why did Sammy decide on making a report on the emerald

__________ 2. tree boa? A. B. C. D.

He became friends with the snake. He thought its green color made it really cool. They can only be found in the rain forest. It was easy to do.

___________ 3. The snake told Sammy that it was once a prince in Ancient Greece and that his brother made a witch put a spell on him, when it fact, it was actually a witch. The snake was _______________. A. B. C. D. silly playful deceitful honest

___________ 4. Sammy crawled from his warm bed and dragged himself to the bathroom. Sammy was ___________. A. B. C. D. being pulled by someone moving slowly. crawling on the floor. running.

__________ 5. “You humans are all alike. You see a talking snake and you get tongue-tied,” said the boa to Sammy. What does “tongue-tied” mean? A. B. C. D. scared amazed worried speechless

__________ 6. How do you think the witch felt when she saw Sammy’s reaction to being transformed into a snake? A. B. C. D. angry puzzled scared worried


__________ 7. mean? A. B. C. D.

Sammy slithered off into the grass. What does “slithered”

crawled ran jumped none of the above

Under the list of “Feeling” write a felling being proved under “Proof.” The person who is being described is in italics. Under the list of “Proof” provided in the story, write a sentence from the story that describes the “Feeling”. FEELING 8. PROOF Sammy crawled from his warm bed and dragged himself to the bathroom. 9.

Sammy was excited when he was transformed into an emerald tree boa. The snake’s brother was envious of him. Compare/Contrast.


Write a sentence to explain what makes Sammy similar to the snake.

Use your dictionary to find the meaning of the following words. a. Indicate whether the word is used as a noun, verb or adjective. b. Write down only one meaning based on how it is used in the sentence. 1. canopy (par. #4) a. b. ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________

2. envious (par. #14) a. b. ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________

3. cautiously (par. #15) a. ________________________________________________ b. ________________________________________________ Would you have felt the same way as Sammy at the end of the story? Why or why not? (2)


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