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(These topics are overlapping because some people think that the manhaj [i.e. methodology] is nationalism, or secularism and others think its democracy. You have to understand that the Muslims at the present moment are in a pathetic state, a bad state. So some people think that the only way out is nationalism. Let us gather all the Pakistanis and form the Pakistani society or the Bangladeshi society or the African society and teach them Islam and then we get our past glory back. And others think it is Secularism, separate Islam from state. But what is the manhaj? How will we be able to retrieve our past glory? Nationalism is extreme pride in the history or the culture or the successes of one’s nation, its culture, its successes, its history even if the history is a bad one, even if the culture is a paganistic culture. You are proud about your culture as well as successes. Even if the successes that your country achieved you shed the blood of thousands and millions of innocent people to reach there and you went all over the world, robbed, colonized and killed to gain that success, you are still proud about the success of your country. This is nationalism. The Arabic word asabiyah covers the following nine diseases: clannishness, groupism, sectarianism, ageism, sexism, thinking you are better than someone because of your sex, tribalism, classism, thinking you are better than some one because you have more money, your class in the society is high, racism and nationalism. The ayah O mankind verily we have created you from a male and a female and made you into nations and tribes so that you may know each other. Verily the most honorable of you in the sight of Allah is that who has taqwa. Verily, Allah is all knowing, all aware. Sura Hujurat vs.13 This ayah condemns the nine kufr which I have just made mention of (see lecture on Kufr in Perspective at There are three types of nationalists in the world today, three types of racists. The first type hates you but he shakes your hands and smiles with you and says how do you like this country? In a very polite manner he speaks with you and deep inside he hates you, deep inside he says why don’t you go back to where you came from, he will never show you that he hates you. The second type of nationalist is the one who hates you and he makes it clear to you, "look I don’t like you so you keep your distance and I keep my distance, but he will never hurt you with his hands. These are not full pledge nationalists. The third type of nationalist is the person who thinks he is better then you because of his nationality and he does not remain in the borders of his country, he wages war against you, conquer you, and seeks to eradicate, annihilate and destroy you like what was done to the Red Indians in America, the Aborigines in Australia and New Zealand. Not only will he kill you but he will plunder your natural resources because he thinks he is better than you, you don’t deserve this natural resources, I shall be the one to enjoy this natural resources. This third nationalist is the complete nationalist. Allah spoke about this in the Qur’an If I did not repel one nation of people with another nation, the entire earth would have been destroyed. Sura Baqarah vs.251 Allah said, I use one nation to repel another nation. So a nation has a nuclear bomb, so what if you bomb me I bomb you too, because of a neighbor has a nuclear bomb you avoid bombing him. This called the law of Repelling.


The nationalist they practice subliminal seduction and sequential persuasion, so they have the national anthem and when you listen to the national anthem, any national anthem of any country, you become convinced that you are the best. The national anthem is designed to make you proud of what you are, whether you are an American, British, Jamaican, Kuwaiti, Saudi whatever the national anthem is, the shaitan inspired the person who wrote it to put words in it to convince the citizens that they are the best even though these citizens may be the scum of the earth. You have national currency and then you have the national heroes, they portray national heroes; these people they fight for our country, these are our heroes, you have national galleries, national theatre, national so on and so on, in some country they make it compulsory to join a service called the national service. You are a soldier by compulsion and even their women; they enforce the law on them and compel them to become soldiers in the name of national service, national pride. Nationalism is a disease. The rasul was very careful not to allow this disease to crop up among his companions. The two words; al-Muhajirun and al-Ansar, Allah mentioned them many times in the glorious Qur’an. One of the battles of the rasul, a person from the Ansars -the helpers who took the brothers in when they migrated from Makkah to Madina died, and a person from the Muhajirun also died, they were two young men. The sahaba screamed out "O Muhajirun, O Muhajirun come and bury this young man, his from the Muhajirun. Then some other screamed out, "O Ansars O Ansars come and bury this young man he is from the Ansars, he died during the battle. The Rasul heard this, he became upset and his complexion changed, he asked, - what is this? The dawa’h, the calling, the invitation of the people jahilliyah, leave it of because it is obnoxious, it is stinking. Even though these words were used in the Qur’an, by Allah, the Rasul became upset when he heard his companions using these words in the name of nationalism. Also, in the battle of Uhud, Sal man AlFarisi was fighting shoulder to shoulder I NSIDE THIS ISSUE : with the rasul against the mushrikins, he was right beside of the rasul on the battle field in the midst of the battle, Sal man al- N ATIONALISM 1 1&4 Farisi with his bravery, very strong iman, he stabbed an Arab who was a pagan, a mushrik, an idol worshipper. Sal man Al- P OLITICAL 2-4 Farisi said, thirst this one, I am a Per- COMMENTAR Y sian". In the midst of the battle, the rasul said to him, "don’t say I am Persian but say I am a man of the Muslims, I am a 4 Muslim man. Even though they were in C ONTACT I NFO the midst of a battle, the rasul was always a teacher, look at the beauty of the rasul even in the midst of the battle when

The prison break in Kandahar is the beginning of what may prove to be a very long summer for the fascist. jargon for highly paid foreign staff.000 a month in Afghanistan or 367 times more than an Afghan teacher.S. specialists on South and Central Asian Affairs. The imperialist nature of the war has been exposed and the people of Afghanistan understand full well who their President represents. He is playing off of a sentiment created by the British in their “Great Game” with Russia of the early 19th century when a then British hegemon funded a monarchy that managed to create an Afghan national identity that served the twofold purpose of combating the religious identity that resisted foreign occupation and at the same time served to divide and conquer the peoples of the region and protect British India in that day.. only some $15 billion has been spent. would take “multiple years” and “multiple billions.” His efforts are part of the ongoing global campaign by western fascists to justify their atrocities in the name of the War on Terror and Karzai’s reference to the duty of Afghanistan to liberate the Pashtuns is part of his ongoing pathetic attempt to create a nationalist identity where the Islamic identity has always reigned supreme. However. the international order is being reconfigured. said in a late 2006 interview that the United States faced “stark choices” in Afghanistan. an internationally funded NGO claims that “Of the $25 billion in aid to Afghanistan from 2001 until now. Reports from nearly every organization that have conducted research point to the same thing. sometimes only $20 actually reaches Afghan recipients and “As much as 20 percent of international aid to Afghanistan is spent on so-called technical assistance. The U. which should have been recognized as a significant turning point in the Afghanistan War and led to substantial voices calling for the withdrawal of the 40 country.S since the years of Afghan jihad against the Soviets in the 1980s and it is confirmed that he has ties with the CIA and that he carried out a large-scale covert operation inside Afghanistan after the Soviet jihad with the objective of igniting a popular uprising against the Taliban regime. Karzai recently acknowledged that “I wish I had the Taliban as my soldiers. Britain too found itself in prolonged warfare with mujahedeen that forced out the British backed monarchy in 1929 and have been fighting to establish the Islamic state there since quite successfully. Karzai was in fact the main Afghan leader the administration of President Bush relied on to work against the Caliph Mullah Omar from the inside. Ronald E. dominated occupational force. Their end will prove quite similar to the British and the Russians. A spokesman for the Taliban claimed that. It took the United States just one month to surpass the death toll of civilians killed on September the 11th and since that time their killing of innocent civilians has triggered enormous animosity amongst the people of Afghanistan.” In a pathetic effort to steer concentration away from the U. to highlight an advanced stage in a process that has been unfolding for quite some time. The unsuccessful attempt to install a puppet regime and dupe the people into believing it is autonomous witnesses the increasing pressure on Hamid Karzai to be relieved. In reality the jail break is simply a milestone for those that can see. bombed Pakistan territory by air and claimed to have killed a few mujahedeen that had crossed the border from Afghanistan. In reality the attacks killed 11 Pakistani paramilitary soldiers. drug and alcohol use runs rampant. He was also a chief advisor to the California based UNOCAL corporation which was negotiating with the Taliban to construct a Central Asian gas pipeline from Turkmenistan through Western Afghanistan and into Pakistan. 2008. imperialist west. Limousines drive the noble local and foreign elite around at night through a city protected like a castle by foreign force and the rest of Afghanistan is controlled locally and conditions are atrocious with severe economic and health depravation.” or victorious sect. Averting failure. In an interview with German press Spiegel. will fund 10 billion of it.” Recently the U. Must seem just like home for the western soldiers that are deployed there.S.K. a group of Muslims in every day and age up until the time of the Dajjal that wages jihad in the name if Islam and is granted victory from Allah Aza wa Jal. a growing tide of resentment against the government and the occupiers and mounting concern that the West with all its military might may indeed lose the war. The Russians chose however to stay so long that they eventually bankrupted their entire system. 2008 members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee grilled U. In protected Kabul an elite has emerged that may shop in malls that sell the best of goods from all over the world. U. For every $100 spent. led to little more than a whimper from the West. U.6 billion was spent on technical assistance between 2002 and 2006” their report said.” The event. Looking at the reality of the United States’ present economic situation seems to suggest that the hubris of the American establishment may eventually lead to the same consequence. But Integrity Watch Afghanistan (IWA). Some staff working for the USAID. As the people of Afghanistan endure the occupation.S. It seems the tide has officially shifted and perhaps we are witnessing an early glimpse into the inevitable end of the foreign occupation of Afghanistan. Neumann. the mujahedeen continue to successfully resist it. Luger concluded. alleged allies in this “War on Terror. the American ambassador in Kabul. In reality. Karzai has cooperated with the U. The reality is that the western world is losing the War in Afghanistan and as a consequence. As of late these freedom fighters have gained substantial momentum and continue to prove that there will always be what the Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) termed the “TAIFA MANSUURA.S. government's development agency earn as much as $22. the United States in its increasing and ongoing lack of recognition for national sovereignty. The Taliban released a confirmation of the prison break and critiqued the mainstream media’s coverage of the event as they continue to expose the slander and lies propagated by the international press. he said. which will decapitate the intellectuality of humans thus making them subservient to their masters under all circumstances and anyone who is standing up to fight these evil agendas is quickly labeled as a terrorist. Some $1. The week before the jail break. One Senator Richard C.” Conditions in Afghanistan today are typical of empire.” A New York Times article from February of this year describes the Korengal River Valley in Afghanistan’s Northwest Province as the home of international mujahedeen from . the U. They are systematically advocating a Satanic order.’s violation of international law and the precedent established at the Nuremberg Trials in regard to wars of aggression.S.P AGE 2 RADICAL REVIEW Escape from Kandahar – the Beginning of the End in Khurasan??? Monthly Op-Ed—Brother Younus Abdullah Muhammad It is rare that the Ummah of Muhammad (SAWS) is in receipt of good news these days. “These well established and recognized media sources are nothing but the instrument through which the people are indoctrinated to agendas disguised as news.S. Foreign representatives of NGO’s and private contractors that vie for the rebuilding of the country or building of permanent military bases also partake in the party as prostitution. but with the Taliban’s confirmation that they had indeed rescued 1400 of their brothers from the largest prison in Afghanistan on June 13. and its coalition pledged 20 billion in aid to Afghanistan over the next 5 years. “The overall situation in Afghanistan remains grave. gambling. that puppet of the Neo-Nazi’s Hamid Karzai stood and justified the attacks into Pakistan claiming. “Afghanistan has the right of self defense” as he justified the aggression in typical doublespeak claiming “It is the duty of Afghanistan to liberate the Pashtuns of Pakistan from a life of tyranny and terror. Karzai like the Bush Administration and its neo-con ideologues fails to grasp the reality of the historical record. while Karzai knows full well who the people actually represent. On January 30. costly and prolonged warfare will weaken the dominant power and eventually they will be forced to evacuate. The situation in Afghanistan is bleak indeed.

With the direct support of the U. they say to you. It is high time that every Muslim work to do the little that he or she can to protect these atrocities committed against our brothers and sisters and to expose the reality of the situation. not a voice can be heard from amongst the Muslim population living in America. American history seems to be repeating. “On their hand-held radios. He and the faithful ones with him.” The question remains when Allah aza wa jall gives victory to these mujahedeen and the hypocrites come and proclaim that we were with you the whole time. From 1964 to 1972. Yet. the reason there is no internationally agreed upon definition for terrorism is simply because that would put the entity engaged in protecting the world from terrorism at the top of the list. Take for example the nuclear arms issue. the United States expended countless millions and maximum military effort to defeat a nationalist revolutionary movement in the tiny country of Vietnam. Today people speak more about Darfur than they do about the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that have now killed in the millions and the politicians continue to lie. There were 8. stated in April of this year that the war is a “terrible disaster for the United States and NATO. During the Vietnam War era. "Unfortunately. 000. The Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) said that the believers are like one body." When asked for the solution to the West’s quagmire in Afghanistan. they say to them.” And he (SAWS) reported that “ The Muslim Ummah is a Unique ummah amongst the whole of mankind: Their Land is One. The mujahedeen were preparing to face Afghanistan and NATO forces in the days after the prison break and at the time of this release. soon that would simply be bad for public opinion and so as Barak Obama calls for increased force in Afghanistan and more air raids in Pakistan. One should actually wonder why Muslims haven’t mobilized against the murder of their brothers and sisters and the thievery of their lands. as the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki took place well after the Japanese had declared defeat in World War II and was meant solely to send a threatening message to the USSR. And did not Allah Check one set of people by means of another. government they have committed the torture and genocide of additional millions of helpless civilian peoples all in the name of “vested interests” and “free societies. if a part of the body hurts the whole body hurts. they prayed: "Our Lord! Pour out constancy on us and make our steps firm: Help us against those that reject faith. In the end they failed and when military might met the human desire to wrest oneself from foreign power and control. government and military have directly slaughtered literally millions of civilians in countries across the globe. Allah (SWT) says about the hypocrites in the Quran. and would constantly say victory was near. Last year." but those who were convinced that they must meet Allah. "Were we not with you?" But if the disbelievers get a turn. 10 times more than only three years earlier. 1.” ‘’bastards” and “the kids.” “infidels. The terrorist U.they said: "This day We cannot cope with Goliath and his forces. the problem is that certain terms can never be defined by those that seek to rid the world of terrorism or extremism or fundamentalism because the very definitions they propose easily lead the rational mind to conclude that no one is more guilty of fulfilling the definitions than the United States itself. The sooner the foreign occupiers leave the better. the only country that has ever used the nuclear bomb was the United States.” Indeed the asymmetrical.. their Honor is One and their trust is one.950 armed attacks on troops and civilian support personnel.S." Yet.S." When they advanced to meet Goliath and his forces. The difference between then and now remains that Americans cared then about what the country was doing. However. They may clothe rhetoric in criticism of Bush or the morality in the secular West but they will never be caught calling for Muslims to rise up and stop the occupations. who will rescue them from the prison that has become their hearts. Altogether. who headed the CIA's Osama Bin Laden Team. News of the Prison Break reminds the conscientious Muslim of a Story of Daood and Goliath in the Quran. The Taliban’s ability to attack is increasing. one? Allah is with those who steadfastly persevere. armed. Other American servant-states have carried out appallingly vicious campaigns of state terrorism. their Peace is one. It is shame that Muslims in the West are invisible while these atrocities unfold. witness the recent debacle of King Abdullah in Saudi Arabia as he once again comes to the rescue of his masters agreeing to pump 2. There were three in 2004. the terrorist U. the old jihadis call the Americans “monkeys. recent events in Afghanistan highlight a similar situation. and protect you from the believers?" Allah will judge between you on the Day of Resurrection. Apparently the American people actually believe they are waging a war on terror.S. Muslims in the West should at least be working diligently for the withdrawal of the occupying forces. while definitions and catchphrases seem to be all the craze amongst members of the western press and the academy. Allah will never permit the disbelievers to prevail over the believers. The air strikes will likely kill countless civilians and go unreported. Anyone who travels through the country with Western troops soon realizes that NATO forces would have to be increased tenfold for peace to be even a remote possibility.000 additional barrels of oil per day.” One wonders. NATO seems to be dying in Afghanistan. the humans won. “They watch you and wait. a number almost five times as high as in 2004. and Join McCain calls for a hundred year war against Iranian trained Al-Qaeda members.” The article describes the situation where the troops cannot handle the ferocious attacks by the experienced mujahedeen and instead must resort to calling in air attacks that cannot discriminate between soldier and civilian. One hundred and thirty martyrdom operations occurred in 2007. Mike Scheuer. Allah (SWT) says in 2:249-251).P AGE 3 all over the world and states that. with a monopoly of force and the will and desire to use it. "Did we not side with you. one of the greatest social movements occurred in that time. they would criticize withdrawal as appeasement. by Allah's will. provided intelligence and direct military support for fascist-regimes and right-wing governments around the world and they are chiefly responsible for instating dictatorial control over Muslim lands to despots that serve them at their bidding. said: "How oft. if you attain victory from Allah. The Taliban now controls at least 20 districts of Kandahar. guerilla warfare waged in Afghanistan seems to be pointing toward another expulsion of foreign force. The press will likely claim that they were defeated and forced out of the additional provinces they now control. Hath a small force vanquished a big . and Allah gave him power and wisdom and taught him whatever (else) He willed. This prison break merely highlights a turn of events in a war most people in the West have actually forgotten. lying is a staple of the American political arena and there is little doubt that no American politicians will expose reality and accept defeat in Afghanistan any time. politicians would go to Vietnam and report on progress. the earth would indeed be full of mischief: But Allah is full of bounty to all the worlds. it would involve several major politicians saying we've lied to you for the last 15 years. (4:141) In any sporting event it is apparent that momentum changes and flows throughout the competition. how the greatest military force the world has ever known could be losing this war. This should resonate a similitude to the Vietnam War when civilians were gassed and bombarded continuously at the hands of the American imperialist. reveal and understand the actual situation facing the Muslims now. The last 6 years in Afghanistan have witnessed much the same minus the antiwar movement.469 bombs exploded along Afghan roads. their War is one. military and CIA have trained. funded. Writer Ullrich Fichner explains “Forty nations are embroiled in an unwinnable war in Afghanistan. he stated that there was little probability the issue could be fixed because." By Allah’s will they routed them. and David slew Goliath. We ask you to reflect on this and consider working with us to (CONTINUED ON BACK)….

Khattab was the khalif. even if it is not here. say you want to implement the Sharaiah you have to cut off your hands first. many times it has happened. but against itself. The Kafirs are dumping nationalism. there was Egypt but not a sovereign state separated from the rest of the Muslim world." Another version says: "The black banners will come from the east and their hearts will be as firm as iron. the rasul said to him "don’t say I am a Persian. they dumped it after knowing it is obnoxious. a pious Muslim boy approaches a Muslim father for his daughter he turns him down in the name of nationalism. a Maulavi Jalaluddin Haqqani. we are better than the Turks’ and they took side with the British to destroy the caliphate in the name of Nationalism. Kuwait.COM Phone: (718) 414-6659 E-mail: revolutionmuslim@gmail. they united under the name USA. the south used to fight with the north. You are supposed to set an example for mankind. this is where the two armies came from: North Carolina and Michigan. Are we the Muslims dumping nationalism? You are ‘kharu Ummah’. If a strong animal fights with a small and weak animal. I am sure that killing is right here among the Muslims. called it their name and say the whole nation belongs to them. One wonders what to make of the events in this region that has pitted the world’s poorest country against the greatest superpower the world has ever known. a European currency. Omar ibn Al-Khattab or Uthman or Ali or Muhawiyah. this is when Nationalism came into the Ummah.N ATIONALISM . a commander long though dead by the west. whoever hears about them should join them and give allegiance even if that means crawling across snow. when you are suppose to be an example for mankind aren’t you ashamed of yourselves. Saudi is a new name which a family got the help of the British conquered the country. which the Kafirs are dumping you are rushing to pick it up. S ECULARISM . he did not want it to crop up much less to become widespread in his Ummah. in the midst of the battle. the civil war of America. there was Palestine but not a sovereign state separated from the rest of the Muslim world. that same minute.” He continues and says of the occupation. there was Iraq but not a sovereign state separated from the rest of the Muslim world. ‘kuntum khairu Ummah ukhrijatulinnas’.' Apparently resistance to imperialism in Afghanistan. as a matter of fact it was nationalism in the first place that destroyed the Islamic caliphate. Nationalism is the religion of the shaitan. say I am a Muslim man".blogspot. In a recently released DVD from the Taliban. "When you see the black banners coming from Khurasan then go to them even if that means crawling over snow. you Muslims are rushing to pick it up. erroneous ideas cropping up he did not say "well let me fight the jihad later I will call him and talk to him. The European are dumping nationalism. they know its obnoxious as the Rasul said. Why did North Carolina separate from Michigan Detroit. I am sure you know that. the two parties. You enforce the right and you eradicate the wrong and you believe in Allah. "'We will fight them with patience…' 'This is not a battle of haste. the deputy of Allah the Mahdi will be among them. The Prophet Muhammad is reported to have said. there was nothing like I am an Egyptian.the best nation. but are you dumping nationalism? When Omar BLOG SPOT (DAILY NEWS) revolutionmuslim. not against the enemy. when you are supposed to be an example to mankind to follow. they want it to be United State of Europe. Some scholars say ‘that you enforce the right’ they don’t like the word ‘you enjoy’ they say it’s too soft. 110." There are countless hadith about the Black Flag being raised in Khurasan what is known as Afghanistan today and sweeping across the world all the way to Jerusalem. the Kafirs realized that this kufr is worthless. You have a state down there Carolina we have our own state in Detroit Michigan. so much so that sometimes when a Muslim boy. they did not split up. So this kufur the Kafirs are dumping. like Jalaluddin Haqqani. it is in the Ummah of the are the best nation ever raised up from mankind why? Because you enjoy that people should do the right and that people should stay away from evil and you believe in Allah. they are pushing forward to abandon visas between them. there is no good in it Let us dump it so that we can be successful and dominate the rest of the world. looks into the camera and says plainly. this is a battle of patience. But when the Islamic caliphate was destroyed.1) R E VO L U T I O N M U S L I M . D EMOCRACY OF I SLAM ( CONT . and with one leader. the Americans and the Europeans. religion of the shaitan which is nationalism. we have a country called the USA [United Snakes Of America] they used to fight. is far from dead and in fact seems as though it has never been more alive. . The rasul did not want nationalism to spread in the Ummah. There was no such place called Palestine. M ONTHLY O P -E D C ONTINUED … There are several hadith that about jihad in Afghanistan that come to mind as all this is Join the Forum at the Website Today Inshallah! he heard strange aqeedah. I am sure that you have some Pakistanis who think they are better than the Indians and some Indians who think they are better than Bangladesh even though all three nations are Muslim nations. they are dumping nationalism. the European dollar. FROM P . the religion of the shaitannationalism. this is the biggest theft of the century. there was nothing like Saudi anyway. they are pushing forward for a single currency. A whole family stole an entire country. the big animal uses all its power. Sura Imran Vs. “now you know that I am still alive. because the Turks had it the Arabs said ‘we deserve it. I am a Saudi. the same second. the khalif.

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