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Did your parents teach you about nances? Did your school? Who teaches this stu!? Come with an open mind to learn from the best professional Financial Advisors we know to teach you how to keep more of your money in your pocket. The Government, Banks, and Financial Companies love to take your money to make themselves rich while you struggle to keep the big bad wolf away from your door. Come and join us for the rst Fort McMurray Financial Education Seminar, hosted by Ral Chartrand and Kal-Cor Properties on January 25, 2014 at Father Mercredi High School.

Your host and local business entrepreneur started Bertini's Catering in 1980. Ral is a Canadian Certied Chef, and Professional Real Estate Investor. He loves education and has a Certied Teaching Certicate from Red River College and was employed at Keyano College as a Chef Instructor for 15 years. Education has been a big part of Rals life and he enjoys helping people learn new skills. He has been continuously investing in Real Estate since 1976 starting with the purchase of a mobile home, and then another in 1978 with four bedrooms, renting at $200.00 per bedroom. Not bad for 1978 prices, $800.00 per month = 50% cash ow. He has invested in many properties. Ral decided to get into this business seriously in 2008 after attending a Fast Track Event with Darren Weeks. He supports the Robert Kiyosaki concepts and now is following his practical applications. The goal is to nancially educate as many people as he can in Fort McMurray and the area because no one else does it the way Robert Kiyosaki teaches. Your nancial education is crucial at a time of uncertainty. Don't stay in the rat race, get educated to get out and become nancially free!

Paul Blacquire started his real estate investing education in his early 20s and has been an investor since 2002. Hes also an educator and a speaker. He has extensive experience with managing multi-family investment properties, major renovation projects, ips, joint ventures, and private RRSP mortgage nancing. Paul is President of Spirepoint Real Estate, a real estate educational company he co-founded in 2004, with a mission to make real estate investments easy for investors. From 2004-2010, he published the Spirepoint Insider newsletter with educational articles for investors and he continues to publish investing tips

to his subscribers.

He has also been featured in the major media, including TV appearances on CTV/CJOH Ottawa and Rogers TV/Daytime, as well as full page articles in the Ottawa Business Journal, the Ottawa Sun, and Canadian Real Estate magazine (now Canadian Real Estate Wealth). His professional career in the high technology eld spans a 12-year period and includes experience in electronics engineering, computer software programming, technical writing, publishing, website design, and product development. In August 2006, he left his full-time career to pursue his dream of real estate investing and helping others achieve the same. In 1991, he began his real estate education by studying many books and courses on real estate investing. The turning point for putting theory into action occurred when he joined a hands-on real estate investing course in September 2001. Before graduating from the course, he had already purchased his rst investment property with a joint venture partner. In June 2002, he graduated as a Canadian Certied Property Consultant. In April 2008, he was elected as President of the Ottawa Real Estate Investors Organization (OREIO), where he has been an active member since the group was founded in 2002.

Byron Bailey is a business consultant who moved to Fort McMurray in 1995. Mr Bailey holds a Regional Urban Development Degree from the University of Saskatchewan with a major in Economics. This has led Mr. Bailey into a small business lending and economic development background with a particular focus on Aboriginal Economic Development. Mr. Bailey was the former Manager of Community Futures Wood Bu!alo. He was formerly a Professional Realtor and has been involved in structuring nance for many real estate opportunities. He has been running his own consultancy practice for the last 13 years. Some of his accomplishments include:

Suncor / Keyano College Innovative Housing Project / Coordinator Nunee Health, Fort Chipewyan Facilitator Carver Board Governance Workshops Indian and Northern A!airs Canada Workshop leader e!ective budgeting for Band Administrators Janvier First Nation. Study Coordinator 1885 Rebellion Tourism Project for Frog Lake National Historic Site, Battle of Frenchman Butte Historic Site, Fort Pitt Historic Site, and Fish Creek Historic Site Lease Planning Chair Rotary Club of Fort McMurray 18 Hole Golf Course and Housing Development. Strategic & Business Planning Lloydminster Tourism Convention Authority; Lloydminster Economic Development Authority, Faith Presbyterian Church, Lakeland Tourism Association, McMurray Sno-Drifters 80 + Business Plans for clientele Past Business Planner; Finance / Lease Manager; Development / Building Coordinator; Fort McKay Industrial Park. Co-owner 12 acre lease lay-down yard facility on Highway 69.

There are only two sources of income, people at work and money at work. Originally from France, Antoine Rempp has been in Canada for close to 10 years now, and has called Fort McMurray home for 5 years. Engineer by trade, Antoine started working in the nancial and insurance industries shortly after coming to Fort McMurray. His life changed when he came across Nelsons book The Innite Banking Concept (IBC) a couple years ago. This was a true paradigm shift! Just imagine, you could recapture all the interest you pay to banks and nancial institutions, use this money to pay down your debt faster, while growing your retirement fund and creating a legacy for your family? There is a way, and it is called the Innite Banking Concept. IBC has been developed and used by Nelson Nash for over 40 years in the States, and has slowly been introduced in Canada over the last decade. Antoine is the rst Canadian to be recognized as an "Innite Banking Practitioner" by the IBI (Nelsons Innite Banking Institute). He completed Pamela Yellens training program and learned how to apply the Concept the right way from the best in the industry by attending some courses in the States.

Tax Secrets you need to know. Ed Gilmore has over 35 years of nancial experience in both public and private sectors. He was with Revenue Canada Agency (CRA) for 15 years, was a senior investigator with the CRA, and was involved in writing the Taxation Operations Manual (TOM) which is used by CRA auditors today. Ed currently works as a tax consultant and a nancial educator who teaches everyday Canadians how to reduce their taxes legally and ethically.. Lowering your tax burden is not just for the rich, it's something all Canadians can do. The CRA goes after the easiest targets, not people who are well-educated on their rights as taxpayers. You have the right to object to a Notice of Assessment. Don't fear the taxman, he is not as big and bad as you think.

8:00 AM 8:30 10:00 10:20 12:00 NOON 1:00 PM 3:00 3:20 If time permits... Continental Breakfast Served Paul Blacquire - RRSP Mortgage Financing Break Ed Gilmore - Taxes, Strategies, and the CRA Tactics Lunch served by Sheila Chartrand and Bertinis Catering sta! Antoine Rempp - Becoming Your Own Banker Break Byron Bailey - Business Planning 101 Marshall Barbour - Working with Real Estate Investors Malcolm/Jenelle Setter & Jon Simcoe - Rent to Own Using RRSP funding


Financial Education at its Best! Saturday, January 25, 2014 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Father Mercredi High School Cafeteria Thickwood Heights To provide you with expert nancial education and investing knowledge $200.00 each ticket Includes continental breakfast, and lunch. Also $50.00 from each ticket sold will go towards our Charity Kids Forever 2014 Campaign

Donec arcu risus diam amet sit. Congue tortor cursus risus Cash or Cheque is payable to Kal-Cor Properties. vestibulum commodo nisl, luctus We accept all major credit cards and debit cards through Bertinis Catering. augue amet quis aenean maecenas sit, donec velit iusto, TO REGISTER Ral Chartrand 780-743-0088 or 780-715-5467 morbi felis elit et nibh. PLEASE Malcolm/Jenelle Setter 780-972-3043 or 780-972-3040 CONTACT: Vestibulum volutpat dui lacus Marshall Barbour 780-713-0718 consectetuer, mauris at Jon Simcoe 780-838-0242 suspendisse, eu wisi rhoncus eget Antoine Rempp 780-531-0113 nibh velit, eget posuere sem in a sit. Sociosqu netus semper Tickets are limited, so purchase NOW. aenean suspendisse dictum, arcu enim conubia leo nulla ac. A great Christmas Gift idea! Montes et metus adipiscing consectetuer nunc. If you are not satised with the event, we will give you a full refund less placerat the donation to Kids Forever

The Charity is a non-prot organization, started in Fort McMurray in 1997, to help families with sick and disabled children to cope with the nancial hardships of medical costs due to equipment, travel and treatment not covered by the Alberta Government. 100% of all money raised is allocated to families in need. Our goal is to raise one million dollars for 2014 as $610,000.00 was raised in 2013. With your help we can achieve our goal! Thank you!

Keep your money in your pockets, invest wisely and become richer than you are today!