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Dhofar Power Company SAOG

Mou MacDonald
Bars of 20 to 32 mm diameter may be bent once and subsequently straightened. Heating
is required in all cases.
Bars having a diameter greater than 32 mm may be bent only with the approval of the
Owner/Engineer. Heating is required in all cases.
(iii) Heat shall be applied as uniformly as possible over a length of bar equal to 10 bar
diameters. The centre of the heated length shall be at the centre of the completed bend.
The temperature shall be maintained constant during bending and straightening
operations and shall not exceed 350C. Temperature measuring crayons or a contact
pyrometer shall be used to detennine the temperature. Care shall be taken to prevent
quenching of the heated bars either by application of water, or by a high volmne of air..
(iv) Straightened bars shall be visually inspected before and after straightening to detennine
whether they are cracked or otherwise damaged. This is a Notification Point.
(e) Not used
6.4.6 Concrete Trial Mixes
Trial concrete mixes using representative materials shall be carried out under full-scale conditions using
the Contractor's proposed method subject to the Owner/Engineer's approval. Testing shall be carried out
in accordance with BS 1881. The target mean strength of the trial mixes shall be specified concrete cube
strength plus a current margin of 15 N/mm

The tests shall be carried out on three different days during which the workability will be recorded and six
cubes made. Of each set of six cubes, three will be crushed at seven days and the other three at twenty
eight days. This is a Notification Point.
6.4.7 Site Mixing
Site Mixing will be pennitted only under unavoidable circumstances.
Where site mixing is undertaken the aggregate and shall be proportioned by means of efficient
weigh batching machines. The machines shall be carefully maintained and cleaned and they shall be
provided with simple and convenient means of checking the weighing mechanism and they shall be
checked when required by the Owner/Engineer.
Batch materials shall be measured out within the following tolerances and shall be discharged into the
mixer without loss.
2 percent of the mass of the cement in the batch.
2 percent of the mass of each aggregate in the batch.
5 percent of the amount to be added to the batch.
The concrete is to be mixed in batches in machines which comply with the requirement ofBS 1305. The
machines are to ensure that all the concreting materials including the water are thoroughly mixed together
Construction of 132kV Overhead line between Awqad GSS &SFZ GSS
Rev. No. :A
and Associated Works (Package-1)
Volume 2 Overhead Line Specification Date : December 2010
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