TOPIC: Advertisement Analysis

Submitted to M.A. Rajshekar Prof. Alliance Business Academy Submitted By Bhavani Jade Roll no: 6 MBA “A”

Advertisement Analysis

Video Ad #1
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A two - wheeler named Kinetic SYM Flyte is the product being advertised It Positions itself as a smart 2 wheeler targeting Gen X girls The ad is trying to capture the intended target audience i.e. young girls and hence Bipasha Basu is used as the model The ad highlights the new features and provides few important information for the potential buyers The Ad makes an assumption that the young Gen X girls is not feminist but smart and tuff. Thus they try to position their product as a smart new vehicle for the targeted audience

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The central point of the ad is the superiority showcased in comparison to its competitors product The ad uses a model of two-wheeler similar to that of the competitors to portray their product to be a more accepted and superior one – This questions the ethos appeal which is most prominent, particularly the sense of fair play

Hence, the starting part of the ad was later scrapped while airing The ad tries to strike the pathos appeal of the intended audienceDesire of being a smart and independent girl The comparison part can be avoided and still achieve its goal This ad scores well on likability and enjoyment by the target audience but scores low on ad recall and awareness.

Video Ad #2
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A fruit drink named Maaza, from the Coco Cola group, is the product being advertised The central point of the ad is to bring of a superficial new variety of mango, and positioning itself as “bina gutli wala aam”( seedless mango)

The ad departs from the reality of being a seedless mango but convincingly speaks that its main competitor is the real fruit and not other fruit drink and hence scored well on the believability factor also

The intention of the ad to depart from reality is to strengthen brand Maaza’s strong association with the mango in a very entertaining and engaging manner with a whole new positioning

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The is been quite effective in reaching the minds of the general audience with the entertaining and twisting ad with actors But a similar Ad was already on air with a similar positioning – “where is the pulp” by the same Coco Cola brand Also "Bin gulti ka aam" was first applied to Parle Mango Bite sugar confectionery in year 1990 and hence the ethos appeal comes in picture

The ad scored well on parameters like brand recall, likability and enjoyment

Video Ad #3
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A detergent named Surf excel quick wash by hindustan Unilever ltd The Central point of the ad is to inform the intended audience that this product coverts hard water into soft water The intended audience are all those who wash clothes! Particularly those living in the hard water belts of India This ad is the extension to the earlier ads of “stains are good”- This is evident from the beginning of the ad The claim made by the ad induces the targeted audience to try the product. Also the flipside of the ad is the low believability aspect about the effectiveness of the claims made

The testimonial aspect of supporting the claim was missing in the ad This ad scores high on brand recall and likeability of the ad by the audience

The actor of the ad which is the boy is the attraction of the ad making it score on the enjoyment aspect by the audience

Print Ad #4
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A fruit drink named Activ is by Dabur under the brand name Real The central point of the ad is to convey a message that Activ is “PURE and NATURAL ” The intended audience are all those who are diet and health conscious The claim made by the ad is much elaborated and not too attractive. The ad could have the punch line LIVE ACTIV-LIVE HEALTHY highlighted The ad uses technical terms which does not appeal to the common man The commercial departs slightly from reality due to the new claim by the ad The ad is high on logos and pathos appeal as it includes lot of logical information and targets the desire of health conscious people

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Print Ad #5
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The clothing brand Allen Solly launching its new line of wrinkle free trousers called XLA The central point of the ad is to inform the audience the variety of their new launch. The ad uses half a page of the news paper with attractive picture to enhance the product’s comfort The punch line LEAP.FLY.SOAR is direct and to the point The likeability factor is quite high hence meets the goal of advertising The media used is the magazine section of a leading newspaper which reaches the targeted audience The graphic used for the commercial is apt for its logos appeal

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