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1. Kertas soalan ini mengandungi 40 soalan.

2. Jawab semua soalan.

3. Tiap-tiap soalan diikuti oleh empat pilihan jawapan yang berhuruf A, 8, C, dan D.
Bagi setiap soalan, pilih satu jawapan sahaja. Hitamkan semua jawapan anda
pada kertas jawapan objektif yang disediakan.


1. The question paper consists of 40 questions.

2. Answer all questions.

3. Each question is followed by four options, A, 8, C and D. For each question,

choose only one answer. Blacken all your answers on the answer sheet provided.

Kertas soalan ini mengandungi 15 halaman bercetak

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SULIT 2 1211

Questions 1 - 10 are based on the information given.

1 What does the mother want the children to do?

A Leave the house

B Not to annoy her
C Give her a present
D Not to play outside

II Please flush after use! I

2 The sign above can be found in a

A toilet
B kitchen
C bedroom
D verandah

SULIT 3 1211

Illd I ar _alleller ~
Turn your dreams into reality!!!
Contact 04-4698909

3 You can contact the above number if your car needs

A a renovation
B an alteration
C an extension
o a transformation

V xperLeV'vce Lt

Create and send e-cards now!

Win hotel stays + cash

4 You can win prizes by
A designing and mailing e-cards
B writing and sending emails
C logging on the website
o staying at the hotel

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SULIT 4 1211

The Parent-Teacher Association of SMK Star is holding a food fair cum

co-curriculum day themed IStar Fiesta 2008' at the school from 8.30 a.m. to 3
p.m. on 25 October. The aim of the fair is to raise funds to upgrade the
IOO-year old school and for charity.

5 Which of the following statements is true about the notice?

A The school is a century old.
e The fair will go on until late evening.
C Free food and refreshments will be served.
o The event is mainly to collect funds for charity.

A giant cop on wheels ...
Peter Patter


6 From the advertisement, what type of movie is the 'Plaza Cop'?

A Horror
B Thriller
C Comedy
o Romance

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SULIT 5 1211

19 April, 7 a.m . - 6 p.m.

'Waterfall Survivors' is inviting
the public to a cleanliness
campaign to clean up
Kanching waterfalls.

7 Who will be interested to take part in this event?

A Campers
B Picnickers
C Nature lovers
o Bi rd watchers

8 From the cartoon strip above , we can conclude that

A Hagar has no money

B Eddie is wiser than Hagar
C Eddie will lend Hagar some gold
o Hagar is unwilling to lend Eddie money

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SULIT 6 1211

Do not accept name cards

when you are alone or from
someone on the street!

9 The sign above reminds us to be

A polite
B careful
C pleasant
o concerned

Hundreds of people who believe that laughter

is the best medicine for a healthy life, took
part in the 'World Laughter Day' celebrations.

10 The people who attend the event

A laugh joyously all the time

B need medicine to live happily
C think laughter is good for health
o take medication for a healthy life

SULIT 7 1211

Questions 11 - 18 are based on the following text.

There are many species .J.L durians. The better the taste, the more they will cost.
A durian fruit is oval or round in shape. Its colour 12 vary from olive to yellowish-green.
One thing about the durian 13 makes it unique is its thick thorny rind.
Split open the rind and you have the creamy white or yellow pulp which surrounds the
seed. The softness of the pulp 14 it easily digestible and to most Malaysians the durian
actually tastes as good as it smells. The Malays describe the fruit as thorny on the
outside 15 heavenly inside.
However, that is not all about the fruit. There is more to the durian than just 16
unique looks and taste. 17 you know that the durian is one of the most nutritious fruits,
containing around twenty-three times the amount of Vitamin A in the pear? It also ~
twice the amount of B-vitamins present in the" pear. In fact, a durian by itself is almost a
complete meal, containing ample amounts of protein, fat, carbohydrate and the essential
minerals and vitamins needed by our bodies.
Adapted from CAP Guide

11 A in 15 A even
B of B thus
C for C and
0 off 0 but

12 A should 16 A it
B must B its
C shall C it's
D may D itself

13 A what 17 A Do
B when B Are
C where C Will
D which D Does

14 A make 18 A had
B made B has
C makes C have
0 making D having
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SULIT 8 1211

Questions 19 - 21
Read the text be/ow and choose the best meaning for the phrases underlined.

Jeremy was getting ready for his birthday party. He was turning fifteen. He put on (19)
his new pair of jeans and a polo shirt. Then he looked at himself in the mirror and smiled.
Feeling great, he went downstairs to wait for his friends to show up (20). The table
was all set with mouth-watering dishes. His father even came home with a huge birthday
After an hour, his mother became curious when none of his friends turned up.
Suddenly he realised that he had not invited them so he had to call off (21) the party.
However, the food did not go to waste as he decided to share it with the orphans at the
'House of Love'. It turned out to be the most meaningful birthday in his life.

19 put on
A wore
B took
C chose
D bought

20 show up
A enter
B leave
C arrive
D depart

21 call off
A end
B delay
C cancel
D postpone

SULIT 9 1211

Questions 22 - 24
Read the conversation below and choose the best meaning for the expressions underlined.

Manager What has happened to you, Razak? You look terrible!

Razak The main computer at the office broke down. It has taken me all day
trying to get it up and running (22) again but I failed. I'm feeling

Manager That computer has given you a lot of problems, hasn't it?

Razak Yes! Although I'm an old hand (23) at repairing computers, this is
beyond me. We need to buy a new one.

Manager Well, I think so too. We'll get one as soon as possible. Now, go home
and have a rest because you really need it.

Razak Yes, I think I'd better hit the sack (24) after a nice shower. I have to
attend an important meeting early tomorrow morning.

22 up and running
A moving
B working
C exercising
D performing

23 an old hand
A efficient
B talented
C intelligent
D experienced

24 hit the sack

A work
B sleep
C relax
D study

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SULIT 10 12/1

Questions 25 - 28 are based on the following advertisement.


Over 30 varieties of
appetising dishes and
desserts on level 7.

Mother's Day special: .:. Complimentarr bean-shaped

• Salmon Pasta with red
sauce cakes lor all moUlers
• Chef Din's Barbecued
• Stuffed Lobster Special
• Grilled Lamb
• Freejlowoffruitjuices ~ Live entertainment
~ 'Karaoke with Mum' competition
~ Traditional games
~ Cooking demonstration
~ Luckydraw
Limited places available
Call 04-2287121 for reservation ~ Photo competition:- 'Mum and
Daughter / Son Lookalike'

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SULIT 11 1211

25 To ensure a place for the Mother's Day Special, you must

A make a booking
B know how to draw
C bring your mother along
D buy a heart-shaped cake

26 The phrase free flow means

A large amount
B extra quantity
C limited servings
D unlimited supply

27 Which of the following events will be awarded prizes?

A Karaoke with Mum
B Traditional games
C Live entertainment
D Cooking demonstration

28 From the advertisement above we know that

A mother and child should look alike
B only mothers are invited for the tea
C cakes will be given free to mothers
D food will be served at the ground floor

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SULIT 12 1211

Questions 29 - 34 are based on the following passage.

In today's society, it's not surprising to see children holed up in their homes. In
fact, the sight of children engaging in outdoor sporting activities is becoming
increasingly uncommon.
We need to ask ourselves whether we are denying our children the option of
being outdoors because we feel that we are unable to control the situation. There are
measures that parents can take to ensure that their children can still have their fair
share of outdoor playtime.
It is widely acknowledged that sports can greatly assist the physical and mental
development of a child. It also nurtures a healthy lifestyle. What parents can do is to
ensure a chaperone or supervisor at all times and that children are playing in bright and
well-kept parks. Additionally, parents can send their children for sporting activities at
school fields where teachers are present to supervise them.
The main goal is to ensure that our children are not deprived of the joys of
outdoor playtime as this represents a very important aspect of their childhood as well.

Adapted from New Straits Times, April 17, 2009

29 The phrase holed up means

A alone
C sheltered
D defended

30 We in paragraph two refers to

A parents
B teachers
C supervisors
D chaperones

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SULIT 13 1211

31 Children nowadays
A are mentally and physically developed
B seldom take part in outdoor games
C enjoy participating in sports
o lead a healthy lifestyle

32 The word assist means

A help
B ease
C motivate
0 encourage

33 Parents are hesitant to let their children play outdoors because

A it is unsafe
B the fields are lit
C the parks are not equipped
o there are teachers to supervise

34 What is the main message of this article?

A Children must play in bright areas.
B Outdoor games should be banned.
C Sports help in phYSical development.
o Games are important for growing up.

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