Reform after exhaustive effort money spent status quo set 2 go In continuance of CLIPS Common Law Insinuated Precedent

Statutes due process If the silent majority had a voice and proficiently coherent to use it I suspect they would insist an ample udget for reformers reform school !istorically reality attests the majority cannot handle the truth as the minority will not permit the experience lest they exercise and run over them with it www"#allagherChronicles"com $witter suspends me so what have ya got on twitter% SI& ' Sane Insanity &ormalcy((( &o different than the norm ))) however as far as I *now the rest of the log spots provides a chance to +R,I$ R+P ' +utside Routine ,ox Intrinsic $ruths Reverse +smosis Psychosis -ou lethin* .It is only the wisest and the stupidest that cannot change. /$hey must often change who would e constant in happiness or wisdom0 Creatures of ha it will not change doting 1I2 dou le crossing $ax 3vaders 3xposing Self $33S $oo 3asy 3videncing Self S3L4 Scum 3arth5s Life 4orms

www"#allagherChronicles"com 6

/$here were no dates in this history) ut scrawled this way and that across every page were the words ,enevolence Righteousness and 7orality 8 finally I egan to ma*e out what was written etween the lines" $he whole volume was ut a single phrase) 3at People0 Confucius wanted his disciples to $!I&9 :t $en $ion : sentia tyrannical $ruths elusivity nefarious $ransmitter inventor of nothing

/-esire to have things done quic*ly prevents their eing done thoroughly0 /: little learning is a dangerous thing; -rin* deep and taste not the Pierian spring; $here shallow draughts intoxicate the rain; :nd drin*ing largely so ers us again"0 :lexander Pope 6<== > 6?@@ www"#allagherChronicles"com 4orm a clichA clic* and thin* to coherence transmit !: > human achievement :h So(( : humanity Solidarity o ligatory Reality is the $ruth impervious to perception yet precisely due to perception $ruth that which #od would o serve whether or not !e exists or whether or not one elieves !e exists I-3:L Simply Reality Sanely -ealt with &o Poo P+3 Peace on 3arth Bmas 2@C? D<E circle of life


httpFCCwww"scri d"comCdocC6=E@E6G2GC+n>Second>$hought>to>7y>Huery>Iill>the>Curia>Contact>7e .$hy *ingdom come. 7c Pig 7usical Chairs Puppets in glomming $hy 9ingdom Come Puppets in #overnance 7edia 3lusives

PI# 73
$he request for #odJs *ingdom to come is usually interpreted as a reference to the elief) common at the time) that a 7essiah figure would ring a out a 9ingdom of #od" $raditionally the coming of #odJs 9ingdom is seen as a divine gift to e prayed for)

not a human achievement.
$his idea is frequently challenged y groups who elieve that the 9ingdom will come y the hands of those faithful to wor* for a etter world" It is elieved y these individuals that KesusJ commands to feed the hungry and clothe the needy are the 9ingdom to which he was referring"

PI# 73+I
Puppets in #overnance 7edia 3lusives +pposition Ie httpFCCwww"scri d"comCdocC6=<@E<6G6CCircle>of>Life

I Reiterate upon Reiteration 8 Reiterate www"#allagherChronicles"com 4orm a clichA clic* and thin* to coherence transmit !: > human achievement


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