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1. Hotel & Catering Industry.

1.1. Introduction to Hotel Industry & its Growth.

Compiled by A.K. Sharma

India Overview: S.W.O.T.

STRENGTS: Abundant Manpower Operational Skills WEAKNESS: Political opposition from developed countries. Shortage of Right kind of people. OPPORTUNITIES: Increase in Revenue THREAT: Competition from other Low Cost Destination

Compiled by A.K. Sharma

Jobs Offers In Hospitality Sector

In the next three years, the industry will need more than one

lakh; trained unemployable staff in the hospitality industry.

The supply, however, falls behind. Indias States run 31 Institute of Hotel Management Institute and around 150 private institutions, produces around 12,500 graduates each year. Apart from 5 star hotels, 4 star and 3 star hotels too compete for this pool of graduates. Around 54,000 employees would be required in the premium segment alone. We can expect more than 1000 hotel rooms in the next six months. Where will we get trained staff ????

Compiled by A.K. Sharma


Our core focus has been to identify high potential employees and nurture them through individual development plans.

Hotels also make sure they groom talent.

Compiled by A.K. Sharma


Hotels are doing there best to bridge the manpower gap, by offering long term contracts to villagers in remote tourist spots.

We Have to bridge this gap with Good training Institutes.

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Facts and Figures

Tourism is presently the most important civil industry in the world. The hospitality industry is second only to the global oil industry in terms of turnover, and is, by far, the largest employer around the world.

10 percent of the worlds workforce is in the Tourism Industry.

The world tourism organization has predicted that India will receive 25 million tourist by 2015.

Compiled by A.K. Sharma

World Travel & Trade Council

The world travel and trade council, figures indicate that the Indian tourism demand is expected to grow at 8.8% from 2007 2016.

According to the World Tourism & Travel Council , revenue from foreigners traveling to India is expected to grow up to US 424 billion dolor by 2015.

Compiled by A.K. Sharma

Domestic Tourist

Around 500 million domestic tourists are projected to travel across India by 2011compared to around 325 million in 2006 and growing at over 10% annually.

Moreover, the sector is expected to provide over 40,000 Jobs.

Compiled by A.K. Sharma

International Report
According to an International report average employee to room ratio is 1:8 in Indian Hotels across all markets and drops to 1:5.

The hotel sector would need a fresh workforce of at least 94,000 by 2012.

In the FHRAI Memorandum presented to the government recently , it is said that at least 1,50,000 additional rooms required to meet the target of 5 million foreign tourist arrivals.

Nearly 11 percent of the hotel demand in the country is from long stay guest.

Compiled by A.K. Sharma

Average Room Rate

Average room rates of hotels in India is increasing up to 20% almost equal to that of the hotels in developed countries such as US and Europe.

This shortage has stimulated investments in the Hotel Industry.

The average duration of stay in India is one of the highest in the World.

Compiled by A.K. Sharma

Cruise Shipping

Cruise shipping is growing globally at the rate of 1215% annually.

Compiled by A.K. Sharma

Online Travel industry

Growing at the current rate the Online Travel Industry in India has become 2 billion industry.

Compiled by A.K. Sharma

International Recognition

India has been elected to head the UN world tourism organization (UNWTO) the highest policy making world tourism body represented by 150 countries.

India bagged the worlds leading Destination Marketing Award for the Incredible India Campaign.

Compiled by A.K. Sharma

Government Initiatives

Railways have planned to setup 100 budget hotels at various stations along with private hospitality players.

Launch of Incredible India Campaign.

Compiled by A.K. Sharma

Medical Tourism Industry

Railways have planned to setup 100 budget hotels at various stations along with private hospitality players.

Launch of Incredible India Campaign.

Compiled by A.K. Sharma

The answer is simple::

The first step is knowledge.

The second step is action :Making a commitment to apply this knowledge and follow through with your commitment.

Compiled by A.K. Sharma


You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Dress and grooming are only one aspect that forms first impression.

Equally important are voice inflection, posture, personality style and attitude.

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Ralph Waldo Emerson once said People dont seem to see that their opinion of the world is also a confession of character.

In other words, if we think this is a miserable world to live in, then we live in a miserable world and probably make it miserable for others to live in.

Our attitudes are reflected in everything we do

Compiled by A.K. Sharma

You set aside time on a regular basis during which you can deepen your knowledge of your field.

The fact is that with an increase in knowledge comes an increase in confidence and authority.

Compiled by A.K. Sharma

Its also important to develop your ability to discuss a broad spectrum of subjects.

This is serious handicap for professionals. Seek knowledge as the plant seek sunlight.

Compiled by A.K. Sharma

No matter how great is your conversation skill may be, you efforts will be completely wasted if you are not sensitive to your students need.

Try to find out the real meaning behind the verbal ones.

Compiled by A.K. Sharma

It is literally impossible to be a top PROFESSIONAL in your field without a contagious sense of enthusiasm.

They will become interested in you as a person. This is what you want , both for yourself and students.

Compiled by A.K. Sharma


Professionalism is a state of mind and conduct.

It is not what you do, it is the way you do.

There are many highly paid corporate incompetents as well as many very professional volunteers in every field.

Compiled by A.K. Sharma

Maturity is a rather nebulous quality. It combines all the positive character traits we have already mentioned.

One of the things that distinguish a mature person is the ability to recognize the need to do things whether liking them or not.

Maturity means handling setbacks and disappointments without becoming self destructive.\

There are times when things wont go right and those times wont last forever.

Compiled by A.K. Sharma

Compiled by A.K. Sharma