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The Maya

Reportedly, as the direct descendants of extraterrestrial beings from the region of our galaxy we view as the Pleiades, the Maya mastered the immutable Harmony of the Cosmos to the degree that they were able to utilize it practically to open portals to other dimensions and to traverse the pathways leading to and from other star systems and realms of existence. Many of their scientific and spiritual understandings are ust recently being discovered and confirmed by contemporary humanity. !he distillation of Mayan scientific "nowledge and cosmological wisdom is particularly evident in their #acred Calendar, the Tzolkin.

The Mayan Sacred Calendar: Tzolkin

[From a chronological perspective, the Tzolkin is a 260 day calendar which logs the celestial ascension and descension of Venus, lunar and leiadean cycles, solar eclipses and auspicious days for certain rituals and agricultural processes! The Tzolkin is "ased on the cycles of 20 essential days! #ach of these days is called a $kin% and is assigned a name or %&acred &ign%! #ach &acred &ign has a 'uality, a direction and a color! The kin are augmented "y () specific *armonic values! #ach of these *armonics occur in series, coursing successively through the 20 &acred &igns until the () *armonics complete an entire circuit spanning 260 kin+days! ,side from its primary functions as a time ta"le -and the celestial correspondences relative thereto., it has other correspondences with deeper aspects of the physical realm as well as with the nonphysical realms of e/istence! 0ather than focusing on its rudimentary, chronological values, The 1#0# ro2ect$s work relative to the Tzolkin is primarily focused on the 3alendar$s esoteric, harmonic values! Thus, instead of providing you with general information on the Tzolkin, this site delves deeper to illuminate and e/press some of the mysteries of the Tzolkin$s universal harmonic correspondences!4

The Great Harmonic Matrix/Mother

The Tzolkin is regarded as a $periodic table of the harmonics of time%space$ which continually and comprehensively express

every possible permutation of the &ivine, or 'as the Maya refer to (t) Hunab *u % the +ne ,iver of Movement -time. and Measure -space., throughout the Creation. !he energies embodied by the !zol"in are believed to originate from the &ivine Consciousness of the ,reat Mother/#pirit/0ather, emanating 'or being transmitted) throughout the galaxy via the electromagnetic waves surging from our galactic core. !hese energies and the Patterns formed by their interactions or permutations are constant, on all planes, in all dimensions. !hese Patterns are believed to compose the harmonic 0ramewor" of all existence throughout the universe. 1eing universally constant, these harmonics are evident -and encoded. in the formation 'measure) and cycles 'movement) of galactic, stellar and planetary systems as well as in the $fibers$ of our spirits and souls 'our etheric bodies), in the neuronal networ"s of our body2s central nervous system and in the molecular structure and harmonic spirals of &34. !hus, the !zol"in expresses an universal, harmonic lattice which engenders the composition of the forms and transformations of all that exists, in all dimensions, including the Harmonic Patterns 'of #pirit and 3ature) 5hich spawn all aspects of Consciousness and 1eing as well as &34. '5hile this may seem fantastic, sci%fi or $new age hoop%de%doo$ to many, this ancient understanding is being validated by empirical science on a daily basis.) +bserving these Patterns in the planetary, solar, galactic systems, the Maya recognized the correlations between the macrocosmic cycles and those of the subtler realms of existence, the psyche and spirit. '4s sacred archetypes, these Patterns are represented in the gamut of the world2s religions and spiritual traditions.) 6ventually, the !zol"in revealed (tself to them as a 7inculum, a !ie that bonds all religions, all sciences and all religions with all sciences and -most profoundly. an Harmonic Matrix embodying and expressing an universal, binary Code by 5hich all aspects of the human being -microcosmically and macrocosmically. can be activated, brought into universal alignment and synchronized to effect the expression of 8ight and 8ove through the human being via the individual2s spiritual/mental, psychic/astral and physical/material bodies. 8ong Count Meaning of number arrangement

9: 1a"tuns ;; *atuns ;; !uns ;; <inals ;; *ins = >9 &ec >;9> 9> 1a"tuns 9? *atuns 9; !uns ;: <inals : *ins = 9@ >;;: 4& ;? !uns 9A <inals 9B *ins = :C:B &ays left...

More on the !zol"in

!he !zol"2in is the #acred calendar of the Maya and is based on the cycles of the Pleiades !he cycle of the Pleiadies uses >@,;;; years, but is reflected in the calendar we are using by encompassing >@; days. (t uses the sacred numbers 9: and >;. !he 9: represents the numbers and >; represents the #un/glyphs. !he !zol"2in has four smaller cycles called seasons of @C days each guarded by the four suns of Chicchan, +c, Men and 4hau. !here are also Portal days within the !zol"2in that create a double helix pattern using C> days and the mathematics of >D. !his sacred calendar is still being used for divination by the traditional Maya all over the Eucatan, ,uatemala, and 1elize, and Honduras. !he !zol"in is a >@;%day calendar based around the period of human gestation. (t is composed of >; day%signs, each of which has 9: variations, and was 'and still is) used to determine character traits and time harmonics, in a similar way to 5estern astrology. !he Maya also used a :@C%day calendar called the Haab, and a 7enus calendar, plus others. !hey measured long time periods by means of a long count in which one :@;%day year 'a $!un$), consists of 9D x >;%day $months$ '$<inals$). !wenty of these !uns is a *atunF >; *atuns is a 1a"tun 'nearly A;; years)F and 9: 1a"tuns adds up to a $,reat Cycle$ of 9,DB>,;;; days, ' C>;; !uns, or about C9>C years). Mayan scholars have been attempting to correlate the 8ong Count with our 5estern ,regorian calendar, since the beginning of this century. !here has been massive variation in the suggested correlations, but as early as 9?;C, ,oodman suggested a correlation only : days from the most popular one today. *nown as the ,M! correlation, or $correlation G CDA>D:$, this was finalized in 9?C;, and puts the start of the ,reat Cycle ' day ;.;.;.;.;) on 99th 4ugust :99A 1C, and the end%date '"nown as 9:.;.;.;.;.) as >9st &ecember >;9>. !he (%ching is based on a set of binary mathematical permutations, which also underlie what ( call the $pure$ progression of the Mayan number harmonics % >, A, D, 9@, :>, @A. 4s it is presented to us, however, the ( Ching is actually comprised of the combination of eight symbols 'trigrams) of three lines, either bro"en or unbro"en, in all

possible combinations with each other. 1y doubling the trigrams, the permutations yield @A more complex symbolic possibilities of six lines each 'hexagrams). 1y comparison, the !zol"in is based on permutations of thirteen numbers and twenty symbols or #acred #igns which yield a possibility of >@; permutations. 4t minimum, each one of the >@; permutations is a combination of one of thirteen numbers, one of twenty signs, and one of four directional positions. 0inally, li"e the ( Ching, the !zol"in is a system for revealing information relating to a deeper or larger purpose. 5hile the ( Ching is precisely synchronized with the genetic code, the !zol"in is synchronized with the galactic code. 4s the genetic code governs information concerning the operation of all levels of the life cycle, inclusive of all plant and animal forms, the galactic code governs information affecting the operations of the light cycle. !he light cycle defines resonant freHuency ranges of radiant energy, inclusive of electricity heat, light and radio waves that inform the self%generative functions of all phenomena, organic or inorganic. !he two codes are obviously interpenetrating and complementary.