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With this week’s readings, we move to consider the theme of forbearance. We suggest this four step approach to working with this selection: • • • • Read this selection, out loud if possible, seven times. Dwell upon the phrase or sentence that touches you. sk yourself what relevance or application this has for you Finally, sit in the afterglow of these reflections and open yourself to whatever new insight or message the Divine might have for you.

Text One !now that this troublesome body is like a coat of armor: comfortable neither in winter nor in summer. "et still this bad associate is good for you because of the patience you must show in overcoming its desires, for the e#ercise of patience e#pands the heart with spiritual peace. $he patience shown by the moon to the dark night keeps it illumined% the patience shown by the rose to the thorn keeps it fragrant. &'.()*'+()*,Text Two .ow many victories are won without spiritual struggle and patience/ $o show patience for the sake of the cup of Divine !nowledge is no hardship: show patience, for patience is the key to 0oy. &1. 2((+2(2-

Cardiff Sufi Group

Forbearance from a 3ufi perspective:
personal account by 3ophia 3chult4

In the name of God, the infinitely compassionate and infinitely merciful
5y practice of forbearance is a continual process ever evolving. "ears ago, when 6 first stepped on this 3ufi path and heard the phrase from the 7ur8an, 9$ruly with every difficulty comes ease. $ruly with every difficulty comes ease. &3urah :) ;+' &$he <#pansion- 6 thought, 9.ow can this be/ 3urely now that 6’ve been guided to this Way my heart will e#pand with love, beauty and 0oy. =ow my life will reflect deep peace and tran>uility.? @p to that point in time life’s knocks and hardships had brought only pain and suffering. .ow could difficulty possibly bring ease/ Aut it has been through difficulty that forbearance has emerged as my source and the constant guide of my spiritual life. 6 have found that the work of the heart is a demanding, formidable, arduous labor of love re>uiring great strength. $his spiritual 0ourney has re>uired the very best from me. 6 have discovered that this is not work for the weak. 6 am in a continual fierce struggle with my ego ++that self+important one looking for the easy way out, master of disguises looking to trick and distract me at every turn. s one e#ample, day after day since embracing 3ufism 6’ve struggled with doing my morning practice of remembrance and meditation. t times 6 e#perience the ritual prayer as a rigorous and demanding task rather than the precious opportunity to be present to Bod. =umberless are the days that begin and end with my procrastinating about my practices. C6 must finish an important document for work?. Read the 7ur8an/ 9=o, not right now 6 think 6 feel a headache coming on+6 should rest my eyes.? 5y meditation practice and 4ikr/ 96 0ust can’t right now 6 have too many errands today and the sooner 6 get going the better+no time now.? $omorrowD yes tomorrow 6 will begin in earnest. $his is the ongoing inner battle. t some point these thoughts and my inaction cause me a great deal of pain. $hen when finally 6 wake up and have had enough agitation and pain, in my e#haustion 6 relin>uish the battle and 6 turn towards .im: Eove and longing call to me. s it says in the 7ur8an, 9 nd when you have been emptied strive onward, and to your 3ustainer turn with longing? &3urah sh 3harh F+,-. llah gives me first the pain and then the remedy, in the form of forbearance+ patient perseverance. Forbearance is self+discipline and the force behind it is ardor. gainst my unrelenting <go, despite setbacks like my e#cuses, 6 use resolve and restraint to 9kick butt.C 5y husband says you have to use self discipline and e#ercise it like a muscle. @se it every day and it will become stronger. 6f not, it will atrophy and be of little use. 6t hurts to be tough on myself, but 6 have found that truly the remedy is in the pain.

Cardiff Sufi Group

Forbearance has helped me create a resolve from deep within, thereby helping me be self+disciplined. From the footing of this patience and this sternness with myself, my daily struggles are less burdensome. 6t is really true that Cafter difficulty comes ease.C nd so, to Forbear has become the foundation of my life’

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