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QUESTION 1 How diversity in a team must be managed to have the diversity result in better team performance rather than

cause difficulties with team performance? ANSWER Diversity can refers to heterogeneity of the population and workforce, mostly in term of gender and race. To managed diversity in team, the first important consideration is to decide upon a champion for diversity who will guide and manage diversity initiatives that will lead to desired outcomes. This person, also can called a manager or team leader can assist in developing a strategic plan that is composed of identified outcomes, performance indicators, action steps and an ongoing evaluation plan. The team leader must be able to organized the member of team and lead them towards the accomplishment of the teams goal although there are multicultural member of team. Team leader must be capable of creating synergy among team members by identifying each members strength and weakness and using the team members such that everyones best talents are utilized. Team leader is the final authority in making the final making decision but before making the decision, he she must consult with all member of the team and try to get consensus. !nce the final decision is made, no member of the team can oppose the idea and every member is then committed to the agreed goals even if there is one of them is not agreed with that idea. "t means the leader will making decision by ma#ority voices. $chieving these goals will re%uire collaboration and cooperation between members of diversity in the team. &ulturally diverse teams often have difficulty in collectively agreeing on the tasks or agreeing on what constitutes a good decision. The team leaders role in such a situation to clearly e'plain the rational behind each idea and convince those who are skeptical. $s the leader, he she must give a positive feedback on

the chosen process path and goals to individuals and the team and must avoid negative feedback. "t means the leader should not criticize others idea, instead he she must e'plain the reason why the chosen idea is better $ key re%uirement for success is that members of diversity team must acknowledge cultural differences among themselves. They must have a basic understand and appreciate of other members cultural. "n additional, to making a successful of diversity in team, all member of the team must have above average communication skills, must be able to acknowledge the fact that other member of the team may have different views or opinions, and must have an open mind to create a new social norms for interacting. "n conclusion, diversity must be managed in order for the diversity result in better team performance rather than cause trouble and difficulties with team performance. "n order to build a strong and good team, we have to consider all the managing challenges especially the increasing of diversity. Thus, management will be more effective and efficient.

QUESTION 2. (. Discuss the overall framework for management that is presented in the chapter with one or more other students. )hy does *everything+ that an organization does have to be focused on the overall goals of the organization? ANSWER $n overall framework of management is very useful in order to se how the management suppose to be and in what way can we achieve the organizations aim and goal. ,lanning is the most important part where planning have to be done to first establish the overall goals and then to set the strategy to achieve goals. The e'ternal environment and the competencies are the basic needs in planning. This mean we have to look and understand the market and industry needs. ,lus, we also have to know the weaknesses and operations inside the organization. !rganizing and leading are also about understanding the competencies, weaknesses and operations inside of the organization or inside the department, but only for managers other than chief e'ecutive officer -&.!/. The task of leading and organizing include understanding the state of organizational design0 reporting relationships, communication, human behavior and leadership in the organization, how they interacts each other0 and how they all must support the overall strategy. The manager also should use their knowledge, skills and their e'perience to analyses the e'ternal and internal environments of the organization. 1or e'amples, the manager have to know well and better about certain things such as economics, government, sociology and political science to #udge the nature of overall organizational environment. Hence, the basic functions of management which consist of four main elements0 planning, organizing, leading and controlling can be fulfilled.

)e also have to get the feedback in order to understand conse%uences of what the organization had done so far. )hether the feedbacks are positive or negative, the further action can be taken based on the feedback that we get.. "t is a must for *everything+ that an organization does have to be focused on the overall goals of the organization. 2y analogy, we can compare it to our body system. 3et say, we want to eat and that is our goal. To eat, which is to achieve the goal, we have to look for the food that we want to eat, decide where we want to eat and so on. These are *everything+ that the organization does. )hat will happen if we decide to eat, but we go to the post office? &an we achieve the goal? )hat kind of food that you can get in the post office? 4o, everything is relying to each other and if we miss even single component, the goal will be never achieved. )hatever or however the organization does, it is still on the right track if the purpose is to achieve the goal. )hatever the manager want to do, they have to be %ualified enough in carrying out the basic functions of management which are planning, organizing, leading and last but not least, controlling. 2y doing those alone is also not enough as the manager have to take e'ternal and internal environment, overall strategy, organizing, leading and controlling and overall goals into considerations. These are actually the overall framework of management and this framework can guide people in managing or handling with an organization. !verall, the framework will help us to understand how all the other courses that we take relate to the functions of management. "n addition, it also show how the functions of a management all connected and interact with each other, and together, they lead to effective and efficient achievement of an organizations overall goals.

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