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Rev. Scott Bowerman Pastor Helen Wingert Organist Sandy Wilson Children’s Ministry Director Erin Regan Contemporary Worship & Youth Minister

Central Presbyterian Church 40 Lincoln Way West Chambersburg, PA 17201 Church Phone: 717.264.4113 Fax: 717.264.9272 Office Hours: 8:00am—4:00pm email:

Deb Mummert Danielle Kardisco

Roberta Lawyer Ron George

Director of Mother’s Day Out Director of Music Ministry

Secretary Custodian

T h e Pa s t o r ’ s N o t e s
As I write this, Susan and I have been preparing for Thanksgiving. I like to ask at the Thanksgiving table, “What are you thankful for today?” I asked myself that question today and thought for a good while about it. I realized that one has to drill down, so to speak, into the details of the everyday to see in depth the goodness God has shown us; that one has to pay attention and approach one’s life from a posture of gratitude in order to be able to appreciate the abundance of God’s gifts. Herewith, some of what I’m thankful for: ♦ For walks with Susan at dusk and seeing the sun set behind the mountains and the moon and stars come out. ♦ For God’s amazing patience with and love for me that I cannot deserve but must simple accept. ♦ For how my youngest grandchild, Noah, as we were saying goodbye last week lay his head in the crook between my shoulder and neck. ♦ For the second movement of Tchaikovsky’s fourth symphony. ♦ For heated car seats when it’s 28 degrees in the morning. ♦ For our slobbery 72-pound dog Barney who is always glad to see me. ♦ For the beauty of hiking in the woods in Michaux Forest, especially around the Chambersburg ♦ Reservoir. ♦ For three grown children who somehow turned out well despite my sometimes inept parenting. ♦ For the sense of joy I feel as I stand to lead worship and preach that comes from feeling I’m where God wants me and doing what God wants me to do. ♦ For pizza. Really good pizza. ♦ For how every day following the Lord Jesus is a challenge and adventure. ♦ For friends of long standing, scattered around the country yet whose friendship time and distance cannot erode. ♦ For singing along in the car to Bruce Springsteen. ♦ For my colleagues on Central’s amazing staff team - for how we laugh and pray and dream and work together. ♦ For people at Central granting me the privilege to share life with them and be their pastor and pray with them. ♦ For the first cup of coffee of the day enjoyed while sitting in our sunroom. ♦ And finally - for how you, the people of Central, have welcomed Susan and me - and for how we feel at home among you and in Chambersburg.

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Church Family
Thank you....
College student, Shannon Leary in a thank you to Sue Stahl about her College Care Package.

Hey Sue, I just received the care package from church, and it is awesome!! Receiving a package of any kind here (or any mail, for that matter) is really exciting, but this one is especially great since it's huge and stuffed with great food! Thank you so much!! Love, Shannon

My sincere thanks and appreciation to all concerned for the gorgeous floral arrangement I received after the Pork and Sauerkraut Dinner. What a surprise! I was (for once!) speechless and just wanted to thank you so much for your kindness .. and for all the warm messages of support that I received around the event. God Bless .. Ingrid Herbert

Thanks to the strong response and early contributions to the Capital Campaign, a 15 passenger mini-bus with wheelchair access has been purchased for Central! Over $130,000 has been pledged to the Capital Campaign bringing us close to the $145,000 goal for our 145th Anniversary “Celebrating Our Past, Preparing for our Future”
2004 Ford Bus, 15 Passenger w/Wheelchair Lift, Purchase Price $16,400. Your Capital Campaign Dollars at Work!

College student, Jessica Whitmore in an email about her College Care Package. Dear Central Family, Thank you very much for the generous care package you sent me! It actually arrived on October 31st and was a perfect and unexpected Halloween treat. It also came just in time for midterms and provided the perfect snacks for my teammates and I as we were studying around our busy schedules. It means a lot to know that my church family is thinking of me while I am away at college. Thank you, Jess Whitmore

Thank you for the 62 Christmas Child Shoeboxes that were filled with gifts for children who are in need around the world. Our boxes that will be delivered will spread the love of Christ to those needing hope. Central’s Mission Team

(early deadline due to holidays)

Newsletter deadline Friday, December 20th

MEN’s BIBLE STUDY: December 7th & 21st
Group meets at 7:00a.m. the first and third Saturday of each month at the Texas Lunch on Lincoln Way West downtown Chambersburg. After breakfast, you will walk to Central for bible study in the Parlor. Our video study will be: “Walking With God in the Desert” For more information, please contact the church office at 717-264-4113

Central’s Book Club meets again Wednesday, Dec. 4th at 7:00 PM in the Church Parlor. We will be starting The Fall of the House of Dixie, by Bruce Levine.
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T ! “G!"#” $% C!&'()*
Luther Ridge-264-5700
2735 Luther Dr., Chbg. 17202 The Cottage Beverly Winther

Central’s Special Concerns
Genevieve Ambrose Newt Stake 66 Sanibel Lane, Chbg. 17201 Raymond & Gunlog Anderson 119 Mt Union Rd, Fayetteville, PA 17222 Isabelle Allen Jay Keefer 311 Cumberland Ave, Chbg. 17201 Alma Bender Beverly Winther 1120 Lincoln Way E, Chbg. 17201 Mildred Brown 611 Wallace Ave, Chbg 17201 June Fiddler Susan Snyder 2650 St.Paul Rd, Chbg. 17201 Stanley & Esther Johnson Laurie McKelvie 56 Sanibel Ln, Chbg 17201 Alva Kline Beverly Winther 49 Lincoln Way W, Chbg. 17201 Nancy MacFarlane 668A Cumberland Ave, Chbg. 17201 Nancy Reichenbach 2242 Scotland Rd, Chbg. 17201 Glenn & Betty Shaffer Dale Hastings 722 Stanley Ave, Chbg 17201 John Shoap Dave Bender 107 Green Meadow Ln, Chbg. 17201 Isabel Vanderau Eric Mellott 806 N. Penn Hall Dr, Chbg. 17201 Ruth Weaver Tawnya Secor 1060 Wallace Ave, Chbg. 17201 Dorothy Zullinger Sandy Myers 155 Colonial Dr, Chbg. 17202

-Ellen Bush, 2724 Esther Cr. **(NM)

Menno Haven-263-8545
2075 Scotland Ave. Nursing Center

-M. Karolyn Lawrence #412 Dale Hastings -Dr. Robert Coy, #217 James Kearns -Libby Reasner, #303 Sandy Myers -Roberta Klinepeter, #119 (visited by Peg Hollar)

-Marcia Grubbs #304
Walden Place

Jay Keefer Jay Keefer

-Lawrence Mohr #21 *(NF)

-Dorothy Burkholder, #1206 **(NM)
Village Square

-Robert Zullinger #136 ***(NV) -John Bowerman #209
Menno Village

Dale Hastings Laurie McKelvie

-LaVerne Knarr #610D -Beverly Minnich #740A

Penn Hall-261-0220
1425 Phila. Ave. Manor Building

-Selma Thomson #121 Beverlie Wissner -Gennie Boozer #506 Tawnya Secor -Frances Farmer #324 Beverly Winther -Mary Fish, #221 Beverlie Wissner -Elton Simpson #417 Mike Herbert -Margaret Sponsler, #229 Susan Snyder -Ed Wenrich, #314 (visited by George Muller)

Providence Place-709-0668
2085 Wayne Rd.

- Bob Zeis #317

Tawnya Secor

Quincy Skilled Nursing Care-749-3151
6596 Orphanage Rd., Waynesboro 17268 Nursing Center

If you know of any changes or updates, please contact the church office, 264-4113. ♦ Deacon’s name is now listed with those he or she visits. ♦ Phone numbers and birth dates have been removed from this page. If you wish to contact, (by phone), a member of the Gems of Central, please contact the church office at 264-4113.
West Virginia Member Treva Kerns 601 Foxcroft Ave, Apt #1 Martinsburg, WV 25401 Grafton County Nursing Home Florence Steil, Room 413A 3855 Dartmouth College Hwy N. Haverhill, NH 03774

-Carolyn Kreutz #229

Beverly Wissner

Shook Home-264-6815
55 S. Second St. Quarters Newt Stake 3

* (NF) = No Flowers please ** (NM) = Non-member *** (NV) = No Visits please

-Joan Depuy #3062

Updated: November 2013

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Christmas Tour
On Sunday 15 December from 1 to 5 p.m. Central will be part of the Franklin County Historical Society “Annual Christmas Tour” of historic homes and places”. Five homes and Central Presbyterian make up the Tour this year. Central will welcome visitors to the Sanctuary, via the Lincoln Way West entrance. A Central member will be in the Sanctuary to relate and answer questions regarding the Church History, including the Tiffany Windows. Other Central members are needed to welcome Tour Visitors to Central and escort them to the Sanctuary via the elevator. Please contact the church office at 717-264-4113 The Ascension if you would be interested in being a “Greeter” that afterOne of the Tiffany windows in the Sanctuary of Central noon. Thank you for your ministry.
If you know of anyone who is in the hospital, will be going into the hospital, or would like a home visit, please feel free to contact Pastor Scott Bowerman at 803-608-1484. You can also reach him by email at The pastor is in his office at Central Presbyterian Church most mornings, M-F, 8:00 am to 12:00pm. Please call the church at 264-4113 to verify he is in his office.

Stephen Ministry will be sponsoring a Candlelight Prayer Night in our lovely Sanctuary on Friday, Dec. 6th 5-8PM. Please join us in the Sanctuary during downtown’s Luminary Night. We believe it’s a wonderful opportunity for people to take some time to meditate and reflect during the busiest season of the year.

The Monday evening support group will begin a new session on
January 13—February 17, 2014, 7-8:30pm at the Wholeness Center located on the square at 19 South Main Street downtown Chambersburg. Session Cost is $10. For more information or to register, email Cindy Shoemaker at or by calling Central Presbyterian Church 717-264-4113.

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Ministry Duties for the Month of DECEMBER
December Prayer Partners: Courtney Fogal & (son) Carter Floyd & Renee Furl Joseph & Bonnie Fortuna Gary & Brenda Geiman Ron & Lori George Ushers
1st Sandy Myers(H), Eric Mellott, Howard Brand, Jean Gisriel 8th Tawnya Secor(H), Don & Bev Wissner, Pat Shreiner 15th Beverly Winther(H), Laurie McKelvie, Jack Kier, Bill Glaubach 22nd Newt Stake(H), Susan Snyder, Doug Vanderau, Cindy Happel Christmas Eve: Laurie McKelvie(H), Beverly Winther, Newt Stake, Dale Hastings, Jay Keefer, Tawnya Secore, Sandy Myers, Beverlie Wissner 29th Dale Hasting(H), Mike & Ingrid Herbert, Don Weber Praying for Missions in December

Assistant Leaders
1st 8th 15th 22nd 29th Lucille Stence Dottie Bush Deb Mummert Jean Gisriel Sally Sulcove


1st John & Kenna Dee Swan, Don & Shelley Marangoni 8th Art & Gladys Kuehn, Grace Bender 15th Jean Diehl, Mike Diehl, Floyd & Renee Furl 22nd Don Weber, James & Lindsey Kearns Christmas Eve: Joel & Cindy Happel, Anne Miller 29th Greg & Linda Rhone, Bill Oyler

This past summer, several educators from the U.S. spent two weeks in Kenya assessing the current educational status of the children at Joy Village and exploring schools in the area that are equipped to meet their special education needs. They determined that two steps must be taken. First, hire a Joy Village educator to work in the home environment and facilitate the education for each child. Second, enroll all the children in Peak Piller School, a private school where they are assured of receiving a good education and much needed remedial help. The contribution from Central Presbyterian Church’s capital campaign will provide approximately half of the annual education expense, ensuring excellent schooling for 40 children. Many thanks to you all.

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Central’s Mentor/Mentee get together

We’ve had an awesome November!!! First, MENTOR/MENTEE NIGHT on Sunday November 3rd was a ROARING good time, where 19 youth and their “big-kid”mentors got together for games, fellowship, Bible-story presentations, prayer, and worship! The 2.5 hours went very quickly – time DOES fly when you’re having fun! A huge thank you to all of the selfless adults who have agreed to be mentors for young people in our church – you are appreciated and loved! Special Mentor Kari Wiley and thanks to Amanda Bietsch, Phil Bietsch, and Sue Stahl for being “onher Mentee

call” buddies for the night!!

Second, the MIDDLER LOCK-OUT on Friday November 8th was GREAT! We started with dinner out at Panera, then traveled to a variety of places including The Chambersburg Mall for a photo scavenger hunt, the hill at St. John’s UCC for storytelling, Lincoln Lanes for lazer bowling, then back to Central for worship, a movie, and a tiny bit of sleep. Breakfast at Texas Lunch completed our time together and most went home to take a well-needed-nap! Major thank-yous to Dani and Jeff Kardisco, Emily Miller, Tiff Updegrave, Dining out at Panera! and Olivia Mullen for being our wonderful volunteers for this event!!! You rock!!! And of COURSE, we LOVED helping out with the Pork and Sauerkraut dinner! What a wonderful time in our church family!!! And what a blessing to be a part of the Chambersburg Christmas Parade this year! Thank you to everyone involved in making this happen, especially Sandy Wilson! In December, we plan to rake leaves, sing Christmas Carols at some nursing homes, do a skit or two in the Christmas Celebration Service, and have a Christmas-COSTUMEParty on December 22nd! “Come dressed up as your favorite Christmas-MovieCharacter”!!! In the month of November, we are reminded to be completely THANKFUL for all the small and big blessings that God has given us! You are one of those blessings and so we say praises of thanks for YOU!

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Join us on Sunday mornings 8:30am in the Friendship Hall

CONTEMPORARY WORSHIP! We are blessed to worship the only God worth worshipping! And we are blessed to do it in SPIRIT and in TRUTH! (John 4:24) We are also blessed to worship through the varietal means of music, dance, drama, technology, art, and visual media! If you are interested in joining any of the teams that cover these worship styles, please see Erin Regan! The more the merrier! If you are interested in learning the songs before the service, check out the Music Ministry page on our church website! The songs are updated weekly! This Christmas season, check out Christmas music by Paul Baloche, Hillsong United, and Erin’s dear friend, Chris Douglas!

Session took the following actions at its November meeting. If you have any questions, please talk to one of the Elders: Brenda Black, Bill Daniels, Tom Diehl, Jean Gisriel, Linda Igou, Pat McNamee, Ann Miller, Jim Sharp, Karl Shreiner, Luella Smith, Doug Vanderau, Don Weber, or Kathryn Finley, Clerk. • • • • • • Approved Pastor Scott’s study leave request for January 27 to February 2. He will be attending The Creativity Conference in Orlando sponsored by The Leadership Nexus Foundation. Approved the request to have Gene Wilson preach on Sunday February 2. Transferred Duane & Judy Gooch’s church membership to First Presbyterian Church, Maquette MI. Approved the 2014 budget as amended. Approved the 2014 communion schedule as presented by the Worship Committee. Communion will be served on January 5 (intinction), February 9, March 2, April 17 (intinction), June 8, July 27, August 31 (intinction), October 5, November 23, and December 21. Approved the formation of, and a job description for, a new Media Ministry Team, as recommended by the Worship Committee. The team will work closely with Central’s staff and leader ship to enhance all services with various types of multimedia, optimal lighting, improved sound, and capture church events though photography and video. Approved the recommendation to disband the current Personnel Committee and replace it with a Personnel Staff Support Committee. At the December Session meeting, Jean Gisriel will pre sent, for Session approval, a committee job description and list of responsibilities. The follow ing people will serve on the new committee: Jean Gisriel (Chair), Missy Igou, John Leary, and Don Marangoni. Approved the recommendation that the new Personnel Staff Support Committee be chaired by an Elder currently serving on Session. Called a Special Session meeting for Sunday December 1. The purpose of the meeting is to meet and examine new members.

• •

Correction to last month’s Session actions: • Tom Diehl was elected to serve as Chair of the Memorial Committee, not the Mission Committee. He replaces Susan Keefer, who is stepping down.

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Hello! I am writing on behalf of the committee which organizes the event to thank every single person who gave their time, their help, and their support to make Central’s Annual Pork and Sauerkraut Dinner the huge success that it turned out to be! This year marked the 67th annual event and thanks to our outstanding volunteers and those who contributed to the event in so many ways, Friday November 1, 2013 turned out to be one of our very best outreach events! Although at first the weather looked poor – soon the sun was out and over the course of the day we served 708 people with meals (including 181 as take-out) and the profit from the event reached almost $5000 (actually $4922 - which is used by the Pastor at his discretion to help those in need). Included in this amount is $1584 from the Bake Sale, Jewelry Sale and Bazaar …. a fantastic effort from all who supported this effort! We had folks who took on all sorts of tasks! Some worked in the kitchen and prepared food, others set the tables, ordered supplies, sold tickets, or took outstanding photographs. Others made and distributed flyers, joined the “clean-up crew”, placed great advertising, contributed to the bake sale, served on take-out, made the best ever volunteer name tags, baked wonderful deserts, served tables, and generously donated items for sale. Our youth really contributed in style and some even got out on The Square and waved our banner! We also sincerely appreciate all those who held us up in prayer before and during the event. We mustn't forget to say a sincere “thank you’ to all of you who bought and sold tickets and brought friends and family in to the church in fellowship .. because our annual Pork and Sauerkraut Dinner isn’t all about enlarging the Pastor’s Discretionary fund .. it’s about reaching out and touching the lives of the community in Chambersburg and making everyone who comes through the doors of our Church feel our welcome and our love. People came for fellowship with us from all over Pennsylvania and from as far away as the Dakotas! On behalf of all concerned with the organization of the event, please accept our most sincere thanks and appreciation for contributing and making the event such a wonderful success this year. God Bless, Ingrid Herbert

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The church is trimmed with greenery and candles, the buzz is in the air of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ’s birth!!! Glory to God in the Highest!!
Music Ministry is BURSTING with Christmas Joy! Diligently rehearsing for several unique and beautiful worship opportunities. Please join us for:

Christmas Celebration Sunday
December 8th 10:00am ~ Sanctuary
A worship service filled with offerings by children, teenagers and adults alike. A yummy lunch will be provided post service by the Fellowship Team.

Christmas Eve services
December 24th 5:00pm ~ Fellowship Hall
A worship service in contemporary style filled with music, (Praise Band), dance, scripture, candle lighting, a message and the spirit of Christmas.

December 24th 7:00pm ~ Sanctuary
A worship service in traditional style filled with music (Choir, Handbells, Organ, Piano), lessons, carols, candle lighting, a message and the spirit of Christmas. Check out the FUN we have at Kid’s Music on Wednesday nights!

Kid’s Music will be on a holiday hiatus from December 18th-January 15th.

Peace, Joy, Hope, and Love in this joyous Christmas season, Dani
For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder, and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6

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DEC 2013
8:30a F.O.C.U.S. Prayer NO MDO-TDay Break NO Staff Mtg 5p Dress Rehearsal for Christmas Celebration 5:30p Praise Team 7p Book Club, Parlor

4 9a MDO 3rd Floor 5 6
9a MDO 3rd Floor 6:30p Sr. Bell practice 7p C.A.S. Rm 123 L.Martin 7:30p Chancel Choir

9a MDO 3rd Floor CPC Prayer Night LUMINARY NIGHT IN DOWNTOWN CHBG. Meals to Cold Weather Drop-in Shelter 6p Young Adult gather




Men’s Breakfast and Bible study

1 Birthday Sunday

8:30a-9:30a FH Cont. Srv. 9:30a-10:30a Sun.School 10:45a SANC Trad.Srv. 5p Middler’s meeting 6p SH Youth meeting Deacons meeting 1st Advent Sunday

2 8:30a F.O.C.U.S.

NO MDO-TDay Break 7p Worship Team mtg 7p DSG-BANQUET, FH Hosted by C.Shoemaker

9a MDO 3rd Floor 2:30p Staff Mtg.

1 Service 10:00AM, Sanctuary
9a MDO 3rd Floor 3p Mission Team 5:30P Praise Team 6:30p Sr.Bell-Sanctuary 7p C.A.S. Rm 123 L.Martin 7:30p Senior Choir-NLC

9 F.O.C.U.S. 8:30am Last day to get your Poinsettia order in to the church office.



9a MDO 3rd Floor

CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION w/Lasagna Luncheon in FH after Services 5p Middler’s meeting 6p SH Youth meeting 2nd Advent Sunday


5p CROSSROADS gym for volleyball and potluck

9a MDO 3rd Floor 5p Mustardseeds & JAM ChristmasParty 7:30p Senior Choir Christmas Party

15 Officers Installed 17
9a MDO 3rd Floor 2:30p Staff Mtg. 7p SESSION 9a MDO 3rd Floor 5p Mustardseeds practice 5:30p JAM practice 6:30p Jubilee Bells Christmas Party

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18 19 20
1p MDO CHRISTMAS PROG. FOR PARENTS Meals to Cold Weather Drop-in Shelter

8:30a-9:30a FH Cont. Srv. 9:30a-10:30a Sun.School 10:45a SANC Trad.Srv. 5p Middler’s meeting 6p SH Youth meeting 3rd Advent Sunday

16 F.O.C.U.S. 8:30am 9a MDO 3rd Floor 6p ZUMBA CLASSES 7p DRAMA TEAM

Men’s Breakfast and Bible study

1p MDO CHRISTMAS PROG. FOR PARENTS 6:30p Sr.Bell Choir 5:00p Praise Team 7p C.A.S. Rm 123 L.Martin 7:30p Senior Choir-NLC

22 Christmas Communion 24 NO MDO 3:30p Praise Team 25

8:30a-9:30a FH Cont. Srv. 9:30a-10:30a Sun.School 10:45a SANC Trad.Srv. 4th Advent Sunday

23 F.O.C.U.S. 8:30a 5:30p Praise Team


6:30p Sr.Bell Choir 7p C.A.S. Rm 123 L.Martin 7:30p Senior Choir-NLC




12 Noon Praise Team



YOUTH Christmas Party

EARLY Newsletter Deadline due to holiday

CHRISTMAS EVE Candle Light Services 5p and 7pm

Mail Newsletter


29 10a Blended Service, FH

5p Middler’s meeting 6p SH Youth meeting




5:30p Praise Team 7p C.A.S. Rm 123 L.Martin


Mother’s Day Out will resume Mon. Jan. 6th, 2014


Non-Profit Org. U.S. POSTAGE PAID Chambersburg, PA PERMIT NO. 108

Central Presbyterian Church 40 Lincoln Way West Chambersburg, PA 17201-2104


Vi s i o n Sta t e m e nt
Central Presbyterian Church is a community of believers led by the Holy Spirit to: C Comfort those in need E Empower and Equip disciples N Nurture through Christian Fellowship and prayer T Tell the Good News of Jesus Christ R Reach out and serve A Adore and worship God L Love

40 Lincoln Way West Chambersburg, PA 17201 Phone: 717- 264-4113 Fax: 717-264-9272 Office Hours Monday—Friday: 8:00AM to 4:00PM


Church Staff Email Addresses & Phone Ext.
Church: Sandy: Erin Helen: Danielle: MDO: Custodian: Roberta: x314 x106 x216 x206 x301 x119

the living water of Jesus Christ with all who thirst.”
1st Worship Service 8:30 A.M. Friendship Hall 2nd Worship Service 10:45 A.M. Sanctuary Church School 9:30 AM
Classes for all ages

Checkout Central’s website:

Come Casual ~ Bring a Friend!

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