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Fall 2008

On Top Of North America: The IC-A14S and Mt. McKinley Base Camp
GSA news, your connection to Icom America’s Government Sales Division! Keep up with the latest products, news and technical information in this quarterly newsletter. At 20,320 ft / 6,194 m, Alaska’s Mt. McKinley is the highest point in North America. It is also perhaps the coldest mountain in the world outside of Antarctica. Nearly 1300 climbers try to make their way to the top each year. About half will make it. On average, three will die. There’s about a four month window of opportunity for climbers. Before April, it’s too cold. After July, it’s too soft and dangerous. Most climbers start their climbs from base camp on Kahiltna Glacier, the launching point for both the standard West Buttress Route and the more technical Cassin Ridge route. Running Mt. McKinley’s base camp is serious business. Everything from A-Z must be flown in – including climbers and all their gear – and conditions are rarely conducive to flying. Lisa Roderick, the base camp manager, has insisted on using a single Icom portable air band radio at camp for nearly a them to tell them where to land and give them weather conditions.” Lisa often keeps the radio close to her skin, under her layers of clothes, to keep the batteries warm. “The A4 was so durable I used it for 7 seasons”, said Lisa. “I dropped it a lot in the the snow and it always worked great.” “My Icom A14S is the most important piece of equipment that is use to run Denali Basecamp” – Lisa Roderick Lisa likes her A14S even more than her trusty A4. “The A14S is smaller and fits better in my pocket. It also seems a lot stronger and clearer then the A4. Both radios worked great at altitude and in the cold.” Any questions if the A14S is an ideal choice for an FBO ground crew radio?! decade. “I mostly talked to the ski planes landing at basecamp, and if were any rescue helicopters (including military) picking up injured climbers I talked to

• A14S at Work: Mt. McKinley Base Camp • Close Call: The ‘08 Midwest Flood and the New Pike County IAS System • Who’s Who to Contact at Icom: The Service Team • 110 Watt Mobile: New HPUK Radio Kit • FR5000 Repeater: • Digital and Analog, All in One • Enhanced MDC: Signaling offers AVL and more!

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Photos courtesy of J. Bondurant

Fortunately.837 people 5. 12 agencies now have a common paging channel and 2 incident channels (Alpha and Bravo) with 80% coverage in a geographically rough county. He attributed the remaining 1% to user error. Pike County’s Bravo channel handled approximately 3700 transmissions during the first five hours – a traffic level that their prior equipment did not have the capacity to handle. Whether it’s personalized customer service or just equipment integration Above right: BK Radio’s Jim Eatoch inspects the new system with IAS’s Scott Bigger before delivery. Pike County. helpful customer service set IAS apart. IL came within 6 inches of an all-time flood high. a new system developed by IAS for BK Radio and the county was up and running. says Jim Eatoch of BK Electric. In a matter of hours IAS had designed and built a timer circuit that worked perfectly. Jim praises the Icom America employees that have made this a functioning reality. Illinois Population (year 2000): 12. Prompt.Midwestern Flooding: Too Close for Comfort A Follow-up on the Pike County. Pike County. ready if disaster struck. Fire and EMS. to an IAS system that unites Sheriff. One example: When a paging system timer needed to be automatically repeated every 15 seconds from different geographical regions IAS wasted no time to build their own solution. Jim relates that Pike County went from a rag-tag bunch of radio systems that couldn’t talk to one another. IL IAS System With the Mississippi floods earlier this summer.119 households 3. IAS has you covered. Jim has many stories – people stories – to back up his claim that Icom was the best choice for the Pike County project. IL. Two or three of the four receivers in Pike County will cover radio users at all times. “The new Icom system worked perfectly 99% of the time”. Icom’s personal service allowed Pike County to integrate their existing 200 – 300 analog radios with the new IAS system and get them up and running fast. Above left: Taking a break atop a water tower during system installation. Fall 2008 2 .680 families Size: 341 square miles (883 km) Population density: 38 people per square mile (15/km) County seat: Petersburg Info and map courtesy of Wikipedia. the Smy levee system of Pike County. On the first day of the flood.

NY 13057 Phone: 877-349-4266 Fax: 315-445-3299 Icom America Inc. Dwayne Black (Service Manager) Front Row (L to R): James Degagne (Parts Lead). Icom America has multiple authorized service centers around the U. For answers to the above questions. an independent business. Ellen Pardee (Warranty Administrator). has their own tracking procedures and pricing structure.West 14432 425-586-6352 • Did service receive my radio? • When is it coming back? • How much will it cost to service? • How is my radio being shipped? To better serve you. Reggie Peery (LM Tech).com 800-306-1380 For service of Icom P25. Brian Tobin (Parts Specialist).5PM (Pacific time) Fall 2008 3 . IL 60139 Phone: 888-616-9600 Fax: 630-832-0333 Icom Service Center .com Have a question about Icom Service? This dynamic team can get you the answers you need! General warranty questions and service issues: Service Administration service@icomamerica. Icom America hours of operation: Monday-Friday. For the main Bellevue service center: service@icomamerica. Each center. CA 91746 Phone: 626-330-5338 Fax: 626-968-2088 Icom Service Center . Cristina Parmley (Service Support Specialist) Authorized Icom America service centers: Icom Service Center .com 800-306-1380 Warranty claim questions: Ellen Pardee ellenp@icomamerica.Chicago 300 Regency Drive Glendale Heights.Who’s Who to Contact at Icom: The Service Team Back row (L to R): Chuck Coulson (LM Tech). 8AM . WA 98004 Phone: 800-306-1380 E-mail: service@icomamerica. or trunking 800-346-0495 How can I become an authorized Icom Service Center?: Ellen Pardee ellenp@icomamerica. intrinsically safe.A. please contact the Bellevue service center. please contact the service center you’ve sent or are intending to send your radio to. Valley Road City of 425-586-6352 To order blank warranty claim forms: Icom America Literature literature@icomamerica.New York 5703 Enterprise Parkway East Syracuse. Dan Miles (Service Supervisor).com 800-997-9877 (leave message) Parts questions: parts@icomamerica.S. Lorie Phillips (Service Administrator). Main Service Department 2380 116th Ave NE Bellevue. Dave Parson (LM Tech). Mary Scanlon (Service Admin Supervisor).

and includes dual cooling fans for maximum air flow. or be offered for sale or lease. and does not permit sale as an accessory only. and the HPUK. tested and ready for installation. It is a heavy duty design with excellent TX specs.HPUK – High Power Upgrade Kit for Icom Mobile Radios There is a demand in the Government and Utilities market for 100W mobiles that Icom was not able to fulfill until now. This device may not be sold or leased. Availability on the HPUK is 6 to 8 weeks from receipt of order – make sure to place your order with Icom America Systems today! Fax: 425-586-6321 Email: ias@icomamerica. 50W VHF mobile to 110W. HPUK is manufactured exclusively for Icom America by TPL. Please order the cables separately. These radio kits have remote mount capability for trunk or behind the seat installation. remote mount kit (RMK2 or RMK3). Fall 2008 4 . We are pleased to announce a High Power Upgrade Kit (HPUK) that converts our IC-F1721 series. IA Engineering Best Practices requires the high power upgrade kit to ship assembled with the This device has not been approved by the Federal Communications Commission. and it comes fully assembled. We offer 2 years warranty on the kits. and includes: • 1 each of power cable assembly fused (15”) • 1 each of jumper cable assembly • 1 each of thermostat assembly kit Each kit includes a mobile radio. until approval of the FCC has been obtained. Three separation cables are available to meet your specific application (not included).

25 kHz Digital 6 RU • 1 . All internal options are factory installed and tested prior to shipment.FR5000 (2 channels) • 1 . All Icom Land Mobile dealers should have received a mailed packet of information about the new FR5000 series base station. Minimum requirements are 3 MHz for VHF and 5 MHz for UHF.FR4000 (1 ch each) Total spectrum occupancy: 50 kHz (12. send your request to literature@icomamerica. Go digital.FR3000 (1 ch each) • 2 . or if you would like more FR5000 literature. If you did not receive yours.5% in rack space rental fees.5 or 25 kHz Conventional 16 RU • 2 . Fall 2008 5 . Specify your required frequency range and RX to TX separation (split) when ordering. • The Internal Antenna Switch allows the use of one antenna for base station operation.5 or 25 kHz Conventional or 6. These accessory options are factory installed in the slot where the optional second UR module would be mounted. Controller Controller Controller 12. Which 4 channel system fits YOUR needs? Controller Save 62. • The Internal Duplexer (notch type) provides a cost effective space saving option when utilizing one antenna for repeater operation.FR6000 (2 channels) Total spectrum occupancy: 25 kHz Save rack space.Launch of the FR5000 – the IDAS Repeater/Base Accessory of the Month FR5000 Series Internal Accessory Options • The Pilot Tone Generator option provides a pilot tone for conventional voting systems.5 kHz system) 12. Save air

That means that our customers could upgrade critical personnel’s radios first and then gradually upgrade the rest of the fleet.Enhanced MDC Developed at Icom America for the F70 and F1720 Series and interference. Third party software allows for more choices when creating or modifying your signaling system. One of the most popular land mobile radio signaling systems is MDC-1200. but their systems are not compatible with MDC-1200. But customers tell us that while MDC1200 is an extremely reliable signaling system it is missing modern features like GPS and text messaging. rural search and rescue teams or wildland firefighters needs topographic maps for areas not covered by city mapping programs. Speaking of battery operation. To start. Icom America has partnered with several companies who provide mapping software to meet this need. Icom America Engineering developed a series of MDC-1200 compatible Icom radios. GPS receivers report precise location as a series of numbers (latitude and longitude). How Enhanced MDC works MDC-1200 and Enhanced MDC cleverly encode the transmission which enables the receiver to correct errors due to noise Icom America has partnered with several companies to provide mapping software. the HM-170GP. Why several mapping vendors? Because different agencies have different needs. Icom offers a combination lapel microphone and GPS receiver. as well. Icom America offers a logging Fall 2008 6 . Icom proudly offers Enhanced MDC on its F70 portable and F1721 mobile series radios. On the other hand. Enhanced MDC is also a great solution for people deploying a radio system for the first time. The result is that the MDC-1200 message gets through even though the signal is so weak that you cannot hear anything on the radio! Enhanced MDC includes GPS and free-text messaging and many other new features. Enhanced MDC cannot only be used to locate vehicles. it can be used to locate people on foot using an F70 portable. These have been very popular and Icom is now incorporating MDC-1200 capability into all new land mobile radios. Now the base station can warn the operator when his handheld battery power is low or the radio is going out of range. Some other signaling methods offer GPS and texting capabilities. So their solutions require you to replace every radio in the system! Icom America Engineering has instead developed an extension we call Enhanced MDC that is totally compatible with existing MDC-1200 radios. Beta testing under the forest canopy has shown that this combination works very well. Our customers also tell us they need complete solutions including mapping software. Two unique features are remote battery level and signal strength monitoring. A public utility needs simple city maps with address finding capability. But what our customers really need is position on a map. which works with Enhanced MDC. Icom America believes Enhanced MDC is going to be a great success and we plan to add it to many of our radio models. originally developed by Motorola.