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Markets 502 Description – Internal

Team Lead JPMorgan Chase is a leading global financial services firm with assets of $1.2 trillion and operations in more than 5 co!ntries. The firm is a leader in investment ban"ing# financial services for cons!mers and b!sinesses$ financial transaction processing$ asset and wealth management and private e%!it&. 'nder the JPMorgan$ Chase and (an")ne brands$ the firm serves millions of cons!mers in the 'nited *tates and man& of the worlds most prominent corporate$ instit!tional and government clients. +f &o! are interested in wor"ing in an environment where leadership$ e,cellence$ integrit& and diversit& are among o!r core principles$ and then e,plore the opport!nities at JPMorgan Chase. Role Description The& will be responsible for the following f!nctions-. • /is" Mitigation of trades dail& as per proced!res set b& the b!siness. • 0scalation of iss!es in a timel& manner.
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Creating and p!blishing a dail& M+* of o!tstanding iss!es. (!ilding and s!staining$ strong wor"ing relationships with internal Lines of (!siness within )perations$ Middle )ffice 1 Co!nter parties 2e,ternal 1 internal3. /eporting to management with the !pdates 0ns!ring that all iss!es are investigated and resolved in a timel& manner as per (!siness *tandards. 'nderstand and ens!re compliance with control and reg!lator& re%!irements Participate in the implementation of strategic initiatives identif& process improvements and efficienc& opport!nities in the dail& wor"flow verball& confirming details of 4erivative Trade prod!cts. The candidate m!st be a motivated individ!al who is capable of helping b!ild a strong Team with ver& little 4erivatives "nowledge. The individ!al m!st be able to# handle a high level of comple,it& in their prod!ct coverage# be able to shift gears with relative ease# be fle,ible eno!gh in shifting wor"load in accordance with changing priorities# and be comfortable dealing with a stressf!l and fast paced Trading environment.

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*trong anal&tic s"ills 5bilit& to %!ic"l& !nderstand a comple, matri, of operating s&stems across the infrastr!ct!re and their inter.relationships and dependencies *trong teamwor" and people and organi6ational s"ills 5bilit& to f!nction as a "nowledge base of a highl& effective Team

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5bilit& to m!lti.tas" in a constantl& changing$ global$ virt!al team environment *trong verbal and written comm!nication s"illsComfort liaising with e,ternal Clients$ Middle )ffice and other remote Team members Control and Process +mprovement mindset 5ble to criticall& challenge with the goal of identif&ing control iss!es and process improvement opport!nities 0,perience7wor"ing "nowledge of 4erivative prod!cts *ho!ld be good at e,cel management *ho!ld able to +dentit& +mprovement 5reas of TM and able to create an +mprovement plan.

Qualifications – Internal

Required Skills and Qualifications
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8nowledge of 9:79: options 2MT messages and CL* *ettlements3 *trong interpersonal s"ills and abilit& to b!ild b!siness relationships. 5bilit& to m!lti tas" in a fast paced environment and ver& res!lts oriented. 5bilit& to !nderstand and artic!late b!siness re%!irements. 0,cellent written and oral comm!nication s"ills. 5bilit& to comm!nicate with e,ternal 7 internal clients. *trong anal&tical and problem solving s"ills.

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5bilit& to wor" independentl& and ver& self.motivated. /esponsive to a d&namic and constantl& changing environment. PC s"ills re%!ired- M* ;ord$ Lot!s <otes$ M* 0,cel and +nternet =rad!ate with good academic record

Desired Skills Writing basic macros