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IC-R9500 Professional Communications Receiver
The IC-R9500 is a high-end professional communications receiver for wideband monitoring, signal detection, spectrum analysis, recording received signals, and more.
Government, military and intelligence professionals engaged in Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) activities require aggressive, capable receiving equipment. A SIGINT receiver must be able to tune quickly and accurately, zero in on weak signals while ignoring adjacent signals, detect and demodulate numerous signal modes and interface cleanly with signal analysis equipment. Icom’s new IC-R9500 receiver is designed for integration into these smart, flexible communications systems. Tuning from 5kHz (VLF) to 3335MHz (SHF), the R9500 receives USB, LSB, CW, FSK,

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AM, FM, WFM, and P25 (with the optional UT-122 module), recovering voice, image, fax, data, satellite, and non-communications signals. continued on page 2

IC-2820H Dual Band FM Transceiver
Icom GSA Price List Available on CD Request Your Copy TODAY 800-306-1403 GSA Contract: GS-35F-0109L expires 12/13/2010

D-STAR Digital Voice plus GPS receiver*. Wideband receiver with simultaneous receive capability. 50W output on dual VHF/UHF bands.
*Optional UT-123 board is required

Every day we hear of amateur radio’s importance in emergency situations: How amateur radio enthusiasts, also known as “Ham” operators, assist first responders all over the world. Icom Inc and Icom America Inc. are proud to introduce the latest amateur radio tool to provide communications support to firstresponder professionals: the IC-2820H. Traditionally, voice communication has been sufficient, but modern emergency communication requires digital data. In addition, emergency managers need to track and deploy material and human assets more efficiently than ever. Icom’s D-STAR digital amateur radio equipment fills this need. The IC-2820H supports all the latest features and functions of D-STAR on VHF and UHF channels.

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The IC-2820H can transmit digital data over the same channel as digital voice, allowing status reports to be filed in the field from a laptop or PDA. Logistics data such as inventory, head count, staff lists and schedules can now be managed digitally. Because D-STAR transmissions don’t send data “in the clear”, D-STAR can be integrated into a HIPAA-compliant system without modification. D-STAR transmissions also integrate GPS information automatically with tactical communications. By installing the D-STAR/GPS UT-123 module, position data can be included with every voice transmission. GPS data enables COTS software packages to use resource continued on page 2

The 10. Supporting Features: Icom’s patentpending “Auto Tune” function tunes in not only AM and CW signals. The reference-derived 10MHz output signal can be used as a reference for other equipment. Its extended receive range allows hams to listen in to tactical and logistic communications on regular public The IC-2820H has excellent scanning capabilities.05 ppm frequency stability important to the automated monitoring and demodulation of digital signals. For example. Diversity reception is provided to minimize fading. Wide mode covers a continued from page 1 IC-2820H Dual Band FM Transceiver safety and government channels. Recorded audio can be stored on Compact Flash or USB memory devices and an optical interface supplies audio in S/P DIF format for recording by PCs or digital recorders. The normal spectrum scope mode displays from ±2. To learn more about integrating amateur radio into your operations.1/2. D-STAR is quickly growing in popularity with U. Accessory jacks group signals in single-cable connections to digital signal demodulation equipment. analog voice and packet radio . maximum range communications even under difficult circumstances.continued from page 1 IC-R9500 Professional Communications Receiver larger range with lower resolution. contact the American Radio Relay League (www. 50 watts of output power on both VHF and UHF provide solid. manual and auto-notch filters. Signal Analysis Interface: The ICR9500 provides all of the necessary access to internal signals by SIGINT industry first. and cross-polarization that degrade communications.S. IF filtering is performed by 32bit DSP processors that allow complete control of filter response. D-STAR is an acronym for Digital Smart Technology for Amateur (Ham) Radio. “one-touch” functions that start and stop recording or automatically capture audio received during a preceding time interval or controlled by squelch-activated recording. Digital twin passband tuning (PBT). but SSB as well . and are organized by frequency range. communications with which the “emcomm” community is accustomed. and 10 VFO channels combine for exceptional performance in the challenging “RF battleground” that is today’s RF spectrum. the IC-2820H fully supports all the Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator (OCXO) unit provides 0. and center frequency.5 mm 3-conductor connector) signals are available for processing by external signal analysis or recording systems. The synchronous AM detector offers superior performance over ordinary diode detectors when receiving a weak or fading AM signal. The D-STAR technology is based on an open protocol designed in Japan. Communications System Integration: High-speed USB 1. Dual DSP Units 5 Roofing Filters OCXO Unit Distortion-Free Signal Selectivity: SIGINT users need the IC-R9500’s exceptional +40dBm IP3 and 109dB dynamic range performance and 5 selectable roofing filters from 240 kHz to 3 kHz to receive weak signals free of masking and blocking from adjacent signals. Sweep speed is also selectable. The IC-R9500 can store and retrieve customized receiver configurations of operating settings quickly and repeatably. mobileflutter. or to find a ham radio club or Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES®) team in your area. Know where your teams are operating at-a-glance! The IC-2820H also has an outstanding set of communications features.5kHz to ±5MHz around the receive frequency with 200 Hz to 20 kHz filter widths. Frequency Reference: The ultra stable. pre-programmed channel lists. two-channel noise blankers to significantly reduce impulsetype noise. An optical S/P DIF interface supports direct digital audio connection to suitable recorders and The English version of the protocol is published on the ARRL Web site (www. as well! Over 500 memory channels are available for scanning functions. bandwidth. a computer running Automatic Position Reporting System (APRS®) software provides real-time map plots of where your resources are deployed. Recognizing that emergency communication systems in many areas have not upgraded to digital communications. Digital Recording: The IC-R9500 features two types of digital voice recorders.7 MHz IF Output (BNC connector) and Detector Output (3. High-Resolution Spectrum Display: The IC-R9500 has two modes of spectrum display: high-resolution normal and wide. location data without modification.0 and serial ports are available for connection to computers or user interface equipment. ham operators and is being adopted by numerous emergency communications groups. in banks or in Icom’s Dynamic Memory Scan system.ARRL.

Icom developed the new F5061/F6061 series mobile radio which is designed to grow to meet a customer’s changing needs. “MDC1200 signaling. Icom program manager.25kHz digital communication that meets FCC 6. Icom America regional sales manager. advanced scan capability. providing advanced automatic number identification (ANI). selective call (Selcall). or jarred loose.25kHz emission mask requirements for narrowbanding. Conventional mode and basic LTR® operation come standard. allowing for flexible channel groupings. The radio also complies with the FCC’s 2013 narrowbanding deadline. With LTR included in both the VHF and UHF versions. Included with the bundle are the F43GS UHF portable transceiver equipped with high security data encryption by Transcrypt International®. .” Maynard says. and tune in! F43GS MILITARY BUNDLE This radio is proven in the field. public. especially heavy-duty truck operations. Soldiers in the field can use their existing F43GS Military Bundle radios with this repeater. Army soldiers now rely on the F43GS Military Bundle for secure and reliable in-the-field communications. “The F5061 is a good. The experienced portable provides wide frequency range. the F5061 offers advanced multimode operation. With the optional UT-119H. 512-channel capacity. including wide-area systems. fearful to upgrade to new technologies lest the equipment become obsolete before it is even installed. and the large alphanumeric display are all features that public safety users require. The two-way radio industry is moving forward. says Mark Maynard.S. So what’s the problem with taking a wait-and-see approach to new technologies? For one thing.” says Icom program manager Kevin Ryan. and Icom’s F5061 mobile and F3061 portable are keeping step with today’s technological advances and tomorrow’s regulatory deadlines. Users can mount the radio under or behind the seat.” Public safety as well as business and industrial users will appreciate the mobile’s 512-channel capacity with 128 zones. The radio is MDC1200-compatible. its durability is tested by the Army’s Battle Lab. Icom America Systems developed a custom designed Military Repeater Package that is built around the rugged Icom F420 mobiles. A key feature for transportation users.25kHz digital narrow mode communication. high-end radio for public safety — police. LTR trunking makes more efficient use of available spectrum. remote mount. Remote mount makes an efficient use of space and protects the radio from being accidentally hit. loud audio and an 8-character LCD for viewing channel names and operational status. clip-on military style headset and carrying case. fire.000 U. A companion radio to the F3061/F4061 portable. and emergency call features. allowing operators MILITARY REPEATER PACKAGE to load three to four times more users on a system than with conventional mode. Just try and outgrow this radio! “This will be the radio that everyone wants.” A high-end analog radio. an Icom radio is usually found alongside active soldiers. users may overlook technologies available now that meet the needs of today and tomorrow. and service applications. Once frequencies are programmed. “The flexibility of this mobile makes it a perfect choice for many private. the radio is ideal for any public or private LTR system.F5061: Just Try and Outgrow This Radio! Conventional and LTR® operation with 6. and place only the lightweight control head on the dash. and EMS — because of its feature set. damaged. is the radio’s remotemount feature. Over 33. the mobile provides 6. To address this concern.” says John Sullivan. field setup is fast – just connect the antennas. When in harsh environments or high-risk zones. The ability to change the repeater’s frequency pairs offers great flexibility. the F5061 mobile rounds out Icom’s 6. “Every type of user will be a potential user of this new technology. power up. The package includes two AH-7000 wide band discone antennas (vertical separation required) which eliminates the need of a duplexer. The radio also covers a wide range of frequencies. Savvy users will choose these future-minded radios that meet today’s needs and embrace the industry’s exciting future.25kHz digital offering. two 2000 mAh Li-Ion batteries. large channel capacity. The F43GS stands less than 5 inches and weighs less than 12 ounces yet offers excellent strength and heat dissipation meeting intense military specifications. Extend the range (400-430 MHz) of your F43GS portables.* *Optional UT-119H board is required The land mobile industry’s unsettled regulatory environment lulls many operators into a hesitant complacency. A DB25 connector on the back of the radio provides pin outs for connecting various external devices.

com missions possibilities Expanding your possibilities for the ultimate mission.inch wide color TFT LCD. this is something to get excited about! *Refer to Owner’s manual for exact frequency www. WA 98004 Spring 2007 800.306. With five roofing filters before the first amp. The IC . multiple function wide band “measuring” receiver. and 7. two independent 32 bit floating point DSP processors.icomamerica. Introducing Icom’s IC-R9500 Wide Band Receiver* We’ve raised the bar with our super performance.1403 gsa@icomamerica.R9500 has normal and wide spectrum scope functions. NE Bellevue. .Icom America Inc 2380 116th Ave.