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7.1 Scope
Self suppOliing galvanized (and painted) steel double circuit towers are required for suppOliing the twin
YEW conductors of the 132 kV overhead line. The towers are to be designed, built and erected as
specified in OES 32 and also according to the specifications in this Section. The line diagram included
under Volume 3 shows the minimum requirements for the towers.
7.1.1 Classes of Supports
Reference shall be made to Appendix 7A1 for the classes of support required.
7.1.2 Designation of Support Types
Reference shall be made to Appendix 7A1 for the designation and use of the different support types.
7.1.3 Standard Height Supports
All standard height supports are those designed to support the conductors at the defined clearance above
designated ground under the specified ultilnate system loading assuming such supports are at the same
level on level ground and at the standard span apart. Further, the height of earth wire attachment point on
all towers shall ensure shield angle less than 30°.
The height of the point of attachment or suspension of the phase conductors above the tower foot shall be
the same for all standard height support types, after taking account of the length of the insulator set.
7.1.4 Extensions
Where specified each type of support shall be designed to allow for variations in height. SuppOlis with
any specified combination of extensions to the standard height support, shall be capable of carrying all
required phase conductors, earthwires, insulator sets and fittings under the specified system loading.
Reference shall be made to the Appendix 7A1 for the range and type of extensions required.
Where individual leg extensions are specified for lattice steel towers they shall be directly inter-
connectable and fully compatible with the basic tower body and all specified body extensions.
7.1.5 Span Criteria
All supports shall be designed and built to meet the span criteria given in Appendix 7A2.
The span lengths specified in Appendix 7A2 shall be deemed to be the horizontal distance between centre
lines of adjacent support. When a span in excess of the specified maximum span is unavoidable, advice
on the application should be obtained from the Owner/Engineer. This is a Hold Point.
All angle supports when used with the corresponding maximum angles of deviation and all intermediate
type supports shall be used so that the sum of the two adj acent spans stated in Appendix 7A2 is not
exceeded, provided that no. single span length exceeds the specified maximum. Designs shall allow for the
Construction of 132kV Overhead line between Awqad GSS & SFZ GSS
Rev. No. :A
and Associated Works (Package-1)
Volume 2 Overhead Line Specification Date : December 2010
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