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adjacent spans of the maximum specified length with one of the spans at the maximum allowed for a single span. D2 type suppOlis may be used at straight line positions where necessary for uplift conditions or for sectioning and tensioning of the phase conductors and earthwires in a straight run of transmission line route. 7.1.6
Minimum Conductor Weight at Intermediate Support

The minimum weight span supported by any intennediate support suspension insulator set shall not be less than the specified value (see Appendix 7A2). This condition shall apply under the specified loading conditions. 7.1. 7
Angle Supports

For angle suppOlis at the mean angle of deviation, the mean horizontal separation between circuits shall not be less than that of an intermediate type suppOli. 7.1.8
Terminal Supports

The layout of the terminal structures for cable takeoff shall be as shown in the drawing attached under Volume 3. Terminal towers shall have facilities for down droppers for the cable take off, in addition to line OHL take-off facilities in one direction. The cross arms of these structures shall be so designed that there is adequate clearances between the down droppers to the other metal parts. In order to control access to the terminal tower premises, perimeter fencing shall be provided. Galvanised and painted steel chain-link shall be used for fencing. The arrangement of the fencing, supports, support foundation, entry gate, earthing, painting etc. shall be as shown in the layout drawing.
7.2 7.2.1 Design General

Supports shall have the general arrangements and configurations shown in the drawings included with the Specification. They shall be designed to resist the specified ultimate system loading. Clearances between live parts and supporting steelwork, and between the phase conductors and ground or other obstacles shall be as specified. All support designs shall be such as to facilitate inspection, painting, maintenance, repairs and operation within the continuity of supply being the prime consideration. The design shall be such that the number of different parts shall be as few as possible to facilitate transport, erection and inspection. The maximum weight of the heaviest single member should be limited to that within the normal lifting capability of the proposed erection equipment. Main leg members of lattice steel towers shall be formed of the maximum single lengths appropriate to the body or leg extensions, and shall not without the Owner/Engineer's approval, incorporate additional spliced sections. For lattice steel towers a fully triangulated system of bracings shall preferably be adopted. If full triangulation is not adopted, the overall stability and secondary bending stresses must be considered in the design.

Construction of 132kV Overhead line between Awqad GSS & SFZ GSS and Associated Works (Package-1) Volume 2 Overhead Line Specification Section 7 Supports

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