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list of abbreviations

ADP ADB ALCO ATM BAS BB BBTA BDT BFRS BIBM BRPD BSA BSP CAMLCO CAMELS Annual Development Program Bank Committee ICT IDA IFRS IMF IPFF IPO Academy IT Information International International International Investment Initial & Communication Development Financial Monetary Promotion Technology Agency Standards Asian Development Asset-Liability Automated Bangladesh Bangladesh Bangladesh Bangladesh Bangladesh Bangladesh Banking Management Teller Machine Accounting Bank Bank Training Taka Financial Institute Reporting Standards Standards Reporting Fund and Financing Facility

Public Offering Technology


LlBOR LlC MBS MCR MICR Officer MTMF MVA NAV NPL OBU Bangladesh System Limited PEP POS PRSP Limited PSP KYC RBCA REPO RBIA RMG RMU ROA ROE ROI RPGCL RWA SCB SEC SLR SMA SOE SMS SME Finance Company SND SRP SREP of Bank Management and Policy Department on Auditing Patra

Letter of Credit London Inter-Bank Country Offering Rates

Low Income Mobile Minimum Magnetic Medium Market


Banking Services Capital Requirement Recognition Framework

Bangladesh Bangladesh

Standards Sanchaya

Ink Character

Chief Anti Money Laundering Compliance Capital Adequacy, Asset Quality,

Term Macroeconomic Value Added


Earnings, Liquidity and Sensitivity to Market Risk CAR CD CDBL CDS CPI CRAB CRISL CRR CSR DBBL DBBF DOS DSE ECAI ECRL EDF EGBMP EMI EMV EPS EU EVA FCB FDI FMO FY FT GDP GFSR GOB HFT HR HTM IAS ICAB IC&CD ICB ICMAB Capital Adequacy Current Central Central Deposits Depository Depository Ratio

Net Asset Value Non-Performing Off-shore Politically Banking Loans Unit

Exposed Persons

Point of Sales Poverty Reduction Strategy Patra Paper


Price Index

Credit Rating Agency of Bangladesh Credit Rating Information Cash Reserve Requirement Corporate Social Responsibility Bank Limited Bank Foundation of Off-site Supervision



and Services Limited

Know Your Customer Risk Based Capital Adequacy Repurchase Agreement Audit

Dutch-Bangia Dutch-Bangia Department

Risk Based Internal

Ready Made Garments Risk Management Return on Asset Return on Equity Return on Investment Rupantarita Risk Weighted State-owned Securities Statutory Prakritik Assets Commercial Bank Gas Company Limited Unit

Dhaka Stock Exchange Limited External Emerging Credit Assessment Institutions

Credit Rating Limited Fund

Export Development

Enterprise Growth and Bank Modernization Programme Equal Monthly Installment and VISA

EuroPay, MasterCard Earning Per Share European Economic Union Value added

and Exchange Commission Liquidity Ratio

Special Mention State Owned



Foreign Commercial Foreign


Short Message Service Small and Medium Special Notice Supervisory Supervisory Enterprise

Direct Investment Development



Financial Year (July-June) Fast Track Gross Domestic Product Report

Review Process Review Evaluation Process


Terms of Reference United United Uniform US Dollar Value Added Tax World World Women Written Economic Outlook Arab Emirates States of America Customs and Practice

Global Financial Stability Government

of Bangladesh

Held for Trading Human Resources

s. USD

Held to Maturity International Accounting Standards of Bangladesh Division


Institute of Chartered Accountants Internal Control & Compliance

Trade Organization Entrepreneur Down Value Fund

Investment Institute


of Bangladesh Accountants

of Cost & Management

of Bangladesh