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&hide - Hides character from other players. &show - Shows character. &pfind <playername> - Finds a player.

&mfind <mobInxName> - Finds a mob. &kickout <playername> - Kicks player out. &linkto <mapInxName> - Warps you to a map. &psummon <playername> - Warps player to you. &expbonus <MapIdx> <Rate> / 1000 = 100% - Set Exp rate in map. &itembonus <MapIdx> <Rate> / 1000 = 100%. - Set Drop rate in map. &fieldbonus - Shows Exp/Drop rate for said map. &silence &distribute - Shows amount of players active in zone used. &isblock &mobdist &chargeditem &parameterview &adminlevel - Show Admin level &serverindex &makeitem <InxName> <-u1-12 - Enhances Weapons and Gears from +1 to +12> - Makes item. &dimension &doorbuild &mobbreed <MobIdx> <Amount> <Respawn timer in secs IF enabled> <N = No group att ack / Y = Attack in group> <Amount of times respawned> - Summon mobs. &fullpoint &summonplayer - Warps player to you. &performance &sethp = Full / &sethp <Amount> = Fixed - Restore HP. &setsp = Full / &setsp <Amount> = Fixed - Restore SP. &dist &coord - Get map coordinates where you stand.

(Blue chat text).Learn skills (May bug character if not careful). &gmchat .No damage to user. &templink &oxblock &z .Enable GM Chat till relog. &enterminihouse - . &skillcooltime &setabstate &resetabstate &kqreward &mobdamage &suicideallmob &kingdomquest &Reroadkingdomquest &endofkq &guildtournament &zonelink &block &emptymap &serversocketcut &staticdamage = Max. Usually one defined in Field. &timer <Amount> .Set attack damage.Excecute set script for the map.&scrint .shn) . / &staticdamage <Rate> = Fixed . &gldcollectclear &gldcollectset &questgiveup &questrecieve &questcomplete &learnskill <SkillIdxID> (ActiveSkill.Enable map wide notice. &deathaura &immortal .Add a timer in seconds.

Reserve wedding spot. &invenview &ghostremove &curtime - .Enable custom mount speed. &enterready . &proposeres . &charinform &partyinfo &propose <Name> . &learnpassive <PassiveIdxID> (PassiveSkill. &enter .Disable all skills cooltime till relog.Enable Wedding entrance via Invitation item @ Uriel.Propose to someone. &reserve .shn) .Link to Wedding. &weddingreset .Reset Engaged/Proposal.Learn passives.Reset active wedding reservations. &unlearn &unlearnpassive &wedding &showid &mobhatchery &allcritical &erasechargebuf &startGT &flagcapture &useguildskill &observerlinkto &observerout &speed &linktosavedata &reloaddata &captivate &ignoreskillcooltime .&horsespeed <Amount> .

&levelup .&amibusy &knockback &partblock &debuglogging &npcrevive &ts_DiceFix &ts_DiceProbability &bigbang &alllearnskill . &showallchar &gtieffect &disposition &idtimechange &releasechatban &linkto OX_field 6000 4000 .Instant level up.Learn all skills for current class/level.