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Dhofar Power Company SAOG

(d) Horizontal members - stamped at either end of the bar;
Erection Mark coding shall be agreed with the OwnerlEngineer. This is a Hold Point.
7.5 Protective Treatment
7.5.1 Galvanising
Unless otherwise specified, after completion of all fabrication processes (including all drilling, punching,
stamping, cutting, bending and welding) support steelwork, poles and pole steelwork, including nuts,
bolts and washers shall be hot-dip galvanised and tested in accordance with the requirements of ISO
1461. Electro-galvanising is not an acceptable alten1ative.
The minimulll zinc coating shall be 915g/m
(127 micron) as stated in OES 11 for all steel sections.
Excessively thick or brittle coatings due to high levels of silicon or phosphorus in the steel, which may
result in an increased risk of coating damage and/or other features that lllake the final product non-fit-for-
purpose shall be cause for rejection.
The ingot zinc used for galvanising shall comply with the requirements ofBS 3436.
All materials prior to galvanising shall be free from oil, grease or any substance which may adversely
affect the quality of finish.
Coatings should be as free as possible from surface porosity and shrinkage holes and should be cleaned
by grit blasting, electrolytic pickling or by other means specially suitable for castings.
The preparation for galvanising and the galvanising itself shall not adversely affect the lllechanical
properties of the coated materials.
Unless otherwise specified, all materials shall be treated with SodimTI Dichromate in order to prevent wet
storage stains (white rust) during storage and transport.
All bolts and screwed rods, including the threaded portions, shall be galvanised. The threads shall be
cleaned of all surplus smelter by spinning or brushing. Dies shall not be used for cleaning threads other
than on nuts. Nuts shall be galvanised and tapped 0.4 mm oversize and threads shall be oiled.
Bolts shall be delivered with nuts run up the full extent of the thread.
All galvanised materials shall be stored on packing, clear of the ground and away from all materials that
might stain or corrode the galvanising. Black steel packing or bins shall not be used.
7.5.2 Painting
In order to llleet the Civil AviationiMinistry of Defence requirements, and also to offer a certain degree of
protection to steel structures, all towers shall be painted red and white in seven alternate vertical bands,
the top and bottom sections being red. The section lines between colours shall be sharply defined and
level. All painting shall be carried out after towers have been erected and completed in all respects, but
before stringing.
The Contractor shall guarantee the paint system for a period of five years from the date of energisation of
the OHL. The entire works shall be carried out under the close supervision of the paint Vendor. The
Vendor's paint application method statement will be reviewed by the OwnerlEngineer. The painting work
Construction of 132kV Overhead line between Awqad GSS &SFZ GSS
Rev. No. :A
and Associated Works (Package-1)
Volume 2 Overhead Line Specification Date : December 2010
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