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Marronage in Saint Domingue

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Title: Physical Description: Language: Creator: Publisher: Place of Publication: Publication Date: Marronage in Saint Domingue Approaching the Haitian Revolution, 1770-1791 1 online resource (109 p.) english Daniels, Jason University of Florida Gainesville, Fla. 2008

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Degree: Degree Grantor: Degree Disciplines: Committee Chair: Committee Members: Master's ( M.A.) University of Florida History Geggus, David P. Sensbach, Jon Needell, Jeffrey D.

Subjects / Keywords: caribbean, domingue, fugitives, haitian, maroons, marronage, resistance, revolution, runaways, saint, slavery History -- Dissertations, Academic -- UF History thesis, M.A. bibliography ( marcgt ) theses ( marcgt ) government publication (state, provincial, terriorial, dependent) ( marcgt ) born-digital ( sobekcm ) Electronic Thesis or Dissertation


Abstract: Marronage and its supposed impact on the Haitian Revolution has created much controversy among historians. In general, the main terms of the debate regard the extent of marronage, the reason for it, the fugitive slave?s relationship with colonial society, and ultimately the connections (if any) between this phenomenon and the Haitian Revolution. The underlying purpose of this work is to revisit this

Includes bibliographical references. STAFF. While it is rather difficult to disassociate marronage in Saint Domingue from the Haitian Revolution. FACULTY.)--University of Florida. Includes vita. as creator of this bibliographic record. Statement of Responsibility: Local: Electronic Access: Record Information Source Institution: Rights Management: Classification: System ID: UFRGP Applicable rights reserved. the composition. by Jason Daniels.ufl. and the evolution of marronage in Saint Domingue. This bibliographic record is available under the Creative Commons CC0 public domain dedication. 2008. RESTRICTED TO UF STUDENTS. These factors also dictated where and when slaves could and would attempt running away.A. to the extent allowed by law. studying marronage independent of the Haitian Revolution will allow scholars to more fully appreciate this phenomenon?s collective impact on colonial society in the decades prior to the revolution in Saint Domingue. Language skills. this work also seeks to delineate the general contours of Saint Domingue?s maroon population. has waived all rights to it worldwide under copyright law. the buying habits of planters. However. Many factors influenced the composition of the maroon population. occupational training. including all related and neighboring rights. title from PDF title page. lcc . Description based on online resource. AND ON-CAMPUS USE UNTIL 2010-08-31 Thesis (M. time in the colony. General Note: General Note: Bibliography: Source of Description: Source of Description: In the series University of Florida Digital 2/3 .LD1780 2008 UFE0022559:00001 ufdc. this quantitative study explores the ethnic and gender composition of an influential sector of prerevolutionary Saint Domingue society. the typology.11/30/13 Marronage in Saint Domingue debate regarding marronage and the slave insurrection that eventually led to the Haitian Revolution. A more balanced assessment of this phenomenon will be presented in effort to explore marronage independent from the Haitian Revolution. The University of Florida Libraries. Thesis: Adviser: Geggus. the type of crop worked. and knowledge of the outside world were all important factors in determining success in marronage. and more generally the slave population as a whole during the two decades prior to the Haitian Revolution. This work attempts to shed light on the causes. In the end. David P. and the geographic location of plantations all helped determine where enslaved Africans ended up once they reached the shores of Saint Domingue. The differences in not only marronage but also the plantation complex and between Africans and cr?oles are evident. skin color. The evidence attests to the dynamic and varied composition of the Haitian maroons during the two decades leading up to the Haitian Revolution. the dimensions. 3/3 .11/30/13 Marronage in Saint Domingue ufdc.