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sample tests at site. These tests shall be can-ied out at a very early stage of the Contract and no paint shall be ordered beforehand. Final selection of the paint is subject to the approval of the Owner/Engineer, depending on the results of the afore-mentioned site tests. Materials which are to be supplied and used for the surface protection work (e.g. paints, filling celnents, metallic coating materials) must comply with quality regulations and standards, the following provisions and any special permit conditions and official regulations. If a certain material is stipulated in the Specification, it shall nonetheless be possible, with the agreement of the Owner/Engineer, to use an alternative material which can be shown to be at least equal in quality and suitability. The Contractor shall obtain the paint manufacturer's specific recommendations and directions on pot life and other specific provisions for applications. These recommendations and directions shall be strictly adhered to. The use and amount of thinners shall be to the approval of the Owner/Engineer. All paint shall be delivered in the original sealed containers and shall remain unopened until required for use. Paint, which looks liverish, has gelled or otherwise deteriorated during storage, shall not be used. The quality of the paints should be such that they do not form a solid sediment but, at most, a slight skin in unopened original containers over a period of six months calculated from the manufacturer's delivery date. A paint which has formed a solid sediment, or more than just a slight skin in the unopened original containers by the time of use, or which cannot be processed satisfactorily, may not be used. A sediment shall be regarded as solid if stirring cannot dispel it again quickly and completely with an adequate electric driven mixer at a speed of 350 to 400 rpm. After tower erection and prior to the painting at site, the surfaces shall be cleaned and prepared thoroughly by the use of preferably, sweep sand blasting, or other approved Ineans. After cleaning, all surfaces shall be checked for any damage caused to the galvanising. Minor damage shall be carefully freed from dust and shall be touched up with a zinc-rich primer as specified. Major damages shall be sandblasted in accordance with S a3 of Swedish Standard SIS 055900 and painted with a zinc-rich prilner. All surfaces to be painted shall be grease and moisture-free and painting shall not take place when: the surface temperature is above 40°C the relative humidity is above 85% or the surface temperature is less than 3°C above the dew point it is raining sandstorms are in progress to such extent that the wet paint might be affected. All galvanised steel must be painted with one layer of primer, one layer of intermediate coat and one layer of final coat with the paints specified in Appendix 7A6 Great care shall be taken to ensure that paint is cOlnpletely applied to all surfaces including crevices, unused bolt holes and back-to-back members (where possible). Application shall be perfonned only by use of approved "strike-bushes" or as directed by the Inanufacturer of the paint. Paint shall be applied only to clean, dry surfaces after approval of the Owner/Engineer. Painting shall commence within four hours after cleaning, if not otherwise approved, and paint shall be applied evenly to be free from runs, sags, laps, skips or other defects.

Construction of 132kV Overhead line between Awqad GSS & SFZ GSS and Associated Works (Package-1) Volume 2 Overhead Line Specification Section 7 Supports

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