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The story of the movie revolves around the Wall Street market and their banking sector during financial crises, in this movie it is all about the financial crises which two biggest institutions of Wall Street faced and due to these two institutions many other banks also faced the crises. These two institutions were KZI (Keller zabel investments) and the CS (chirchill Schwartz). There were two reasons that created financial crises, 1- High interest rate charged by these institutions 2- Leverage The KZI (keller zabel investments) was the institution who faced the financial crises , more than 15000 employees were working with this institution around the world at that time and due to this crises their job were at the stake, the managing partner of the KZI Louis zabel approaches to the Federal Reserve Bank of the new York, he demanded the monetary support from the federal reserve bank , because if government didn’t support the KZI than with the KZI many other financial institutions will also be bankrupted. The financial institution CS (chircill Schwartz) bought the shares of the KZI. The CS (chirchill Schwartz) offered that they will buy 2$ per share, before a month the price of these shares were 79$ per share. Many other banks also wanted to bailout the KZI but they want the special guarantee from the federal reserve bank of New York that this will not happened again. KZI faced this situation because they invested in the fields where they charged high interest rates from the borrowers and due to the high interest rate the people were not able to suddenly pay the loans which they got from the these institutions. The KZI invested billions of dollars in the new house projects in the united states, and during this investment the stock market of wall street declines sharply and this cause the decrease in the per share price of the different companies stock. High interest rate created the difficulties for the people to pay their loan suddenly and they were not able to pay the loan because their houses were under construction and they don’t have money. Another reason of the financial crises was “leverage”. The 2nd institution who faced the financial crises was the CS (chirchill Schwartz) it was the famous and biggest institution in the Wall Street market and CS was supporting many other financial institutions and they have goodwill in the Wall Street market. But despite of the fact they also faced the same situation which was faced by the KZI (Keller zabel investments), suddenly the stock market of the Wall Street declines 500 points, because of this decline the loss CS (chirchill Schwartz) bared was 70 trillion dollars. With the CS (chirchill Schwartz) More than 17 other banks and financial institutions were also facing this financial crises. The CS (chirchill Schwartz) also approaches to the Federal

THE END…………………………………………… . and this was the situation which happened with these two financial institutions. they demanded the financial support from the government because if the government didn’t support the CS (chirchill Schwartz) than the CS institution will be bankrupted and the same thing will happens with the other financial institutions. Both the institutions KZI (keller zabel investments) and CS (chirchill Schwartz) were following the policy of the “leverage” and they were also charging highest interest rates from their borrowers. Both the “high interest rate” and “leverage” were the reason of financial crises which occurs in the wall street of America. After the hourly discussion the CS (chirchill Schwartz) demanded the 800 billion dollars from the treasury in order to eliminate financial crises it was the highest amount which was demanded by any financial institution in the history of the America. these high interest rates looks very handsome to the institutions if the market is stable and people are able to pay these high interest rates but in the stock market declining situation where people have no income then it was difficult for the people to pay that loan immediately. Government involvement was the only hope of the CS (chirchill Schwartz) because without the involvement of the government they alone cannot eliminate the financial crises.Reserve Bank of New York.