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Diagnostic Software for European Automobiles

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Installation Instructions for VCDS version 11.11.3

The installer for version 11.11.1 and newer has several new options users should be aware of:

The vast majority of users who are installing VCDS for the first time or who are updating from a version older than 11.11.1 dont need to change anything on this screen and can simply click the Next button. However, to avoid countless phone calls and e-mails asking what these options do, we present this guide. If youre updating from 11.11.1 or 11.11.2, you can uncheck all the options for a speedier install. Clean-Up old USB Drivers is recommended if youre updating from 11.11.0 or earlier and is selected by default. This will remove most previously installed versions of Ross-Techs USB drivers from your system, including those which came with 11.11.0 and were a source of unstable communications on some PCs.

Install Standard USB Drivers is recommended for most PCs and is selected by default. These are the same drivers which came with Release 10.6.5 and are considered quite stable. Install Special USB Drivers should be used only on very late model PCs with Fresco Logic USB 3.0 chipsets. The previous stable drivers which are considered Standard in this Release 11.11.1 are not compatible with PCs that have Fresco Logic USB 3.0 ports and may cause BSOD crashes on those machines, hence such machines should use these Special drivers instead. Install 32-bit EXE on 64-bit Systems can only be selected if your PC is running a 64-bit Windows. The vast majority of users with 64-bit Windows do not need this option and should use the 64-bit EXE files which are installed by default on those systems. However or 64-bit EXE doesnt work at all on a small percentage of 64-bit systems, and this option give those users an immediate work-around. Create Start Menu Shortcuts is selected by default and will put the usual entries in your Start Menu. However, if you dont want to clutter up your Start Menu, you can de-select this. Create a Desktop Shortcut is selected by default and will put the usual shortcut on your desktop. However, if you dont want to clutter up your Desktop, you can de-select this.

A note about Driver Versions: If youre updating from Beta 11.8, 11.10, or Release 11.11.0, on some PCs (most often those running Windows XP) you may at some point see a message from Windows that the driver files you are installing are older than the files already present on the machine. This is normal and expected, and you should confirm that this is indeed what you want to do.
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