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North J.

24620 Russell Rd Apt #J101
Kent, WA 98032
Phone: (206) 491-3652
!"#$%&' urlven Lechnology leader wlLh passlon for creaLlng scalable, hlghly usable soluLlons LhaL exceed
expecLaLlons, and dellver amazlng user lnLerface experlences.
(#)*+,'" ./%&&0 !"#1"2))%31
5*'"2,%31 .60,')0 5,7'"
! C / C++ / C#
! Cb[ecLlve-C / lCS
! !ava / Androld
! !avaScrlpL /!Cuery
! !Cuery Moblle
! 8ackbone.[s
! llex 3.0 / 2.0 / 1.3
! AcLlonscrlpL 3 / 2
! v8 / AuC / AS.nL1
! x86 Assembly
! Mac CS x
! Wlndows 7 / 8 / x / Server
! Llnux / lree8Su / Cpen8Su
! Solarls
! lCS / Androld
! SCL Server 2003 /1-SCL/SCLlLe
! xML/xSL1
! P1ML3/CSS3
! 8ash shell scrlpLlng
! neLwork SecurlLy
! 8lueLooLh / devlce drlvers
! Lmbedded devlces
89*'"%'3:' (7%'$ ;':73%:2& 5$$%:'" March 2013 - CurrenL
<= .60,')0> 44(?
8ellevue, WA
! SysLem archlLecL for early sLage sLarLup. 1aken a proof-of-concepL pro[ecL Lo Lhe nexL level for wlde-scale
producL growLh by bulldlng a mulLl-Ller sysLem aL all levels of Lhe sLack from daLa sLore backend Lo Web
and lCS/Androld moblle uls. 8ewroLe proLoLype lCS and Androld apps from Lhe ground up for fuLure
flexlblllLy. CurrenLly worklng on converLlng remalnlng blLs on AS.nL1 server plaLform from legacy Lo new
MvC wlLh 8azor vlew archlLecLure. 8ullL P1ML3/CSS drlven AS.nL1 webslLe, and also bulldlng ouL a new
cross plaLform [Cuery Moblle slLe experlence. Lmphasls on creaLlng an amazlng user experlence.
%5. @'A'&#*'" B C3D'*'3D'3, (#3,"2:,#" !anuary 2012 - CurrenL
E#%3, F'3,+"' (#30+&,%31> 44(?
SeaLLle, WA
! Worked on several lCS pro[ecLs, lncludlng unlque pro[ecL wrlLlng a 8lueLooLh drlver for Lhe Sony
laysLaLlon 3 dual-shock gamepad LhaL lnLegraLes aL a low-level lnLo Lhe lCS operaLlng sysLem and allows
playlng any lCS game vla Louch-emulaLlon. Also lncluded 3-axls acceleromeLer supporL wlLh a
ulAcceleromeLer wrapper LhaL sends wlreless gamepad acceleromeLer daLa Lo Lhe lad/lhone, allowlng
playlng of LllL-based games. SysLem uses a shared gamepad devlce drlver, wrlLLen ln C, LhaL l also added
Lo a serles of console (nLS/SnLS/Cameboy/eLc) emulaLors, and a drlver for M.A.M.L.
! WroLe a devlce-drlver for lnLerfaclng wlLh wacom sLylus drawlng pad, as well as Lrackball and mouse.
Works over uS8 connecLlon Lo lad vla Lhe camera connecLlon klL.
! ConLrlbuLed Lo Synergy open source pro[ecL, allowlng keyboard and mouse conLrol of lad/lhone over
Lhe neLwork, and creaLed an exLenslon Lo deLecL screen roLaLlons from wlLhln any app.
! ConLrlbuLed bug flxes Lo 81SLack, open-source lCS 8lueLooLh sLack, collaboraLlng wlLh MaLhlas 8lngwald
(Lhe orlglnal auLhor) ln SwlLzerland.
! Lxperlence wrlLlng [allbreak Cydla Lweaks Lo allow low-level conLrol of Lhe lCS devlce, uslng ob[ecLlve-c
meLhod swlzzllng Lo overrlde funcLlonallLy from meLhods obLalned vla class dumps.
G&'9 .#$,H2"' @'A'&#*'" AugusL 2010 - Aprll 2011
SeaLLle, WA
! arL of a Leam bulldlng 8lch lnLerneL AppllcaLlon for unlfl, a cloud-based medla sysLem LhaL allows users
Lo keep Lrack of Lhe Lhousands of phoLos, muslc Lracks and vldeos sLored across mulLlple devlces ln a way
LhaL makes Lhem easy Lo flnd and en[oy.
! roducL won 8esL of CLS" award for SofLware, Servlces and AppllcaLlons aL 2011 lnLernaLlonal CLS.
.#$,H2"' @'A'&#*'" SepL 2009 - Aprll 2010
J&+'$%"' !"#D+:,%#30?
SeaLLle, WA
! uevelopmenL lead on onllne book prevlew sysLem, wlLh graphlcal page vlew lncludlng page fllpplng
effecL, cusLomlzable shader layer graphlcs renderlng sysLem, and sLand alone Al8 book prevlew
! AcLlve Leam member worklng on an advanced onllne newspaper readlng appllcaLlon wlLh graphlcal
page vlew and reflowable 1Ll LexL vlew readlng modes, soclal medla sharlng, and real-Llme
language LranslaLlon feaLures.
G&'9 .#$,H2"' @'A'&#*'" B (#30+&,23, May 2008 - March 2009
SeaLLle, WA
! llex developer/consulLanL on Lynx pro[ecL, schedullng and loglsLlcs managemenL program for
Lracklng varlous aspecLs of Lhe uendreon's cancer LreaLmenL process.
! 1eam/Lrlad lead, coordlnaLlng Lasks beLween SCA/ul layers, and faclllLaLlng communlcaLlon
beLween Leams.
.#$,H2"' @'A'&#*)'3, K2321'"B4'2D 2006-2008
L:,%A' I',H#"/?
8oLhell, WA
! ArchlLecL / lead developer for loundaLlons ro[ecL, cusLomer faclng llex 3 beLa-based conflgurable
xML drlven appllcaLlon, lnLended Lo replace collecLlon of apps from rolled up companles.
! Managed and led llex slde of loundaLlons pro[ecL, sLarLlng from solld base of 1hrlva 4.0 sysLem and
exLendlng Lhe archlLecLure Lo supporL hlghly conflgurable appllcaLlon bulldlng.
.#$,H2"' L":7%,':, 2003-2006
;7"%A2? ='1%0,"2,%#3 M K2321')'3, .#&+,%#30
8oLhell, WA
! Lead developer / archlLecL for 1hrlva 4.0 sysLem, publlc faclng llex 2.0 based onllne evenL
managemenL Lool.
! 1ralned, led, and menLored Leam of 3-7 englneers wlLh eye Lowards creaLlng developmenL
sLandards, malnLalnlng code quallLy, and reflnlng aglle developmenL processes.
! CreaLlng lnLeroperablllLy layer Lo lnLegraLe llex 1.3 and llex 2.0 based managemenL sysLems lnLo
unlfled producL uslng local connecLlons sockeLs and some flex sorcery.
! 8esponslble for developmenL ln 3-Ller web appllcaLlon envlronmenL, worklng ln Macromedla llex
1.3 / AcLlon ScrlpL 2.0, v8/AS.nL1 and 1-SCL on a SCL Server 2003 backend.
! CompleLe ownershlp of 8eporL CenLer, one of several core areas of producL funcLlonallLy, enabllng
users of 1hrlva's onllne evenL managemenL sysLem Lo bulld flexlble cusLomlzed reporLs based on
daLa collecLed ln Lhelr managemenL sysLem Lhrough onllne elecLronlc forms.
! lmproved efflclency of seLLlng up new developer machlnes by movlng Lo a dlsk-lmage based
sofLware lnsLall process LhaL Lakes mlnuLes lnsLead of days.
! MalnLaln Llnux mall/web-server, updaLe SSL cerLlflcaLes/Apache, ensure proper operaLlon of hosLed
cllenL webslLes, and manage mall server.
I',H#"/ 5*'"2,%#30 ('3,'" ;':73%:%23 2000-2001
C3,'"3', (#))'":' M (#))+3%:2,%#30 C3:N
SeaLLle, WA
! MonlLored sLaLus and performance of medlum-slzed 1C/l neLwork, for a large naLlonal lnLerneL
Servlce rovlder.
! 8esponslble for worklng wlLh cusLomers Lo resolve lssues wlLh Lhelr co-locaLed servers and neLwork
! 1roubleshooL 1-1 / CC-3 / lSun connecLlons and resolve lssues wlLh server hardware and sofLware.
.)2&& J+0%3'00 5H3'" B 5*'"2,#" 1998-2001
SeaLLle, WA
! 8an buslness focuslng on provldlng hlgh-end dlglLal phoLography and Lransferrlng of LradlLlonal
large formaL Lransparencles Lo dlglLal form.
! CusLomer-cenLrlc focus wlLh fasL Lurn around and hlgh avallablllLy Lo meeL my cllenLs' needs.
! Skllled phoLo manlpulaLlon Lhrough exLenslve Lralnlng and hands on use of Adobe hoLoshop.
8D+:2,%#3 JN.N %3 (#)*+,'" .:%'3:' Aug 2001 - uec 2004
WashlngLon SLaLe unlverslLy, ullman, WA. CS Ma[or CA ONPQ
L00#:%2,'0 %3 L",0 M .:%'3:'0 SepL 1998 - Apr 2000
Shorellne CC. Shorellne, WA. CraduaLed wlLh Ponors
(#+"0' R#"/0? C, C++, !ava, Advanced uaLa SLrucLures, AlgorlLhms, uaLabase, neLworklng,
CompuLer/neLwork SecurlLy, SofLware Lnglneerlng, SofLware 1esLlng, ulsLrlbuLed SysLems, ArLlflclal
lnLelllgence, CperaLlng SysLems, llle SysLems.
Large formaL b&w arL phoLography, v8/medla servers, home auLomaLlon embedded compuLlng devlces,
neLwork securlLy, nx1 8oboLlcs, lCS hacklng, Androld/moblle devlces.
Whlle aL 1hrlva, norLh was responslble for Lhe deslgn, developmenL and deploymenL of a conflgurable
reporLlng Lool. Pe bullL Lhe Lool end Lo end, requlrlng masLery of SCL Server, AS.nL1 and llex. 1he pro[ecL was
very successful. norLh moved lnLo a lead role wlLh our llex 2 lnlLlaLlve, adapLlng Lhe Calrngorm framework Lo
creaLe Lhe base classes & paLLerns for laLer developers Lo use. 1hls was a ma[or underLaklng, belng Lhe flrsL sLep
ln an efforL Lo redevelop a large daLa appllcaLlon ln llex 2. uslng Lhe framework he developed, he worked on a
Leam Lo porL our exlsLlng appllcaLlon lnLo llex 2. CLher conLrlbuLlons lncluded exLendlng Lhe llex uaLa Crld,
bulldlng an asslgnmenL componenL, and conLrlbuLlng Lo a daLa communlaLlon llnk beLween llex 1.3 and llex 2.
LaLer, when 1hrlva became AcLve neLwork, norLh [olned Lhe loundaLlons Leam where we conLlnued Lo make
key conLrlbuLlons Lo Lhe developmenL efforLs of a hlghly-confrlgurable evenL managemenL sysLem bullL ln llex.
norLh ls a smarL, drlven lndlvldual. Pe has a passlon for llfe, a passlon for Lechnology, and a deLall-orlenLed
mlnd." Aprll 10, 2008
8obble 8ech, Co-lounder, 1hrlva
norLh ls an lnLelllgenL, deLall-orlenLed person LhaL wlll be a sLrong asseL Lo fuLure companles. ln hls Llme wlLh
1hrlva and 1he AcLlve neLwork, norLh successfully compleLed several lmporLanL pro[ecLs lncludlng leadlng Lhe
developmenL on Lhe 1hrlva 8eporL CenLer and ln a key role wlLh Lhe deslgn and archlLecLure of Lhe 1hrlva 4.0
producL. Lven Lhough l dldn'L work closely wlLh norLh day-Lo-day, l am confldenL LhaL as a sLrong LechnologlsL
and lndependenL Lhlnker, he has Lhe ablllLy and drlve Lo be able Lo creaLe a successful new producL and
company ln Lhe fuLure, whlch ls a rare LralL." Aprll 10, 2008
MaLL Lhrllchman, Co-lounder, CLC, 1hrlva
norLh ls a creaLlve lndlvldual and full of passlon for sofLware developmenL. Pe ls smarL, drlven and full of greaL
ldeas Lo lmprove Lhe producL as well as Lo sLreamllne Lhe developmenL process. Cn Lop of all, he ls compleLely
fun Lo work wlLh." March 31, 2008
Myo1heln, SofLware ueveloper, 1he AcLlve neLwork