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STATISTIC Statistic: Science of an average. Data: Raw facts & figure.

Primary Data: Data Collect for the first time. Secondary Data: Data which has undergone through any statistical process. A.M: Summing up the series & divided by number of items. A.M !" # n$ A.M !f" # !f G.M: nth root of the product of the value in the set of series. %.M Antilog &!log" # n'$ %.M Antilog &!f log " # !f' H.M: Reciprocal of item & reciprocal of n th observation. (.M n # ! &)#"'$ (.M !f # ! &f#"'. Median: *alue which divided data in to two e+ual parts. ,) - h#f - &m.c' Mode: Most repeated & common value. Histogram: Method of presenting fre+uency distribution in visual form. Simple Correlation: Relationship between dependent and independent variable. GENERA !N"# EDGE $ederal Ca%inet: S. /o /ame 0ortfolio 1) 2sha+ Dar 3inance$ Revenue$ 4conomic Affair$ 0rivati5ation. 16 7hawa8a Asif 9ater & 0ower 1: 7hawa8a Saad Railway 1; Ahsan 2+bal 0lanning & Development 1< Ch. /isar 2nterior & /arcotics Control 1= 0ervai5 Rashid 2nformation$ /ational (eritage 1> ?ahid (amid ,aw & @ustice$ (uman Right 1A SiBandar (ayat 3ood Security & Research 1C %.Murta5a @atoi 2ndustry & 0roduction )1 Rana Danveer Defence 0roduction )) M.Ear8ees Dahir 7ashmir & %ilgit Affair )6 0ir. Sadaruddin Fverseas 0aBistani & (RD ): Shahid 7ha+an 0etroleum & /atural Resource ); 7amran Michel 0ort & Shipping )< Sardar Gousaf Religious Affair & 2nterfaith )= ,t. Abdul Hadir States & 3rontier Region )> Ealig ur rehman 4ducation$ Draining )A Isman 2brahim (ousing & 9orB )C Anusha Rehman 2D & Delecommunication 61 Saira Af5l Darar /ational (ealth Services 6) SheiBh Aftab 0arliament Affairs 66 7huram Dastagr Science & Dechnology /ame 0ervai5 7hattaB 4ng. ShauBatullah Mian Shaba5 Sharif MaBhdum Syed Ahmed Mahmud Syed Haim Ali Shah Dr. 2shratul 4bad 7han Dr. Abdul MaliB Ealoch Muhammad 7han AchaBa5i 0ortfolio CM 707 %overnor 707 CM 0un8ab %overnor 0un8ab CM Sindh %overnor Sindh CM Ealuchistan %overnor Ealuchistan

MANAGEMENT Management: Management is process of achieving organi5ational goals efficiently & effectively with & through people. Management $&nction: Planning: Dhe process of maBing plan. FR: Choosing organi5ation goal & best course of action for achieving them. "rgani'ing: 0rocess by which manager established worBing relationship among employees to achieve organi5ation goal. eading: Motive an individual & group to worB together to achieve organi5ation goal. Controlling: 4stablished accurate measures & monitoring system to evaluate how well organi5ation is achieving is goals. Policies: %uide line for action. Proced&res: 2nstruction how particular things should be done. Programs: Action taBen on the basis of policies formulated. Centrali'ation: Mean Beeping the authority with the top level management. Core Competency: Frgani5ation strength that represent uni+ue sBill or resources. Recr&iting: 0rocess of seeBing souring for 8ob candidate. GENERA !N"# EDGE /ame 0ortfolio Syed Mehdi Shah CM %ilgit Ealistan 0ir.7aram Ali Shah %overnor %ilgit Ealistan Sardar M.Ga+oob 7han 0resident A@7 Ch. Abdul Ma8id 0rime Minister A@7 IS AMI(AT P"RTI"N G&sal ! $arai' )*+: 7uli 7arna$ /aaB Main 0ani Dalna$ 0uray @ism 0ar 2B Dafa 0ani Dalna. G&sal !i S&natain ),+: Dono (ath %utno DaB Dhona$ 2stan8aa 7arna$ /a.0aBi Door 7arny 7i /eyat 7arna$ %usal Say 0ehlay 9o5oo 7arna$ Damam @ism 0ar 2B Dafa 0ani Eahana. #o'oo ! $arai' )-+: Mou (ath Dhona$ Dono (ath 7uniyoon Samait Dhona$ Chotaai Sar 7a Masa 7arna$ Dono 0aon DaBhnoo Samait Dhona. $arai' e Nama' ).*+: Eadan 7a 0aB (ona$ 7apron 7a 0aB (ona$ @aga 7a 0aB (ona$ Satar 7a Chupa (ona$ /ama5 7a 9a+t (ona$ Hibla 7i Daraf Mou (ona$ Dil Main /ama5 7i /eyat 7arna$ DaBbeer e Dareema 7ehna$ Hayaam 7arna$ Haraat 7arna$ RaBoo 7arna$ Dono Sa8day 7arna$ Haada ABhr Main AtaBhiyat 7i Mi+daar Eethna. #a/%aat e Nama' ).-+0 S&nnat e Nama' )1.+ EC"N"MICS P"RTI"N $iscal Policy: a government policy for dealing with the budget &especially with ta"ation and borrowing'.