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Emericus Casaubons True & Faithful Relation, published in 1659, is a partial transcript of the Spirit Actions of Dr. John Dee and Sir Edward Kelley, compiled from MS. Cotton Appendix XLVI Parts I & II. The main body of the text begins in 1583 with the parallel Sixth (and Sacred) Book of the Mysteries (the companion volume to the real Sixth (and Sacred) Book of the Mysteries that is known as Loagaeth, now indexed as MS. Sloane 3189) and ends with Dr. Dees last recorded scrying sessions of 1607. There are numerous errors of transcription and of printing (too numerous to note), and the Cotton MS. itself is incomplete; however, Casaubons text serves as an often invaluable aid in the reading of the MS., supplying the occasional word which has decayed since 1659, and otherwise greatly assisting in the reading of Dees handwriting, which frequently borders on the illegible. For the interested reader, there are some errors of pagination which must be noted. These are errors on the part of the overworked printer, and do not signify lacun in the text. The pagination skips from page 104 to page 109. Page 142 is numbered 124. Page 218 is numbered 212. Page 220 is numbered 206. The pagination skips from page 256 to page 353. Page 421 is numbered 417. Page 426 is numbered 422.

Please note that a text version of A True & Faithful Relation may be found at Cornell University Library, whilst digital scans of the Cotton and other manuscripts can be found at The Magickal Review. Links to further sources of information on Enochian magick can be found at the Open Directory Project.

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