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Harrison Sustar

Why am I interested?
I heard about it all the time in high school through my friends teachers. I have heard it mentioned in the news multiple times. The overall idea that there could be a group in existence such as this one interests me.

Where do you hear about it?

Work The news

The internet

What the World Says

The Illuminati An underground sect that has an enormous influence on what goes on in many governments around the world. They see everything that goes on around the world. They have a firm grip on many economies worldwide which gives them great influence. World domination.

What the World Says

Members of the Illuminati: Jay-z Kanye West Beyonce Multiple Presidents (G.W. Bush) Lady Gaga Bill Gates

What the World Says

Events influenced/caused by the Illuminati 9-11 Super Bowl blackout Bad economic times

What History Says

The Order of the Illuminati

The founder of the sect: Adam Weishaupt.

Year founded: May 1, 1776. Founded in Bavaria Germany.

Adam Weishaupt
Born February 6, 1748.
At the age of 5 his father died. He was heavily influenced by his free-thinking godfather. In 1772 he became a Professor at the University of Ingolstadt.

Adam Weishaupt
Was greatly opposed to Church and State.

Founded the Illuminati so that he could have a group to back him in his political and religious beliefs.
Made his group look like a charitable one. Recruited wealthy individuals that had significant influence in multiple regions but did not tell them the truth of why he started the group. Made sure the true identity of his newly founded organization was kept a secret.

What Happened?
For the first few years, the sect did not have much of an impact on society. 1780, Adolf Francis, Baron von Kniggie was recruited by Weighaupt and organization began to become an influence. Kniggie helped recruit many more influential members from other countries. The organization held some higher positions in influential college institutions.

The Fall of the order

Kniggie and Weishaupt began to disagree about how the Order should be organized and run. Members figured out that they were being used by Weishaupt so many left the group and reported it to officials.

New laws decreed in 1784 and 1785 outlawed societies such as the Order.

The Facts
The Illuminati was a real group of individuals at one time. They did invite wealthy and influential members to join them. Weishaupts overall purpose was world domination. The Illuminati was suppressed and disbanded. The Illuminati has not influenced any recent events that have occurred in any country.

Why do People Believe It Still exists

People love to gain attention and blow things out of proportion. People get a thrill out of believing in a secret society such as the Illuminati. People have one more reason to hate the government.

My oft
The Illuminati is no longer in existence!!!!

People need to KNOW (through research) what they are talking about before they start stating things as facts!

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