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January 26, 2013 Event Information

You have registered for LiveWorkDetroit! on Saturday, January 26, 2013. We ook for!ard to "eeting you! #ere is so"e i"$ortant infor"ation for the day of the event. % ease read &arefu y.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ s! 1" #$at is %ive#ork&etroit'( '()*+ ,)*+! LiveWorkDetroit! -LWD!. is an effort to &onne&t /i&higan0s &o ege graduates to ne! o$$ortunities in Detroit and $ro"ote the &ity as a $ost1graduation ta ent destination. 2he $rogra" e3ists on t!o eve s4 1! LWD! are day1 ong events in Detroit and serve as an o$$ortunity for graduating students to earn a5out iving6!orking in the &ity. +ot one event is the sa"e, 5ut ea&h event in& udes an e"$ oyer net!orking seg"ent to he $ &onne&t graduating ta ent !ith Detroit0s hiring e"$ oyers. 2! . LWD! 7n 8a"$us efforts to $ro"ote Detroit and LiveWorkDetroit! through our Student )"5assadors $rogra". 9or "ore infor"ation, &onta&t us! 7$$ortunities are a so avai a5 e for students to get invo ved as LiveWorkDetroit! Student )"5assadors. 2" #$at is a %ive#ork&etroit' )tudent Am*assador( +o, do I *e-ome one( LiveWorkDetroit! need agents in the fie d to he $ s$read the !ord a5out the /otor 8ity and LiveWorkDetroit! events. 2hat:s !hy the /;D8 is re&ruiting LWD! Student )"5assadors on &a"$uses a&ross the nation. *f you ans!er <yes= to these >uestions you "ay 5e LWD! Student )"5assador "ateria 4 )re you a eader on &a"$us, at !ork or in the s&hoo &o""unity? Do you 5e ieve Detroit has great o$$ortunity and a 5right future? Do you ike to &o a5orate !ith others, 5e &ha enged, and "ake a $ositive differen&e? Do you en@oy $ro"oting "eaningfu &auses to your $eers? )re you ready for the o$$ortunity to think &reative y and he $ 5ui d an initiative fro" the ground u$ !ith other student eaders? 9or "ore infor"ation, visit4 !!!."ita ent.org6Student1)"5assador 3" #$at is t$e format of a ty.i-al %#&' event( +o one event is the sa"e! 2his a&ade"i& year, LWD! !i host severa different events in Detroit. Join us for tours of the 5est $ a&es to ive, !ork and $ ay in Detroit. ) ong the !ay, you: "eet &o""unity eaders, entre$reneurs, and $rofessiona s !ho &a the &ity ho"e. ;a&h event in& udes a &areer net!orking session !ith hiring e"$ oyers. We invite you to 5e a $art of the e3&iting 5uAA that is re1&harging Detroit! /" #$at is t$e attire for a %ive#ork&etroit' event( 'usiness or <sna$$y= &asua

LiveWorkDetroit! ;vent *nfor"ation January 26, 2013 ;vent %age 2

0" Are t$ere ot$er .ro1rams like t$is one availa*le( I ,ant to find a 2o*" 2here are severa ta ent enhan&e"ent $rogra"s and servi&es avai a5 e. % ease see our !e5site to earn "ore a5out the" at !!!."ita 2o sear&h for @o5s and $ost your resu"e, visit4 !!!.hire" 6" #$o s$ould attend a %ive#ork&etroit' event( 8o ege students, graduate students, &o""unity &o ege students, re&ent graduates, and young $rofessiona s !ho are interested in 5eing $art of Detroit0s deve o$"ent and revita iAation11innovators, entre$reneurs, engineers, designers and "ore B and "ost i"$ortant y, &onne&t !ith hiring e"$ oyers! So$ho"ores and fresh"en are !e &o"e to attend to earn a5out internshi$ o$$ortunities. 3" Is t$ere a fee for me to attend a %ive#ork&etroit' event( +o, mu-$ does it -ost( 2here is a C1D registration fee to attend a LiveWorkDetroit! event. ;ar y15ird registration is C10 and varies 5y event date. Students and young $rofessiona s have unti January 1Eth to re&eive the ear y15ird dis&ount for the January event. 4" &o I need to .rovide my o,n trans.ortation to and from t$e event in &etroit( 2here !i 5e designated "eeting o&ations to 5oard 5usses to Detroit. 'us o&ations !i de$end on registration eve s6geogra$hy of registrants. 2he 5usses !i return you 5a&k to the "eeting o&ation. You !i need to $rovide your o!n trans$ortation to and fro" the "eeting o&ation. 5" +o, do I re1ister for a %ive#ork&etroit event( 2o register for an event, $ ease visit !!!.dhivedetroit.org6 ive!orkdetroit for the registration ink. 10"#$at do I do if I re-eive a re1istration error( *f you re&eive a registration error, $ ease &onta&t us at to assist you in the registration $ro&ess.

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