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Genki Vocabulary - Lesson 1

Kana Kanji Romaji ano ima eego gakusee ...go kookoo gogo gozen ...sai ...san ...ji ...jin sensei senmon soo desu daigaku denwa tomodachi namae nan/nani nihon ...nensee hai han bangoo ryuugakuse e watashi amerika igirisu Oosutoraria kankoku Sueeden Chuugoku kagaku ajiakenkyu u English um... now English (language) student language high school P.M. A.M. ...years old Mr./Ms.... o'clock people teacher; Professor ... major That's right. college; university telephone friend name what Japan ...year student yes half number international student I U.S.A. Britain Australia Korea Sweden China science Asian studies

kokusaikan kei konpyuutaa jinruigaku seeji bijinesu bungaku rekishi shigoto isha kaishain kookoosei shufu daigakuins ee daigakusee bengoshi okaasan otoosan oneesan oniisan imooto otooto

international relations computer anthropology politics business literature history jo b; work; occupation doctor office worker high school student housewife graduate student college student lawyer mother father older sister older brother younger sister younger brother

Genki Vocabulary - Lesson 2

Kana Kanji Romaji kore sore are dore kono sono ano dono asoko doko dare oishii sakana English this one that one that one (over there) which one this ... that ... that ... (over there) which ... over there where who delicious fish

tonkatsu niku menyuu yasai enpitsu kasa kaban kutsu saifu jiinzu jisho jitensha shinbun teepu tokee toreenaa nooto pen booshi hon otearai kissaten ginkoo toshokan yuubinkyo ku keezai ikura ...en takai irasshaimas e (...o) onegaishim asu (...o) kudasai jaa (...o) doozo doomo

pork cutlet meat menu vegetable pencil umbrella bag shoes wallet jeans dictionary bicycle newspaper tape watch; clock sweat shirt notebook pen hat; cap book restroom cafe bank library post office economics how much ...yen expensive Welcome (to our store) ..., please.

Please give me... then...; if that is the case,... Here it is. Thank you.

Genki Vocabulary - Lesson 3

Kana LL Kanji English movie music magazine sports date (romantic, not calendar) tennis TV video tape; VCR breakfast sake; alcohol green tea coffee dinner hamburger lunch water home; house home; house; my place language lab school morning tomorrow when today at about tonight weekend Saturday Sunday every day every night to go to go back; to return to listen; to hear to drink to speak; to talk

+ negative + negative

to read to get up to eat to sleep; to go to sleep to see; to look at; to watch to come to do to study good early not much not at all usually a little sometimes often; much That's right.; Let me see. but How about...?; How is...?

Genki Vocabulary - Lesson 4

Kana Kanji English part-time jo b shopping class you dog souvenir child rice; meal picture; photograph desk letter cat bread person temple park

supermarket department store bus stop hospital hotel bookstore town; city restaurant yesterday a little while ago hour one hour last week when...; at the time of... Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday to meet; to see (a person) there is ... to buy to write to take (pictures) to wait to understand (a person) is in ...; stays at ... about (approximate measurement) I'm sorry. so; therefore many; a lot together with (a person) why alone Hello? (used on the phone) right left front back inside on

under near next between there here Monday

Genki Vocabulary - Lesson 5

Kana Kanji English sea postal stamps ticket surfing homework food birthday test weather drink postcard bus airplane room I (used by men) holiday; day off; absence travel new hot (weather) hot (objects) busy (people/days) large interesting frightening cold (weather-not used for objects) fun small boring

old (thing - not used for people) difficult easy (problem); kind (person) inexpensive; cheap (thing) disgusted with; to dislike beautiful; clean healthy; energetic quiet fond of; to like to hate very fond of; to love lively handsome not busy; to have a lot of free time to swim to ask to ride; to board to do; to perform to go out together and then It's okay.; Not to worry.; Everything is under control. very what kind of... [counter for flat objects] to (a place); as far as (a place); till (a time)

Genki Vocabulary - Lesson 6

Kana Kanji English money grandmother; old woman bath kanji; Chinese character textbook this week Municipal Hospital next video game

electricity train baggage page window night next week next year tough (situation) to play; to spend time pleasantly to hurry to take a bath to return (things) to turn off; to erase to die to sit down to stand up to smoke to use to help to enter to carry; to hold to be absent (from...); to rest to open (something) to teach; to instruct to get off to borrow to close (something) to turn on to make a phone call to forget; to leave behind to bring (a person) to bring (a thing) later on (do something) late because ... That would be fine.; That wouldn't be necessary. right away Really? slowly; leisurely; unhurriedly

Genki Vocabulary - Lesson 6

Kana English money grandmother; old woman bath kanji; Chinese character textbook this week Municipal Hospital next video game electricity train baggage page window night next week next year tough (situation) to play; to spend time pleasantly to hurry to take a bath to return (things) to turn off; to erase to die to sit down to stand up to smoke to use to help to enter to carry; to hold to be absent (from...); to rest to open (something) to teach; to instruct to get off to borrow Kanji

to close (something) to turn on to make a phone call to forget; to leave behind to bring (a person) to bring (a thing) later on (do something) late because ... That would be fine.; That wouldn't be necessary. right away Really? slowly; leisurely; unhurriedly

Genki Vocabulary - Lesson 7

Kana T Kanji English (my) older sister apartment younger sister song younger brother man older brother older sister woman company family hair brothers and sisters country; place of origin car convenience store cafeteria; dining commons (my) father T-shirt eye glasses bright; smart; clever

great-looking cute tall short (stature) long fast short (length) kind convenient to sing to put on (a hat) to get to know I know I do not know to live to put on (items below your waist) to gain weight to be on the heavy side to put on glasses to put on (clothes above your waist) to lose weight to be thin to get married but one person two people of course if you like

Genki Vocabulary - Lesson 8

Kana Kanji English That's too bad. the day after tomorrow

rain office worker camera karaoke air this morning this month jo b; work; occupation college student disco weather forecast place tomato summer something party barbecue chopsticks winter homestay; living with a local family every week next month skillful; good at... clumsy; poor at... famous it rains to wash to say to need to be late (for ...) to think to cut to make to take (something) to stare (at ...) to begin to drive to do laundry to clean to cook

uh-uh; no uh-huh; yes Cheers! (a toast) all (of the people) together

Genki Vocabulary - Lesson 9

Kana Kanji English good child color boxed lunch spa; hot spring Kabuki; traditional Japanese theatrical art guitar medicine to take medicine concert near future essay; composition exam Shinkansen; "Bullet Train" ski last month word; vocabulary piano illness; sickness blue red black lonely white young mean-spirited to dance (something) ends to be popular (something) begins to play (a string instrument or piano) to get (from somebody)

to memorize (1) to appear; to attend (2) to exit to do physical exercises to take a walk by all means all already one two three four five six seven eight nine ten

Genki Vocabulary - Lesson 10

Kana Kanji English fall station rich person face season credit card this year soccer shirt life; living world subway gloves barber's spring pants beauty parlor flight

ship; boat baseball celebrity reservation next semester apple warm slow; late cool (weather) cold (thing/people) sleepy easy; simple to take (amount of time / money) to stay (at a hotel, etc.) to become to pay to decide to practice on foot best these days how; by what means which how much; how long (do something) early; fast

Genki Vocabulary - Lesson 11

Kana Kanji English snack; sweets New Year's boy toy girl foreign country singer camp this person (polite) this semester

president of a company class future drive beer art museum host family lake mountain dream roommate to tell a lie to become hungry to own (a pet) to cut classes to take (a class); to get (a grade) to learn to climb to work to get tired to quit to have a fight; to quarrel to introduce to go on a diet to be late (for an appointment) to study abroad after (an event) coming from very and then it has been a long time okay; so-so more

Genki Vocabulary - Lesson 12

Kana Kanji English leg; foot meaning

stomach cold girlfriend boyfriend temperature (weather) cloudy weather match; game juice grade (on a test, etc.) cough throat tooth flower sunny weather clothes hangover present homesickness thing (concrete object) snow business to take care of sweet hurt; painful there are many... narrow; not spacious inconvenient; to have a scheduling conflict bad fantastic to catch a cold to be interested (in ...) to lose to become thirsty to have a fever to cough to break up; to separate to get nervous to worry always Get well soon. don't look well

probably; maybe as much as possible for two to three days for the first time very soon; in a few moments/days

Genki Vocabulary - Lesson 13

Kana Kanji English waiter grandfather; old man adult foreign language musical instrument karate curry kimono; Japanese traditional dress cake advertisement tea (black tea) language golf sweater elephant violin motorbike (consumer) prices grammar lawyer recruitment shop; store yakuza; gangster promise; appointment (term) paper I (formal) glad sad hot and spicy; salty strict

close; near various; different kinds of happy (lasting happiness) no good to knit  to lend; to rent to do one's best; to try hard to cry to brush (teeth); to polish to keep a promise to be moved/touched (by ...) (someone honorable) is present/home as a matter of fact, ... all one day two days three days four days five days six days seven days eight days nine days ten days Thank you (in advance)

Genki Vocabulary - Lesson 14

Kana Kanji English stuffed animal (e.g., teddy bear) (my) older brother landlord return (as a token of gratitude) (your/his) wife uncle; middle-aged man aunt; middle-aged woman club; student society Christmas (your/her) husband

tumbler; glass plate; dish time chocolate e-mail necktie (my) mother St. Valentine's Day camcorder married couple; husband and wife "White Day" (yet another gift-giving day) winter scarf comic book multistory apartment; condominium mandarin ring parents resume to want stingy; cheap to send to look good (on somebody) to give up to give (to others) to give (me) to come into existence; to be made to consult to propose marriage same last year we exactly well [generic counter for smaller items] [counter for bound volumes] [counter for equipment] [counter for smaller animals] [counter for long objects]

Genki Vocabulary - Lesson 15

Kana Kanji  English painting; picture; drawing movie theater foreigner furniture sightseeing wedding earthquake deadline jacket custom tax graduation ceremony Japanese buckwheat noodle map battery garden presentation broadcast program swimming pool pet schedule inn discount coupon spacious; wide to sell to withdraw (money) to draw; to paint to look for to invite (1) to date (someone) (2) to keep company to arrive to buy insurance to be cautious/careful to look into (a matter) to throw away to be visible

to decide on (an item) to graduate (from ...) to reserve all day long recently

Genki Vocabulary - Lesson 16

Kana Kanji English station attendant parent garbage sugar scholarship relatives letter of recommendation graduate school typhoon day file; portfolio way; road; directions alarm clock dirty to wake (someone) up to treat (someone) to a meal to get depressed to have difficulty to take (something) out; to hand in (something) to take (someone) to (a place) to correct; to fix to become lost; to lose one's way to translate to laugh to iron (clothes) to collect to put (something) in to miss (a train, bus, etc.) to show to oversleep

to show (someone) around to explain to come to pick up (someone) well...; let me see... by the end of today the other day about this much I'm sorry. (casual) Excuse me..; Sorry to interrupt you. (do something) oneself in class; during the class other

Genki Vocabulary - Lesson 17

Kana Kanji English guest; visitor; client; customer man hot water woman key paper salary contact lenses the lowest; the worst salaryman; company employee overtime work heater lottery difference news beard secret dormitory travel agency envious a little; a few strong to choose; to select

to comb one's hair to boil water to get crowded to win a lottery to take off (clothes) to shave one's beard to make tea, coffee, etc. to lock to be sufficient; to be enough to get used to... to put makeup on to get a full-time jo b (at...) to wear small items (necktie, watch, etc.) to get a divorce Congratulations! oneself very I see. (casual) moreover, ... for example compared with ... according to ... before... after all

Genki Vocabulary - Lesson 18

Kana Kanji English the rest air conditioner curtain milk shampoo switch skirt soy sauce outside

towel diary popcorn rent evening cassette player with a radio answering machine refrigerator candle bright to feel sick embarassing; to feel embarassed (something) opens to apologize to press; to push to drop (something) water boils to fall down to break (something) to bloom (something) closes to be saved; to be helped to ask (a favor) (something) turns on to make dirty (something) drops to think (about); to consider (something) goes off (something) breaks to become dirty to place an order right away thanks to ... See you. (lit., I'm leaving ahead of you.) You must be tired after working so hard. (ritualistic expression) really first of all by (time/date) What should I/we do?

Genki Vocabulary - Lesson 19

Kana Kanji English to invite someone (to an event/a place) (your/his) wife (polite) (your/their) child (polite) expression of gratitude honorific language this way (polite) business trip a kind; a sort personality junior high school student where (polite) lazy person worry shy person chat; talk department manager culture mistake be on good/close terms; to get along well serious; sober; diligent honorific expression for , , and to walk/drive (someone) to get angry honorific expression for honorific expression for to be decided honorific expression for honorific expression for to get aquainted with honorific expression for honorific expression for to move (to another place to live) honorific expression for and

to call (one's name); to invite to stop by to become late to sit down to become sunny to be popular (in terms of romantic interest) to hold back for the time being; to refrain from to treat/invite (someone) to a meal to watch out; to give warning to have a talk the day before yesterday why (=) in fact; originally every morning still party of ... people Welcome. Please give my best regards (to ...)

Genki Vocabulary - Lesson 20

Kana Kanji English this way (polite) space alien sound our person in charge corner God airport letter; character branch office hobby; pastime novel traffic light sneakers fan moon high heels

last night heavy; serious (illness) to walk extra-modest expression for extra-modest expression for and humble expression for to humbly visit; to humbly ask extra-modest expression for extra-modest expression for extra-modest expression for extra-modest expression for extra-modest expression for and to turn (right/left) extra-modest expression for to return; to come back to be audible humble expression for to convey (message) to keep (someone) waiting to exchange to lead a life to return (merchandise) Oh! floor Certainly. I am not sure, ... I'm very sorry a few seconds if that is the case, ... if possible really (very polite) again You have my apologies. if it is okay (polite)

Genki Vocabulary - Lesson 21



English baby mosquito business meeting; conference gasoline environment police; police station factory things; matters last train speech government sexual offender; lascivious man burgular abbreviation of criminal poster old days; past complaint to complain absence; not at home far (away) awful safe precious; valuable messy; disorganized to put; to lay; to place to notice to kick to sting; to bite (bug); to stab to touch to be arrested; to be caught to wrap; to cover to strike; to hit; to punch to steal; to rob to post to step on to turn down (somebody); to reject; to jilt to bake to give (to pets, plants, younger siblings,

etc.) to bully to change clothes to save money to continue to praise; to say nice things to make a mistake to find to prepare to insult; to make a fool of ... to be surprised to take a nap to contact while... time of...; when... a little anyhow; anyway colleague

Genki Vocabulary - Lesson 22

Kana Kanji English partner reception desk English conversation (someone's) daughter (polite) household matters wind tree final examination junior members of a group monkey freedom cram school document senior members of a group living alone subordinate review of lessons project

ball waste (money) license preparation of lessons noisy; annoying worried about poor fluent strange; unusual easy; comfortable to win to make a photocopy to carry from one place to another; transport to run to pick up (something) to blow to leave (someone/something) alone; to neglect to be in time for to go to pick up (someone) to make a plan to raise; to bring up to help; to rescue to lose (a match) to pray for help to agree to fail; to be unsuccessful to stay up all night to oppose; to object to to translate in this way for a long time; all the time definitely I don't think so. ...for example many times in a leisurely way a little more

Genki Vocabulary - Lesson 23

Kana Kanji English memory trip to a foreign country body socks international call tuition elementary school election tire free of charge place villa; vacation home bonus Bon dance (Japanese traditional dance) interview dinner ideal looking after a house during one's absence (food is) terrible the rain stops (someone) is gone; to disappear to be in someone's care to have a stomachache to be different; wrong to be lost; to disappear to talk behind someone's back to take (an examination, interview, etc.) to change (something/someone) separates; parts from to look ...(facial expression) to be disappointed to be tolerant/patient to take care of ... to sympathize (tire) goes flat

(something/someone) comes back to win a championship no Take care of yourself. You are right. it is about time to ... such ...; that kind of ... extremely

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