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Acido Folico

Effect of folic acid and antioxidant vitamins on endothelial dysfunction in patients with coronary artery disease. Title LM, Cummings PM, Giddens . ! "m Coll Cardiol #$$$%&'()*+,)'*.

OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this study was to determine whether lowerin homocysteine le!els with folic acid" with or without antio#idants" will impro!e endothelial dysfunction in patients with coronary artery disease $CA%&' BAC()*O+,%: Ele!ated plasma homocysteine le!els are a risfactor for atherosclerosis' .omocysteine may promote athero enesis throu h endothelial dysfunction and o#idati!e stress' /ET.O%S: In a dou0le10lind" place0o1controlled" randomi2ed trial" we used !ascular ultrasound to assess the effect of folic acid alone or with antio#idants on 0rachial artery endothelium1dependent flow1mediated dilation $F/%&' Se!enty1fi!e patients with CA% $screenin homocysteine le!el 3 or 45 micromol6liter& were randomi2ed e7ually to one of three roups: place0o" folic acid alone or folic acid plus antio#idant !itamins C and E' 8atients were treated for four months' 8lasma folate" homocysteine" F/% and nitro lycerin1mediated dilation were measured 0efore and after four months of treatment' *ES+9TS: 8lasma folate" homocysteine and F/% were unchan ed in the place0o roup' Compared with place0o" folic acid alone increased plasma folate 0y :;<= $p > ?'??@&" reduced plasma homocysteine 0y @@= $p 4 ?'AB& and si nificantly impro!ed F/% from B'A C61 B'D= to <'A C61 B'5= $p 4 ?'?:&' The impro!ement in F/% correlated with the reduction in homocysteine $r 4 ?'<" p 4 ?'?@&' Folic acid plus antio#idants increased plasma folate 0y :BE= $p > ?'??@&" reduced plasma homocysteine 0y 5= $p 4 ?'<D& and insi nificantly impro!ed F/% from A'D C61 A':= to :'? C61 B';= $p 4 ?':<&" as compared with place0o' ,itro lycerin1mediated dilation did not chan e si nificantly in any roup' CO,C9+SIO,S: Folic acid supplementation si nificantly impro!ed endothelial dysfunction in patients with coronary atherosclerosis' Further clinical trials are re7uired to determine whether folic acid supplementation may reduce cardio!ascular e!ents' Ac' Folico e difetti del tu0o neurale: Conclusions: Folic acid anta onists" which include such common dru s as trimethoprim" triamterene" car0ama2epine" phenytoin" pheno0ar0ital" and primidone" may increase the ris- not only of neural1tu0e defects" 0ut also of cardio!ascular defects" oral clefts" and urinary tract defects' The folic acid component of multi!itamins may reduce the ris-s of these defects' -mprovement of cognitive functions after co.alamin/folate supplementation in elderly patients with dementia and elevated plasma homocysteine. 0ilsson , Gustafson L, 1ult.erg 2. -nt ! Geriatr Psychiatry #$$3%3'('$4,'35.

OBJECTIVES: To in!esti ate the effect of co0alamin6folate supplementation on co niti!e function in elderly patients with dementia' /ET.O%: The co0alamin6folate status of the patients was e!aluated 0y measurin plasma homocysteine" serum methylmalonic acid" serum co0alamin and 0lood folate' Thirty1three patients were studied and repeatedly assessed with the /ini1/ental State E#amination $//SE& and FA short co niti!e performance test for assessin memory and attentionF $S(T& durin !itamin su0stitution' *ES+9TS: 8atients with mild1moderate dementia and ele!ated plasma homocysteine le!els impro!ed clinically with increased test scores after !itamin su0stitution" while se!erely demented patients and patients with normal plasma homocysteine le!els

did not impro!e clinically' CO,C9+SIO,S: 8lasma homocysteine may 0e the 0est mar-er for detectin treata0le co0alamin6folate deficiency in patients with dementia'