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The Basket Party Hostess Handbook

Rayshelle Pachla
Independent Scentsy Certified Consultant

This booklet was created by an Independent Scentsy Consultant. The content has been approved, but is not published by Scentsy, Inc. All trademarks, logos and graphics are the sole property of Scentsy, Inc.

Hostess Information
Thank you for hosting a Scentsy Basket Party. As a hostess with a minimum of just $150 in sales (before shipping & tax) you will receive 10% to 15% of your sales in FREE items & up to 4 items of your choice at price! When one or more of your guests books a party at yours, you are entitled to receive a price coupon to use at each of their parties! Plus, with a minimum of $150 in sales you and your guests will receive FREE SHIPPING to one address. As a hostess you assume responsibility for the basket and its contents (see list of contents below). To minimize the risk of damage or loss please follow these 3 simple rules: Keep samplers away from heat! Scentsy wax is designed to melt at low temperatures. Softening or melting may cause testers to spill, ruining them and possibly resulting in damage to clothing, furniture or flooring. Do not allow others to take the bag and/or its contents from your control. Do not allow children or pets to play with the basket and/or its contents.

Basket Party Contents

1 Scentsy Bar 1 Scentsy Room Spray 1 Scentsy Scent Circle 1 Scentsy Warmer 1 Scentsy Hostess Handbook 2 Scentsy Catalogs 10 Scentsy Order Forms 80+ Scentsy Fragrance Testers

1. Order Form Instructions 2. What are Wickless Candles?, and Precautions 3. FAQ 4. Warmers 5. Room Sprays, Scent Circles, and Travel Tins 6. Facts 7. Comparison 8. New Consultant Starter Kit 9. Hostess Rewards 10. Hostess Wish List 11. Basket Party Agreement

Ill loan you a basket filled with everything you need to hold a mini party, including all 80+ Scentsy fragrance testers, catalogs and order forms. All you need to do is show the bag & its contents to everyone you know; your family, friends and co-workers! Outside orders can be placed by visiting Http:// Instruct your guests to click on the blue arrow and select your party to make sure you receive credit for all outside orders! You will soon see that Scentsy products sell themselves!


1. Have the customer fill out their name, complete address, and phone number for processing purposes. If they would like to receive a monthly newsletter telling them about the monthly Scentsy specials have them complete their email address as well. 2. Fill in Product information according to the catalog. 3. Payments accepted are Cash, Checks (made payable to Rayshelle Pachla) and ALL Major Credit Cards (If paying by Credit Card, fill in ALL Credit Ccard information including the 3 digit security code on the back of the card and the billing zip code). The name on the order form must EXACTLY match the Credit Card. 4. You will need to total the order: TAX depends on where the product is being shipped. Shipping is free as long as your Party Total reaches $150 and as long as the customer doesnt need the order to be shipped separate from the party order. 5. Give ONE copy of the receipt to the customer (instructions for who gets what color is located at the bottom of form).

What are Wickless Candles?

The safest & newest candle scentsation Scentsy Wickless Candles are highly scented bars of wax called Scentsy Bars that melt at a very low temperature in our specially designed electric warmers. Since Scentsy bars are not burned using a flame & they melt at such a low temperature, the Scentsy System poses no danger to children or pets! Scentsy Bars contain more fragrance than our competitor jar candles & Scentsy Bars are less expensive too! Take a few minutes to look through our catalog; with over 80+ Scentsy fragrances to choose from and over 40 Scentsy warmer styles & colors to choose from youre sure to find something youll love. Then take a few minutes to sample all of the scentsation Scentsy fragrance testers with your family, friends and co-workers! Please feel free to plug in the warmer to melt & enjoy the included Scentsy bar, please do not melt any of the Scentsy fragrance testers.

Scentsy Precautions
Certain fragrances may trigger allergies or asthma in some people. Please read fragrance descriptions carefully before smelling testers if you have had a reaction to fragrances in the past, some common fragrances which may cause sensitivities are cinnamon, eucalyptus and pine. Although Scentsy warmers melt our wax at low temperatures, certain precautions should be taken when using any electrical devise. Be sure to read the safety instructions and handling information that come with your Scentsy warmer before use.

Scentsy FAQ
Q: Why havent I heard about Scentsy before? A: Scentsy is a relatively new direct selling company. Q: What makes Scentsy so much safer than other candles & tarts? A: Scentsy is wickless, flameless, smokeless & leadless! Q: What type of wax does Scentsy use? A: Scentsy uses only food-grade petroleum-based wax, like the kind they spray on apples. Q: How long does one Scentsy bar last? A: Typically, one Scentsy Bar can last up to 60-80 hours. Q: Do I put the entire Scentsy bar into the warmer? A: No, place just one or two cubes of your favorite fragrance into your Scentsy warmer. Q: When melted, how hot does the Scentsy bar wax get? A: Not hot at all, just above body temperature. Q: Do I need to attend a party to buy more Scentsy bars later? A: No, you may order anytime by going to my website (listed on front page) or directly through me. Q: Does Scentsy offer any special discounts? A: Yes, Scentsy offers a Scent and Warmer of the Month Q: How long will it take for my Scentsy order to arrive? A: Approximately 2 to 3 weeks. Q: How can I become a Scentsy consultant? A: Sign up is easy, it is the best job youll ever had, and it is only $99 to start your business today, ask me how!!!

Scentsy Full & Mid Size Warmers

The Scentsy experience begins with our unique electric warmers. Full Size Warmers contain a 25-watt bulb, and Mid Size Warmers contain a 20-watt bulb, which gets warm enough to melt our specially-formulated Scentsy bars and/or bricks, but not hot enough to burn skin in the event of a spill. Choose from many different styles & colors to match any dcor.

Plug Ins
Scentsy Plug-In warmers are designed for those small places. Theyre detachable base makes it quick and easy to change fragrances. Choose from 30 different styles and colors.

Scentsy Buddy and Scent Paks

Cuddly companions for children of all ages. Each Buddy features a zippered pouch to hold delightful Scentsy fragrance. Just insert a Scent Pak. Scent Paks are also perfect for use in drawers, closets, gymbags, or anywhere you would like a touch of Scentsy. Available in 41 fragrances

Scentsy Room Sprays & Scent Circles

All of our 80 Scentsational Scentsy bar fragrances are also available in room sprays and scent circles. With Scentsy room sprays & scent circles you can take your favorite Scentsy fragrances with you wherever you go! Scentsy Room Sprays are 3.4fl.oz. Pump spray-bottles that you can carry in your purse or suitcase. Use our Scentsy Room Sprays to freshen up your workplace, hotel room or even a public restroom. Scentsy Scent Circles are scented discs that you can hang from your review mirror, and they are also perfect for closets, lockers and anyplace else that could use a little pick me up.

Scentsy Travel Tins

Travel Tins are portable and convenient; simply open your Travel Tin to release the fragrance. The more you open it, the more fragrance you release. Great for your purse, car or gym bag anywhere you need Scentsy fragrance! Travel Tins come in 37 different fragrances.

Warmer Stands
Elevate your Scentsy warmer to add visual impact to your warmer display. In powder-coated metal with an oil-rubbed bronze finish. Choose from a Round, Square, Web, or Flower stand.

Scentsy Facts
Here are a few facts you should know about Scentsy. Scentsy is safe wickless, flameless, smokeless & leadless! Scentsy wax will not burn skin if spilled. Scentsy bars contain more fragrance than our competitors jar candles. Scentsy bars are less expensive than jar candles too! Scentsy offers seasonal promotions and a Scent of the Month special (SOTM products are always 10% off during that month). Scentsy makes a great gift, perfect for homes, businesses, doctors offices, dorms, schools, anywhere! Scentsy makes perfect scents!

Scentsy Layers
Scentsy Layers is our latest addition to the Scentsy Family, Layers lets you build a new fragrance wardrobe, layer by layer, from your skin to your clothes. Envelop every part of your life in scent, from your early morning showers or bath to the moments you rest your head on your pillow. Make your Scentsy fragrance your signature, leaving lovely traces throughout your day!

Layer Products Bath Tablets Body Butter Body Lotion Body Spray Dryer Discs Hand Cream Hand Soap Shower Cream Shower Gel Solid Perfume Washer Wiffs Laundry Liquid Lip Balm SPF 15 or SPF 50 Lotion

Scentsy Starter Kit

So now that you have learned all about our unique Scentsy products, are you ready to become a consultant yourself? As a Scentsy Independent Consultant you will work for yourself, but not by yourself. As your sponsor I will be here to help guide you every step of the way. No matter how far away you may live, Im just a phone call away! Scentsy offers you the flexibility to set your own hours and determine the amount of your own commission while you earn fantastic rewards for your achievements. You will have the opportunity to earn over 30% on your personal sales and receive leadership bonuses of on your entire downline of people you recruit and sponsor to sell our unique Scentsy products. Being a Scentsy Independent Consultant is a personally and professionally rewarding experience, because every time you go to work, it's a Party!

New Consultant Starter Kit Contents

1 Scentsy Warmer, Buddy, Scent Pak 2 Scentsy Bars 2 Layers By Scentsy 25 Scentsy Catalogs Full Scentsy Party Testers Scentsy Party Invitations Scentsy Order Forms Host/Join Brochures Discover Scentsy family DVD, Start Up Guide Scentsy Category Cards 5 Scentsy Host Envelopes Scentsy Print Your Own Labels Scentsy Product List Tear Pad

Hostess Rewards
For hosting a qualified show*: For the first $150 in sales (only 2 Perfect Scentsy orders, $75 ea). Receive 10% of your party total in free product and 1- price item** of your choice. For $250 in sales: Receive 10% of your party total in free product and 2- price items**. For $400 in sales: Receive 15% of your party total in free product and 3 price items**. For $1000 in sales: Receive 15% of your party total in free product and 4 price items**. Have someone book a qualifying event ($150 in sales) from your show: Receive another price item** at their party *In order to receive free shipping and Hostess Rewards, the qualifying show must be at least $150 in orders, before tax and shipping and does not include free and half priced items. ** Half price items & hostess rewards cannot be redeemed for multipacks exceeding $40. It is also not available on Campus/Patriot Collections, Charitable Warmers or any item in the catalog marked with an asterisk (*).

Hostess Wish List

Decide what Scentsy products you want to earn, then figure out what your party sales must total in order to earn that product! (See Hostess Rewards)

40 Guests in 4 Minutes
If you need help jogging your memory of friends and acquaintances you could invite to attend your Basket Party, try the following 40 Guests if 4 Minutes exercise! You might be thinking that 40 sounds like too many, but typically, only half the guests you invite will be able to attend, so its important to invite more than you anticipate. Many factors affect a persons ability to attend, so dont be disappointed if certain people arent able to participatethey might want to the next time! Now grab a pen and try the following exercise. Youll be surprised how quickly your list grows!

4 Relatives ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ 4 People you do business with (bank, salon, etc.) ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ 4 Friends ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ 4 People who have invited you to a home show ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________

4 Co-workers ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ 4 Spouses co-workers or their spouses ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ 4 Neighbors ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ 4 Previous co-workers/neighbors ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ 4 Chruch or social group contacts ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ 4 Contacts through your children (PTA, Scouts) ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________

Scentsy Basket Party Contract

I, ________________________________________, (print name) agree to host a Scentsy Basket Party with the basket and contents loaned to me which I will keep in my personal control at all times. I understand that the basket and its contents must be kept away from heat at all times. I accept responsibility for replacement cost of any item(s) lost or damaged. I acknowledge receipt of a basket containing _________ warmer(s), _________ bar(s), _________ room spray, _________ scent circle and _________ fragrance samplers plus all necessary paperwork. I agree to return the basket and all of its contents, including The Hostess Handbook, and any unused forms or catalogs to my Scentsy consultant on or before the date listed below __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ Host/Hostess signature Date basket dropped off __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ Name of business (or home) Date basket will be returned __________________________________________________________ Street address __________________________________________________________ City, zip __________________________________________________________ Phone number(s)