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Vitamina B complex, niacinamide o B3,

Improved vascular endothelial function after oral B vitamins: An effect mediated through reduced concentrations of free plasma homocysteine. Chambers JC, Ueland P , !beid !A, et al. Circulation "###$%#":"&'()"&*+. BACKGROUND: Hyperhomocy teinemia i an independent ri ! "actor "or coronary heart di ea e #CHD$% Dietary &pplementation 'ith B (itamin lo'er pla ma homocy teine )y &p to 3*+% Ho'e(er, little i !no'n a)o&t the potential )ene"icial e""ect o" homocy teine lo'erin, on (a c&lar "&nction in patient 'ith CHD% -ethod and Re &lt ./e in(e ti,ated 01 men 'ith CHD #a,ed 23 4ran,e 31 to 356 year $% Brachial artery "lo'.mediated dilatation #endotheli&m dependent$ and nitro,lycerin.ind&ced dilatation #endotheli&m independent$ 'ere mea &red )e"ore and 0 'ee! a"ter treatment 'ith either #7$ "olic acid #2 m,$ and (itamin B#78$ #7 m,$ daily #n921$ or #8$ place)o #n93*$% :otal, protein.)o&nd, and "ree pla ma homocy teine, er&m "olate, and (itamin B#78$ 'ere mea &red at )a eline and at 0 'ee! % ;lo'.mediated dilatation impro(ed a"ter treatment 'ith B (itamin #8%2<=.3%8+ to >%*<=.3%5+, ?:9*%**8$ )&t not place)o #8%3<=.8%3+ to 7%1<=.8%3+, ?:9*%2$% Vitamin therapy lo'ered pla ma concentration o" total homocy teine #"rom 73%*<=.3%> to 1%3<=.7%1 @m,rAmol=B, ?:C*%**7$, protein.)o&nd homocy teine #"rom 0%5<=.8%0 to 3%8<=.7%> @m,rAmol=B, ?:C*%**7$, and "ree homocy teine #"rom >%3<=.7%8 to 3%*<=.*%3 @m,rAmol=B, ?:C*%**7$ and rai ed concentration o" er&m "olate #"rom 7*%3<=.>%3 to 37%8<=.7*%0 n,=mB, ?:C*%**7$ and (itamin B#78$ #"rom 37><=.7*8 to 337<=.815 p,=mB, ?:C*%**7$% Dn re,re ion analy i , impro(ed "lo'.mediated dilatation correlated clo ely 'ith the red&ction in "ree pla ma homocy teine #r9.*%83, ?:9*%**7$, independent o" chan,e in protein.)o&nd homocy teine, "olate, and (itamin B#78$% Nitro,lycerin.ind&ced dilatation 'a &nchan,ed a"ter )oth B (itamin and place)o% CONCBUEDONE:.;olic acid and (itamin B#78$ &pplementation impro(e (a c&lar endothelial "&nction in patient 'ith CHD, and thi e""ect i li!ely to )e mediated thro&,h red&ced concentration o" "ree pla ma homocy teine concentration % O&r data &pport the (ie' that lo'erin, homocy teine, thro&,h B (itamin &pplementation, may red&ce cardio(a c&lar ri !%

,he protective effect of niacinamide on ischemia)reperfusion)induced liver in-ury. Chen C., /ang 0, 12ang CP, et al. J Biomed 3ci "##%$*:&&4)&5". Reper"& ion o" i chemic li(er re &lt in the ,eneration o" oxy,en radical , nitric oxide #NO$ and their reaction prod&ct peroxynitrite, all o" 'hich may ca& e trand )rea! in DNA, 'hich acti(ate the n&clear enFyme poly#AD? ri)o e$ yntha e #?ARE$% :hi re &lt in rapid depletion o" intracell&lar nicotinamide adenine din&cleotide and adeno ine 2G.tripho phate #A:?$ and e(ent&ally ind&ce irre(er i)le cytotoxicity% Dn thi t&dy, 'e demon trated that niacinamide, a ?ARE inhi)itor, atten&ated i chemia=reper"& ion #D=R$.ind&ced li(er inH&ry% D chemia 'a ind&ced )y clampin, the common hepatic artery and portal (ein o" rat "or >* min% :herea"ter, "lo' 'a re tored and the li(er 'a reper"& ed "or 1* min% Blood ample collected prior to D and a"ter R 'ere analyFed "or methyl ,&anidine #-G$, NO, t&mor necro i "actor #:N;.alpha$ and A:?% Blood le(el o" a partate tran "era e #AE:$, alanine tran "era e #AB:$ and lactate dehydro,ena e #BDH$ 'hich er(ed a indexe o" li(er inH&ry 'ere mea &red% :hi protocol re &lted in ele(ation o" the )lood NO le(el #p C *%*7$% Dn"lammation 'a apparent, a :N;.alpha and -G le(el 'ere i,ni"icantly increa ed #p C *%*2 and p C *%**7$% AE:, AB: and BDH 'ere ele(ated >. to 2."old #p C *%**7$, 'hile A:? 'a

i,ni"icantly dimini hed #p C *%*7$% A"ter admini tration o" niacinamide #7* m-$, li(er inH&ry 'a i,ni"icantly atten&ated, 'hile )lood A:? content 'a re(er ed% Dn addition, -G, :N;.alpha and NO relea e 'a atten&ated% :he e re &lt indicate that niacinamide, pre &ma)ly )y actin, 'ith m&ltiple "&nction , exert potent"lammatory e""ect in D=R.ind&ced li(er inH&ry% CONCBUEDONE: O&r t&dy &,,e t that lipid.modi"yin, do a,e o" niacin can )e a"ely & ed in patient 'ith dia)ete and that niacin therapy may )e con idered a an alternati(e to tatin dr&, or "i)rate "or patient 'ith dia)ete in 'hom the e a,ent are not tolerated or "ail to &""iciently correct hypertri,lyceridemia or lo' HDB.C le(el %