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Because People Matter

Progressive News and Views March / April 2008

Let’s Talk (About Sex)!

Family communication & comprehensive sex education make the difference
by Katharyn McLearan

e have a preventable public health prob- prevention of sexually transmitted infections. Helpful hints for parents and other responsible
lem in this country Family Communication adults: Talk with your kids at all stages of develop-
— an estimated Consider these facts: Parents ment, not just puberty. Talk early and talk often. You
750,000 American teens will and teens agree that they are not are a role model for your teen. Set good examples.
become pregnant this year comfortable discussing sex with one Show your kids how our lives are enriched by our
and nearly four million will another yet 87% of teens say it would values. Take advantage of teachable moments. Use
contract a sexually transmitted be easier for them to postpone sexu- topics like a friend’s pregnancy or a TV show to begin
infection. al activity and avoid teen pregnancy a conversation. Give accurate, simple, and honest
Nonetheless, studies have if they were able to have open, hon- answers to questions. If your child asks a question
consistently shown that fam- est conversations with their parents. you can’t answer, it is OK to say you do not know. Use
ily communication and com- And 97% of girls said “having par- the opportunity to learn something together. Let your
prehensive sex education are ents they could talk to” could help kids know that you are available.
important factors in safeguard- prevent pregnancies among unmar- Sex Education
ing teenagers’ sexual health. It ried teens. Teens cite their parents as Comprehensive sex education supports and
can be difficult to talk to your the people who most influence their strengthens parent–teen communication. Abstinence
teen about sensitive issues, but decisions about sex. When parents Only programs that do not include family planning,
we also know how important it talk to their teens about sex, the disease prevention, and responsible decision-making
is to your child’s future. We also “Inaccurate abstinence-only education teens are more likely to delay sex, skills are dangerous and do not prevent pregnancy
need education programs in is being taught in many schools across more likely to use condoms when or disease. Information that is wrong, too little, or
our schools that include infor- California.” they finally do have sex, more likely too late can result in long-term and life threatening
mation about abstinence as photo courtesy Planned Parenthood
to talk about sexual health risks with consequences.
Mar Monte
well as contraception, healthy their partner, and less likely to have
communication, responsible decision-making, and multiple partners. See Sex Education, page 9

California Faces Repeat Attacks on Abortion Rights

Another parental notification initiative is in the works
by Chelsea Del Rio
is not the only limitation women face. In 24 states there nization for Women, In the meantime,
Look out progressive Californians, it is happening again. exist mandatory waiting periods between receiving consider other action you can take to ensure access to
In 2005 we faced Proposition 73 and in 2006 we faced counseling and having the abortion performed. There reproductive health services. Become a clinic defense
Proposition 85. Both aimed at man- are 43 states that allow health care escort and help women navigate through anti-choice
dating parental notification in order institutions to refuse to provide protestors to access abortion services. Sacramento NOW
for minors to access abortion ser- Our fight to defeat abortions. A total of 28 states provides training and coordinates weekly escorting.
vices. Both times the people of Cali- parental notification mandate counseling prior to Contact us at Or, consider
fornia decided that such laws would abortion, including misinforma- housing or providing rides for women who must travel
only serve to harm the young women initiatives and other tion about links between breast to the area to receive abortion services. To do so, sign up
of our state, often the ones already attacks on abortion cancer and abortion, fetal pain with ACCESS:
in the most difficult and dangerous during the abortion procedure Chelsea Del Rio is a long time Sacramento NOW
situations. Now, in 2008, we face a rights not only protects and long term mental health con- grassroots activist and currently serves as Action Vice
third parental notification initiative. reproductive health sequences for women. Combine President with California NOW.
Sponsors of the initiative are still in these numbers with an array of
the process of signature gathering to services but also additional limitations and the fact
qualify for the November ballot but strengthens women’s that 87% of counties in the US
if history is any indication, they will have no abortion providers and
qualify by the deadline. Pro-choicers autonomy and freedom. it is easy to see just how compli- Inside this issue:
will face yet another year of divert- cated the picture becomes.
ing time, resources and energy from providing already These restrictions indicate the continued efforts to Editorial.............................................. 2
limited services for women in order to defeat right wing legislate and control women’s bodies. Former Arkansas Plutonium Paradise............................ 3
attacks on choice. Governor Mike Huckabee hopes for a “Human Life A Community Peace Group................ 4
Currently 35 states require some type of parental Amendment” to the constitution that would in effect
involvement, whether notification or consent of one or overturn Roe. Let’s consider the fact that women are not
The Matsui 10..................................... 4
both parents, for a minor to have an abortion. But this protected in the constitution and this guy is talking fetal Bonus for Bike and Bus Riders........... 4
rights. What a clear indication Police State Flash Point...................... 5
that right wing concern is more Rx Dr. Bill Durston............................ 6
about control of reproduction
and women’s bodies than it is
Single Payer Health Care.................... 6
about life! Thus, our fight to The Fong Mansion.............................. 7
defeat parental notification Stop Gerrymandering......................... 7
initiatives and other attacks Immigration is Not the Issue.............. 8
on abortion rights not only
protects reproductive health
Corporate Media Censors the News... 9
services but also strength- We Are Done Killing For Lies.......... 10
ens women’s autonomy and Poem: The God of War...................... 10
freedom. Book Review: The Israel Lobby......... 11
It is essential that we work
to protect access to abortion
Sacramento Area Peace Action......... 12
not only for teens in California The New Capitalism......................... 13
but also for women across the Old Boys Network............................. 13
country who, more and more, Torture............................................... 14
may be forced to look to Cali-
fornia. If the parental notifica-
Winter Soldier Hearings................... 14
tion initiative does qualify for MLK Inspires Us Again................... 14
the ballot we will need your Calendar............................................ 15
Sacramento NOW taking the NO on 85 campaign to the street help to defeat it. Stay informed Progressive Media............................. 16
photo courtesy Sacramento NOW via California National Orga-
 Because People Matter March / April 2008

People Matter Editorial
Volume 17, Number 2
Published Bi-Monthly by the
Jeanie Keltner
Co-coordinating Editor for This Issue
Sacramento Community for
Peace & Justice
P.O. Box 162998, Sacramento,

Scared Out of Our Wits

CA 95816
(Use addresses below for
Editorial Group: Jacqueline
Diaz, JoAnn Fuller, Charlene who turned the country into a “helpless giant”
Jones, Jeanie Keltner, Rick
Nadeau The 9/11 lie has paralyzed us that September day.
Coordinating Editors for But the 9/11 truth is that we have much
this Issue: Jeanie Keltner and “Hey,” says my friend, holding up the last BPM failing to control our raw emotions, becoming, more to fear from Bush/ Cheney and the Con-
Jacqueline Diaz
with the cover of faces from the patriotsques- in the end, a united herd of sheep that was easily gress people from both parties who serve their
Design and Layout:
Ellen Schwartz
tion9/11 site. “What is this? All 9/11—All the corralled into following and obeying the dictates agenda than we do from Arab terrorists. We’re
Calendar Editor: time?” And he gives me that look. of the corporatists. being spied on, arrested without charges, secretly
Chris Bond I find the dismissive glances and even eye We became, with our jingoism, nationalism, detained, tortured, sometimes killed, tried in
Advertising and Business rolling that sometimes come from activists and patriotism and Nazi-like militarization of the kangaroo courts. These things are HAPPEN-
Manager: Edwina White
other progressive about 9/11 hard to understand. nation a people on the verge of mass psychosis, ING now—and to US citizens as well as others
Distribution Manager:
Paulette Cuilla
These are people who know that every word ready to bomb and murder entire nations, ready unlucky enough to be caught in the nets spread
Subscription Manager: Cheney and Bush ever uttered is a flat-out con- to lose all sense of morality in order to attain the so widely and with so little legal care. And the
Kate Kennedy scious lie (for 935 documented pre-war lies, see vengeance our mammalian brains sought. perpetrators of these attacks on us are NOT ter- …The hatred we felt rorists—but very likely the
How to Reach Us: And yet on this literally world-changing was manipulated and direct- But the 9/11 truth true figures behind the events
event they decide to believe these guys? And then ed, our attention made to of 9/11—which they are using
is that we have
Subscriptions, letters,
punditry: call those of us who challenge the official story focus on the dark skins and as the rationale for destroying
much more to
403 21st Street stupid and crazy? C’mon…..! alien religion of the Middle our Constitution.
Sacramento, CA 95814
Yes, I try to get something that undercuts East. Our fear was exploited, Every day, more promi-
Ads or other business:
the official story of 9/11 in every issue of BPM. our fragile psychology fear from Bush/ nent people publicly express
I believe 9/11 truth info can let some air into abused, steered toward war their doubts about the offi-
All e-mail correspondence: the vacuum-sealed US mind created by the 9/11 against Arabs and Persians Cheney…than cial story. New York Times
attacks, a mind so traumatically closed that it reporter Philip Shenon in The
com seemingly cannot take in the fact—now admitted
and Muslims, for clandestine
reasons we did not wish to
we do from Arab Commission: The Uncensored
by everyone but Cheney—that Iraq had noth- know or understand. (The terrorists. History of the 9/11 Investiga-
ITEM? ing to do with 9/11 and Afghanistan was only Making of the Enemy, 02-08- tion, asserts that the man who
Send an e-mail with “calendar
tangentially involved. You still hear people say, 06 controlled what evidence commission members
item” in the subject line. Make “Well, they attacked us,” or “We have to fight We need to “deconstruct” the official myth saw and the direction of the investigation, execu-
it short, and in this order, them over there or they’ll come here.” Even the of 9/11 to break through this helpless, hate-filled, tive director Philip Zelikow, under advisement by
please: Day, Date. Name of inconceivable (and underreported) suffering that fear-filled state and regain the will to end an ugly Karl Rove, minimized White House responsibil-
event. Description (1-2 lines). the US war is causing is depreciated because it’s war that is bankrupting this nation morally and ity and tried to insert a false connection between
Time. Location. INFO: phone#;
the suffering of the Arab “enemy.” The same is financially. 9/11 and Iraq in the commission’s report.
true for the torture. To stop this cruel, illegal war, Likewise, recognizing the falsity of the offi- The former President of Italy, Francesco
HAVE A storY? 9/11 truth is key to breaking the spell that has cial story will fire up our will to resist the assaults Cossiga, announced that “democratic groups in
We start planning the next afflicted heart and reason and paralyzed action. on civil liberties that Bush/Cheney claim are Europe know that the attack was organized by
issue of BPM the day the I think Manuel Valenzuela is on to some- responses to 9/11. CIA and Mossad….” Dr Lynn Margulis, recipient
current issue hits the streets. thing in his description of the psychological In this BPM Peter Phillips (p 9) and Bruce of the US’s highest science award, the National
Let us know by e-mail as soon
as you have an idea for a story
effects of 9/11: Fein (p 8), from both left and right, focus with Medal of Science, citing David Ray Griffin’s The
so we can consider it early in 9/11 was the catalyst to the war on terror, urgency on the chilling and wholesale elimina- 9/11 commission Report: Omissions and Distot-
the process. the spring that gave sustenance to the imperial- tion of constitutional provisions meant to protect rions, calls the official account “glaringly errone-
istic wet dreams of corporatists and neocons. It the people of this country from its government. ous” and a “fraud” (patriotsquestion9/
HAVE SOME time? was a moment in time…that sent concussions And while Bush/Cheney hack away at the rule of And the Japanese Parliament debates the truth of
(HA HA HA!) Well, you might of fear and hatred and immediate calls of anger law, we sit here. the official story in questioning whether to send
have, and BPM always needs
help with big and small tasks.
and vengeance reverberating throughout the What else but the traumatized mind set more troops to support the US wars (Rock Creek
Call 444-3203. land, as if a nuclear bomb of psychological war- described by Valenzuela can explain our public Free Press, Feb 08).
fare had been unleashed…transforming us into and private apathy in the face the disappearance It’s time for a new investigation. With all the
Copy Deadlines: unthinking animals, our primate psychology and of our constitutional legal protections? 9/11 questions presented that have arisen through
For the May / June 2008 Issue: emotions set free, usurping our normal human scared us literally out of our wits. Those explod- these last 6 years, with access to evidence
Articles: April. 1, 2008 intelligence. ing towers and the huge billowing clouds of dust unscreened by the White House’s Zelikow, with
Calendar Items: April. 10, 2008
Cultural events welcome!
At that point, after seeing the televised that roiled through the streets chasing bystand- subpoenas, testimony under oath from Bush and
For details, see our new images of the horror and evil spawned that ers, the hours we all spent mesmerized in front Cheney—separately this time and recorded—and
website, day…repeated continuously without end, with of TVs waiting for the next planes to hit—and with the bright eyes of Truthers and others
angle after angle of carnage and death…with the mysteriously still unsolved and no longer focused sharply on public proceedings, the offi-
Because People Matter is an all-
volunteer endeavor to present
the immediate propaganda of journalist buf- mentioned anthrax attacks that immediately cial story would probably collapse in a couple of
alternative, progressive news foons penetrating our pores, with stenographers followed—wounded something so deep in our weeks—that’s how weakly it is cobbled together
and views in Sacramento. for power injecting us with their venom, we psyche that we’re still paralyzed and ready to pay and how much our factual discovery and analysis
We invite and welcome
your responses. To discuss
mutated into an army of robots, unwilling to lis- any price, sacrifice any freedom, just to save our- of the its various aspects has advanced.
a proposed article, or help ten to reason, unwise to the lessons of humanity, selves from all-powerful demonic Arab terrorists As scary as such an endeavor would be, it’s
distribute the paper, inquire what our country needs to get out of this deadly
about ad rates, or help out in
and deathly slide to disaster.
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Plutonium Paradise or Nukemare?

The hidden costs of nuclear power
by Richard Nadeau

just can’t believe the cheerful propaganda On Christmas Eve, I drove to see the two In June 2007, Dale Klein, chair of the Nuclear
coming from the nuclear power industry and ominous towers at Rancho Seco, 25 miles south- Regulatory Commission (NRC), told a gather-
its boosters. They are telling east of Sacramento. I enjoyed a ing of industry leaders in Atlanta that he expects
us now that nuclear power is a We all breathe picnic lunch at “Rancho Seco applications for 27 new reactors over the next
“clean and safe solution” to the Park,” the recreation area SMUD two years. One corporate applicant said, “There is
crisis of global warming. Noth- easier because of created after the plant closed no serious opposition.”
ing could be farther from the so-called ‘anti- down. Congress provided help for the “revival” at
truth. In my view, we are being Rancho Seco was the first taxpayer expense. The Energy Policy Act of 2005
offered a glowing picture of a cool nuke fanatics.’ nuclear power plant to be closed had generous subsidies for nuclear power and
plutonium paradise, a false bill of down anywhere in the world as other alternatives to fossil fuels. Billions of dol-
goods if there ever was one. result of a popular anti-nuke organizing effort lars in tax credits, loan guarantees, and insurance
Just recently, The Sacramento Bee published and a public vote. In December 1986, the anti- were offered to cover licensing delays for new
two essays promoting nuclear power as a solution nuclear organization SAFE gathered enough
to global warming (12/12/2007 & 12/29/2007). signatures to place a referendum on the ballot. In See Nuclear Power, p. 11
One from a former Greenpeacer now working for a voter referendum in June of 1989, the majority
the nuclear industry claimed that current anti- of Sacramento voters said
nuclear activists such as Greenpeace are “living in “Close it down.”
the 1970s.” The day after Christ-
Another essay from a jazz-critic-turned- mas 1985, a nuclear
nuclear-revivalist sang non-improvised hosannas “event” (traced to a trip
to “nuclear power for the people.” wire in a tiny electric
Neither essay addressed the unresolved prob- box) caused the reactor
lems connected with nuclear power: reactor acci- to dramatically overheat.
dents, waste disposal, and the problem of nuclear After the Three Mile
weapons proliferation. Neither mentioned the Island incident in 1979,
astronomical costs or the fossil fuels consumed and the meltdown of
in the mining, building, maintaining, transport- Chernobyl on April 26,
ing waste, and the decommissioning of nuclear 1986, the people of Sac-
facilities. ramento had reasonable
Environmentalists fear that the promised cause to be concerned
air-conditioned plutonium paradise will produce when they voted for
a toxic, cancer-filled, irradiated earth. Sci-fi mov- closure.
ies have provided us with depictions of mutant SMUD accepted the
humans and animals evolving into monsters as results of the non-binding
a result of exposure to nuclear radiation from referendum and began
nuclear weapons testing. I call such horrifying the expensive process of
depictions “nukemares.” (Remember “The Planet decommissioning, which
of the Apes”? Remember “Godzilla”?) ends in 2008. Ranch Seco
exemplifies what Diablo Canyon nuclear plant
can happen when photo:
an alert community faces the dangers
of nuclear power. We all breathe easier
because of those so-called “anti-nuke
Remember what happened at Three
Mile Island in Pennsylvania on March
28, 1979? There was an explosion inside The Department of Energy has released its fiscal year
a containment building, a partial melt- 2009 budget. It seeks a whopping 79 percent increase
down of the reactor core, and a deliber- in funding for the Nuclear Power 2010 program. It also
ate venting of radioactive gases into the extends the period during which companies that build
atmosphere. 140,000 people fled the area, new nuclear power plants can apply for federal loan
where elevated levels of cesium and iodine
guarantees to lower the debt-financing costs associated
were found in the milk samples collected
from dairy farms. Ironically, the movie, with the projects.
The China Syndrome, with Jane Fonda
graphic: : was just opening. Yet, we still worship
our advanced technologies as if they are
Does anyone remember Chernobyl in the
Nuclear links former Soviet Union? On April 26, 1986, a
powerful explosion instantly killed two people.
Centers for Disease Control report
Dozens of fire fighters died from radiation
nuclearproliferation poisoning within a few years. Nuclear radiation
fallout spread throughout Western Europe to
Fortune Magazine article
the point where the people of England could not
fortune_archive/2007/08/06/100141305 eat lambs that grazed on their fields. Numerous
cancer clusters and other effects of radiation
CBS nuclear story such as contaminated mushrooms and berries in
southern Germany, and contaminated reindeer
Anti-nuke power site
in Scandinavia, emerged throughout Northern
Europe and western Russia.
Anti-nuke watchdog Remember the problems at Oak Ridge,
Kyshtym, or Windscale? Remember the waste
Nuclear Reactor Maps disposal accidents at Hanford, where hundreds of thousands of gallons of radioactive waste
Nuclear resource site containing plutonium leaked out of tanks between 1945 and 1973? Are Californians com-
fortable with the fact that coastal nuclear power
Books plants at San Onofre and Diablo Canyon are
Nuclear Power Is Not the Answer and The New susceptible to tsunamis and located adjacent to
Nuclear Danger by Dr. Helen Caldicott earthquake faults? So far, no one has been able to
The New Nuclear Danger, and The Seventh convince me that today’s generation of nuclear
Decade by Jonathan Schell power plants has eliminated the risk of nuclear
Perils of the Peaceful Atom by Richard Curtis accidents.
and Elizabeth Hogan Yet, people have short memories. There is
talk in the media about a “nuclear revival,” or a
“nuclear renaissance.”
 Because People Matter March / April 2008

What Makes a Community Peace Group Work?

Letting everyone have their say!
tive for a cabinet-level
by Tom King Department of Peace.
The peace movement is not merely a protest • We book eminently
against the heinousness of war, but the persistent qualified speakers, like
effort to replace the militaristic mindset embed- Cindy Sheehan; David
ded in the culture with one encompassing the Dionisi, author of
benefits, both practical and transcendental, of American Hiroshima and
systemic peace. It is also the active pursuit of creator of the interna-
such strategies as will cause the overwhelming tional organization Teach
advantages of peace in all its revolutionary har- Peace; Dwayne Hunn,
mony to prevail. founder of American
I am cofounder of the Peace Pyramid, a World Service Corps; Feb. 9, 2007 Peace Pyramid
group that has flourished in the environs of Sac- Nadia McCaffrey, creator speaker Dario Vanni.
ramento for over five years. Like all who strive of Veterans Villages, photos: Larry White
for peace—a quest eternal—we cultivate humility a shelter for soldiers returning from Iraq; with the evening's
through frustration. Yet perhaps our longevity Leuren Moret, whistleblower on depleted presentation. The result is that each convocation
is a claim to success as a working group model. uranium. is afforded a fascination of the unpredictable.
What features might be usefully practiced by • We promote gatherings via free news calen- Attendee’s testimonies range from sharing
other groups? dar, email updates, word of mouth and in what it means to them after toiling all day in the
These are some: materials we pass out tabling at the Farmers’ workplace to be among like-minded peaceniks
• No one joins; anyone is welcome to attend Market at 8th and W. to hair-raising tales of a son at risk in Iraq.
without dues or even token commitment. • Our format gently coaxes rather than insists And many will offer unexpected stores of well-
Sacramento • Rather than frequent meetings that stress on militant activism. founded information on foreign affairs, domestic
Progressive busy lives, we have quarterly convocations, • We pursue specific goals with vigor, most snafus, and media cover-ups, such as the ones too
Events inviting spontaneous volunteer activities in persistently the creation of a Department of easily dismissed as 9/11 conspiracy theories.
Calendar on the interim. These convocations are always Peace. Meeting only quarterly in such vibratory
the Web on a Saturday, and convened in the warmth In contradistinction to most peace groups, atmosphere, attendees seem reluctant to part, and
of a comfortable home. The first hour is however, our activism represents only half our a meeting starting at five will typically run until
devoted to potluck and socializing. At times energies, the other half being dedicated to giving ten, with few drifting away earlier. Those who we're afforded the pleasure of musicians and peace-minded citizens a voice in an environ- come welcome this rare opportunity to vent their
Labor, Peace, singers whose repertory will include protest ment of sympathy and support. Thus we host an hearts and share their insights, and as we listen
Environment, Human lyrics. open forum providing the opportunity for all in to one another, we realize how continually we
Rights, Solidarity…
• We focus each meeting upon a single crucial attendance to speak. This is the signature feature underestimate the unique individual who is our
Send calendar items
to Gail Ryall,gryall matter, like war, nuclear threat, depleted of our organization. We enjoy the skills of a fellow biped. uranium, imperialist US foreign policy, or facilitator able to elicit participation, yet “prevent Tom King is the leader of the Peace Pyramid,
on reforms of these excesses, as exemplified runaways.” Attendees' contributions, however, a Sacramento suburban grassroots group promot-
by Congressman Dennis Kucinich's initia- may be directed to issues having nothing to do ing a cabinet-level Department of Peace.

The Matsui 10 We could have pled guilty, paid a fine of the nightmare of war continues. Fascism rules
$275.00 and walked away free. However, we all our country, our constitution is being destroyed,
Charges against peace activists vowed that we would not pay a fine, accept pro- and George Bush says, “it’s just a goddamned
dropped bation, or participate in community service. piece of paper.” We are involved in an illegal war
Since we would not get a jury trial, we would to support the military industrial complex and
by Paulette Cuilla not be granted public defenders. However, civil our kids are being recruited from high school
Charges have been dropped against ten Sacra- rights lawyers, including several on the ACLU of (and younger) to feed the meat grinder. Corrup-
mento peace activists arrested for “disturbance” Sacramento Board of Directors volunteered their tion rules our courts, media, corporations, and
in Rep. Doris Matsui’s office in September 2007 services to represent us. Preparation for court elections. The list goes on.
for asking her to stand up for peace and stop began with plans to subpoena Doris Matsui, The “Matsui 10” is a group of people who
funding the war by signing a Declaration of her entire staff, Homeland Security, and to file believe that democracy is something you do,
Peace. appeals for a jury trial. Then, last week we were not something you have. As citizens of a real
The “Matsui 10” entered their not guilty plea notified that the US Attorney’s Office was drop- democracy, it is our job to speak out when we
in federal court 11/13/2007 and were given a ping all charges—maybe because we were now see our government headed for disaster. While
court date for January 2008. The judge stated that lawyered up and it would be too costly to actu- “practicing democracy” we were arrested. I guess
the maximum sentence would be a $5,000 fine ally bring us to court, or maybe Rep. Doris Mat- sometimes the road may get rocky, but the effort
and/or 30 days in jail; however the option of jail sui thought it might not look good to criminally to get our country back is worth it!
time would not be considered and there would be charge citizens who were asking her to stand up Paulette Cuilla is a Matsui 10 Activist.
no jury trial. for peace.
Activists in Sacramento have
held a 52 day sit-in at Matsui’s office,
done extensive letter writing, made
thousands of phone calls, and have
been arrested for civil disobedience at
the Federal Building. Matsui says she
wants to end the war and protect the
troops, but will not commit to stop
funding the war or sign a Declaration
of Peace. She refuses to meet with
Veteran’s for Peace, Sacramento Peace
Action, or other local peace groups.
So what makes a group of law
abiding citizens risk arrest? Most of
this group has never had more than a
parking ticket. After almost 4,000 US
solders have died, untold number of
A photo from an anonymous source shows
wounded, hundreds of thousands of the “die-in” in progress at Congresswom-
Iraqis killed, trillions of dollars spent, an Matsui’s office.

A Bonus for Bike and Bus Riders

It pays to care for the air great idea to reward people for taking the bus/light
The City of Sacramento’s AMCO program allows rail/bike most of the time by discounting their park-
bus riders, bicyclers and carpoolers to purchase ing for days that they really need to take their car.
discounted parking in city lots for intermittent use. For more details go to
The cost works out to be $6.50 per day for up to 12 transportation/parking/offstreetdiscountalternate.
days of parking per quarter (3 months). This is a html. March / April 2008 BECAUSE PEOPLE MATTER 

Police State Flashpoint

Criminalizing “extremist” thought
by Bruce Fein
lent radicalization, homegrown terrorism, and at its birth. The only difference between expres-
[By the time BPM goes to press, Congress may have ideologically based violence in the United States.” sion of an opinion and an incitement in the nar-
already enacted] the “Violent Radicalization and And “violent radicalization” is defined as “the rower sense is the speaker’s enthusiasm for the
Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007,” process of adopting or promoting an extremist result.”
probably the greatest assault on free speech and belief system for the purpose of ideologically Lengthy lists of persons, organizations and
to the Movies
association and association in the US since the based violence to advance political, religious, or thoughts to be shunned will be compiled. Por- Almost Every
1938 creation of the House Un-American Activi- social change.” tions of the Holy Koran are likely to be taboo. Month
ties Committee (HUAC). Under the Act, William The lives of countless innocent citizens will be The Central America
Sponsored by Jane Harman …the Act aims Lloyd Garrison would have been shattered. That is the lesson of the House Un- Action Committee
(Dem CA), the bill passed the to identify and guilty of promoting “violent American Activities Committee and every prior shows interesting
and informative
House on Oct 23 by a 404-6 vote radicalization” for publishing the government enterprise to identify “dangerous”
under a rule suspension that cur- stigmatize anti-slavery Liberator in 1831, people or ideas; for example, the 120,000 inno-
videos on social
justice, labor
tailed debate. Only 3 Democrats persons and which “facilitated” John Brown. cent Japanese-Americans herded into concentra- struggles, and so
voted against the bill: Dennis Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth tion camps during World War II. much more! Call to
Kucinich (Ohio), Neil Abercrom- groups who Cady Stanton would have been The ideological persecutions invited by the see what’s playing
bie (Hawaii), and Jerry Costello hold thoughts condemned for assailing laws Act will do more to create than to deter home- this month…
(Ill). disenfranchising women and cre- grown terrorism. Mark Anthony’s words in
The Senate companion bill the government ating an intellectual atmosphere “Julius Caesar” are a fitting commentary on what
(SB 1959), sponsored by Susan decrees receptive to violence. And Martin Congress is prepared to enact: “O judgment! thou 1640 9th Ave (east
Collins (Rep Maine), has encoun- Luther King, Jr. would have fallen art fled to brutish beasts, and men have lost their
tered little opposition. Especially correlate with under the Act’s suspicion for reason.”
off Land Park Dr)
INFO: 446-3304
in an election year, Congress- homegrown denouncing Jim Crow and prac- Bruce Fein is a constitutional lawyer with
members crave every opportunity ticing civil disobedience, which Bruce Fein & Associates and chairman of the
to appear tough on terrorism. Few terrorism. “facilitated” H. Rap Brown. American Freedom Agenda. He served as associ-
if any care about or understand The commission will certain- ate deputy attorney general under Reagan and
either freedom of expression or the Thought ly hold choreographed public hearings. Witnesses was a member of the ABA Task Force on presi-
Police dangers of SB 1959. Denuded of euphe- will testify that non-Christian ideas or vocal dential signing statements. See full article from
misms and code words, the Act aims to identify challenges to the status quo promote “an extrem- Washington Times online 12/27/2007, at www.
and stigmatize persons and groups who hold ist belief system” that facilitates ideologically
thoughts the government decrees correlate with based violence. Internet communications, the ing-police-state.html
homegrown terrorism, for example, opposition media, schools, religious institutions and home
to the Patriot Act or the suspension of the Great life will be scrutinized for promoting pernicious
Writ of habeas corpus. thoughts.
The Act will inexorably culminate in a Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes observed
government listing of homegrown terrorists or in Gitlow v. New York (1925): “Every idea is an
terrorist organizations without due process; a
complementary listing of books, videos, or ideas
incitement. It offers itself for belief and if believed
it is acted on unless some other belief outweighs
Have you volunteered for BPM and
that ostensibly further “violent radicalization;” it or some failure of energy stifles the movement NO ONE EVER CALLED YOU
and a blacklisting of persons who have inter-
sected with either list. BACK?
Political discourse will be chilled and needed
challenges to conventional wisdom will flag.
There are no better examples of sinister congres- New Reads Well, we get overwhelmed sometimes, and
sional folly. don’t follow up on the good help energy
The Act inflates the danger of homegrown in Town
terrorism manifold to justify creating a National You may see the Rock Creek Free Press that many readers have sent us. So would
Commission on the Prevention of Violent in the back of some BPM stands and in
Radicalization and Ideologically Based Violence other places you find BPM. It’s a great new
you consider trying again? We can use
Commission paper from Washington DC with emphasis help proofreading, distributing, organiz-
Since 9/11 no American has died from on the undernews. Check it out.
homegrown terrorism, while about 120,000 have Likewise, we are greatly impressed with ing volunteers.
been murdered. the lively goodlooking Midtown Monthly. Call 916-444-3203.
In the post-9/11 so-called “war” against It’s not political, but it has the kind of useful
international terrorism, Mr. Bush has detained and delightful info about life, art, food and Or email
only two citizens as enemy combatants. One was
voluntarily deported to Saudi Arabia; the other
music in Sacramento and beyond that cre- with “volunteer” in the subject line.
ates the sense of community needed for an
was indicted, tried and convicted in a civilian uncertain future.
court of providing material assistance to a foreign
terrorist organization.
And employing customary law enforcement
tools, the US has successfully

Best   Burger
prosecuted several pre-embryonic
terrorism conspiracies amidst
numerous false starts.
Prior to 9/11, homegrown
terrorism consisted largely of
Timothy McVeigh, Eric Rudolph,
the Unabomber and the D.C.

The burgers and fries are  described  as   legendary

Metropolitan area snipers. The Act,
nevertheless, against all facts, finds
“homegrown terrorism ... poses
a threat to domestic security”
that “cannot be easily prevented Biting into this feast, the Harris Ranch Steak freshly
through traditional federal intel-
ligence or law enforcement efforts.”
first thing you notice is that ground and formed into a
Twelve members of the com- you can taste the beef. The 1/3 lb. patty. Stop by soon.
mission will be appointed by the
president and leaders in the House French Ground Steak Burger Nationwide Freezer Meats
and Senate. They will predictably
serve the political needs of their
w/cheese is the thing to order. 1930 H Street, Sacramento
political masters. That is a mouthful to say, (H and 20th Streets) 444-3286.
The commission’s Big Brother
task is to discover ideas and and it’s definitely more than Just remember H20 stands for
political associations, including
connections to non-US persons
a mouthful to eat. Featuring H and 20th Street ««««
and networks that promote “vio-
 Because People Matter March / April 2008

Rx: Dr Bill Durston

Some of the Global peace through local elections
Places You Can
Find BPM by Glenda Marsh
Sacramento Area Most Americans would say that current US poli- ning for Congress in Congressional District 3
Coffee Works cies reflect nothing of our priorities or our values. against Republican Rep. Dan Lungren.
Crest Theater One of the most important ways to democratize It’s pretty simple: Bill Durston supports our
Dimple Records,
national security and decisions about war is to Peace and Security Principles so we support him.
Arden Wy
Dose Coffee Shop elect people to national office who agree with our We want to end the Iraq War, so does Bill. Dan
Flowers Restaurant grassroots driven policies, such as those found in Lungren doesn’t. We win if Bill wins. You can
Galleria (29th & K) Peace in the Precinct’s Peace and Security Prin- help elect Bill by working with local groups plan-
Grinders ciples, or Physicians for Social Responsibility’s ning to organize those who support ending the
Hart Senior Center SMART security plan. Dr. Bill Durston is run- Iraq war.
Lido Cafe Two organizations are planning such cam-
Light Rail:
paigns: Peace in the Precincts, a local non-par-
2nd Ave/Freeport tisan community group, is working in Rancho
Los Jarritos Cordova, and Capital Area Progressives, a local
Luna’s Cafe & Juice Bar Democratic Party-affiliated group, is working
Mercy Hospital, 40th/J in Elk Grove. Both need volunteers this spring
Pancake Circus, 21st/ Bill and Diane Durston at the Big Band Dance Party
to walk precincts, talk with voters and recruit photo: Durston for Congress campaign
volunteers, to mobilize volunteers and register
Planned Parenthood:
Franklin Blvd, Watt unregistered voters in these precincts during the
Ave., 29th St. summer and fall, and finally to turn those folks
Queen of Tarts out to vote.
Quick Market Let’s have progressive candidates running up
Sacramento Bagel, and down the ‘ticket.’ Let’s fill the Peace Pipeline
47th/H up and down the ‘ticket.’ Never before in our
Sacramento Natural
Foods Coop
area has there been such a great opportunity to
Sacramento Public work with local allies in labor, affordable housing,
Library (Main & many the environment and peace to make wins in our
branches) favor.
Sargent Coffee House To volunteer, contact: Glenda Marsh, Peace
(Alhambra & M) in the Precincts, 916-452-4801, or Cathlyn Daly,
Starbucks (B'wy & 35th)
Capital Area Progressives, dalywood@comcast.
The Beat
Time Tested Books net.
Bill dancing with Joan Quinn, of Sacramento for
Tower Theater (inside) Glenda Marsh is chair of Peace in the
Democracy, at the Big Band Dance Party
Tupelo (Elvas & 57th) Dr. Durston speaking at a January 2007 Big Band Precincts. photo: Battershell Photography
Underground Books Dance Party
(35th St. near B'way) photo: Battershell Photography
Weatherstone Coffee
Chico Area

Single Payer Universal Care: SB 840 Alive and Kicking

Bogey’s Books
Espresso Cafe Roma
Davis Natural Food Coop
University Mall
Schwarzenegger and Nuñez healthcare reform, isn’t
Greenhaven area by Charlene Jones In January the committee, chaired by Senator recognized human services cost analysis firm,
Buckthorn’s Coffee,
Voters expressed significant concern about the Sheila Kuehl, heard testimony for 11 hours from as a viable universal model of care covering
7465 Rush River Dr
healthcare deal put together by Governor Arnold analysts, supporters and those in opposition more people for more services for less money.
Nevada City Schwarzenegger and Assembly Speaker Fabian to the proposed law. Most prominent was the Contracted by the state to compare healthcare
US Post Office Nuñez, according to findings of a poll released bipartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office report that proposals, the Lewin report estimated CHIRA
last fall by the California Nurses Association. amplified doubt about California’s capacity to would provide savings to families, individuals
For a complete list, visit More than two-thirds of California voters said fund and enforce a complicated income eligibil- and businesses by basing funding on premiums
our web site:
they prefer “making sure we pass healthcare ity system that would mandate all Californians assessed by personal income and payroll expens-
Where would you like to reform that gets it right and improves the system, carry healthcare insurance. The LAO stated es—not by what insurance companies decide to
see BPM? and not take the risk of passing bad legislation.” It that reasonable projections for the ABX1 1 plan charge. The great majority of those who pay for
Let Paulette Cuilla know, appears some state legislators agreed. expenditures would surpass revenues within five benefits would pay less and get more. CHIRA
916-422-1787. Members of the Senate Health Committee years. Such estimates did not include any “worst would replace the chaos of multiple public and
refused to pass in early 2008 what many advo- case” scenario. private insurers with a single insurance plan
cates believed was a dangerously defective reform Many of those opposed, including California that provides comprehensive care and choice of
measure packaged as Assembly Bill X1 No.1 Nurses Association, California Teachers Associa- providers. This could save about $20 billion in
(ABX1 1) by Nuñez and Schwarzenegger. tion, League of Women Voters and Consumer administrative costs. California would buy pre-
Federation of California, support Senate Bill 840, scription drugs and durable medical equipment
Kuehl’s single payer universal healthcare plan. in bulk and save about $5 billion in the first year
They insisted ABX1 1 would provide neither alone. State and local governments would also
affordable nor accessible care, and continue to save millions in health benefits provided to gov-
leave hundreds of thousands without cover- ernment workers and retirees.
Because People’s Healthcare Matters age. Health care premium increases would be
borne by consumers, they asserted, and families
Although vetoed by the governor last year,
SB 840 remains alive and kicking in the state
We do what we do... would also continue to carry the weight of high legislature. Health care activists across the state
deductibles, co-pays and ever spiraling medica- and co-sponsoring organizations continue to
Primary Care by providers who look at the whole tion expenses. California Council of Churches, collect endorsements for the single payer solu-
person Church IMPACT described the effort to regu- tion from elected officials, public interest, labor,
Non-drug treatment for ADD and ADHD late people to buy coverage from an industry professional and government groups. As Ehren-
MDs and FNP, trained and experienced hardly regulated as “reprehensible.” ABX1 1 was reich summoned, “Fellow citizens, where is the
Natural options (homeopathy, herbs, vitamins) in revealed to represent what social critic Barbara old macho spirit that has sustained us through
treating acute and chronic illness Ehrenreich described as national political atten- countless conflicts against enemies both real and
Iscador (Mistletoe) for Cancer tion to the country’s healthcare crisis. “After fac- imagined? In the case of health care, we have
Therapies: spirit and art for healing ing down the Third Reich, the Japanese Empire, identified the enemy, and the time has come to
Raphael House the USSR, Manuel Noriega and Saddam Hussein,
the United States has met an enemy it dares not
crush it.” Contact Health Care For All for infor-
mation about the campaign.
Multidisciplinary Complementary Medicine confront—the American private health insurance, 916-424-5316
7953 California Avenue industry” (Barbara’s Blog, 09/20/07).
Fair Oaks CA 95628 Kuehl has championed a single payer financ-
ing structure that removes insurance industry
(916) 967 8250
profit making from health care delivery. SB840, blog/2007/09/we-have-seen-th.html
the California Health Insurance Reliability Act, Charlene Jones is a member of Sacramento
was confirmed by the Lewin Group, a nationally Media Group. March / April 2008 BECAUSE PEOPLE MATTER 

The Fong Mansion

Reminding us discrimination did and then the president of Sac-
and does exist ramento Physicians for Social
Responsibility wanted to fly
by Rick Bettis a UN flag at his house. Based
CC&Rs, the homeowners
Across from Southside Park near 6th and V in association board of directors
Sacramento is a large elegant Mediterranean ruled that Durston, now a
Revival style home now known as the “Inn at candidate for US Congress in
Parkside.” Built in 1938, this was the family home the 3rd District, could not fly
of Yue Fong who immigrated from China in the UN flag. Durston took the
1908. He owned several prosperous businesses issue to the state legislature,
and also served as unofficial cultural ambassador where then Assemblyman and
for the Chinese Nationalist government. now Senator Darrell Steinberg
Using Feng Shui principles, the home was co-authored Assembly Bill
designed and served as an informal meeting 1525 making it illegal for
place for Chinese youth as well as Chinese homeowners associations to
dignitaries and community organizations. The ban residents from displaying
basement houses a mirrored wall ballroom with noncommercial flags, posters
The Inn at Parkside, formerly the Yue Fong Mansion
a spring supported dance floor. The home stands or banners.
out among the more modest residences in the Although the race based
neighborhood. However, it serves as a legacy to a CC&Rs are no longer legal, housing discrimina- that it is not economically viable to mix housing
pervasive legal and social problem that haunts us tion continues. Discrimination can still be based low-income residents with “market rate” develop-
to this day. on national origin, gender, sexual orientation, ments. This results in income-based “ghettoiza-
Fong wanted to build his home in either of age, familial status and disability. The ACLU tion” and the many associated social problems,
the fashionable wealthy communities of East and many other civil rights/equity organizations such as unequal education and employment
Sacramento—Fabulous Forties or Land Park. such as Californians for Disability Rights are opportunities, leading to a downward spiral of
However properties there were encumbered attempting to correct these abuses. For example, alienation, despair and conflict.
by Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions the Greenlining Institute was formed to address In 2002 a study in Time magazine rated
(CC&Rs) excluding racial minorities from own- the problems of “redlining,” the discriminatory Sacramento the most “diverse” city in the nation.
ing homes. Affluent Land Park, ironically, has practice of avoiding investment in inner-city and This diversity has contributed to the cultural
since become the home of many successful Asian minority neighborhoods and overcharging for vitality of the city. However, conflict still exists
Americans and has had a Chinese American City services and products to these communities. and it cannot be said that we have become a true
Councilman for more than 25 years. Starting with the federal Fair Housing Act, community exemplified by trust and cooperation
CC&Rs are a complicated system of built-in Title VIII of the 1968 Civil Rights Act, many among all groups.
“deed restrictions” in a planned development. In federal and state laws have been passed and When driving by the impressive Fong Man-
the 1920s and 1930s covenants restricting the sale executive orders issued in an attempt to eliminate sion, we should keep in mind that it represents
of property on the basis of race, ethnicity or reli- this insidious problem. There are now numer- one of our most serious human faults, the ten-
gion were common. They were first invalidated ous federal, state, and local entities, including dency to exclude from our lives those different
by the US Supreme Court in 1940 in the case the federal Department of Housing and Urban from ourselves. As Dr. Martin Luther King so
Hansberry v. Lee. Playwright Lorraine Hansberry Development, the California Fair Employment eloquently stated, we must strive to judge our
wrote the acclaimed play “Raisin in the Sun” and Housing Commission, and the Sacra- fellow humans by the “content of their charac-
based her father’s experience as lead defendant in mento County Human Rights and Fair Housing ter” and not be swayed by much less significant
that case. Commission. dissimilarities.
CC&Rs continued to be used, primarily as Currently we face a form of de-facto dis-
means to regulate the external appearance of crimination and exclusion based on economics. Rick Bettis is a member of Common Cause,
houses in planned developments with a hom- Attempts to pass and implement meaningful Sacramento Media Group and League of Women
eowners association. In 2003 Dr. Bill Durston, “inclusionary” local housing ordinances have met Voters, and volunteers as a docent with the Sac-
a Vietnam veteran, emergency room physician, strong opposition. Builders and developers claim ramento Old City Association.

Stop Gerrymandering!
Fair, independent, redistricting standards today put California voters FIRST
by JoAnn Fuller
must agree to any plan and there are multiple or call (916) 443 1792
Legislators get out of the way! Real redistricting safeguards to keep one party from gaming the extension 11.
reform is coming to California in 2008. Califor- system. The checks and balances in the selection Volunteers are gathering signatures now to
nia Common Cause, the League process are designed to put the initiative on the November ballot. To do
of Women Voters of California, Instead of back identify a group that is this, we need to collect almost one million sig-
AARP and many other organiza- knowledgeable, diverse natures by April 15th. Legislators and the special
tions are organizing to end the room deals, the and impartial to carry out interests won’t give up power easily, but Voters
serious conflict of interest by state bright lights of a the redistricting. FIRST can win. Petitions are available at the Sac-
politicians when they draw their By closing the back ramento office with the simple rules for gathering
own voting districts by creating an public discussion door politics, Voters signatures and other materials. Redistricting is
independent, diverse and political- are guaranteed FIRST ensures that but one part of a complex electoral system, but it’s
ly balanced Citizens’ Commission everyone comes through a part that can be fixed with the California Vot-
to draw voting district lines. in Voters FIRST by the front door. Instead ers FIRST Act. Join us and make this important
California Voters FIRST meetings being of back room deals, the structural reform a reality.
Act will replace a broken system bright lights of public
where legislators draw their own open and the discussion are guaranteed
districts in order to ensure a safe minutes posted on by meetings being open
re-election, even if it means split- and the minutes posted
ting up the communities they the Internet. on the Internet. The
are supposed to represent. Voters California Voters FIRST
FIRST (Fair Independent Redistricting Standards Commission will hold hearings and take public
Today) would create a 14-person commission to testimony; in fact, all discussions are required to
take public testimony and hold hearings subject be held in public. This promotes public participa-
to open meeting rules. Instead of incumbents tion and ensures that testimony from all groups
drawing safe seats to protect against challengers, as to where voting district lines should be drawn
the districts would be drawn according to clear will be considered.
mapping rules based on the Census, the Voting The mapping criteria that the commission
Rights Act, and a respect for neighborhoods, cit- would have to follow are listed in priority order
ies and counties. and include a mandate to keep cities, coun-
The 14-person redistricting commis- ties, neighborhoods or communities of interest
sion would be politically balanced with five together so people can organize to effectively
Democrats, five Republicans, and four others push their political objectives. To learn more
from third parties or independent voters. It is about the initiative, go to www.commoncause.
mandated that three members from each group org/cavotersfirst or contact JoAnn Fuller at
 Because People Matter March / April 2008

Immigration Is Not the Issue

Part One: At the Border
the US interior to alert
by Felicia Martinez

the Border Patrol con-
ainstream media and US politicians trol room of movement.
have made great strides in framing Meanwhile, cameras
issues of imperialism, globalization, and night vision gog-
and international migration as domestic prob- gles assist in identifying
lems. Contrary to what such framing would have what has triggered the
us believe, immigration is not the issue. The issue sensors. And besides a
is a worldwide system that destroys the lives of fleet of trucks and all
working people. In the next issues, I will examine terrain vehicles, the
just how US immigration policies contribute to Border Patrol counts on
this problem and what communities are doing to the largest law enforce-
respond. I’ll begin with the border. ment air force in the
At first glance, the Terrace Park Cemetery, world and, by the end
outside of Holtville, CA (population 5,400) of this year, will have
appears a pleasant place to visit. It boasts shade 18,000 personnel at its
trees and a lawn full of well kept headstones. disposal. Eight years
Behind the cemetery, however, beyond a chained- ago, it had half of that.
off road and a “No Trespassing” sign, lie the The fundamental Fence extends into the ocean at the San Diego/
remains of over 600 Mexican and Central Ameri- flaw of the CPB’s initia- Tijuana border.
can migrants, many unidentified, who perished tives is that they are photo: Felicia Martinez
while trying to reach the US. Thousands more working in vain against
remains are scattered around North America. another set of US projects, namely NAFTA him.
Some bodies have been recovered, identified, and and its free-trade offspring, which have further All of this, the exchange of gunfire for
shipped home to rest. The least fortunate lie yet impoverished Latin American countries and stone-throwing, the walls, the cameras, aircraft,
undiscovered, somewhere in a desert or possibly induced a 400% increase in Mexican migra- and motion sensors is part of a long-term plan
a canal, waiting for the Border Patrol or another tion alone since NAFTA’s implementation in to be able to track who is moving where at any
migrant to find them. What the dead will never 1994. Operation Gatekeeper (1994) militarized given time within the region. With 2,000 miles of
California’s southern US–Mexico border and
border with the intent of …potentially the Border Patrol’s area
forcing migrants to jour- 50,000 square of operation extending
ney further east through 25 miles north of any
treacherous desert ter- miles of federal, point of entry, potentially
rain. Made on foot, often state, tribal, and 50,000 square miles of
through regions so rough federal, state, tribal, and
even Border Patrol ATV’s privately owned privately owned land are
will not follow, the feds land are on their on their way to constant
know such journeys can be government surveillance.
deadly and in fact planned way to constant That in and of itself
for that very danger to government should be a concern for
deter people from trying to US residents. The day
cross. But it hasn’t. surveillance. that I visited the Tijuana
Since 1994, more than beach, peering through
4,500 people have been documented holes in the fence into the US, a helicopter with
as losing their lives trying to arrive a green Border Patrol stripe appeared overhead,
at their destinations in the US. This circled briefly, then retreated. I wondered how
is a rate of about one death every day closely it could see me, if the agents inside know
for the past fourteen years. Neverthe- that my jacket was blue, that I was wearing glass-
less, plans for further militarization es, or that I was speaking English with my friend.
Phoenix hunger strickers protest the deaths at the border proceed full speed. In 2007, a leading How much of my own taxes, I wondered, paid for
photo: Feb 6, 2007, Francisco J. Dominguez, copyright 2007
manufacturer of war aircraft, Boeing, that helicopter to check on me checking out San
was awarded a $67 million contract to Diego, the city of my birth.
know is exactly how much the US federal govern- enhance surveillance infrastructure at the bor- Guillermo Martinez Ramirez was lucky. His
ment has invested in assuring that their journey der. As part of the deal, nine 98-foot spy towers death was witnessed by his brother and his funer-
would fail. have been erected in rural areas south of Tucson al in Tijuana attended by his mother, a priest, and
The US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP), which have large visible cameras atop them and others who came to give him a proper goodbye.
housed in the Department of Homeland Security were intended to implement the use of radar, For those that lie off the back roads of Holtville,
is in the midst of implementing the Secure Bor- infrared, lasers, microwave, iris biometrics and however, things are different. It seems incongru-
der Initiative, a project estimated to end up cost- facial biometrics. ent that the US government, which willingly
ing $30 billion. Scheduled for completion in the The problem with these towers? For one spends billions of dollars on a border policy that
next three years, the initiative is part of a larger thing, they don’t work. Nevertheless, the CBP intentionally forces migrants to undertake life-
project that has changed the face of the US-Mex- contracted a private security company to park threatening journeys, would bury its successes
ico border in unprecedented ways. I recently vis- a guard at each tower day and night. The com- like this, inaccessible to those citizens who want
ited the Pacific Coast in Tijuana where a twelve pany is none other than Pinkerton Government to know if our country’s investments are paying
foot fence marking the international border juts Services, a division of the same Pinkertons made off. After all, each body buried at Holtville repre-
from the beach directly into ocean waters. When famous by their anti-labor activities of the late sents one more person that the Border Patrol has
I was a child, walking with my family along this 1800’s. worked hard to keep from living in the US, and
very same beach, that fence didn’t exist. Now it is Then there are the Border Patrol agents keep them from living it has.
just one of many fences that interrupt the natural themselves, armed with guns, tear gas, pepper
patterns of the land. spray, and charged with stopping a movement of Felicia Martinez is a poet currently attending
The US Mexico border is the most mili- people propelled by international policy beyond Mills College. She has worked directly with immi-
tarized border in the world between any two any one agent’s control. The results of this set-up grants and for immigrant rights organizations.
countries not at war, a fact made evident by are increased incidents in which Border Patrol
the very material the making up these border agents fire, sometimes
fences. In the San Diego area, the 1994 Operation across the border into
Gatekeeper fence consists of steel slats originally Mexico, in what they say
used by the US military in Iraq during the first is self defense against
Gulf War. In some areas along 320 miles of the people who attack them,
border, a second layer of fence already rises 15 often by throwing stones.
feet into the air, and a third layer is planned. In Such an aggressive retali-
areas where construction is already underway, ation technique can be
the earth parallel to the border has been stripped fatal. In January 2006 a
of vegetation and rough canyons smoothed over Border Patrol agent shot
into roads that Border Patrol vehicles maneuver 18-year-old Guillermo
as they monitor the areas between fences. Martinez Ramirez as he
But there’s more to this plan than just fences. tried to cross into San
All along the border, giant stadium lights aimed Diego in an effort to
south light up the night. Motion sensors are reach Fresno where he Cement rods show the 2nd layer of fence-in-progress in San Diego.
imbedded into the earth, sometimes miles into had an uncle waiting for photo: Felicia Martinez March / April 2008 BECAUSE PEOPLE MATTER 

Corporate Media Censors the News

What have you been missing?
by Peter Phillips

he corporate media in the US likes to US since just after the Civil War.
think of themselves as the official most Additionally, under the code-name
accurate news reporting Operation FALCON
of the day. The New York Times Our corporate (Federal and Local Cops
motto of “all the news that’s fit media in the Organized Nationally)
to print” is a clear example of three federally coor-
this perspective. However with past year failed dinated mass arrests
corporate media coverage that to adequately occurred between April
increasingly focuses on celebrity 2005 and October 2006.
updates, news from “official” inform us about In an unprecedented
government sources, and sensa- important move, more than 30,000
tionalized crimes and disasters “fugitives” were arrested
the self-justification of being the changes in our in the largest dragnets in
“most fit” is no longer valid. civil rights and the nation’s history. The
We need to broaden our operations, coordinated
understanding of censorship in liberties. by the Justice Depart-
the US. The dictionary defini- ment and Homeland
tion of direct government control of news as Security, directly involved over 960 agen-
censorship is no longer adequate. The private cies (state, local and federal) and are the
corporate media in the US significantly under first time in US history that all of the
covers and/or deliberately censors numerous domestic police agencies have been put
important news stories every year. under the direct control of the federal
The common theme of the most censored government.
stories over the past year is the systemic erosion Finally, the term “terrorism” has been
of human rights and civil liberties in both the dangerously expanded to include any acts
US and the world at large. The corporate media that interfere, or promotes interference,
ignored the fact that habeas corpus can now be with the operations of animal enterprises.
suspended for anyone by order of the President. The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act
With the approval of Congress, the Military (AETA), signed into law in November 2006
Commissions Act (MCA) of 2006, signed by expands the definition of an “animal enterprise”
Bush in October 2006, allows for the suspension to any business that “uses or sells animals or ani-
of habeas corpus for US citizens and non-citizens mal products.” The law essentially defines protest-
alike. While media, including a lead editorial in ers, boycotters or picketers of businesses in the
the New York Times October 19, 2006, have given US as terrorists.
false comfort that American citizens will not be Most people in the US believe in our Bill of
the victims of the measures legalized by this Act, Rights and value personal freedoms. Yet, our cor-
the law is quite clear that ‘any person’ can be tar- porate media in the past year failed to adequately Women in Media and News Resource
geted. The text in the MCA allows for the institu- inform us about important changes in our civil Guide
tion of a military alternative to the constitutional rights and liberties. Despite our busy lives we
justice system for “any person” regardless of want to be informed about serious decisions Bitch: Feminist Response to Pop Culture
American citizenship. The MCA effectively does made by the powerful, and rely on the corporate
away with habeas corpus rights for all people media to keep us abreast of significant changes. Magazine devoted to commentary on media-driven world.
living in the US deemed by the President to be When a media fails to cover these issues, what Bust
enemy combatants. else can we call it but censorship?
A law enacted last year allowing the gov- A broader definition of censorship in Magazine calling itself “fierce, funny and proud to be female.”
ernment to more easily institute martial law America today needs to include any interference, Feminista!
is another civil liberties story ignored by the deliberate or not, with the free flow of vital news
corporate media. The John Warner Defense information to the American people. With the Online journal of feminist essays, editorials, fiction, poetry,
Authorization Act of 2007 allows the president to size of the major media giants in the US, there is interviews and reviews.
station military troops anywhere in the US and no excuse for consistently missing major news
Minnesota Women’s Press
take control of state National Guard units with- stories that affect all our lives.
out the consent of the governor or local authori- Peter Phillips is a professor of Sociology at
Newspaper on issues and events affecting women’s lives.
ties, in order to “suppress public disorder.” The Sonoma State University and Director of Project
law in effect repealed the Posse Comitatus Act, Censored. Censored 2008 (Seven Stories Press) Ms.
which had placed strict prohibitions on military is available in bookstores or at www.projectcen-
involvement in domestic law enforcement in the Magazine with women’s perspectives on culture and public
New Moon:A Magazine for Girls and their

Sex Education

Magazine for girls who want their voices heard.
from page 1 Off Our Backs
You might feel confident that your local Monthly news journal by, for and about women.
school would never teach factually inaccurate,
Teen Voices
biased information in their sex education pro-
gram. Since California law (set by SB 71 of 2003) Magazine by, for and about teenagers and young adult
rejects abstinence-only instruction for scientifi- women.
cally supported comprehensive sex education,
you might assume that all public schools comply Women’s eNews
with the law; however, this is not the case. Inac-
curate abstinence-only education is being taught Online news service covers women’s perspectives on public
in many schools across California, and one of
them may be yours. Many of these schools will Women’s Review of Books
not change their programs without active over-
sight from parents and the community. Magazine offers informed discussion of writing by and about
For more information, including a Sex women.
Education Report Card you can use to evaluate Women’s Wire
the curriculum being taught in your local high
school, contact sacramentopa@ppmarmonte. International online magazine funded by the United Nations
org. Children’s Fund.
For more information and resources for World Pulse Magazine
parents and teens, call the Facts of Life Line at
1-800-711-9848. Schools will not change their programs without Magazine/online publication dedicated to leadership of
Katharyn McLearan is Director of Public active oversight from parents and the community.
photo courtesy Planned Parenthood Mar Monte women and youth.
Affairs for Mar Monte Planned Parenthood.
10 Because People Matter March / April 2008

We Are Done Killing for Lies

A Marine corporal speaks out
by Matt Howard do the killing.

itarian food given to me in Kuwait. And we are re-educating the public about
n 2003 I illegally invaded the sovereign Four and a half years later we as soldiers, the true nature of sectarian violence. No, the
nation of Iraq with 1st Tank battalion 1st sailors, airmen and marines are done. Middle East is not inherently violent. In fact,
Marine Division. My commander in chief We are done being told under threat of court in the 1,400-year schism between Sunnis and
unleashed the world’s fiercest fighting force upon martial to run over children that get in the way Shias—there has never been a civil war fought.
the country and people of Iraq, and now those of our speeding convoys. We are done raiding They have always lived in the same neighbor-
of us used and betrayed by him are demanding and destroying the homes of innocent Iraqis on a hoods and even intermarried. The US has caused
justice. nightly basis. We are done abusing and torturing this civil war using the classic colonial techniques
Four and a half years after our opening prisoners. We are done being hired thugs for the of divide and conquer.
“shock and awe” Bush’s lies are known through- 160,000 contractors and US corporate interests George Bush is a war criminal who has vio-
out the world, and yet he continues to act with in Iraq. We are done being poisoned by depleted lated international law, the Geneva convention
impunity. Four and a half years later the Bush uranium, the unspoken Agent Orange of this war. and the Nuremburg standards and needs to tried
regime has unleashed a hell upon the country We are done coming home broken, from two, accordingly for crimes against humanity.
of Iraq that only those who have been there can three, four tours of duty—only to find our com- I ask every red-blooded American today:
truly understand. mander in chief has actually tried to cut funding What would you do if your homeland was sav-
As a two-tour combat veteran of this brutal to the Department of Veterans Affairs. To find agely invaded and occupied by another country?
war, I have a responsibility to speak honestly our doctors being told to diagnose us with pre- The Iraqis will continue to resist and fight until
and openly about what has been done and what existing personality disorders instead of post the last American has left their homeland. Period.
continues to be done in our name. We veterans traumatic stress syndrome. End the violence in Iraq? End the occupation.
know that this war is not the one being sanitized We are done killing for lies. We veterans are speaking out to stop the vio-
on the nightly news. It has nothing to do with So Iraq Veterans Against the War is tak- lence being perpetrated in our name. When we
the liberation of the people of Iraq; instead it ing back our history—the history that has been voted in the Democrats on an anti-war mandate,
has everything to do with the subjugation and robbed from us. We are dispelling the myth that the Bush regime expanded the war. As we are
domination of these people in the name of US the Vietnam War ended when the Democrats marching against further occupation, the Bush
imperial economic and strategic interests. started voting against it. Instead we are spreading regime is making threats against Iran.
We did not go to war with the country of the truth about how the American War in Viet- And we will not continue to be silenced by
Iraq, we went to war with the people of Iraq. nam ended. the mainstream media. Top generals and bottom
During the initial invasion we killed women. The Vietnam War ended when soldiers put privates are all speaking in unison now. We know
We killed children. We senselessly killed farm down their weapons and refused to fight; when the truth about the slaughter of upwards of one
animals. We were the United States Marine pilots dropped their bombs in the ocean. million Iraqis. Why is no one listening? We will
Corps, not the Peace Corps, and we left a swath We are re-educating the public to let them not stand by as this regime tricks the country
of death and destruction in our wake all the way know that the power ultimately lies with the into thinking that if you oppose the war you do
to Baghdad. people. Just take a look at the thousands of pages not support the troops. We are the troops and
Let me say again so that there is no misun- of internal documents from the Department of we have never felt support from this administra-
derstanding. I stand here today as a former US Defense explicitly detailing how at the end of the tion. Stop mindlessly supporting the troops. Start
Marine saying we are killing women and children Vietnam War the military had collapsed. demanding that we come home—and maybe
in Iraq. This is the true nature of war. War lends It was literally in a state of mutiny. And that think about apologizing to us when we get back.
itself to atrocities. Don’t think you can use an movement is slowly starting again. Because ulti- Matt Howard gave this statement at a recent
organization designed to kill other human beings mately in every war waged throughout human protest at the Vermont Statehouse. He attained
for anything humanitarian. That has never been history, those forced to fight quickly realize they the rank of corporal in the United States Marine
our mission. That was crystal clear from the have much more in common with those they are Corps and heads Vermont’s chapter for Iraq Vet-
moment I was forced to bury the crate of human- being told to kill than with those telling them to erans Against the War.

The God of War

An Inept Ruler
An Unpopular War The God of War is a hungry god.
He eats up human hearts.
A Woman Defiant He bites off heads and arms and legs
and wolfs down other parts.
He gnaws on bones.
Their marrow makes
some very tasty dishes.
and, most of all,
the brains, he finds
exceedingly delicious.

The generals and the presidents,
he invites to drink a toast.
April 19–May 18, 2008 With goblets made of human skulls,
they eulogize their host.
By Sophocles Instead of wine, these cups are filled
In a version by Bertolt Brecht Make reservations NOW by calling the box office at with blood from human young.
Directed by Frank Condon 916-691-7364 or go to Butchered by errant shells and bombs,
they leave their songs unsung.
Young men, of course, are sacrificed
upon War’s sacred altar.
They follow blindly where he leads.
They dare not ever falter.
Yet women, too, give up their hearts
to satisfy his lust.
For even Cupid shoots his darts.
“In the God of War we trust.”
  A community paper Once War begins, a Peace will then

become shameful defeat.

 needs community The weapons-makers pay their bribes

 support: Subscribe! and kiss the great god’s feet.
#" %-&*'"%+()$%)(  

The God of War will rule on earth
See coupon on page 2. until that happy hour
,")!-&*'+#*( ) when bloody war no longer brings
")&,%'$%)& our leaders wealth and power.
Registered Representative for securities and
Investment Advisory Representative, Protected
  Jim Michael
Investors of America.
"*+)&-*+%&+-"*')) "*+)."+!+!,)"+"*&/!& '%%"**"'&*"$

")*+")%+"-"*&'+*,*"")0')"$"+')'++&-*+')*'%)" March / April 2008 BECAUSE PEOPLE MATTER 11

Book Review
The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy by John J. Mearsheimer and
Stephen M. Walt. Hardcover, 496 pages, Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Aug 27, 2007).
The US-Israel “special ponent of the lobbying community whereas oth- is OK with Israel hav-
ers self-censor because they are no fonder of the ing nuclear, chemical
relationship” makes the US less Israel Lobby’s protests and smears when they go and biological weap-
safe. off message, than politicians. ons, but claimed it
That the tiny pro-Israel community in the attacked Iraq because
by Brigitte Jaensch US is disproportionately influential is long it might have had
acknowledged. In the 1940s and 50s, it was them, and is threaten-
Most reviews of The Israel Lobby and US Foreign referred to as “the Jewish vote,” or the “the ethnic ing Iran. We pay big
Policy have discussed the Israel Lobby compo- vote.” By the 1960s, it was simply called “domes- money, use obviously
nent of this book and are silent about the much tic political considerations.” Today, one of the double standards, and
more important part, i.e., that the “special rela- major players, the American Israel Public Affairs shred our values for
tionship” between the United States and Israel Committee (AIPAC) both boasts of its lobby- a relationship which
is a “strategic liability” for the US. It not only ing success and denies it plays any role at all. makes us more vul-
jeopardizes US national security, makes us more Nonetheless, the two authors have been pilloried nerable and tarnishes
vulnerable, straight-jackets US foreign policy, by the US press and think tank talking heads for our image throughout
but is a relationship most writing about the Israel the world.
Americans (including Lobby and how it does Bottom line: US
most Jewish Americans) [The Lobby] forced business. taxpayers have paid
do not support. Congressman Obey of Over the last 60 years, Israel hundreds of
Two professors with only once did a US presi- billions of dollars*
impeccable credentials Wisconsin to withdraw dent successfully defy the and that relation-
(John Mearsheimer is co- a provision that Bush Israel Lobby: President ship makes us less
director of the University Eisenhower, after Suez, in safe and underscores
of Chicago’s Program on needed Congressional 1956. Every other time, the inconsistency
International Security and approval before any either the US president between our values and our support for illegali-
Stephen Walt is political caved or the Lobby did ties whenever Israel is the actor. To stay in power,
science professor and attack on Iran. an end run around him US politicians listen when the Israel Lobby
former academic dean of by getting Congress to speaks, knowing more obedient replacements
the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard) do what it wanted. The current President Bush’s are always at the ready. The Israel Lobby and US
wrote a courteous, meticulously sourced (105 White House is full of pro-Israel neo-cons. Foreign Policy is an engrossing read, particularly
pages of notes) book about the Israel Lobby and AIPAC booed Nancy Pelosi when she suggested in an election year.
how it influences US foreign policy. The authors a troop pullback from Iraq and it forced Con-
repeatedly defend the right of the Israel Lobby to gressman David Obey of Wisconsin to withdraw * Exact figures are difficult to pin down because
try to influence US policy, but conclude that what a provision that President Bush needed Congres- of the many categories through which “aid” flows.
that lobby activity yields, is a US foreign policy sional approval before any attack on Iran. (The The lowest is $3 billion per year. But whenever
which hurts the US. Israel Lobby is intent on the US attacking Iran.) Israel does anything, they get more “aid.” For
The authors use the term Israel Lobby to refer US aid in the form of grants and (forgiven) example they “store” weapons for the US—which
to the “pro-Israel community,” which consists loans—which Israel insists be paid Euros not store was replenished and enhanced after the
of hundreds of organizations and thousands of weak dollars—pump up Israel’s economy. The Lebanon war. In other words, our weapons store
individuals who are single-mindedly determined, US gives Israel the latest US weapons systems. is used by them whenever they want. When the
totally committed, exceedingly well-funded, and Every time Israel attacks its neighbors or com- +/- 8000 Israeli settlers were pulled out of Gaza
a model of coordination. This community knows mits war crimes against the Palestinians, the or when immigrants come from other countries,
how to use the US political system to advance US government vetoes any censure attempt in the US pays relocation money. Joint research
its goals: to perpetuate and intensify the US gov- the UN Security Council. (Most US vetoes have projects are usually funded with US dollars, etc.
ernment’s “special relationship” with Israel, and been to protect Israel.) Then US tax dollars help The US shares intelligence that the US pays for.
to silence any voices critical of this relationship. rebuild what Israel has bombed. The Congress
Silencing is directed at all aspects of US society, terms Israel’s actions “defensive” because it’s Brigitte Jaensch is a Sacramento-based
not just politics. Some media are an active com- illegal to send US weapons to aggressors. The US human rights advocate.

Nuclear Power: No Solution

from p. 3

nuclear plants. The latest 2007 energy bill has its aging nuclear power plants, and reprocesses
more of the same. 95 % of its waste. It has no idea where to store the
New nuclear power plants are going to go remainder, “the worst of the worst.” It has consid-
up around the world. The US, China, France, ered dumping it in the oceans, but has encoun-
Japan, Iran, India, Pakistan, England, Finland, tered opposition from the Polynesians.
Russia, Germany, Brazil and other modernizing England’s Sellafield nuclear complex dis-
countries are planning to build a new generation charged all kinds of radioactive nuke waste
of nukes. Iran has plans for 18 new nuclear power and a quarter to a half ton of plutonium into
plants. As plants are built in more countries, the Irish Sea, stirring up controversy until they
nuclear weapons proliferation will likely expand were banned from doing so in 1983. Greenpeace
into previously non-nuclear countries. Govern- discovered the discharge as divers were trying to
ments will seek more repressive laws and tighter plug a main discharge pipe. Sellafield and the sur-
security arrangements to make sure the plants do rounding areas have higher than normal child-
not become targets for terrorists. hood cancer rates.
The US gets 20% of its energy from nukes Finally, a Greenpeace study following Cartoon:,
and operates 103 nuclear power reactors, or a 9/11indicated that an air-born terrorist attack on
quarter of the 440 plants worldwide. The Yucca the Sellafield nuclear complex in England could
Mountain nuclear waste site in Nevada has been kill over three million people.
under development for more than 30 years. Countries with nuclear power plants and
Construction has been frozen since 1997. A five- huge nuclear weapons complexes, such as the
mile tunnel was drilled 10 years ago. If it opens, Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico
approximately 77,000 tons of nuclear waste and the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory in Cali- Time Tested Books
would travel through this tunnel to chambers fornia, are creating a toxic mess that will plague now buying
1,000 feet below the ridgeline. In a January 18, human and non-human life for thousands of Political posters, handbills & pamphlets
2008, editorial on the Yucca nuclear waste site, years. Books on history, labor, & politics
USA Today condemned Democratic presidential But will it really be a plutonium paradise? I Records of blues, jazz, rock, punk, world, R&B, & spoken word.
candidates for their opposition to the site, stating: say no—not so fast with nuclear power! And, of course, we are selling books & records, too!
“Opposing Yucca won’t strangle nuclear power, We are located at 1114 21st Street, Sacramento.
which appears poised for a rebirth.” Rick Nadeau, a former director of Green- Our new hours are M-Sat: 11am–7pm, Sunday: 11am–3pm
Nevertheless, no “safe and clean” solution to peace Action in San Diego, now lives in Sacra- (Please call for appt. if selling.)
nuclear waste has been found. mento and is on the editorial board of Because 916-447-5696.
France gets close to 80% of its energy from People Matter.
12 Because People Matter March / April 2008

Sacramento Area Peace Action

The War, the Elections, the Top Dem Donors

Banking on Neither Democratic candidate
Destruction will end the war
calling for an end to the war. On the other hand,
by Richard Becker they must assure the ruling class that they will
Tax dollars going down the be trustworthy protectors of US capitalism’s vital
weapons drain With the Republican candidates offering nothing interests in the Middle East. Only dutiful manag-
Sacramento but more of the same pro-rich, pro-war policies, ers for the capitalists can become presidents.
Soapbox by Anie Wilson many are placing their hopes on the Democrats
Progressive Talk Show
to improve conditions for workers and to end the Not a ‘party of the people’
Access Sacramento, Most of us are appalled at the billions of dol- war on Iraq. But the Democrats are also beholden The same concept is applied to all major
Channel 17 with lars funding the military occupations of Iraq, to US corporate interests. issues in every election campaign. The Repub-
Jeanie Keltner. Afghanistan, and Palestine. Equally appalling With respect to foreign policy, a glance at the licans openly represent the big money interests,
Monday, 8pm, Tuesday is the amount of money funneled into weapons teams assembled by Clinton and Obama indi- while the Democrats pose as the “party of the
noon, Wednesday, 4am. Research and Development. Not only are we cates anything but “change.” people.” At the leadership level both represent
Now in Davis, Channel funding the ongoing research and develop- Hillary Clinton’s top advisors include Mad- the interest of empire. Corporate America fully
15, Tuesday, 7pm. ment of modern nuclear weapons to replace our eleine Albright, President Clinton’s second-term appreciates that fact.
“outdated” arsenal, or the typical tanks, aircraft, secretary of state, and Samuel Berger, his national A 2007 study by the Center for Responsive
unmanned drones, missiles, and munitions, security advisor. Albright and Berger were Politics revealed that the top 10 corporate cam-
but we are funding outrageous “fringe science” involved centrally in maintaining the genocidal paign contributors are giving more money to
experiments. sanctions that killed more than one million Iraqis Democrats than Republicans. Goldman Sachs, a
Research projects include microwave tech- from 1990 to 2003. They also played key roles in major Wall Street firm, donated 71% of its money
nology used to penetrate skin and make people the 1999 US-NATO war against Yugoslavia, as this year to the Democrats.
feel like they are on fire; invisible, shoot-through, did Gen. Wesley Clark, another Hillary Clinton Among Hillary Clinton’s top 20 contributors
self-healing shields for soldiers in urban battle- advisor.
fields; speaker systems that beam messages to Barack Obama’s advisors
one person; and new applications for chemical include such infamous char-
and biological agents. Two primary Research and acters as Zbigniew Brzezinski,
Development focuses are urban warfare and neu- President Carter’s national
roscience, including use of “magnetic stimulation security advisor and architect
to keep soldiers in battle awake for days while of the counterrevolutionary
preserving their cognitive function.” war against Afghanistan.
Much of this research is being conducted by Brzezinski described the US
the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency machinations: “That secret
(DARPA), which claims it is the “technological operation—arming the
engine” for the Department of Defense. DARPA fighters who later became Al-
Coffee from created many of the unmanned drones and com- Qaida—was an excellent idea.
Nicaragua mand and control systems being used in Iraq. It had the effect of drawing
Support Sacramento’s Other key partners in research include public and the Russians into the Afghan
sister city, San Juan private universities. trap. … The day the Soviets
de Oriente, Nicaragua, Showcasing some of this technology is the officially crossed the border, Image from
by purchasing organic
whole-bean coffee
Discovery Channel’s program Futureweapons. I wrote to President Carter:
grown in the rich Now in its third season, the show has featured ‘We now have the opportunity of giving the USSR are Citigroup, Viacom, Morgan Stanley, Merrill
volcanic soil on the stun weaponry, kinetic energy weapons, elec- its Vietnam War.’” (La Nouvelle Observateur, Lynch, Ken Starr’s former law firm Kirkland &
island of Omotepe, tromagnetic pulse weapons, sound weapons, 01-15-98). Ellis, and major subprime lender Bear Stearns.
Nicaragua. advanced deadly munitions, portable lightning Also on the Obama team is Richard Clarke, Obama’s list includes Goldman Sachs and Lehm-
Thanks to the efforts of and other weapons designed for urban warfare. “counter-terrorism czar” for both Bill Clinton an brothers. Democratic Speaker of the House
the Bainbridge-Omotepe
If that weren’t chilling enough, one episode titled and George W. Bush., and Dennis Ross, Clinton’s Nancy Pelosi gets 62.5 % of her money from
Sister Island Association
in Washington, we are the “Israeli Special” touts cutting-edge weapons ardently pro-Israel Middle East “negotiator.” business Political Action Committees.
under design for the Israeli Defense Forces. Throughout history, it has not been the gov-
able to bring you this
wonderful medium roast It comes as no surprise that Bush’s proposed Not going to stop the war ernment that has created the political climate for
coffee. $3.1 trillion budget pours more money down One of the biggest issues in the campaign is major social changes. From the labor movement
Your purchase helps the the military drain while social programs that the war in Iraq, now opposed by more than 70% to the women’s movement, to the civil rights
farmers on the island meet real life security needs continue to be of the US population according to public opinion and Black liberation movements of the 1960s
and helps support
Sacramento’s long
shortchanged. polls. The Democratic candidates pay lip service and 70s, substantial gains have been won by
to ending the war. In a fall 2007 campaign debate, struggles from below. The mass movements cre-
relationship with San
Juan de Oriente.
Get Involved: however, their real positions were revealed. ated a situation in which many politicians were
All profits go directly Leaflet at the California Capitol Airshow Clinton and Obama both refused to guaran- forced to grant concessions to alleviate social
back to the Nicaraguan March 15/16; demand an end to 5 years of Iraqi tee that they would remove all US combat troops pressure. That was especially true of the Vietnam
communities. occupation on March 19; and participate in from Iraq by the end of the next presidential War—which was largely prosecuted by Demo-
$9.00 a pound.
local Tax Day actions in April. For more info: term—2013. Why? The imperialist ruling circles, cratic presidents.
Available in Sacramento
at: The Book Collector, Sacramento Area Peace Action: sacpeace@dcn. as the leading Democrats and Republicans are Real hope lies in building a powerful people’s
1008 24th St. org, 916-448-7157. Check the peace & justice well aware, have no intention of leaving Iraq. The movement—independent of the capitalist par-
calendar at Call Congress weekly largest embassy ever built in any country is now ties—that demands social change at home and
202-224-3121 or toll free 800 828-0498, 800 614 under construction in Baghdad. Fourteen perma- stands in solidarity with those who are resisting
2803 or 866 340 9281 and demand an end to the nent US military bases are being built in Iraq. imperialism abroad.
US occupation of Iraq and the militarism of our Iraq is viewed by US leaders as an incredibly Richard Becker, activist, author, lecturer is
foreign and domestic policies. valuable prize that they have conquered, and a co-founder of the ANSWER Coalition (www.
key element in their strategy of global domina- which is co-sponsoring the March
tion. They will not leave until they are forced out. 19 No Business as Usual march & rally at the
On the one hand, Clinton and Obama must Civic Center in San Francisco on the 5th anniver-
appeal to majority sentiment by rhetorically sary of the US invasion of Iraq.

Discharges • DEP • Discrimination •

Gay • AWOL/UA • Harassment • Buy Olive Oil and Olive Oil Soap Join Sacramento Area Peace Action!
Hazing• Conscientious Objection Support Palestinian farmers Send your: Name, Address, Email and Phone,
and human rights work. $18 With your check to SAPA for: $30/individual;
Call for information from a network of for 750ml; $12 for 375ml; case
nonprofit, nongovernmental organizations. $52/family; $15 low-income to:
discounts. Soap $6.
The service is free. The call is confidential. Available through Sacramento Area Peace Action
Sacramento Area Peace Action: 909 12th St, Suite 118
The GI Rights Hotline 916-448-7157; Sacramento, CA 95814

800 394 9544 Sacramento Area Peace Action has a new email address: March / April 2008 BECAUSE PEOPLE MATTER 13

The New Capitalism

Exploiting war and disaster for tax dollars
contracts. According to the Guardian, a British
by Paolo Bassi ment and the untrammeled right to move jobs newspaper, since 2000 about $130 billion in

abroad to exploit cheap foreign labor. With the homeland security contracts have been awarded.
apitalism in its pure form as envisioned help of the corporate media, all this has been This does not include private contracts awarded
by Adam Smith, the author of The Wealth achieved with no national outcry or violence. after Hurricane Katrina.
of Nations, adopted godfather of capital- However, this is not enough
ism, means risky, brutal competition. For Smith, for the corporations for there … if the military, suchOther state-run services
as prisons are being rap-
there should be no outside interference, such as is nothing as intoxicating as security and idly privatized. Just like the
government subsidies, and certainly no no-bid brand new markets. The real military industrial complex, a
contracts to distort the pure market. Pure capital- prize seems to have become state prisons can be massive prison industry com-
ism should have no guarantees. The capitalist services—the state after all is contracted out, plex has formed, in which a few
must sink or swim within the existing legal and still the richest and most reliable
economic structure. entity to do business with. The what is safe from corporations profit from crime
and incarceration.
However, guarantees and lack of competition most blatant example of the state privatization? The troubling question is
are exactly what large capitalists want. Private outsourcing itself is the current that if the military, security and
contracts are well and good but the real killing privatization of war and disaster—a task made prisons can be contracted out, what is safe from Peace Action
for large corporations is in doing business with easier by the manipulation of fear following 9/11. privatization? on the Web
the richest client around—the state itself, sitting In Iraq, Blackwater, a secretive corpora- In the near future, what will stop the Keep up to date
atop the national treasury. tion with well-connected right-wing manage- government from privatizing the entire public on peace activism
Free market ideologues vehemently oppose ment provides mercenaries to the US army at a school system, freeways, bridges or fire services? in Sacramento.
“large government” but only when that govern- cost several times the ordinary soldier’s salary. Is it possible fire engines will only come to your Check out
ment intervenes for the benefit of ordinary peo- Infamous Blackwater is only the tip of the ice- fire if you have private insurance? Worse still,
ple. A powerful, large government is exactly what berg. There are hundreds of contractors taking could police functions be placed in the hands of
the corporations want to ensure their continued advantage of Iraq—all at the expense of the US private corporations?
profits and social power. The paradox of the US taxpayer. With so much public money floating After Katrina, Blackwater patrolled the
is that while capitalism is imposed on the people, about, corruption is rife. The government itself streets of New Orleans with drawn guns. It is
a form of corporate welfarism operates to benefit admits tens of billions are unaccounted for and entirely possible they could be tomorrow’s pri-
the wealthy. untraceable. vate police all over America.
This corporate welfarism means that what Likewise, after 9/11 US homeland security Whether the future will be as drastic as this
the corporations want, Washington delivers: spawned a massive industry, complete with remains to be seen, but one thing is clear, we
lower taxes, export subsidies, weak unions and its own army of lobbyists and ex-government are entering a new and dangerous phase in the
access to publicly funded research and develop- officials ensuring access to lucrative government development of a corporatist state.

‘Old Boys Network’

Women confined to pink media ghetto
by Jennifer L. Pozner Then there are the endless, frightening head- protects the financial interests of media adver-

lines about attempted rapists on the loose. Since tisers, investors and parent companies, while
sk a feminist to identify the most impor- sexual predators don’t just get bored mid-attack, denying the public information that might make
tant issue facing women today, and behind every story about an attempted rape is us question our personal consumer decisions or Noon Hour
chances are she wouldn’t immediately the reality that some woman did something to collectively challenge corporate exploitation. Witness against the
point to the media. But she should. get away. So, why no triumphant headlines about If it is clear that women have a serious stake Death Penalty.
Corporate media is key to why our fast- women fighting back, fending in media coverage, it is equal- Third Mondays
moving culture is so slow to change, stereotypes off their assailants? …global trade ly important to recognize 12noon to 1pm.
are so stubborn, and the power structure so A similar framing prob- stories are told from that biased content is the end 11th and L Streets
entrenched. By determining who can and cannot lem persists in coverage of result of a much larger insti- State Capitol
speak, which issues are discussed and how they abortion, media’s favorite the perspective tutional problem—a media
are framed, media have the power to maintain hot-button “women’s issue.” of transnational system structured in favor of INFO: 455-1796
the status quo or challenge the dominant order. Consider how reluctant media advertisers and owners rather
Without accurate, non-biased news coverage have been to label shootings, corporations, not than citizens seeking informa-
and challenging, creative cultural expression it is fire bombings, death threats the female workers tion and entertainment; a
virtually impossible to significantly move public and other politically-motivat- system motivated by profit,
opinion of social justice issues and create lasting ed violence against abortion who suffer labor not the public interest.
change. providers as “terrorism.” and human rights We are at a crucial
And how have media used this power where Only after Sept. 11, when moment for the media indus-
women’s rights are concerned? With a vengeance. newscasters received letters abuses daily. try. The deregulatory struc-
From the earliest days of the women’s movement claiming to be laced with ture favored by big media
media have branded feminism “a hair-raising anthrax, did mainstream media finally “discover” and its favorite lap-dog, former Federal Com-
emotional orgy of hatred” led by “freaks…inca- the story—reported over the past decade in the munications Commission Chair Michael Powell,
pable of coming to terms with their own natures women’s and alternative press—that anti-abor- paved the way for the tightest convergence of
as females” (Esquire, 1971), a “passing fad” (New tion terrorists have subjected women’s health media power we have ever seen in this country,
York Times, 1972), and a “lost cause” (Vogue, advocates and clinics to a regular campaign of threatening to subvert women’s and public inter-
1983), a “failure” (Newsweek, 1990) and a “dead” anthrax threats and violent—even fatal—crime est voices more thoroughly than ever. Powell was
movement overrun by “a whole lot of stylish for many frightening years (with more than 500 recently replaced by Kevin J. Martin.
fluff ” (Time, 1998). such letters arriving pre-9/11). We have two choices: we can sit back and
By the late 1990s news outlets from NBC to When issues fall outside journalists’ pink wait until all our news is filtered through the lens
PBS portrayed feminists as waging unjust “sex ghetto yet implicitly affect women’s survival of MSNBC-NNBCBSABCFOXAOLWB, Inc—or
wars” and heralding a “gender Armageddon.” (global trade, affairs of state, war), gender is we can work for progressive feminist media
And by the turn of the millennium Men’s Health rarely used as a lens for analysis. reform.
magazine reported that “militant,” “hostile” For example, poll data following Sept. 11 Jennifer L. Pozner is founder of Women In
young feminists are oppressing men on college showed women to be more moderate than men Media & News, a women’s media monitoring,
campuses by insisting on strong sexual assault in their views about war. Yet corporate media training and outreach organization. www.wim-
policies and women’s studies programs. presented a misleading picture of a flag-wav-
Today, similar sentiments span outlets from ing populace united behind the Bush push for
the liberal Atlantic Monthly to the conservative military retaliation. Because women were nearly
Fox News Network. This antifeminist hostility invisible as sources, experts and pundits in
can be felt in coverage of topics editors nar- news debates, this notion went virtually unchal-
rowly define as “women’s issues” (rape, abortion, lenged—helping the administration drum up
child care), where stereotypes are invoked and support for an unending “war on terror.”
perpetuated. Similarly, though women and children are 90
Take the ways in which sexual violence is percent of the world’s sweatshop workers, editors
sensationalized and used to scare women into almost never frame international economics as
sexual and social conformity. Victim-blaming is a “women’s issue.” Instead, global trade stories
still prevalent: “What responsibility, if any, did are told from the perspective of transnational
the women have for what happened…?” asked corporations, not the female workers who suffer
Dateline NBC after dozens of women were sexu- labor and human rights abuses daily in overseas
ally assaulted in Central Park in June 2000. and domestic sweatshops. This pro-business bias
14 Because People Matter March / April 2008

Torture and Social the scope of action for Palestinian lawyers.

These Israeli military courts operate
Control.” In it, he describes the East Asian game
“Go” where you “win” not by defeating but by

Control throughout the territories under “Military

Order #378”. Interrogation techniques like those
described above began to be used, as well as
immobilzing your opponent by controlling key
points of the matrix. It should be required read-
ing for all of us who work for peace with justice
Israel’s treatment of Palestinian “confinement in tiny cells/closets, Jim Ron… in the Holy Land. And it strikes me
prisoners forcing the body to adopt painful and that AIPAC (See book review, p 11)
unnatural postures, for long periods charges that could be called a matrix of control
by Mary Bisharat of time (arms tied behind legs, legs “torture is in terms of its influence on Congress

tied up to buttocks), pulling out body and the press. Our task is to apprise
mprisonment has been one of the key strate- hair, deprivation of sleep, food, and the linch- others of AIPAC’s unacceptable sup-
gies of Israeli control of Palestinian civilians, medical care, beating and kicking the
and since 1967 more than a half million have body with particular emphasis on the
pin of the port for an apartheid Israel, and the
practice of torture on civilians. These
been prosecuted through military courts. We genitals, scalding the body with hot occupation.” are hardly Judaism’s core values.
read vague references to Palestin- water, asphyxiation, use of Israeli Knesset member Avraham
ians imprisoned by Israel, but the electric shocks, prolonged exposure Burg writes: “what is needed is a new vision of
situation is a mystery to the average to extreme temperatures, and threats a just society…. Nor is this merely an internal
American. Though torture has been against the well-being, or life of Israeli affair. Diaspora Jews for whom Israel is a
constantly in the news, from Abu family members and the detainee” central pillar must pay heed and speak out…. The
Graib to Guantanamo, most of us are (information from Al Haq, West Jewish people did not survive for 2 millennia in
ignorant of what constitutes torture. Bank affiliate of Geneva-based Inter- order to pioneer weaponry, computer security
John Conway’s book, Unspeak- national Commission of Jurists). programs or anti-missile missiles.”
able Acts, Ordinary People: The B’tselem, Israeli Information However, the US has recently upped military
Dynamics of Torture, describes the “Kindergarten Chair” Center for Human Rights in the aid to Israel, offering an unprecedented $30
five techniques which constitute a (n Arabic, the shabeh occupied territories, confirmed these billion over the next 10 years. “We are going
“scientific combination of tortures”: position) torture practices. Also America’s to stand up for our friends,” said the US State
1) Hooding to contribute to a sense Illustration by Human Rights Watch Human Rights Watch published Department spokesman. US’s unconditional aid
of isolation and disorientation, and “Israel’s Interrogation of Palestin- enables Israel to continue abusing Palestinian
to mask the torturers’ identities. 2) Increasingly ians from the Occupied Territories” by Jim Ron, rights with impunity, deepening regional hostili-
intense noise, such as compressed air escaping, who charges that “torture is the linch-pin of the ties, and distancing peace. There is no end in
for up to a week. 3) Food and water deprivation. occupation.” sight to Palestinian prisoners’ torture by their
4) Sleep deprivation. 5) Spread-eagle position at According to the Washington Report of Israeli jailers.
a wall. Denied toilet access, prisoners urinate and Middle East Affairs (Jan/Feb 2008), since 1967, Mary Bisharat is a human rights activist and
defecate on themselves. In combination, these Israel has arrested and incarcerated over 755,000 retired social worker in Sacramento.
five actions induce psychosis, a temporary mad- Palestinians, including 98,000 children under 18
ness with long-lasting after-effects. and 10,000 women. From January to November
Israel bases its systemized torture and rights 2007, 3,750 Palestinians were arrested. Cur-

Keeping on keeping on
violations of Palestinians on the 1945 British rently 10,400 Palestinians are held in Israeli jails,
Defense Regulations, but those regulations were experiencing obstacles that systematically erode
revoked by British authorities before withdraw- detainees’ right to legal representation, a serious
ing from Palestine in 1948. After Israel’s 1967 violation of international law. MLK inspires us again
preemptive war against its Arab neighbors, it Israeli professor Jeff Halper has written
occupied what remained of mandatory Palestine a brilliant essay on Israel’s domination of the by Murray Cohen
and set up military court system which narrows Palestinians called “Dismantling The Matrix of When Martin Luther King received the Nobel
Prize in 1964, the United States was deep into its
genocidal war against the people of Vietnam, so

Iraq “Winter
far the worst in a seemingly mindless, compul-
sively imperialistic series of military interven-
destroyed Iraq and Afghanistan. Once again, our tions around the world.

Soldiers” Testify country needs Winter Soldiers.

This spring (March 13-16, 2008), Iraq Vet-
In our darkness today, some of us may look
back on those days as almost innocent compared
erans Against the War (IVAW) will assemble in to the monstrous banalities of our present clique
Reveal true nature of war Washington DC a large gathering of US veterans of desk murderers, and our own seeming impo-
of Iraq and Afghanistan to reveal the reality of tence to anything about them.
by Rick Nadeau the US occupation. US veterans as well as Iraqi King, however, had the vision and courage
In 1971, over one hundred members of and Afghan survivors will provide eyewitness to resist despair, and the courage and faith to
Vietnam Veterans Against accounts in a public testimo- embrace the world as it is: a world struggling
the War gathered in Detroit Winter Soldiers, nial called “Winter Soldier: to transcend Western “civilization” and bring
to share their stories with Iraq and Afghanistan.” to birth a truly civilized world. He graciously
America. Atrocities like the
according to Winter Soldier is asking accepted the peace award from the masters of
My Lai massacre had ignited founding father that from March 13-16, the war, washed the cheek he had turned, and went
popular opposition to the war, larger anti-war movement call on to develop his comprehensive view of what
but political and military lead-
Thomas Paine, are no national mobilizations and had to be done. For this he was murdered.
ers insisted that such crimes those who stand up that there be no local protests. Americans have yet to organize around his
were isolated exceptions. The Hearings may be televised on vision, but we can take heart from what he said in
members of VVAW knew dif-
for the soul of their Access Sacramento (Comcast his acceptance speech: “When our days become
ferently. Over three days in country, even in its ch17,18) or on KVIE. (Call dreary with the low-hovering clouds, and our
January, soldiers testified on them and ask when hearings nights become darker than a thousand mid-
the systematic brutality they
darkest hours. are on. nights, we will know that we are living in the cre-
witnessed in Vietnam. KVIE: 916-929-5843, or toll-free: ative turmoil of a genuine civilization struggling
Now we are faced with a new war. The lies 800-347-5843 to be born. In face of adversity, we must muster
are the same. Once again, American troops are Access Sacramento: (916) 456-8600 or our reserves of courage, remain faithful to our
sinking into an increasingly bloody occupation. calling and strengthen one another, and continue
Once again, war crimes in places like Haditha, For more info: Winter Soldier: Iraq and the brick by brick building of a society based on
Fallujah, and Abu Ghraib have turned the public Afghanistan. peace. If we do so, we to will win.”
against the war. Once again, politicians and Add your name to the 4041 people who have Murray Cohen is a retired teacher interested
generals are blaming “a few bad apples” instead signed the Statement of Support: www.ivaw. in issues of peace and social justice.
of examining the military policies that have org/wintersoldierstatementofsupport.

Pizza by the slice

working for Your PIECES
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cially responsible
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for Peace &
form?? 1309 21st St Between M and N
(916) 451-2658 Justice events March / April 2008 BECAUSE PEOPLE MATTER 15

March / April Calendar Send calendar items for the May / June 2008 issue to bpmnews@ by April 10, with “calendar item” in the subject
line. Make it short, and in this order, please: Day, Date. Name of
event. Description (1-2 lines). Time. Location. Price. INFO: phone#;
ONGOING EVENTS For up-to-date online calendars of progressive events, go to www.sac-
MONDAYS: Sacramento Joan, 332-5980. Folsom Blvd. All Welcome or
Poetry Center hosts poetry 2nd TUESDAYS: Peace $5–$10 donation request-
readings. 7:30pm. 1719 Network (speakers and ed. INFO: Christine 457-
25th Street. www.sacra- discussion), 6:30pm. 5855, www.sacramento- COMMUNITY CALENDAR Luna’s Cafe, 1414 16th dancesofuniversalpeace.
org Tuesday, March 11 Monday, March 31
1st MONDAYS: Organ- Street. INFO: Sac Area Meeting. Gray Panthers Sacramento. “SAVING Poetry reading. Hosted by Frank Dixon Graham,
ic Sacramento: Coun- Peace Action 448-7157. 1st SATURDAYS: Health CALIFORNIA’S GOLDEN YEARS: New Standard anti-war poet and peace activist . 7:30pm. Sac-
ter ongoing threats to 4th TUESDAYS: Peace and Care for All. 10:30am. for Measuring Seniors’ Needs.” Speaker: Susie ramento Poetry Center: HQ for the Arts 1719
our food. 6:30pm. INFO: Justice Films. 7pm. Peace Hart Senior Ctr, 27th & Smith, Director, Californians for Family Economic 25th St. INFO: 606-4303.
www.organicsacramento. J. For universal access to Self-Sufficiency. 1-3pm. Hart Senior Center, 27th
Action, 909 12th Street. and J Streets. INFO: 332-5980. Saturday, April 5
org INFO:448-7157. health care. INFO: 916-
Speakers Bureau Training, to become a better
1st. M onday S : 424-5316; cnegrete@ Tuesday, March 11 advocate and speaker for SB 840! Sponsored
4th TUESDAYS: (Odd num- Sacramento 9/11 Truth Demonstration, in con- by Health Care For All Sacramento Valley.
Sacramento Media bered months) Amnesty
Group. 6–8pm. Coloma 1st SATURDAYS: Sacra- junction with Sacramento Area Peace Action. 9:30am–3pm. Hart Senior Center, 915 27th St.
Int’l. 7pm. Sacramento 4-6pm. 16th & J Sts. INFO: www.truthaction. Registration fee $15 requested. INFO: Carolyn
Community Center, 4623 Friends Meeting, 890- mento Area Peace Action
org, 916-372-8433. Negrete, (916) 424-5316.
T Street. INFO: 443-1792, 57th St. INFO: 489-2419. Vigil. 11:30am–1:30pm. Arden and Heritage (en- Monday, March 17 Friday, April 11
1st WEDNESDAYS: Peace trance to Arden Mall). Meeting. Sacramento 9/11 Truth: Questioning Sacramento 9/11 Truth Demonstration. 11th
3rd MONDAYS: Capitol & Freedom Party. 7pm. INFO: 448-7157 the War on Terror. 6-8pm. Denny’s meeting room and L Streets, facing State Capitol North en-
Outreach for a Moratorium INFO: 456-4595. - 3rd/J Sts. INFO: 372-8433. trance. 4:30-6pm INFO:,
on the Death Penalty. 2nd & 4th SATURDAYS: 916-372-8433.
12 noon–1pm, 11th & L 3r d WEDNESDAYS: Community Contra Dance. Wednesday, March 19
Street. INFO: 455-1796. CAAC Goes to the Mov- 8–11pm; 7:30 lessons. Five Years is Too Many: Demonstration to de- Friday, April 11
ies. 7:15pm. INFO: 446- Coloma Center 4623 T mand an End to the U.S. occupation of Iraq. Talk and book-signing with Jim Hightower,
3r d MONDAYS: SAPA 3304. Bring signs. 4:30-6pm. Howe & Fair Oaks Blvd. author of a new book on inspired activism,
Peace and Sustainability Street. INFO: 395-3483.
INFO: 481-6122. Swim Against the Current: Even A Dead Fish Can
Committee. 6–8pm. INFO: THURSDAYS:Daddy’sHere. 3rd SATURDAYS: Sacra- Go With The Flow. 7-9pm. Coloma Community
Peace Action, 448-7157. Men’s support group; info mento Area Peace Action Wednesday, March 19 Center Auditorium, 4623 T St., Sac. $15, proceeds
on custody, divorce, raising Candlelight Peace Vigil on the 5th anniversary benefit California Common Cause and Access
3rd MONDAYS: Sacto Vigil. 11:30am–1:30pm.
children. 7–8:30pm. Free! of the start of the dreadful US war on Iraq to Sacramento. INFO: JoAnn, 916-443-1792 x11 or
9/11 Truth:Questioning Marconi & Fulton. INFO: protest all wars. Unitarian Universalist Society
Ctr for Families, 2251 Flo- See Box below.
the “War on Terror.” 6– 448-7157 Auditorium, 2425 Sierra Blvd., Sac. 6–9pm. INFO:
rin Rd, Ste 102. INFO: terry; 916-481-6122. Sunday, April 13
8pm. Denny’s 3rd & J St. 3rd Saturdays: Under-
Info: sac911truth@gmail. ground Poetr y Series, Richard Gage of Architects and Engingeers
568-3237x 205. Thursday, March 20 for 9/11 truth. 7:30pm. Varsity Theater, 616
com 372-8433. open mic plus featured po- Movies on a Big Screen, special presentation. Second Street, Davis. $10/students $5. INFO:
Fridays: Movies on a ets. 7–9pm Underground Zeitgeist (Film about 9/11). 7pm. 600 4th St, 530-757-1633
3rd MONDAYS: Lesbian Big Screen. Independent,
Cancer Support Group. Books, 2814 35th Street West Sacramento.
quirky movies and videos. (at Broadway), Sacramen- Sunday, April 20
6:30 Bring partners or sup- 7pm. 600 4th St, West Sac. Saturday, March 22 Sacramento Earth Day 2008 celebration. Cel-
port people with you. Open to. $3. INFO: 737-3333
INFO: www.shiny-object. Class. Beginning Beekeeping, taught by long- ebrate the things we love about Sacramento
discussions with everyone. com/screenings/. SUNDAYS: Sacto Food Not time local commercial beekeeper Randy Oliver. …Cultivate a sustainable future! 11am-5pm.
INFO: Roxanne Harden- Bombs. 1:30pm. Come 8am-5pm, break for lunch. $35 per person. Location: To Be Announced. (See Box announce-
berg; ROXANNE1040@ 1st FRIDAYS: Community help distribute food at 9th Sacramento County Coop Ag Extension Audito- ment below). Contra Dance. 8–11pm; and J Streets. rium, 4145 Branch Center Road (1 block west of
7:30pm beginners les- Bradshaw at Keifer Blvd.) INFO: 451-2337. Monday, April 21
TUESDAYS: Call for Peace sons. Clunie Auditorium, 1st SUNDAYS: Zapatis- Meeting. Sacramento 9/11 Truth: Questioning
Vigil. 4–6pm. 16th and J ta Solidarity Coalition. Thursday, March 27 the War on Terror. 6-8pm. Denny’s meeting room
McKinley Pk, Alhambra & Seminar. Relax with Tax, presented by California - 3rd/J Sts. INFO: 372-8433.
St. INFO 448-7157. F. INFO: 530-274-9551 10am–noon. 909 12th St.
Lawyers for the Arts, A seminar on the essentials
TUESDAYS: Improv work- Info: 443-3424. of income tax or individual artists of all disci- Monday, April 21
2nd FRIDAYS: Dances of plines & small arts businesses will be presented Lecture. What Mainstream Media Won’t Tell Us
shop. Solve the world’s Universal Peace. 7:30– 1st SUNDAYS: PoemSpir-
problems through improv its. 6pm. Refreshments by Dennis Yep, an Enrolled Agent since 1968. About Iran, Iraq, and U.S. Foreign Policy, by Scott
9:30pm. Sacr amento 6:30pm. $40 general, $30 members of C.L.A. Ritter, former UN weapons inspector who op-
games! 7–9:30pm. Geery Friends Meeting House and open mic. Free. UUSS,
or co-sponsors, $20 students/seniors, $5 off for posed the war on Iraq. 7:30-9pm. $20. Varsity
Theatre, 2130 L street, 890 57th St. $5–$10 2425 Sierra Blvd. INFO: registering in advance. 1127 Eleventh St., Suite Theater, 616 2d St, Davis. INFO: 530-554-7061.
Sac. $5.00, first time free. donation requested. INFO: 481-3312; 451-1372. Will 201. INFO: 442-6210 or email
INFO: Damion, 916-821- Joyce, www.sacramento- resume in Oct. 2007. to register. Tuesday, April 22
4533, dsharpeproduc- Planned Parenthood presents Capitol Education
dancesofuniversalpeace. 2nd SUNDAYS: Atheists Saturday, March 29 Day. Join Planned Parenthood volunteers, activ- org, 916-832-4630. & Other Freethinkers. Lecture. The Policing of Dissent. Prof. Luis Fer- ists and staff for a Day of Action at the Capitol in
2nd TUESDAYS: Gray Pan- 4th FRIDAYS: Dances at 2:30pm. Sierra 2 Center, nandez, Northern Arizona Univ., will discuss how Sacramento. Talk with legislators about what’s
thers. 1–3pm. Hart Senior Christ Unity Church, 9249 Room 10, 2791 24th St. the police monitor and control peace and justice important to you, and join hundreds of others to
Ctr., 27th & J St. INFO: INFO: 447-3589. organizing. 7pm. 909 12th St. Sacramento INFO: support reproductive healthcare for women in
916-448-7157; California. INFO: Katharyn 916-446-5037 x131,

Meet Jim Sacramento

Earth Day 2008
How GREEN can
Join us for a talk and book-signing with
progressive political you get?
activist, author and
Hosted by ECOS (Environmental Council of Sacramento),
commentator Jim
Friends of ECOS, and Environmental Studies Dept at CSUS
Hightower. Jim will
discuss his new book Celebrate the things we love about Sacramento…
on inspired activism, Cultivate a sustainable future!
Swim Against the Join us for Sacramento Earth Day 2008
Current: Even A Dead
Fish Can Go With Sunday, April 20: 11am–5pm
The Flow on Friday, Together we can make the
April 11 from 7-9pm Sacramento region a greener,
at the Coloma Com- healthier, and truly sustainable
munity Center Auditorium, 4623 T St. place to live, work and play!
Sacramento 95819. The location of the event will
be changed due to construc-
Tickets are just $15, and proceeds benefit tion at Sacramento State.
California Common Cause and Access
Sacramento. For information on the loca-
tion of the event, on events
For more information, contact JoAnn before and after April 20, or
Fuller at 916 443 1792 extension 11. on sponsoring or volunteer-
ing, contact ECOS:
Space is limited; reserve your ticket at 916-444-0022 or
March / April 2008
Because People Matter

WHAT IS THIS? It’s a Hydraulic Border Patrol office in Roma, Texas

MORE INSIDE: Let’s Talk About Sex • Plutonium Paradise or Nukemare? •

along the Rio Grande River. See story, “Immigration is not the

Police State Flash Point • We Are Done Killing For Lies • Corporate Media
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