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Ayurveda Body Type Test VATA Appetite Digestion Elimination - BM Variable Irregular/gas/bloating <1x/day ry/!

ellets Straining %old/variable Hardly any Irregular )ight/variable 'ain"ul Varies *ires easily )ight/interru!ted -ear"ul/active -ast/rambling Hoarse/crackly/breathy (ecent memory good -orgets .uickly /n0oys city li"e 2o "ixed habit S!end 3 easily (estless mind/active PITTA Strong/unbearable Quick/heartburn 2x/day or more So"t/loose/un"ormed $urning &arm 'ro"use (egular Heavy #oderate Strong desire +verage stamina Slee!s easily but lightly +nger/violent/war %lear/concise Intense Shar! 1se"ul habits S!ends 3 wisely +ggressive/intelligent 4ealous/!er"ectionist 'ractical/ambitious Heat/light/color Strong/intolerant 1se"ul "riendshi!s Im!atient Sel"5centered +ngular/s.uare KAPHA Slow but steady Heavy/sluggish 1x/day regularly #ucous/so"t/"ormed Slow/easy %ool #edium (egular Steady/heavy 'ainless Steady desire ,reat stamina Heavy/dee! slee! &atery/romantic Slow/so"t/.uiet ,entle/sweet Slow /n0oys country li"e #any habits +ccumulates 3 *olerant/calm/slow

Body temp Sweating Menstrual pattern !low Pain Se" Desire Stamina

Sleeping pattern #verall Sleep Dreams Spee$% Voi$e Memory &i'estyle


Sensitivity to Personality

2oise/!ain/cold/dra"ts Sel"5conscious -riendshi!s/likes change o not com!lete !ro0ects Sensitive 7val

*ouch/emotions *endency to store )ikes "amily 6 home )ong "riendshi!s Serious (ound

!a$e s%ape

%o!yright 8 2919 $arbora #oravkova


!a$ial energy Eyes (ose Si)e Bridge &ips Mout% *ums Teet% (e$+ Hair S+in t%i$+ness S+in $ondition ,omple"ion P%ysi-ue +s a child #uscle &eight Enduran$e Bones .oints !ingers

elicate/subtle Small/dull/dry/brown/black Small 2arrow 1neven sha!e *hin/dry $lack/brown 'rone to gum recession Irregular/brittle/sensitive )ong; thin ry/coarse/scarce $lack; brown *hin ry/rough/wrinkles/cool )acks luster/darkness Slight/irregular *hin 1nderdevelo!ed/"lat chest )ow/easy to lose <o5yo

'assionate/intense ee! set/shar!/green/gray #edium #edium )ong !ointed; red ti! #edium (ed; yellow; in"lamed $leeding gums /ven/yellowish #edium *hin/"ine/early gray; bald $lond; red #edium 7ily/moles/warm (uddy/rosy/"air #oderate #edium #edium5breasted #oderate/steady

So"t/kind )arge/moist )arge; rounded &ide *hick 7ily; !ale; white Strong gums )arge/even/white Short; big *hick/oily/wavy *hick So"t/moist/smooth (adiant *hick/stable/stocky 'lum! or chunky *hick musculature /asy gain/stocky /xcellent stamina/ 2o desire "or exercise Stocky Smooth 6 "ree; large (ound/short/thick

Very active but low stamina %an exercise vigorously rives themselves to exhaustion 2arrow #ake sound while moving )ong/narrow #oderate #oderate #edium

%o!yright 8 2919 $arbora #oravkova