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Alles: Founding Principal of PostIndependent Sri Lankas only Trilingual postSecondary School
29 November 2013, 3:24 pm R.I.T. Alles, Former Principal of .!. !enana"a#e $olle%e Passes A&a" '" (. T)ir*#*maran Fo*n+in% principal of .!. !enana"a#e $olle%e , !!$-, $olombo ., !ri /an#a R.I.T. Alles passe+ a&a" on Nov 20.

1e &as formerl" a 2eac)er a2 Ro"al $olle%e an+ af2er !!$ serve+ as 2)e !2a2e !ecre2ar" for 3inis2r" of 4+*ca2ion from 1909 2o 1993 an+ &as 2)e $)airman of 2)e 5a2e&a" 5ro*p. I consi+er i2 2o )ave been a privile%e 2o be sc)oolin% a2 $olle%e *n+er )im in 2)e class of 1901. .!. !enana"a#e

Object 1

6ploa+e+ on 7c2 8, 2010 Ralp) I%na2i*s T)omas 9 RIT Alles ,3 7c2ober 1932 9 20 November 2013- is reno&ne+ as an 4+*ca2ionalis2. T)e sc)ool *n+er )im %lo&e+ in 2)e co*n2r" as a role mo+el for s2*+ies, +iscipline of s2*+en2s, *ni2" in +iversi2", +e+ica2e+ 2eac)ers an+ paren2: 2eac)er coopera2ion. T)e sc)ool;s 2eac)ers *n+er )is lea+ers)ip e<celle+ in men2orin% an+ n*r2*rin% of all 2)e s2*+en2s &)o came *n+er 2)eir care. 1is c)arisma is s*re an inspira2ion 2o s2*+en2s, 2eac)ers, paren2s an+ ever"one ali#e )e 2o*c)e+ *pon +*rin% )is lon% profile as an e+*ca2ionis2 an+ 2ill )is +epar2*re. I also 2)in# !ir is a 2railbla=er in ins2illin% >?ol*n2eerism@ as a norm earl" on no2 onl" in o*r lives b*2 spanne+ i2 2o o*r earlier %enera2ion also, as )o& )e mo2iva2e+ a lar%e s2*+en2:paren2:2eac)er comm*ni2" in *nprece+en2e+ &a"s in b*il+in% *p a )*%e ins2i2*2ion 2)a2 is name+ af2er 2)e firs2 Prime 3ins2er of $e"lon on 5re%or";s Roa+, $olombo .. As far as I #no&, !!$ is 2)e onl" pos2 in+epen+ence $e"lon;s:pos2 secon+ar" sc)ool 2o be Tri:lin%*al an+ %ainin% prominence as one of 2)e

bes2 in !ri /an#a. $re+i2 is all )is. T)e sc)ool ne&l" fo*n+e+ in 198. &i2) s2*+en2s of all e2)nici2" a22en+in%, became a Acro&n Be&el; an+ as 2)e mo+el +es2in" for !ri /an#a;s p*blic e+*ca2ion +*rin% 2)e 2en*re of 2)e fo*n+er Principal R.I.T. Alles. .!. !enana"a#e $olle%e *n+er )im pioneere+ >6ni2" in iversi2"@ as s2*+en2s of !ri /an#a;s all reli%ions an+ lan%*a%es co:e<is2e+ in an e<emplar" manner *n+er )is %*i+ance. 1e le+ 2)e &a" in celebra2in% eac) o2)er;s c*l2*re, lan%*a%e an+ )eri2a%e, s2ar2in% a2 2)e sc)ool environmen2. T)e presen2 +a" sc)ool )as a++e+ 2o 2)e lea+ s)o&n b" Alles !ir in fos2erin% >6ni2" in iversi2"@, b" facili2a2in% +e+ica2e+ s)rines for '*++)ism, 1in+*ism, $)ris2iani2" an+ Islam &i2)in i2s premises. .!.!enana"a#e $olle%e is mos2 li#el" 2)e onl" sc)ool in !ri /an#a ,if no2 2)e &orl+- 2o )ave a 3osC*e, ?i)are, $)*rc) an+ a (ovil in 2)e sc)ool compo*n+. !o lon% !ir, some of *s &ere no2 l*c#" eno*%) 2o serve near "o* li#e "o* al&a"s &is)e+ b*2 never2)eless &e are no2 %ra2i2*+e:less, ever"+a" of o*r lives for "o*. 7ne of )is sons 3ali# passe+ a&a" a2 2)e a%e 1. in 1904 +*rin% a spor2in% acci+en2. !ir leaves be)in+ &ife Ro)ini 3a+am ,former 2eac)er a2 Ro"al $olle%e-, Tiran ,parliamen2arian- an+ r. 1ars)a an+ n*mero*s >P*2)as@ as )e calle+ *s all 9 )is s2*+en2s an+ 2)eir families. In 2)e follo&in% ar2icle, 'o%o+a Premara2ne, a Re2ire+ !ri /an#a 3insi2r" of 4+*ca2ion official pa"s 2rib*e 2o 3r. R.I.T. Alles mar#in% )is .D2) bir2) Anniversar" on 7c2ober 3, 200.: I )ave been as#e+ b" 3r. R.I.T. Alles 2o accep2 2)e firs2 cop" of )is a*2obio%rap)", R.I.T. Alles m" life on 2)e 7c2ober 03, )is .D2) bir2) anniversar". Nos2al%ic memories come 2o m" min+ &i2) 2)e accep2ance of )is %enero*s invi2a2ion. In Ean*ar" 198., I )a+ a reC*es2 from 2)e 4+*ca2ion 3inis2r" 2o nomina2e a "o*n% 2eac)er of mine 2o be%in a ne& sc)ool a2 5re%or";s Roa+ an+ b*il+ i2 *p on 2)e lines of Ro"al $olle%e of &)ic) I &as 2)e Principal. T)is reC*es2 &as a +a*n2in% c)allen%e beca*se i2 came from a >No nonsense an+ no C*es2ions 2o be as#e+@, man, 2)e 2)en 4+*ca2ion 3inis2er I.3.R.A. Iri"a%olla. As 2)e propose+ sc)ool &as %oin% 2o be a primar" sc)ool a2 2)e o*2se2, na2*rall" I sco*2e+ for one in m" fol+ of 2raine+ 2eac)ers. Alles &as one of fo*r 2eac)ers &)o came 2o m" ai+, vol*n2aril" 2o 2eac) 3a2)ema2ics, P)"sics, $)emis2r" an+ 'iolo%" in 2)e 7F/ classes for 2)e firs2 2ime in 2)e !&abas)a a2 Ro"al $olle%e in 198D. 3a2)ema2ics &as alloca2e+ 2o Alles an+ in 198D an+ 1988. 1e &as one of 2)e fo*r 2eac)ers &)o pro+*ce+ in a near 100G is2inc2ions an+ $re+i2s in 2)eir respec2ive s*bBec2s.

Alles +*rin% 2)ese "ears &as ins2r*men2al in brin%in% 2o Ro"al 2)e pl*ms e Ho"sa $)allen%e,an+ 2)e 1ermal /oos $)allen%e 2rop)ies in ca+e22in%, 2)e Eo)n Tarbe2 2rop)" in A2)le2ics an+ 2)e *n+er 18 $ric#e2 c)ampions)ip. In comm*ni2" &or#, Alles s2oo+ o*2 as 2)e m*c) accep2e+ !ecre2ar" of 2)e Teac)ers 5*il+ &)ose members ac#no&le+%e+ )im as one &)o promo2e+ 2)e &elfare ac2ivi2ies of i2s members. Ii2) 2)ese a22rib*2es of aca+emic ac)ievemen2s bo2) in an+ o*2 of sc)ool an+ )is personal rela2ions &i2) 2)e members of 2)e 2*2orial s2aff, I )a+ no )esi2a2ion &)a2soever 2o nomina2e Alles a2 2)e a%e of 34 2o be 2)e Fo*n+er Principal of ! !enana"a#e $olle%e. R.I.T.A. ,R.I.T. Alles- as I al&a"s en+earin%l" refer 2o )im never le2 me +o&n from 2)e ver" firs2 +a" )e 2oo# *p 2)e onero*s 2as# from 2)e 102) of Febr*ar" 198.. I enBo"e+ reflec2e+ %lor" an+ pla*+i2s for nomina2in% )im. In m" )ear2 )e became m" pri+e. .!. !enana"a#e sc)ool &as s2ar2e+ in $olombo on a si2e referre+ 2o as >(ooombi (elle@. Ii2) all 2)e ar+*o*s 2as#s a)ea+ of )im )e never le2 me, 2)e 3a2)s s2*+en2s of 2)e 5.$.4. 7F/ classes an+ 2)e $a+e2s, +o&n. 1e ma+e i2 a poin2 2o )ave af2ernoon classes for 2)e 3a2)s s2*+en2s &)o &ere si22in% for 2)e 5.$.4. 7F/ e<amina2ion in ecember,an+ also con2in*e+ &i2) 2)e prac2ices for 2)e $a+e2s &)o &ere %e22in% rea+" 2o %o 2o $amp in April. !*c) &ere 2)e sacrifices R.I.T.A. ma+e an+ 2)e 3a2)s !2*+en2s an+ 2)e $a+e2s of Ro"al reciproca2e+ &i2) love in clearin% 2)e viper infes2e+ B*n%le in 5re%or";s Roa+. 7n m" par2 I s*pplie+ )im &i2) ever" bi2 of s2a2ioner" an+ even sacrifice+ m" &a2c)er, ann" for )is sec*ri2", &)ic) I +i+ relis). 7ne 2)in% 2)a2 %la++ene+ m" )ear2 mos2 abo*2 &i2) Alles;s s2"le of professional approac) 2o e+*ca2ional +iscipline an+ mana%emen2 &as 2)e C*ali2" of )is in2erpersonal rela2ions)ips 2)a2 )e main2aine+ &i2) 2)e paren2s, 2eac)ers an+ foremos2 &i2) 2)e s2*+en2s of 2)e sc)ool. 1is sc)ool, for 2)e mos2 par2 came *p o*2 of 2)e %oo+:&ill of 2)e paren2s. 1e )a+ no ol+ bo"s 2o )elp, a2 2)a2 2ime. For 2)e firs2 2ime I )ear+ a Principal &)o co*l+ a++ress all )is s2*+en2s as >p*2)a@ an+ >p*2)ala@. T)ere reall" &as no nee+ for Alles 2o )ave &ri22en )is life s2or" on peris)able paperJ for 2)e C*ali2" of )is c)arac2er as 2eac)er an+ e+*ca2or 2)a2 )e )as in+elibl" inscribe+ +eep &i2)in 2)e )ear2s an+ min+s of so man" "o*n% people, &ill be passe+ on from %enera2ion 2o %enera2ion &i2)o*2 )is #no&in% i2, an+ even 2)eir #no&in% i2. T)is is a ps"c)olo%ical 2r*2) of &)ic) 2eac)ers an+ even paren2s are *nfor2*na2el" no2 a&are of. I &is) Alles man" more "ears of benevolen2 service 2o o*r fello&men.

Rela2e+: Ne&sFirs2 '*lle2in K Presi+en2 RaBapa#sa pa"s )is las2 respec2s 2o R.I.T. Alles:

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