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They sold our souls to the devil not theirs as one with They promised transparency couldnt be clearer !"#c

$e orm a ter e%haustive e ort money spent status "uo set & 'o (n continuance o C)(*+ Common )aw (nsinuated *recedent +tatutes due process ( the silent ma,ority had a voice and pro iciently coherent to use it ( suspect they would insist an ample bud'et or re ormers re orm school -istorically reality attests the ma,ority cannot handle the truth as the minority will not permit the e%perience lest they e%ercise and run over them with it www.Galla' Twitter suspends me so what have ya 'ot on twitter? +(. / +ane (nsanity .ormalcy000 .o di erent than the norm 111 however as ar as ( 2now the rest o the blo' spots provides a chance to 3$4(T $3* / 3utside $outine 4o% (ntrinsic Truths $everse 3smosis *sychosis 5oublethin2 6(t is only the wisest and the stupidest that cannot chan'e6 7They must o ten chan'e who would be constant in happiness or wisdom8 Creatures o habit will not chan'e dotin' 9(: double crossin' Ta% ;vaders ;%posin' +el T;;+ Too ;asy ;videncin' +el +;)< +cum ;arths )i e <orms>?!@A>@B/$CC*#+ar'e#+tates#Apparently#(#Thou'ht#Dere#Actually#Goin'# to#(nvesti'ate#Government#Corruption#as#*er#Complaint

www.Galla' 7There were no dates in this history1 but scrawled this way and that across every pa'e were the words 4enevolence $i'hteousness and Corality E inally ( be'an to ma2e out what was written between the lines. The whole volume was but a sin'le phrase1 ;at *eople8 Con ucius wanted his disciples to T-(.F At Ten Tion Absentia tyrannical Truths elusivity ne arious Transmitter inventor o nothin'

75esire to have thin's done "uic2ly prevents their bein' done thorou'hly8 7A little learnin' is a dan'erous thin'G 5rin2 deep and taste not the *ierian sprin'G There shallow drau'hts into%icate the brainG &

And drin2in' lar'ely sobers us a'ain.8 Ale%ander *ope =!HH # =IAA www.Galla' <orm a clichJ clic2 and thin2 to coherence transmit -A # human achievement Ah +o00 A humanity +olidarity obli'atory $eality is the Truth impervious to perception yet precisely due to perception Truth that which God would observe whether or not -e e%ists or whether or not one believes -e e%ists (5;A) +imply $eality +anely 5ealt with .o *oo *3; *eace on ;arth Kmas &A/I B!? circle o li e>&>/3n#+econd#Thou'ht#to#Cy#Luery#Dill#the#Curia#Contact#Ce 6Thy 2in'dom come6 Cc *i' Cusical Chairs *uppets in 'lommin' Thy Fin'dom Come *uppets in Governance Cedia ;lusives

*(G C;
The re"uest or GodMs 2in'dom to come is usually interpreted as a re erence to the belie 1 common at the time1 that a Cessiah i'ure would brin' about a Fin'dom o God. Traditionally the comin' o GodMs Fin'dom is seen as a divine 'i t to be prayed or1

not a human achievement.

This idea is re"uently challen'ed by 'roups who believe that the Fin'dom will come by the hands o those aith ul to wor2 or a better world. (t is believed by these individuals that NesusM commands to eed the hun'ry and clothe the needy are the Fin'dom to which he was re errin'.

*(G C;3D
*uppets in Governance Cedia ;lusives 3pposition Deb!A?!=>=/Circle#o #)i e>>B!&H!/(talian#politicians#a'ree#to#aid#a'ainst#last#$atO#*ope


( $eiterate upon $eiteration E $eiterate www.Galla' <orm a clichJ clic2 and thin2 to coherence transmit -A # human achievement

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